The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe

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The Wardrobe
By Glitch
A guide to completing the game
This guide show the most direct path to completing the game, no extranious dialouge, secrets or anything else that doesnt help you complete the game.
Once you walk out of the wardrobe your character begins to speak with Nut, the hamster, and dialouge buttons appaear. Click on "I have to run to the bathroom" in order to progress.

If you want to complete the tutorial, follow the insructions of the narrator otherwise click on "I'm an expert adventurer, i don't need any help", to progress.

Once your done click the medicine cabinet, Right click on the pill bottle and pick it up, then close the medicine cabinet. Afterwards proceed to right click on the basin of the toilet toilet, then click use to flush yourself. Now watch the beautiful cutscene.

Chapter One- the Sewers
After the cutscene click on the left side of the screen and walk towards the plank sitting over the sewage river. Right click on the bag sitting next to the plank. click pick up and collect the fishing line.

Walk all the way to the right. Right click on the wall and click use on it, this will open up a new path for you. Next click on the ladder and go up into the back alley. Once your in the alley, walk right towards the garbage cans. Click to the left of the first can and pick up the old fork. Then go into your invetory and combine the old fork and fishing line to create the harpoon.

Next walk all the way to the left and enter the construction site. Enjoy the amusing dialouge of the blind man and walk towards the pile of metal pipes. Right clik on them and pick as many as you want up. you'll only need one but be a little greedy.

Next go back down into the sewr, through the back alley and enter the hole you made in the wall. walk towards the bar and right click on the mug sitting there. Pick it up. Be sure to keep that old blowtourch in mind as you walk back towards the sewer. walk towards the large pipe opening and open your invetory. use the empty mug you just picked up on the trickle of water.

Now open your invetory and combine the pills and the sewer water to produce the concoction. Now walk back towards the bar and up the stairs into the house. Now your standing in the foyer of the house. Right click on the alarm clock sitting on a box near the kitchen door. pick it up and notice that it needs another part before it can be used.

Now proceed into the kitchen, which is the door and the far right. Right click on the pile of junk sitting at the bottom left corner and click pick up. you should have collected the recorder (should meaning it can bug out here, if it does just restart from an earlier save file).

Now exit the kitchen and go upstairs. you are now in the loft, proceed to right where the fireplace is. Click on the jar containing the dentures and click pick up. Also click on the urn filled with ashes
and click use on it.

Next use the concoction you made on the dust moster sitting next to the drink machine. Watchhis Transformation.

you will use him i just a second but not quite yet, next you need to click on the T.V. and once your closer to it, use the recorder on it. This will give you a robbery recording. Back away from the T.V. and go into the bedroom. Pick up the drill sitting on the dresser near the bottom right of the screen. then attempt to unscrew the knob on the bed. It doesnt work however we just so happen to have an ultra strong dust monster on our side. Go back to the loft and talk to him. Click on "in my opinion your not so strong at all" and he will proceed to kindly help you unscrew the bedpost.

Pick up the knob off the ground. go to the right and back down to the foyer, then click on the door and go down to the bar. Use the knob on the blowtourch and receive the screw.

combine the screw withe the drill you picked up earlier and receive the drill (working drill). Then go into the sewer and go all the way to the left. use the drill on the giant alligator standing there. watch the short cuscene and then you'll receive the gears. Open your invetory and combine the gears and the alarm clock. Now it works. So go up into the back alley and go all the way to the right. Use the alarm clock on the bum sitting there and watch the hilarious cutscene.

Now walk down the alley to the front of the house. Talk with Nut and receive, well , nut.

Go back to the construction site and use nut on the blind mans dog. The dog will drag him away and you'll receive the megaphone.

Combine the megaphone and the robbery recording to get the anti-theft device. Go back to the front of the house and click behind the truck to walk around behind it. use the anti-theft device on the theif in the upper window. Now watch him fall on his face. Once your done pick up the crowbar he leaves behind.

Use the crowbar on the truck and enter the back of the truck.
Chapter Two- The Movers
After the cutscene proceed to the foyer of the house. (hopefully you know your way around by now.) Walk all the way to the left and click on the door to the living room. Open your inventory and use the gum on the giant Easter Island statue next to the door.

he will begin to chew and blow bubbles with the gum. now click on the stack of boxes next to the fat mover so you run and hide behind them. once you are behind the boxes, use the grappeling hook you made earlier on the large box on the top of the second stack (by the rainbow mover). click on the second stack to hide there.

