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Genre: Action, Adventure
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Aug 24, 2012 @ 5:36pm
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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McPixel is a save-the-day guy that you guide through short challenges in an oldschool point'n'click fashion. The goal in each challenge is to prevent stuff from blowing up using available tools! You have only 20 seconds to save the day! Think quick!

Metacritic Metascore: 88/100

• 100 mindblowing levels
• Bonuses, secrets and more
• Free DLC for everyone!!!!
• 185 BMP mindblowing music!
• Switchable pixel filters
• Level creator
• McPixel Fart Along
• McPixel Social

Awards and cool stuff
• Indie Leftield selection at Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Eurogamer's Rezzed Game Show!
Fantastic Arcade official selection
• Super secret official selection thingie I can't tell you about yet!

List of cool press quotes from reviews and articles
Originally posted by The Verge:
goofy and extremely original
Originally posted by Kotaku:
It's freakin' hilarious.
Originally posted by IGN:
an 8-bit version of MacGyver named McPixel
Originally posted by Rock Paper Shotgun:
bizarro rapid-fire point-and-click adventure
Originally posted by Touch Arcade:
From kill screens to bombs-in-hotdog buns to Star Wars references, McPixel has it.
Originally posted by Eurogamer:
you're going to have a pretty good time in this crude, primitively rendered 8-bit paradise.
Originally posted by Select Start Media:
McPixel is the result of a mad scientist’s splicing of LucasArts games from right in the centre of their golden age with WarioWare
Originally posted by Dealspwn:
a fantastic waste of time
Originally posted by Full Circle Magazine:
clever and hilarious levels with nice retro style graphics
Originally posted by Gamesparked:
Who does Batman call when he needs help?
Originally posted by Classicville:
There were multiple times where McPixel had me crying of laughter
Originally posted by Appgame:
Originally posted by Ap-p:
It is so funny, all the situations are so funny
Originally posted by Gameblog:
totalement débile
Originally posted by Anait Games:
Es divertido, es una válvula de escape espectacular, un chute de color y psicodelia
Originally posted by Game Sphere:
Le charme de ce jeu se trouve dans son humour omniprésent.
Originally posted by Pocket Gamer:
Everything zips along at a relentless pace, calling to mind an old skool version of The Moron Test, or any of the WarioWare titles.
Originally posted by Guism:
If WarioWare was an adventure game, McPixel would be it.
Originally posted by Indie Games:
McPixel's got balls (I think)
Originally posted by Mobbly:
Pure, abstract hilarity.
Originally posted by A year well wasted:
What the hell did I just play?
Originally posted by Splitkick:
McPixel is a stupid game.
Originally posted by Full Circle Magazine:
there’s always something that will have you giggling like a 13 year old boy
Originally posted by indie Love:
This game is non-sense.
Originally posted by Nfamous Gamers:
This is the weirdest game you'll play in a long long time.
Originally posted by Profane Gamer:
The gameplay is fast and ridiculous
Originally posted by Empty Apartament:
I’m pretty bad at it
Originally posted by Gaming Daily:
insane – brilliantly, hilariously insane
Originally posted by Press X or Die:
McPixel constantly fires on all cylinders, delivering a hilarious spin on a tried and true genre
Originally posted by Flash Daily:
one of the more interesting genre mash-ups we’ve seen in recent times
Originally posted by Indie Game Mag:
the soundtrack makes me want to take my pants off
Originally posted by Ripten:
the charm is strong with this one
Originally posted by Nerd Age:
You want weird to the extreme? YOU WANT MCPIXEL!
Originally posted by Hookshot Inc:
packages LucasArts point and click dynamics inside 20 second Warioware-style vignettes
Originally posted by Retrospekt:
admittedly addictive
Originally posted by Apptudes:
McPixel is full of vulgar slapstick humor and hilarious puzzle solutions, all wrapped up in a beautiful retro package.
Originally posted by Google:
About 90,900 results.
Originally posted by Indievault:
pixeloso e fancazzista di MacGyver
Originally posted by Pixel Level:
lustig, durchgedreh
Originally posted by Super Level:
exzellentem Humor
Originally posted by Choco Games:
간단해 보이지만 의외로 많은 개그신이 숨어있고
Originally posted by Game Saku:
bener-bener gila dan mampu membuat
Originally posted by Juegandroid:
Y si todo falla, siempre puedes darle una patada en la entrepierna al prójimo.
Originally posted by Hrej:
vyhledávání všech humorných scének
Originally posted by iPhone Ticker:
ein schnelles, schön inszeniertes und gut ineinandergreifendes Spiel
Originally posted by Multiplayer:
ma l'elemento cardine sono sicuramente le risate che McPixel è in grado di far scaturire
Originally posted by iPhoneClub:
n met McPixel, een bizar spel dat je gegarandeerd nog niet eerder hebt gezien op de iPhone, iPod touch en iPad.
Originally posted by Pelit:
No, saadaan eräs vuoden erikoisimmista peleistä
Originally posted by Polygamia:
Gra jest... wybuchowa.
Originally posted by Gamesfoda:
Quase um “Se Vira nos 30: The Game”, só que com 20 segundos, com bombas e sem o Faustão.
Originally posted by Demonews:
äußerst schrägen und politisch garantiert unkorrekten Humor freuen
Originally posted by Miasto Gier:
kilka razy musialem zmieniac boksery
Originally posted by Gramy na Wynos:
kompletnie zakrecona, ale niesamowicie zabawna przygodówka
Originally posted by Oujevipo:
c\'est drôle, parfois même hilarant
Originally posted by Sos:
I don't understand all the quotes!
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