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Valve Gift Grab - 2011 Achievement guide!
By ✪ Martijn
Heres a quick and easy guide on how to get the Valve gift grab achievement.
The Tutorial
Step 1:
Change your computers date to the 15th of december 2011

Step 2:
Open left 4 dead. Go to your settings and enable the developers console, than type:
map c1m1_hotel versus

Step 3:
Once you've entered the map you can need to spawn as survivors!
if you spawned as infected no problem, exit the map and repeat step 2!
Step 4:
Find some special infected and kill them, if you are lucky they will drop a present.
You need atleast 3 presents to get the achievement.
Be fast! after a few minutes you will get kicked because you are the only player in the match!

Step 5:
Get the achievement!
This took me about 30 minutes to do and was pretty simple.

Thanks for reading my guide!
This is my first guide that i ever made so leave me some tips on what i can improve on my further guides.
If you need help with it add me on steam and send me a message :)

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Thx :steamhappy:I got it!
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TheEqualizer May 1 @ 6:02am 
You dont need to collect all three presents in one game. Repeating the round is allowed for the achivement