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Gone in the Mist
Apr 6, 2017 @ 12:56am
Apr 18, 2017 @ 2:49am
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Gravity puzzle demo
A small visual effect revealed
Release date: 2018

As part of a two-person team that scrutinizes paranormal phenomena, you investigate unusual murders in a typical suburban house. Moving between astral worlds, you and a partner play back various events on the day of the incident to find some clues. However, this place has revealed that the case is not limited by merely ghosts – something eerie and cruel was hidden in the house and its dark corners. So how to solve this enigma and not to be “gone in the mist”?


  • Huge emphasis on the atmosphere and depth of the game universe;
  • Even more emphasis on unpredictability/intimidation through random situations;
  • Decision-making which affects the further storyline;
  • No physical barriers and logic in astral worlds.


We are ordinary indie-developers who are fond of horror games and have a huge desire to show the world not only the product we develop, but our plexus of fears and complexes as well. We love our art, this is a part our souls, a representation of our inner worlds, a vision of the surrounding us environments and, finally, ourselves.


Join us on Discord to see more news: {LINK REMOVED}
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brookenicole1983 May 4, 2017 @ 6:44am 
where can I download a demo?? Can I get a key?
Nilas74 May 1, 2017 @ 10:54am 
AFTERSHOK_Faceit Apr 18, 2017 @ 4:49am 
Привет с пикабу! Подписался и жду игру!
drunkchiprobotics Apr 13, 2017 @ 11:38pm 
Давай, удачи и успеха!
SnooFIRE Apr 12, 2017 @ 11:44pm 
Какая цена?
SnooFIRE Apr 12, 2017 @ 11:43pm 
IGRO GURU Apr 12, 2017 @ 10:42am 
:blue_pointer: Отличный проект. Буду ждать выхода с нетерпением. :ar_mushroom:
Akku Games  [author] Apr 12, 2017 @ 7:04am 
English description returned
We don't know, why the English version of the text has disappeared, but we have returned it by the way.

No gameplay video? There is a reason
Dear friends, we'll show you the progress of development without revealing an actual gameplay until the day of demo (Summer, 2017). So you'll be sure that the game improves. Moreover, all the videos uploaded were made in the actual project we develop. Trust us, we definitely want to give you only a perfect experience. Please, wait and we'll reward you.

This is great that you have chosen us, moreover, we're glad to tell you more about our game. If you have any questions, interview or video ideas, feel free to contact us via either Discord or Facebook (all the links provided).

We love you
Yes, we love all the comments you've posted. Actually, this shows your feedback and somehow a contribution to our game and community. Thank you very much!
The GDWC Apr 12, 2017 @ 2:54am 
Will there be an English translation?

We are running the Game Development World Championship and would like to see you participate. It's good for your visibility and won't cost you a penny.

You can check it out at .

Good luck with the development!
Dave Microwave Apr 11, 2017 @ 1:47pm 
Looks good? I dunno. I hope it is.