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Plague Inc: Evolved

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Custom Scenarios
By MParker799
This guide will have some basic information on custom scenarios. If you have any questions about custom scenarios leave them in the comments and I will answer them.
Before you begin making your custom scenario you need to have a think about what the scenario will be about. Then you need to decide what labs to use.

The current labs are
- Disease Lab (used for making custom traits and designing your own disease)
- World Lab (used to edit country populations, climates and even alter plane and boat routes)
- Goverment Actions Lab (used to create custom goverment actions or edit the default ones)
- Events Lab (used to create powerful events, there are lots of ways this could be used)

The type of scenario you are making will alter what labs you'll need.
For example, if you wanted to create the Black Death, you would use the Disease Lab so you could make the disease like the black death. If you wanted to make a post apocolyptic scenario, you would use the World Lab so you could alter country populations and climates.

You can use any combinations of of Labs, you can use them all if you wish, or you could use only a couple. The more labs you use the more work your scenario will require.

There is also Scenario Data in the Labs menu, however it isn't optinal as all scenarios require the scenario data.
Scenario Data
Scenario Data is one of the most important labs in the scenario creator, it is essential to getting people to subscribe to and play your scenario. In this section I shall explain what everything does and why it is important.

Scenario Name: Pretty self explainitory, it is the name or your scenario. It is incredibly important to your scenarios success. You need a title that catches the attention of people, something that is popular would have more success compared to something that is unheard of. (That isn't always the case but a majority of the time it is)

Scenario Description: This is the description of the scenario that people will read in the steam workshop or in the actual game when they are browsing the scenarios. It is the titles job to draw attention, the desciption however has the task of getting people to play the scenario. There are a few ways you could do a description, here are some examples.
1 - Provide a breif but to the point backstory (much faster and generally leaves some mystery)
2 - Provide a long backstory (takes some time but really gets people invested into the story)
3 - Explain Scenario Gameplay (Helps people understand the mechanics of your scenario)
4 - Explain Sceanrio Gameplay + Provide a Backstory (See 1,2 and 3)

Scenario Icon: Choose an Icon that you will see when view your scenario in the workshop or in the actual game. You can choose one from the game or get a custom one

Private/Public Feedback Email: I don't use this, but you could put an email there to get feedback if you wanted. (Sorry for lake of information on this subject)

Plague Name: Choose a Name for the plague, players can still choose something different if they want, if you leave it as blank it will use the default plague names (PAX-12 or whatever the player last used for there regular game)

(Disabled if Disease Lab Active) Lock Disease Type: Allows you to pick which diseases may be used and which can't be used.

Popup Title/Text: There are two pop ups at the start of the game, you choose the title and text of both of them. There is lots of information you could convey in these pop ups, some ideas include.
- Telling Backstory
- Explaining Gameplay
- Suggesting Starting Country(ies)
If the text/title is left blank it will use the default in game text.

Set Starting Country: Allows you to pick the starting country as well as the infected and dead percentage of the country (Zombie percentage is also avaible if Necroa Virus is used)

(Requires Disease Lab to be Active) Custom Victory Condition: Allows you to make a win when everybody is infected victory condition (Like Neurax Worm Transedence Victory) You can pick the game win trait (Trait that needs to be evolved to allow this Victory) You also edit the end game title and text which is a pop up you recieve before winning the game and the Tagline which is some text that appears after you win (On the Victory Screen)

Scenario Score Adjustment: Increase/Decrease the score you recieve at the end of the game by a percentage (I believe 1 = 100% however there is a slim chance that I am wrong)

Event Restriction: Disables certain events (such as Airplane filters)

Gene Selection: Allows player to use their unlocked genes in the scenario

Allow Cheats: Allows players to use cheats in your scenario assuming they have unlocked cheats

Custom Start Date: Set the day that the scenario starts on

Lots of these are very important to your scenarios success so take the time to go through this section for all your scenarios.

Disease Lab - Stats and what they do
In this section I will talk about the stats that you can edit in the disease lab and what they do

First stats are infectivity, severity and lethality, these are the most basic yet most important stats for your disease. We should (hopefully) all know what infectivity, severity and lethality is and what it does. What is important for you as a scenario creator to know is how much to increase them by to keep the game balanced.
Infectivity, Severity and Lethality have a maxium limit of 100. At the start of the game a regular disease would start with 1 for Infectivity and Severity and 0 for Lethality.
I won't tell you what number you should use, instead I shall tell you what number the other traits have so you have an idea how effective the trait will be.
(I shall only use the traits from the regular disease types)

