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Apr 10, 2017 @ 3:23pm
Jun 12, 2017 @ 6:48pm
Release date: Begin September 2017
Online Multiplayer Top-Down Shooter game

Warforce is a strategic multiplayer top-down shooter game. While playing you earn experience, at ranking up you can upgrade your soldier's skills. Money earned on the battlefield can be used to purchase weapons and tactical supports.

Youtube is decreasing the quality of the trailer. For a better quality visit: {LINK REMOVED}

In the shop you can buy weapons and tactical supports.
Under weapons you can find: automatic rifles, shotguns, LMGs, sniper rifles, handguns, launchers and grenades.
At the time the game is released there will be 10 tactical supports ranging from calling an airstrike to putting terrain obstacles to change the playstyle.

In the equipment section you can choose the equipment you want to deploy with you on the battlefield. You can unlock equipment slots by leveling up your soldier.

At leveling up, your soldier gains a skill point.
You can use this skill point to skill up one of the following skills:
Stopping Power: Increases the damage dealt by bullets.
Shockwave: Increase the damage dealt by all explosives.
Steady Aim: Reduces the bullet spread of all firearms.
Stacker: Increases the amount of ammunition carried.
Excitement: Reduces the time needed to reload a weapon.
Juggernaut: Reduces the damage taken from any source.
Self-Medicator: Increases the healing effect after being hurt.
Runner: Increases the movement speed of the soldier.
Satellite: Reduces the points needed to call for tactical support.
Businessman: Increases the amount of money earned on the battlefield.

Here you can find your own statistics or any other player's statistics, whether the player is your friend or not.

You can have max 5 ongoing contracts at any given time. After fulfilling a contract you can claim the reward, this can be cash, experience, weapons or a new skill.

Friends list
Here you can add and chat with friends. You can join their game and check their statistics.

The Goal
The goal is to gain experience and customize your soldier to your playstyle. At level 20 you can start playing ranked. The ranking system is still in development.

A short preview of the light system.
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