ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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HG ARK Reloaded V9.9.4
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Mar 11, 2017 @ 9:10am
Sep 30 @ 12:27am
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HG ARK Reloaded V9.9.4

In 3 collections by [HG]Hulk
Hulks Mod-Collection
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13 items
8 items
HG ARK Reloaded
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Mod works with ALL MAP's and DLC's.
Note: This mod need to load as FIRST in GUS.ini!

Allow integrated structure plus must be activated on server (GUS.ini)

This mod implements a lot of new staff.
All items can pick up, are wireless and noise reduced.
Slots and Crafting speed can set in GUS.ini
- HG Multi Storage Box
- HG Mini-Vault
- HG Mini-Forge
- HG Mini-Generator
- HG Mini-Fabricator
- HG Mini-Grill
- HG Mini-Grinder
- HG Refrigerator
- HG Hydrant
- HG Egg Collector
- HG Egg Incubator
- HG Kibble Bench
- HG Seed Crafter
- HG Mini Teleporter
- HG Mini Tek Replicator
- HG Tek Compost
- HG Tek Feeding Trough
- HG Gacha Feeding, Crystal cracker, Collecting
- HG Achatina Feeding
- HG Platform Trees
- HG Dino Cloning
- HG Vacuum Compartment
- HG Vacuum Compartment Moonpool
- HG Sleeping Pod
- HG Boss Shrine
- HG Skin Box
- HG Water Tank
- HG Post Box
- HG Tek Elevator
- HG Hitching Post
- HG Mutator
- HG Tek Lage Forcefield Wall (4x1)
- HG Glass Walls 2.0, option for transparency and border less wall, can change the texutre
- HG Book Shelf
- HG Skin Box incl. all Chibi's and new Tek Chibis
- HG Light Setter Gun, allows you to change the light settings of HG-Lamps from a distance.
- HG Dino Killer Gun, allows you to kill your tribe dinos.
- HG Glass Protector Gun, allows you to change the glass settings of HG-Glass Walls 2.0 from a distance.
- HG Structur Selector Gun, allows you to change the border of HG-Glass Walls 2.0 from a distance.
- HG Textur Selector Gun, allows you to change the texture settings of HG-Glass Walls 2.0 from a distance.
- HG Wood Ocean Platform with snappoints, pick up and demolish with HG DemoGun is disabled
- HG Metal Ocean Platform with snappoints, pick up and demolish with HG DemoGun is disabled
- HG Capture Corrupted Dino, capture a corrupted Dino in a Cryopod
- HG Dedicated Sorter, sort resources to HG Dedicated Storage Boxes 2.0
- HG Chibi Display, place your chibi to show
- HG Visibility Tool, can hide or show all hideable electric cable that belong to your tribe in a large area.
- HG Nanny, gives food to nearby babies (under 15%), imprints nearby non-adult dinos
- HG Taxidermis, small medum and lage
- HG Personal Teleporter
- HG Teleporter Plus
- HG Dino Storage
- HG Beetlejuice, distribute feces to Dung Beetle
- HG Military Boots, Cap, Gloves, Pants and Shirt
- HG Weight Plus, a skin when attached to a Shirt you get a weight and speed buff (can set in GUS.ini)!
- HG Shotgun Womanizer Ammo, used with Pump-Action Shotgun give 12 shots.
- HG Admin Console, can protect the player structures in range, deactivate the decay timer and can destroy the structures in range, find all admin con on the map (Server-Admin function)
- HG Taiming Trap, puts the dino in stasis when it runs over there so can be tamed, need element to activate, range can set in GUS.ini
- HG Sheep Herder, cut the wool of the sheep.
- HG Dino Shrink, shrink your dino up to 75%, press E in dino inventory and set the size in the radial menu.
- HG Repair Tool, consume it to activate. Repair your inventory, slot and equipped items.

Infinity Tools
Grappling Hook, Bola, Scissors, Water Jar, Flare Gun (1x used on dino), spear (only when the spear is thrown), Whip

Special Tools
Cryo potion, Sedative, Wake up, Dino Imprinter, Dino Speed, ReMating, Element Transfer, Apex Drop Transfer, Gender Changer: change male to female or female to male, HG DemoGun, HG Poison Grenade

...and much more a detailed description you can see here:



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Server with that mod
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noVa Nov 24 @ 1:17pm 

leider funktioniert der Mod nicht bei mir :(

Ich kann die Engramme nicht erlernen. Hast du eine Idee woran es liegen könnte?

Beste Grüße

dayneh Sep 30 @ 7:15am 
There in the Discussions as Admin codes and Gif codes
JackGenesisX Sep 30 @ 5:08am 
in single player i don't have to do anything in the .ini?
ZombieSpy427 Sep 9 @ 12:24pm 
spawn codes?
Elmer Fudd Aug 27 @ 2:54pm 
it looks great but just one question what is in here that isn't already in s plus? just a honest question before i install it5 and have all these double items which do the same
2FAST4U Aug 12 @ 7:57am 
really good
Devel ( Blood of a Lion) Aug 12 @ 6:02am 
kann mir einer von euch sagen wie ich die seeds unsichtbar machen kann im server ?
AbgottSchlange Aug 10 @ 5:38am 
Gab es nicht mal eine HG Ölpumpe ?
Erridian Jul 17 @ 8:50am 
I just wanted to say I love this mod! Thanks for all of your hard work :D There's so many great QoL things here that makes things less grindy and it helps the experience. I appreciate your hard work ^^
[HG]Hulk  [author] Jul 17 @ 3:06am 
werde es versuchen :-)