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BlazBlue Custom Color Creation Guide
By SegGel2009 and 2 collaborators
Finally a method on how to create you own custom BlazBlue Colors!
This guide will teach you how to finally create custom BlazBlue Colors! Don't believe it works? Here's proof that it actually does!

All aspects of the guide that will be updated in the near future.

-Add new basepals for everyone that are color indexed and show more than just minimalism. This will take a while as basepals take a lot of time to make.
-Add detailed descriptions for all the effect files for every character.
-Add how to's for the Photoshop and GIMP.
-Probably a lot of other things I'm forgetting about.
Before we can start, you’ll need to download the following tools:

  • An unencrypted copy of the char_XX_img.pac files and the char_XX_pal.pac files. The files used in the Rollback Update ARE ALL ENCRYPTED AND COMPRESSED. This will cause errors when trying to load the files into Hipster. Fortunately, you can simply use the files from the original uncompressed copy of the game, which I have compiled here[].

  • Any image editor that can directly edit a Color Indexed image. Some options for that include (but are not limited to):
    -Adobe Photoshop[]
    -Fighter Factory 3*[]

    *Any version of Fighter Factory should work, I just put 3 down cause that is the version I use regularly and can say with confidence that it can do the job properly.
Creating your Custom Color (Fighter Factory 3 Method)
This method will run under the assumption you are using Fighter Factory 3, so some screens may be different if you're using Fighter Factory Studio.

In Fighter Factory 3 (FF3), click the button on the Add one or more sprites button on the left panel.

Locate your saved basepal (ones for each character can be obtained from the character channels below) and load it into the program.

When prompted with this pop-up dialogue, simply click OK.

Doing so will load in the basepal into the middle section.

To get the most use out of the palette editing features, you'll want to open the Advanced Palette Editor. You can open that by clicking this button on the top.

Doing so should open a screen like this

Double click on one of the boxes on the Color Table to edit a part of the palette.

You can then adjust the colors in real time and see your changes as they happen.

Repeat this process for every square until your custom palette is as desired.

To save the finished palette, click the Save the current image to a file... button shown here and save the file to your desired location.

And that's it! You've successfully made your palette in Fighter Factory 3!
Putting your Color into the Game (via .hpl and BBCFIM)
Download the GeoArcSysPaletteConverter here[].

Unzip the contents into its own separate folder like this:

Drag your exported .png from FF3 onto the GeoArcSysPaletteConverter.exe:

If you've done it correctly, this pop-up dialog should appear with a message like this:

Once that's done, your newly created .hpl file should've been automatically saved to where the .png was from:

Go into your BlazBlue Centralfiction/BBCF_IM/Palettes folder and go to the desired character folder and drop the .hpl in there. THE BBCFIM DOES ACCEPT .HPL FILES.

Boot up BlazBlue Centralfiction while in-battle, press F1 to bring up the Improvement Mod dropdown. From there, go to the Custom palettes section and from there you can select your newly created palette!
How to put a .cfpl Palette onto a Basepal
Download the GeoArcSysPaletteConverter if you have not done so: here[].
Download the CFPL-HPL-CONVERTER: here[].

Unzip the contents into their own separate folder like this:

Take any .cfpl that you've made from your BlazBlue Centralfiction\BBCF_IM\Palettes folder and drop it into its own separate folder.
If you only have an .hpl file, you can skip directly to Step 4.

Take the CFPL-HPL-CONVERTER.exe and drop it into the folder you put your .cfpl file into and run the .exe. Make sure that your .cfpl is the only .cfpl file inside the folder or else this WILL NOT WORK.

Note that Anti-Virus tools may flag the tool. This is a false positive, this tool is harmless and you can go ahead and ignore the warning.

Once you run the tool, you should get a pop-up like this if you were successful, and the .hpl files will appear in the folder with the .cfpl file.

Take the first .hpl (the one that doesn't have _effect after the filename) and drag it onto the GeoArcSysPaletteConverter - Conver to ACT - Drag and Drop.bat.

A new pop-up dialog will appear asking where you would like to save your .act file. Save the file somewhere you can access easily.

Open the basepal for the desired character in Fighter Factory 3[]. See Steps 1-3 of the Creating your Custom Color section on how to import the basepal into Fighter Factory 3.

On the right panel, click the Add Palette button.

From there, select the .act file you exported in Step 4.

When you import your .act palette file, the color table will appear to be flipped.

To fix that, you'll want to go into the Advanced Palette Editor.

To flip the color table properly, click the Invert All Colors button within the Advanced Palette Editor.

And now your palette will appear properly on the basepal!

To save your palette as a .png, simply click the Save the current image to a file... button here.