Hide behind the boxes right below the clock face at the back of the room. now click on the clock face to change the time ,so the lazy butts actually do their job.

After the cutscene you have to, once again, get the movers back on track. walk all the way to the upstairs of the house and find where the movers decided to take a break. After a breif period of dialouge go down to the living room where the Easter island statue is. Click on the statue and talk to it. This gives you the Wad of chewing gum. Now you need to walk to the construction site. Once there go into your invetory and grab the chewing gum. Use the gum on the cement mixer.

Once you have the cement gum, walk to the kitchen of the house. This is where you use that metal pipe you have been carrying around for so long. first place the cement gum in the microwave. The high tech soilder will attempt to suck it up and breaks himself in the process.

Now all you have to do is place the metal pipe in the microwave and proceed to the next chapter. As for the movers, im sure they'll have a blast!
Chapter 3- party in the junkyard
There's not much to do in the junkyard besides collecting items that'll be extremely useful later. First you should grab the bottle of plutonium sitting in the dumpster to your left. right below it, sitting underneath the dumpster, is a battery which would also be useful. A bit farther to your left, sitting on the T.V. is another battery. now go all the way to the right and search the trashcan sitting beside the shack. grab the map on the signboard sitting to the left of the shacks entrance, before walking inside. once inside, grab the bow tie from the hat rack on the far right of your screen.

Now your all set, exit the cabin. Head to the junkyard exit at the far left and click on the gate. If you try to leave, a breif wait sequence should play and voila its night. Welcome to the part everyone! You are now standing in the frontyard of the house. First you need to click on the mailbox right near the road and collect the love letter. the only other thing you need to interact with here is the pile of cups. This is another one of those take all things so feel free to be a little greedy. Now head inside to the living room.

First fill that cup you got from outside up with beer from the beer keg. Then talk to the creepy guy in the gray rabbit costume. If you click on the third dialouge option ("what else is there to do around here, then?") you get the map location for roswell beach. Finally head upstairs into the corridor. click on the cap sitting on the banister to receive the blond hair fragment.

Then, pick up the tie hanging on the middle door. Thats all you need, now you need to head back downstairs and head into the kitchen. First, you should do the thing that practicly no one notices without a tutorial. Stepping on the tile underneath the five on the hopscotch gives you the option to move it. Once its moved collect the matches sitting underneath.

now open up the fridge for the motherload of all item grabs. collect the red chili pepper off the top shelf and the green bottle from the door rack. now head into through the door on the far left to enter the boogymans closet. Enjoy the amazing ominous music and move the red flag using the gear icon. Grap the doll that was siiting underneath it. Open up your invetory and combine the blond hair with the doll you just collected. and head out to the front yard. Climb up into the treehouse sitting in the middle of the yard. use the hair doll mixtur on the hermit to get the voodoo doll. It doesnt work yet but at least you have it. Now open your invetory, select the map, and travel to the pond.

pick up the flashlight sitting underneath the grill. The open your invetory and combine the batteries with it to get the working flashlight. after you say hi to everyone's favorite mummy, head to the beach. (once again by clicking on it on your map). there's nothing for you to do in the main area right now so instead head down into the partially lit cave. Ignoring the guy and his devil, select the disc on the far wall of the cave and pick it up.

Now talk to the little devil guy and casually mention your discovery to him. ( do this by clicking the second dialouge option and then the third) Thats all you can do here, so go back to the map and head back to the party house. Once there head back through the kitchen and into the boogey man's closet. use the flashlight on the boogeyman revealing him to be nothing more than a kid.
Pick up the camera sitting on the shelf and add it to your collection.

Then unroll the poster sitting at the boogey kids feet. This will add the graveyard to your map.

You should head there right now! Once there grab the shovel sitting beside the entrance gate. after thats done, place the bow tie and tie tie on the graves for stan and oliver respectfully.

this opens an entrance into the underground. go down. ONce there, open up your invetory and use the matches on the torch hanging on the wall. Now you can see! Head to the left and pick up the rusty plate hanging underneath the purple spell book. next click use on the book and read the 3rd chapter: vodoo practices. when your finished head back to the surface.

