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The Legend of Snowblind
May 2, 2017 @ 11:34am
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Going forward
It is coming...slowly.
Be patient just for little while. ;)

It is a new adventure game with amazing concept, likable (and few hateful) characters, incredible story...marvelous point and click (or just touch) adventure that tributes old school games like Monkey Island, Full throttle...but adds unique new concept.
This is the kind of game I always wanted to play, but nobody wants to make the only way is to make it myself.
It is in the making for 11 years, characters are designed and animated, soundtrack is in the making, backgrounds for chapter one are done, story is written.

Main character is unique elemental being, lost, without memory, but only one who can save the world. Interacting with surroundings, depending on nature of his actions he will change shape from small flying cloud to giant ice monster.
It is all copyrighted so don't try this at home.

I need to push a little more to get it finished...greenlight it...kickstart it...and then let's all enjoy it.
I appreciate any comment and support.

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