And that's it! You've successfully ported your .cfpl palette onto the basepal!
Ragna the Bloodedge
Jin Kisaragi

Jin's Drive Effect Color can be changed in "jnXX_01.hpl"

Trinity's Color can be edited in "jnXX_06.hpl" (Made by JAPANIZING BEAM!!!)
Noel Vermillion

Bolverk's Bullet Effect Color can be changed in "noXX_01.hpl"

Relius Astral (why isn't this linked to her Sprite's Colors?) can be changed in "noXX_03.hpl"
Rachel Alucard

Rachel's Lobelias & George's Color can be changed in "rcXX_01.hpl"

Rachel's Lightning Effect Color can be changed in "rcXX_02.hpl"

Taokaka's claw trails can be edited in tkXX_01.hpl
Torakaka's Color can be edited in tkXX_03.hpl
Iron Tager
Litchi Faye Ling
Bang Shishigami
Carl Clover

Relius Astral (why isn't this linked to her Sprite's Colors?) can be changed in "nyXX_04.hpl"
Tsubaki Yayoi
Credits to Shadrico7650 for creating this basepal.

Mu's Stein's Gunner & Relius Astral (why isn't this linked to her Sprite's Colors?) can be changed in "muXX_02.hpl"
Makoto Nanaya

mk_XX_01 is for her drive effects
mk_XX_02 is for her overdrive drive effects, you can change it but i don't recommend it

What I recommend for changing effects is, make your custom palette, then select the mk_xx_01 file for any palette to match your palette's color scheme.
Valkenhayn R. Hellsing
Platinum the Trinity

Trinity's Color can be edited in "ptXX_03.hpl" (Made by JAPANIZING BEAM!!!)
Relius Clover
Amane Nishiki
Credits to Shadrico7650 for creating this basepal.
Kagura Mutsuki
Yuuki Terumi
Celica A. Mercury
See Nu-13 for the Color Map. Yes, they are identical.

Lambda's Drive effects are in rmXX_01.hpl
Hibiki Kohaku
Naoto Kurogane
Nine the Phantom

Files are located under phXX_05.hpl

Credits to Shadrico7650 for creating this basepal.

Izanami's Robe Color can be edited in "miXX_06.hpl"

su_XX_01 is for all Green effects on his Default Palette.
su_XX_02 is for the Soul in his Win Animation
su_XX_03 is for Relius's Astral [chains]
su_XX_04 is for Hakumen in the intro sequence
su_XX_05 is for Terumi in the intro sequence
su_XX_06 unused
su_XX_07 unused

What I suggest for replacing effects is, make your custom palette and pick the effects of a palette that resembles your custom color's scheme. We have yet to figure out an efficient method to edit those files.

esXX_04.hpl has the files for her Crest Arts effects
Mai Natsume

maXX_01.hpl is for part of the Outseal's effects
maXX_02.hpl is the other part

jbXX_02.hpl has the files for the color of the slashes in his Distortions.
Need help?
If you don't understand something about the guide, or want to have some more knowledge of how these things work you can go ahead and post a comment below or add us.

Please remember to post every bug you can find in the comments section and we will add it to the guide! You will be credited.
Legal Stuff
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Some rights reserved.
Changelog 2
MAY 13 2022
-Added a section on how to port .cfpl files onto a basepal.

APRIL 22 2022
-Added an Updated Basepal for Arakune.

APRIL 12 2022
-Added an Updated Basepal for Valkenhayn.
-Now all that's left is Arakune.

APRIL 11 2022
-Added an Updated Basepal for Nu-13/Lambda-11.

APRIL 8 2022
-Added an Updated Basepal for Litchi & Bang.

APRIL 4 2022
-Added hyperlinks in the tools section.
-Updated Naoto's basepal to include Relius's astral sprite.

MARCH 29 2022
-Added an Updated Basepal for Taokaka.

FEBRUARY 13 2022
-Added an Updated Basepal for Terumi.

-Added an Updated Basepal for Hibiki.

JANUARY 10 2022
-Fixed an error on Ragna's basepal where his eyes would show up as one color.
-Added Updated Basepals for Hazama and Jubei.
-Added a second Changelog cause I hit the character cap on the previous one.
Changelog 1
JANUARY 3 2022
-Added Updated Basepals for Tager, Carl, Relius, Bullet, Azrael, Kagura, and Nine.

DECEMBER 24 2021
-Updated Ragna's basepal so that his Amane Astral sprite now has the eye colors appear on the right side.
-Added an Updated Basepal for Naoto.

DECEMBER 21 2021
-Added Updated Basepals for Tsubaki, Amane, and Izanami. All created by Shadrico7650.