Now head all the way to the left and enter the mausoleem. Use the dentures on grandma so her words are actually understandable. as a reward when you try to leave she gives you a beautiful bible as a reward. After paying your respects, head back to the junkyard to get a little revenge. Go into the shack and use your cup of beer on the skull glass.

Once the janitor starts drinking, select the shovel from your invetory and proceed to use it on the janitor. Kapow, congradulations your a murderer. after he's good and knocked out, pick up the key's he carelessly dropped off the rug. now head outside and use on the door to the crane. now head inside. If you wait a few moments the gauge will explode. Once that happens pick up the sparking wire. after you've done that, click slightly to the left of the regular crane lever to position the crane.

then click once below the 8-ball lever.

finally click the red, grab button to finish getting the wardrobe down. Once thats done walk over to the wardrobe and close the doors ( by interacting with it.) Now, open up your invetory and combine the copper wire and the battery. then combine the magnitizer with the alien disk and your all set.

Once thats done head back to the party house and then into the kitchen. use your newly made magnet on the end of the fishing rod and use the fishing rod to win a golden ticket. This will also add a new location to your map. Open up your map and select , outside the city, the claim your prize.
Chapter 4- ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and voodoo
Once you've arrived outside the city, head all the way to the left and talk to the wierd gypsie puppet. open your invetory and give her the golden ticket you got from the carnie. no matter what you pick you'll always get the cute little box. GZo into your inventory and right click on the box to unrap it. Once your done, right click on the haystack at the bottom of the screen to pick up the Needle.

you could use the needle to get a little agression out on that voodoo doll, or you could head back to the junkyard to make it work. Once you arrive, head into the shack and use the doll on the pentagram on the floor. When done, combine the needle with the doll and watch the hilarious cutscene that follows.

After that.....expeirience, head back outside and climb into the crane. once the crane has started, place the cassette tape you got into the cassette player. Wait a few moments and DON'T DO ANYTHING. Your character should comment on the song and then your all set. So head back to the party house ASAP.

Climb up into the treehouse and use that metalhead starter kit on the dragon statue.

Ask to hear the cassete song, which is at the bottom, and watch the magic. That was epic, huh. now head upstairs into the lovey teenage room that jhonny blond vacated.Grab the sheet off the bed and the engagement rings off the bedside table. Now go back outside and talk to the Quarterback standing on the porch to collect his favor. First by asking him to get your wardrobe and then by telling him that the upstairs room is empty. he calls his pals and zips out to spend some quality time with his girl. Head to the junkyard to talk to the jocks. Head outside the city to where the gypsie was and pick up the spray paint can on the right near the painting of the giant dragon.

Talk with "THe Short" and get him to carry your wardrobe to the party. Now head to the seashore.
Chapter 5- Time Travel
First place the rusty sign infront of the cauldron, then use the plutonium you have on the scientist guy to progress.

Once your done conversing with him, use the plutonium on the time machine. Head inside and
click on the lever to go back in time. Due to some strange bit of witchcraft, the cauldron is here as well. Somehow the sign did that. Well anyway, click on the cauldron to pick up the apple seeds inside. Then you need to examine the fish sack, which you promptly fall into. enter the time machine to head back.

Go to the cemetary and head underneath the graves. head all the way to the left and talk with the Zombie. He gives you a bottle of bubbles and tells you to take a bath. Once thats done head back up and walk all the way to the left. Use the sheet you have on the little brats using the firecrackers. This is a complete fail, however it opens the option for something a bit better. SO head into the mausoleam and tell granma what bad kids these guys are being.

Grab the firecrackers off the ground and head back to the party house. Walk upstairs and use the bubble bath bottle on the White bathroom door. Now you can enter the sacred bath chamber. If you talk to the fat man, you get the pass for the mueseam and a new place to go. Once your done with that open up the medicine cabinet and grab the makeup remover. Then, open up your inventory and use the makup remover on the cheasy love note. This will come in handy later. Now head to the mueseam.
Chapter 6- Ancient History
Once you arrive, head into the security office, which is the door on the far right. In order to do anything in here you must first distract max by insulting him, TO DEATH! To do this you must select only the best insults, which is option 3, option 4, option 5, option 9, and option 13.

once he's out of the way, use your polaroid camera to take a picture of the WW2 camera screen (second one from the left, second row from the bottom. Now head back and enter the museam. Enter from the left entrance and walk all the way to the right. Use the picture you took on the camera for the millitary room and then take the small bomb sitting on the stage.