1 - Anemia, Nausea
2 - Blood 1, Rash, Livestock 1
3 - Bird 1, Rodent 1, Coughing
4 - Air 1, Water 1
5 - Sneezing, Extreme Zoonosis
6 - Bird 2, Rodent 2
7 - Air 2
8 - Water 2, Insect 2, Dysentary
9 - (None that I could find)
10 - Necrosis
11 - Skin Lessions
As you can see 3 is an average for tier 1 transmissions and 7 an average for tier 2 transmissions
The Extreme Transmissions all used 5 (I only include Zoonosis on this list though)
The symptoms varied from 0, 1, 2 and 3 for tier 1 and 2. Then varied even more from 0 (Coma) to 11 (Skin Lesions) for the higher tier symptoms

1 - Coughing, Nausea, Rash, Anemia
2 - Cysts, Hyper Sensitivity
3 - Insomnia, Fever
4 - Abcessess, Skin Lessions
5 - Paralysis
6 - Immune Supression
7 - Systematic Infection
15 - Hemorrhagic Shock, Coma, Insanity, Dysentary
20 - Necrosis, Total Organ Failure
As you can see severity rapidly changed from 5's and 7's (Tier 3) to 15's and 20's (Tier 4)
Severity starts pretty low and eventually gets to really high numbers

1 - Diarrhoea
2 - Pulmonary Oedema, Pulmonary Fibrosis
3 - Fever
4 - Immune Suppression, Tumors
6 - Systematic Infection
7 - Internal Hemorrhaging
13 - Necrosis
15 - Hemorrhagic Shock
25 - Total Organ Failure
As you can see there is some low lethality from most symptoms with some high lethality from a few certain symptoms. All lethal traits are symptoms that are tier 3 or higher.

Cross Country Transmission

Air, Sea and Land are the three cross-country transmissions. Air increases infection rates by planes, sea by boats and land by spreading to adjacent borders. These increase differently to the previous three stats. You set them in the starting stats area (default is 1 across the board)
but then instead of simply adding to that with set numbers, you add a percentage of the current number. (If I set Land transmission to 1 in the starting stats and then have a trait that adds 10, it will by 1 x 10 = 10. So it will be 1 + 10 = 11 making the new land transmission rate 11. If I had a second trait that improved it by 3, it would be 3 x 11 = 33 + 11 = 44. The new land transmission rate would be 44. This is also why fungus has bad cross country transmission even though transmission rate increase is the same for Bird, Air and Water, because fungus starts with 0.0001 transmission rate and instead of adding 9 to 0.0001, it multiplies 0.0001 by 9 and adds the result.)

Bird, Air and Water increase land, air and sea transmission respectivly.
By Bird, Air and Water 1 all increase their respective transmission rate by 9 and tier 2 by 90.

Corpse Transmission: This allows infected corpses to spread the infection
Necrosis has 10 corpse transmission
Neurax Worm has two corpse feeder traits that add 5 and 10 respectivly (15 total)

Mutation Chance: This stat affects your chance of recieving a mutation
Virus starts with 2
Default Disease Types start with 0.5
Neurax and Necroa start with 0.01
Most tranmissions that improve mutation chance do so by 0.5 (Tier 1) and 1 (tier 2)

Enviromental Effectivness
This effects your disease ability to spread in different climates including rural, urban, humid, arid, poor, wealthy, cold, hot.
Normally these all start at 1 (0 for wealthy, 0.1 for cold/hot)
Tier One transmissions improve effectivness by 0.8 (except Insect) and 1.2 for Tier 2.
Abilities (Hot, Cold and Drug Resistance) Improve by 0.3 for tier one and 0.6 for tier 2 (0.7 for Drug)
These are generally improved by 2 over two traits (Poor, Rural, Urban, Arid, Humid) and 1 over two traits (wealthy, cold, hot) these stats are very important for a scenario (try infecting the world without your resistances, I challange you) You should always provide some form of wealthy, cold and heat resistance (unless you set the starting effectivness to 1 for wealthy, cold and hot)

Change to Current Research (CtCR) and Research Inefficiency Multiplier (RIM)
CtCR damages the cure effort (Like a genetic Reshuffle)
RIM slows future research speed (Like Genetic Hardening)
These are both very useful to have in your scenario though not required in all situations
Genetic Reshuffle uses 0.25 for all three tiers
Genetic Hardening use 0.1 for tier one and 0.3 for tier two
Some symptoms use CtCR as well, however they have lower numbers (0.01 for all, some use 0.03 or 0.06. Highest is 0.24 (Coma))

Spores Produced: Sends out Spores to infect another randomly chosen country (Spore Burst from fungus) 1 spore = 1 new country infected

Well that is it for this section, there were things I didn't include in this section (Such as Starting Trait, Pre-Load, Body Scanner and Increase Speed) because I thought they would fit in a different section (Also I'm lazy)
Custom Images and Icons
When you look around the workshop you will undoubtably find scenarios with custom images, and if you play some of them you'll find custom trait icons as well. Do you wish to do this as well? Allow me to give you the step by step process.

