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WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain v2.0.1 (1.0 compatible)
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Apr 3, 2017 @ 2:04pm
Mar 7 @ 11:01am
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WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain v2.0.1 (1.0 compatible)

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Mod-ID: 897947497


Modifies the standard version of Lesser Wheel of Pain, Wheel of Pain and Greater Wheel of Pain. Uninstalling the mod restores the standard version of the wheels.

Display of thralls in the wheel
Thralls in the crafting queue are displayed as pushers on the wheel.

Operation Mode
Always running, even when it's empty or only runs if it's not empty.
In the latter mode, the wheel stops if there is no thrall in the crafting queue, no fuel is left or if stop is pressed.

Prisoner Sex
Free choice between 'Men and Women', 'Only Men' or 'Only Women'

Maximum Nudity
This setting only affects the randomly generated thralls, thralls in the crafting queue are excluded.

Maximum nudity takes server settings into account. If 'None' is set there, this cannot be overridden with this mod.

Taskmaster Animation
Selectable Taskmaster animation:
  • arms crossed
  • kneeling
The default animation depends on the wheel type:
  • Lesser Wheel of Pain and Wheel of Pain -> arms crossed
  • Greater Wheel of Pain -> kneeling

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This mod contains assets (art, music, code, items, systems and/or designs that are the intellectual property of Funcom Oslo AS or their licensors)
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Oct 11 @ 8:50pm
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Sep 16, 2017 @ 3:18pm
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Testerle  [author] Oct 15 @ 12:46am 
@noah261us what makes a nordheimer thrall a nordheimer and what a darafari thrall a darfari? currently: the game designer which puts the numbers of a thrall spawn together and adds a name. in the base game the race is nothing more than a number (in case of the player race) and part of the thrall name as long as it is not a t4 thrall. thats nothing I can really work with. sorry
noah261us Oct 14 @ 11:58pm 
Any chance on adding an option for prisoner race? Say I head up north and enslave a bunch of Nords. Doesn't make sense to have Darfari on the wheel. Likewise, if I camp outside of a Darfari camp and start enslaving them, there probably shouldn't be any Nords on the wheel for role-playing purposes. Anyway, thank you for this awesome mod.
Knitcap Oct 7 @ 8:05am 
Are the settings supposed to be reset after everytime you restart your singleplayer game?
Testerle  [author] Sep 23 @ 8:08am 
@JurgenJuggernaut bugreports this way and please read the first comment:
JurgenJuggernaut Sep 23 @ 8:04am 
I correct myself, I dont know why but it aint showing the thralls I put.
Big N. Strauss Sep 14 @ 2:58pm 
@Testerle Would it be possible to make the thralls on the wheel more vocal? The wheel from this mod has more frequent and louder thralls, for example.

Also, I'm not 100% sure but it sounds like some of the male groans still come through with all females set.
sidewalksurferXX Sep 3 @ 7:48am 
Gilgamesh Sep 3 @ 1:16am 
I can't believe they haven't actually just MADE THE F***ING WHEEL SHOW THE CORRECT THRALL BY NOW. Don't get me wrong, I love this mod, and I'm very grateful to the creator, but it makes me mad that we still have to rely on a mod for this.
gpcstargate Aug 22 @ 7:12am 
Spindle .. put his back on _ But NO guarantee it will work on all systems, he does not play it anymore. ( but so far _ has never failed me ) Just a thought
will1144 Aug 21 @ 5:31am 
I was most excited about this mod and I couldn't get it to work. It only shows white haired male thralls no matter what I put in it. It did stop the wheel when no thralls were loaded as I selected. I'm hoping a solution is coming to fix this as I'd really like to use it.