DECEMBER 16 2021
-Added an Updated Basepal for Celica.

DECEMBER 16 2021
-Added Updated Basepals for Platinum, Izayoi & Susanoo.

DECEMBER 12 2021
-Added Updated Basepals for Makoto & Es.

DECEMBER 11 2021
-Added Updated Basepals for Jin, Hakumen, and Kokonoe.

-Added Updated Basepals for Noel, Rachel, Mu-12, and Mai.
-Added temporary color indexed basepals for everyone else. They are all color indexed for now, but please wait until the final Updated Basepals are released.

-Began major overhaul of the guide's contents. A lot of aspects are still a WIP.
-Completely rewritten several sections of the guide.
-Added a brand new updated Color Indexed basepal for Ragna. Will do one for every character soon.
-Added a To-Do section to keep this guide updated.

-Rewritten the tutorial for how to create the color .hpls due to several users having trouble and confusion. Huge thanks to Elfezen for pointing out several of the guide's flaws.
-Removed the Request & Showcase threads since they are no longer used.

FEBRUARY 17 2017
-Updated Information on Nine.

DECEMBER 26 2017
-Updated Nine's Color Map and Information.
-Updated Susanoo's Text Infomation.

NOVEMBER 23 2017
-Corrected errors in Rachel's Tiny Lobelias & George Color Map.

NOVEMBER 16 2017
-Added a Color Map for Rachel's Tiny Lobelias & Geroge.

NOVEMBER 15 2017
-Updated Izayoi's & Susanoo's Color Map.
-INCOMING UPDATE: Due to popular demand, we will be making text guides for ALL of the characters. Stay tuned for when they are released.

-Added a link to join my buddy's Discord server.

-Added a link to a Showcase Thread to show off your own custom colors!
-Added more information on extracting and replacing.

-Added Information on Kagura.

-Added Relius Astral Color Maps for Noel, Nu-13, & Lambda-11.

OCTOBER 28 2017
-Updated Amane's Color Map with effect information.

OCTOBER 17 2017
-Updated Nu-13 & Lambda-11's Color Map.

OCTOBER 14 2017
-Updated the links in the "Tools & .hpl files" section.

OCTOBER 13 2017
-Updated Nu-13's & Lambda-11's Color Maps.

OCTOBER 11 2017
-Added Effect Information for Tager.
-Added a section for the method for making your colors!
-Using to create your colors is my (SegGel2009) personal recommendation.

OCTOBER 10 2017
-Updated Mu-12's Color Map.
-Added Effect Information for Lambda-11.
-I need to upload the method soon.

OCTOBER 8 2017
-Added Effect Information for Mu.
-Updated Information on Ragna.

OCTOBER 7 2017
-Added Naoto's Overdrive State to his Color Map. Thanks to バナニャー for that.

-Updated Tager's Color Map.

-Updated Susanoo's Color Map.
-Added Effect Infomation for Jubei.

-Added Jubei's Color Map.

-Fixed a error in Hibiki's Color Map.

-Added a link for requests if this creating your own colors proves too difficult for you.
-Fixed Terumi's Color Map.

-Updated Information on Nu-13, Mu-12, & Lambda-11's Color Maps.

AUGUST 29 2017
-Added Izanami's Robe & Trinity Glassfille's Color Maps. Made by JAPANIZING BEAM!!!

AUGUST 28 2017
-Added which files are for effects with some characters.
-How did I forget to add that...?

AUGUST 26 2017
-Just realized that we have all of the character's sections now.

AUGUST 25 2017
-Changed the guide's thumbnail. Created by Dormin.

AUGUST 24 2017
-Added some extra images to the Welcome Section of the Guide.
-Updated Hazama's Color Map.

AUGUST 23 2017
-Added Arakune's Color Map. Huge thanks to Imperial March for creating that for us!
-Added the files you have to edit if you want to change certain NPC colors (Trinity for Jin & Platinum, Torakaka for Taokaka, & Izanami's Robe for um... Izanami) Thanks to Imperial March for also providing that for us!
-Does Izanami's Robe count as an NPC though?

AUGUST 21 2017
-Added Terumi's Color Map.

AUGUST 19 2017
-Reworked the whole tutorial section, and added pictures for better understanding.
-As always, feel free to ask in the comments section and report bugs if necessary.

AUGUST 15 2017
-Added Hi no Kagutsuchi's Color Map under Nine's section. (Credit to Imperial March for suggesting this)
-Corrected a major error in Hazama's Color Map.

AUGUST 6 2017
-Added Relius' Color Map.
-Edited Mu-12's Color Map.

JULY 29 2017
-Corrected a minor error on Platinum & Naoto's Color Map.

