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How to Download Older Versions of a Steam Game
By Aevoa
This guide allows you to access and download older versions of a Steam game. This guide is also in russian.

This guide allows you to access and download older versions of a Steam game. This is made possible because SteamDB keeps track of updates to all games, so as long as the version you want was available after the game has been publicly released, this should work.

Credit for this guide goes to Reddit user /u/GMMan_BZFlag
Step 1
Go to SteamDB[] and search for the game you want.

Step 2
Click on the app ID of the game you're looking for. This will take you to it's details page.

Step 3
On the left of the screen you'll see a menu. Navigate to "Depots", and then click on the depot ID of the one you'd like to download.

Clicking your chosen depot ID will take you to a new page.
Step 4
Now click on the "Manifests" tab.

Look at the list and find the version that you want to download. Record it's manifest ID.

Step 5
Open the Steam console by copy pasting this code into your browser's URL:

Press enter. A launch application should pop up. Select the Steam client and open the link.

This will open the Steam console in your Steam client.
Step 6
The syntax to the "download_depot" command is as follows:
download_depot <appid> <depotid> [<target manifestid>] [<delta manifestid>] [<depot flags filter>] : download a single depot

You only need to worry about the first three arguments to it. Type the command, then the app ID, depot ID, and the manifest ID of the depot version you want.

Step 7
Wait for Steam to download the depot. You won't see any indication of progress, but you can tell it's downloading by looking at the network usage on your downloads page. The download can pause/resume if your connection goes out, but won't if you restart the client.

Step 8
After the download is done, Steam will show you where the files were downloaded to.

Step 9
Go to the original game's installation directory, and move the files somewhere else. Then go to where the depot files were downloaded to, and move everything over to the game folder.
Step 10
You may have to rename the game's EXE file if the dev changed the launch options recently. You can find the current EXE name by going to the game's SteamDB page and clicking on the Configuration tab.
You should now be able to launch the old version through Steam!
Note: Game updates will make a mess of things, so if you want to stay on the same version, you should make a copy of the files so you don't have to download them again after Steam's done trying to update.
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Trunk Monkey Jun 29 @ 10:46pm 
Guide needs updated slightly since Steamdb changed it's website.
Dekar_Serverbot May 26 @ 3:55pm 
too late, i already removed that game from my library... too bad i could not refund it because the final version sucks big dinosaur balls
Xact May 16 @ 12:18pm 
normal method didn't work for me
only with the cheat engine fix
Myth[Alex] May 13 @ 4:24pm 
Does this mean Valve has -willingly- restored the "feature" ?
If so, that's great. If not, then... let's hope they won't remove it once again.
Den3886 May 13 @ 1:44am 
Today 13.05.2020. All working with "steam://nav/console", without "StepS" fix and depotdownloader.
For those who have game "Conan Exiles", try to download last Conan Exiles Binaries:
download_depot 440900 440902 6054403266929431849
For example []
TheEpicGamer May 12 @ 8:08am 
Can someone do a video on the "StepS" fix using Cheat Engine. I think lots of people would appreciate it, Thanks!
bk3000 Apr 29 @ 11:36am 
Ah I this is ignored
Steam client did nothing. So I guess the console has been removed from the GUI client.
But you can merely do this with steamcmd instead.
Just install it, use the command
login <userID>
it may have your authentication cached already, if not it will ask for password and if applicable then your 2 factor authentication too.
After logging you in, the command you gave earlier
download_depot <appid> <depotid> [<target manifestid>] [<delta manifestid>] [<depot flags filter>]

Note that logging you into steamcmd, you will be logged out of the normal (GUI) client. You'll have to close it and re-open it to log back in, which will log you out of steamcmd. You might as well only have 1 open at a time.
bk3000 Apr 29 @ 11:27am 
What I don't understand is why you instruct people to replace the game's current files. That's entirely unnecessary.In the Steam client up top -
Games (drop down menu)
Add a Non-Steam game to My Library...
Browse (button)
browse to the executable.

Now you have another entry for that (so you can have multiple usable versions) and updates are a non-issue.

Also noteworthy is that you can use the steamcmd tool. It seems that it would work same as the console as the command used is the same.
pie Apr 7 @ 2:30pm 
can you play the games online or not?