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Rise of the King
Genre: Action, Adventure
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 18, 2017 @ 6:59am
Apr 25, 2017 @ 10:50am
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New Story teaser coming Next week!!
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Rise of the King is a third-person action-adventure game with survival elements, set within a medieval fantasy world. You will have to survive as you travel across the dangerous lands on your journey to find answers as you investigate the disappearance of a missing child.

You will explore a sweeping storyline filled with unique characters and meaningful interactions along your journey. Our gameplay is a unique combination of survival, action and investigation mechanics to flesh out a much more dynamic and immersive experience.


  • Survive in a frozen dangerous world along your journey as you search for food, drink, and supplies for shelter while avoiding deadly wildlife and hostile factions.
  • Investigate - Examine for clues, read and interact with objects, interview people and solve various types of challenges to advance the story.
  • Unique combination of survival, combat and Investigation mechanics to produce a much more dynamic and immersive gameplay experience within the world.
  • Combat - Know when to strike, dodge and counter while managing your stamina. There are no health potions, powerups or special abilities here to help you.
  • Story - Get immersed in a compelling interactive story filled with lore, religion, and characters to interact with.
  • Hunt - Experience the thrill of the hunt as you track and hunt the wide array of animal wildlife to stay alive.
  • Build - Construct campsites to stay warm from the cold. Craft Bandages, torches, arrows, traps and various other supplies along the way to help keep you alive.


Using a unique blend of survival and investigation mechanics, you will have to survive the cold, look for clues, and talk to the locals along the way for information to find the missing boy. Critical thinking is vital to your success, interpret clues wrongly, and suffer the consequences from the unforgiving world around you. There's no quest log or mini-map updater here. You're on your own and your journal is your main tool to help you keep on track.


The king has fallen and the lands of Arnithon are in turmoil. With the loss of their sovereign, and on the brink of war, the people are left abandoned, confused, and uncertain of the future. Amid the confusion and political unrest, the son of your lord, William of Winterlight, goes missing, and as the only one with the skills to track him, you are tasked with investigating the disappearance.


A forester and expert tracker, Greyson Wallace keeps watch over the estate of Lord William of Winterlight. He is a skilled woodsman and archer having once served in the Battle of Ost. He is a man of few words and fewer friends since the tragic loss of his wife and young child. In search of a new beginning, he fled north seeking solace from the memories. However, a man can never escape his own heart. It rules a man for all the days of his life.

The World

As the northernmost region of Arnithon, New Haven is a vast, cold and untamed wilderness. For those that dare venture out beyond the established towns and settlements, adequate preparations must be made. Resources are scarce, and dangers abundant. Wolves and other fearsome predators prowl the cold, winter nights. Blizzards are common and relentless in their ferocity. Nature, however, is not the only threat, for the heart of man is ever dark and searching for someone to devour.
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