JULY 27 2017
-Added Tsubaki's Color Map.

JULY 26 2017
-Added Rachel's & Valkenhayn's Color Maps.

JULY 23 2017
-Added Azrael & Kagura's Color Map.

JULY 22 2017
-Added Taokaka's Section to the guide.
-Added Bang & Carl's Color Maps.
-Updated Noel's Color Map.
-NOTE: I had to change part of Carl's Color Map due to part of his Color Map conflicting with Nirvana's.

JULY 21 2017
-Corrected a error on Es's Color Map.

JULY 19 2017
-Added Tager & Izayoi's sections to the guide.

JULY 17 2017
-Added Nu-13, Mu-12 & Lambda-11's sections to the guide.
-Murakumo Unit Day I guess.

JULY 17 2017
-Slightly Modified Ragna, Hibiki, Naoto & Mai's Color Map.

JULY 13 2017
-Corrected an error in Mai's Color Map.

JULY 12 2017
-Added a Color Map for Kokonoe.

JULY 7 2017
-Added a Color Map for Litchi & Amane.

JULY 2 2017
-Added a Color Map for Celica, Hibiki, & Nine.

JUNE 28 2017
-Added a Color Map for Jin, Platinum, Izanami and Es.

JUNE 7 2017
-Added a Color Map for Naoto.

JUNE 3 2017
-Color Map images now detail more specifically what colors goes in what line & column. This should make it easier to create your own colors.
-So far we have Ragna, Noel, Hakumen, Hazama, Makoto, Bullet, Susanoo, & Mai
-We will have everyone else's up sometime in the future. We ask for your patience.
-Now if only it was easier to copy the images from the Steam browser...

MAY 30 2017
-Added crucial info on the "Extracting .hpl files" section.
-I apologize for any inconveniences caused.

MAY 23 2017
-Added Noel's & Bullet's section.

MAY 11 2017
-Added a link in the "Opening .hpl files in HxDen" section.

MAY 10 2017
-Added Kagura's section.

MAY 7 2017
-Added Legal Stuff so nobody can rip this off.
-I appreciate the use of this guide for entertainment purposes.
-But please do not plagerize the contents of this guide and pretend you were the one who wrote it.
-We came first.

MAY 6 2017
-Changed the guide thumbnail, created by my partner Dormin.

MAY 5 2017
-Added Bang, Carl, Hazama, Relius, Susano'o and Makoto sections.
-Happy Birthday Carl.

MAY 2 2017
-Added Terumi's section.
-I'm losing track of my dates.

MAY 1 2017
-Added Celica & Naoto's section.
-Added an extra reference for Mai's section.

APRIL 30 2017
-Added Hakumen's Section.
-Also added Nine's Section as a little Birthday Treat.
-Happy Birthday Nine.

APRIL 29 2017
-Guide first published, yay.
-Initial cast includes Ragna, Jin, Platinum, Azrael, Hibiki, Es & Mai.
-More chars coming soon.
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Idioms Aug 15 @ 2:08am 
How do you edit the red effects that comes out of Ragna's D attacks? The only one i managed to edit are the effects for Hell Spike and Gauntlet Hades
TornilloOxidado Jun 23 @ 7:51pm 
Same problem as @Gnirop..
Xtremesonic May 13 @ 6:19pm 
Also having the same issue as @hypersomniac robot
Trying to use the workaround for the ACT converter and still getting the error
im trying to use the workaround for the act converter but im still getting the error when i put it inside the character's palette folder
Bad Modder Feb 6 @ 2:43pm 
I cant use the pal files because their .pacs
where do i get the png versions
SegGel2009  [author] Nov 23, 2022 @ 3:02pm 
That's odd... I'm not sure why but I'm getting the same issue too.
The only workaround I can find is try saving the .act file inside the BBCF_IM\Palettes\(insert character name here) folder, cause when I tried that it worked.
Gnirop Nov 21, 2022 @ 12:47am 
When I drop the hpl file onto palette converter, I get this error []. How do I get through this?
CantRead Sep 11, 2022 @ 4:09pm 
yippee!!! tysm^^^
SegGel2009  [author] Sep 10, 2022 @ 1:45pm 
I was actually unaware that the download didn't contain a file for Jubei's pal.pac file (and img file for that matter). I have updated the file in the download link to now include both of his files. Thank you for pointing this out to me.
CantRead Sep 10, 2022 @ 12:36pm 
does anyone have the uncompressed pal.pac for jubei (char_jb_pal.pac)? The linked archive of the uncompressed pacs doesn't include his, and loading the compressed one alongside all the other uncompressed pacs works for getting palmod to load these sprites, but i still can't make edits of jubei this way. and i really wanna :(