You'll need to go to and follow the instructions there to have an image converted.

You must copy the url of the desired image and paste it where the online converter tells you.
Before you convert the image make sure to change the size of the image in the 'optional settings' to either
- 184 pixels x 184 pixels (For news pop-ups and scenario images)
- 78 pixels x 78 pixels (For trait icons)

The image will be converted and you'll be given the option to save it, do so. The saved and converted image will be in your files, I'd recomend moving it somewhere easy ti find.
I myself made a folder named 'Plague Icons' and have all of my converted images go there.

Next you'll have to go into your custom scenario and find a green box with an arrow inside. This green box with the arrow is located next to anything that has an image you can upload.
Click on the green box and you'll see a bunch of files pop up, search for your saved image and double click it, or click it once than press ok.

Now you should (hopefully) know how to put custom images into your custom scenarios, if you have any questions please leave them for me in the comments section
Replacement Pop-ups
This section was made to answer Dragonborn's question

'Can you override the default pop-ups for the cure?'

The answer is yes and it is quite easy to do so. When you open the events lab for the first time you'll recieve a pop-up about the default events you want to allow, you want to untick 'General Narrative'

The next step is to create an event, select the variable global condition and find something like 'Cure begins' or 'Cure Complete' and then on the right side of expression you'll want to select true, NOT false.

Next you must create an outcome, select the news pop-up outcome and type in your own message.
And you should have successfully created your own message for when the cure begins, or is completed or whatever it is you want.

I hope this helps and thanks to Dragonborn for the question.
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MParker799  [author] Nov 10 @ 1:25am 
Simply create an event to give you DNA points at the start of the game. This is what I did;

I used the If trigger 'days since game start' on the left side of the expression and had a greater than 5 for the right side. It looked like this: 'If days since game start > 5'
For the outcome i simply selected DNA points for the left side of the expression and had an add numerical value (I choose 100). It looked like this: 'DNA points += 100'

Within a few weeks of game time i recieved 100 DNA points, but you could do this with any number you wanted.
Dragonborn Nov 10 @ 1:09am 
Nice, any chance I could set the amount of DNA my plague starts with?
MParker799  [author] Nov 9 @ 8:24pm 
Yeah, the cure for nanovirus is always super fast. But you can increase the starting 'cure requirement' in the disease lab to make it take longer to cure.
By default the nanovirus has 1.45 cure requirement, and assuming you do nothing, it takes approximatley 200 days to lose. By doubling the cure requirement to 2.9, it took about 300 days for my nanovirus to lose
Dragonborn Nov 9 @ 6:20pm 
Seems you can't change the cure's initial speed, at least for nanovirus. That thing always starts with the cure at dang near hyperspeed. Only way I know to help counter it is making the disease start with more points sooner.
MParker799  [author] Mar 26 @ 10:43pm 
Sorry I wouldn't know why your Scenario Creator won't open. That has never happened to me
aspielm Mar 26 @ 4:38am 
My Scenario Creator won't open. Any ideas why?
felipecorreiaborges Dec 3, 2017 @ 9:31am 
The only thing I have to do now is to find a way to make an event that shuts down the killing people event when there's no more normal/healthy population in some country, since the infected in a country will keep dying even when there's no more healthy population and everybody's either dead or diseased, but I made a huge progress today and that's already 80% of the path accomplished. I'm just sharing it to you in case you wanna know how I did this. Once again, thank you (even if you didn't know anything about it). And if you know how to make an event that shuts down aonther running event, please let me know :)
felipecorreiaborges Dec 3, 2017 @ 9:31am 
Eureka! I've finally found a way to do it!!! If you wanna know the trick, here it is: You have to set a "If" country condition to enable the "Additional deaths" and "Additional infections" in the left side of the expression from the Outcomes table, and then just set the additional deaths variable to be equal to something for example: "Additional Deaths = Infected Country Population * Severity" and then make another outcome and set the Additional Infections to have the same expression from the Additional Deaths one: "Additional Infections = Infected Country Population * Severity". That the infected will keep dying and being constantly replenished by the same amount of deads for each turn, having the exact same result as if healthy people are dying instantly or being killed. It works like a charm.
MParker799  [author] Nov 19, 2017 @ 11:36am 
Well I'm sorry I couldn't be of any help, hopefully you figure it out
felipecorreiaborges Nov 19, 2017 @ 6:49am 
Oh... Okay, I understand that. I'm trying to find a proper tutorial for this for days and it appears nobody has a proper answer. I just think it's BS that Ndemic doesn't have a official tutorial for all the steps about the scenario creator Maybe I'll have to wait until someone finally posts something that can be considered a full tutorial of the events lab. Or maybe I'll have to ask for help in the official forums of Ndemic, but I think no one is gonna give me an answer so soon... But thank you anyway.