Open your invetory and combine the bomb and the firecrackers you collected before. Then walk all the way to the right and look at the pharoess. Use the love note you made previously on her. Now she wishes to get married, desperate much, so give her the engagement rings to get her started. Once your done head back to the party house and walk into the kitchen. Talk to jesoos and try not to start a political debate. Give him the bible for a refresher course and then head back to the party room. then walk upstairs and enter the office door on the left.

Once inside use the apple seeds on the canivorous plant to murder it! then click use on the painting.

Attempt to use the bomb on the safe in order to open up a new path for yourself. when it doesnt work, head back to the cemetary and enter grandma's crypt. Use the charged bomb on the spider web ball in the corner. Now its sticky. Head back to the office and use the bomb on the safe again. this time it works but you can't set it off. Why? because everyone would hear that. so instead walk down to the living room. Walk all the way to the right to the alien DJ. use the megaphone to tell him to crank the music up, full blast. Now head back up and activate the timer.

Now grab the cash out of the "convieniently open safe".
Chapter 7- Big Wedding
With banknotes in hand, head to the seashore. enter the Mysterious cave and look what the little devil is doing now. Dip the chili pepper you have into the green paint and now you have a jalepeno, sort of. Combine the pepper, the leftover plutonium, and the Absenth to make a superman concoction. head back to the beach, and click use on the rusty sign to flip it over. Then put the banknotes in the cauldron.

Now enter the time machine and put 1981 into the keypad and hit enter. Then pull the lever and your on your way. Once you arrive, click on the cauldron and collect your reward. head back into the time maching and walk back to the pond to watch the wedding. Once its over, head back to the party house. Walk upstairs and look at the phone book. Remember the number for the express courier because your gonna be using it later. Then take the wrappings fromthe floor, and finally walk into the bathroom. Use you special concoction on the fat man's bath salts, when he's underwater of course, and watch him run.

Once he's gone, turn the small knob on the side of the bath tub to drain it. Then grab the tarp and you now have everything you need to finifh the game. Head outside and walk into the phone booth at the far right of the front yard. Pick up the receiver, put the coins you collected earlier in the slot, and call the number for the express courier you memorised earlier. Once you've finished the call you will receive the packaging kit. Use it on the wardrobe and enjoy the final cutscene.
undine_su_menulio Sep 27, 2023 @ 1:15pm 
If you don't have the written label at the very end, you should go to the gipsy area, pick up a spray paint under the fire dragon, go back to the telephone and call them once again. This time everything should be fine
DocZ3R0 Apr 7, 2023 @ 8:53am 
@ Kirstondo. You find the solution? If not i can tell you about it.
Kirstondo Apr 2, 2023 @ 1:46am 
Okay, I'm at the end of the game and I don't have the written label for the wardrobe to end the game, what do I need to do?
⚔ ElƵorro ⚔ Jul 28, 2022 @ 1:58pm 
Spicyboi: Same here. Is the game broken now??
Spicyboi Apr 7, 2022 @ 1:16am 
I get old coins and they don't fit in the phone booth
Akai_Cobra Aug 14, 2020 @ 11:10pm 
When following this, There's no green paint can?
lamer Aug 7, 2020 @ 11:38pm 
Where did you pick up the third battery for the wardrobe itself. ( This game is too all over the place.)
Puni Jan 4, 2020 @ 2:45am 
Thanks for making such a great guide. :) Used it to complete the game after getting stuck. Thanks again!
Thesaya Oct 25, 2019 @ 10:35am 
This doesn't tell you about getting the spray can, but I figured that one out on my own eventually
crunchyberries Mar 4, 2019 @ 11:23am 
Thank you for the guide. I used it to complete the game on Switch and I would've been completely lost without it. Wish I could rate it a thumb, but Steam keeps giving me an error message when I try.