Four Last Things

Four Last Things

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Four Last Things Walkthrough
By Joe Richardson
A sin-by-sin guide to completing Four Last Things.
Eat the dang apple, chump.
Hint: Talk to the Land Owners...

Solution: Talk to the Land Owners. Ask if you can join them. Lie in the mud with the Landowners for 'a day and a night' (about 20 seconds).

Hint: Talk to the Man with Pipe in the pub...

Solution: Talk to the Man with Pipe in the pub. Admit to being envious of the couples, the children/dog or the Man with Pipe.

Hint: The statue outside the pub could do with updating...

Solution: To alter that statue outside the pub, retrieve the Mallet and Chisel from atop the barrels near the slightly-old-looking vegetable stall. Before you can use the mallet and chisel you need to take them to the Blacksmith, in the ally, for sharpening. (If you have no money at this stage, do a sexy dance for the blacksmith in lieu of payment.) You can now alter the statue outside the pub. In order to craft a statue of yourself you need some reference material. Get this from the Blind Portrait Painter near the Pie King. (If you don't have money, tell him that you have already paid.) Request a portrait and describe yourself (options 1, 1, 1, 1). Take the resulting portrait to the statue. You can now craft a statue of yourself.

Hint: Talk to the Creepy Lawyer in the light/dark room...

Solution: Talk to the Creepy Lawyer in the light/dark room. Ask 'What's all this then?', then offer to help. The Creepy Lawyer will ask you to retrieve the Official Treachery, Deceit and Extortion Regulation. This can be found in the Chief Clerk's office next door. Talk to the Suspicious-Looking Gentleman by the door. When asked for documents, he will pose a riddle. The answer to the riddle is found in the gallery. The painting labelled 'A Painting of a Man With a Strangely Familiar Face' is the painting the main characters head is taken from (his body is from the Bosch painting below and to the right). It is painted by Jacob van Utrecht, this is the answer to the riddle. Once you've answered the Suspicious-Looking Gentleman's riddle, he will give you the documents you are looking for. Take these to the Creepy Lawyer.

Hint: To beat the Pie King you'll need access to the doctors goodies. The Unhealthy-Looking Drunkard outside the pub is the key to attaining these...

Solution: First you need to get passed the monkey alarm in the doctors office. Do so by stealing some slightly-old-looking vegetables from the stall in town and feeding them to the monkey. Next, retrieve the Empty Jug from near the Land Owners, fill it with ale from the tap in the pub, and feed this to the Unhealthy-Looking Drunkard outside. After drinking he will go to urinate. Follow him into the ally, and use the now empty jug to collect a urine sample. Give this to the doctor and he will grant you unlimited access to his supplies. Take the poison (not the Appetite Suppressants, as you might expect). Now talk to the Pie King. Ask about the rules, then challenge him. You will lose. Now talk to the Pie King again. Select the randomised 'look behind you' line. While the Pie King is looking away slip the poison into the pie, then challenge him again. Once the pie king is death you will be free to gorge yourself on the remaining pies. Eat 6 of them.

Hint: The Beautiful Woman in the window near the town gate likes poetry... Especially poetry about her...

Solution: To get a portrait vaguely resembling the Beautiful Woman in the window near the town gate, describe her to the Blind Portrait Painter (options 2, 3, 1, 4). Swap the resulting portrait with the Painting of a Seductive Young Lady, at the far right of the gallery. Now give this stolen painting to the poet. He will take inspiration from it and write a sexy poem, which you will promptly steal. Give the sexy poem to the Beautiful Woman.

After committing all 7 sins, return to the church. You will now be allowed to enter and speak to Heavenly Peter...
After completing the game, you may still be missing the following achievements;

Jam Session
Use the lute on the Sinister-Looking Lutist in the ally to initiate a jam session.

Charitable Donation
Give all your possessions to the beggar in the church.

Drink 3 jugs of ale.

Master Sculptor
Use the chisel and mallet to craft 'an expression of your inner turmoil'.

Art Critic
Examine 40 paintings in the gallery.
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suyidevi Sep 2 @ 4:19am 
Horrible game! I just deleted it.
Shadrach Aug 29 @ 3:28pm 
Thanks on the guide! Really helpful, this game should have a "show object" key or something :)
Stavros Skamagkis May 22 @ 1:39pm 
Thanks for this guide. I have it on which is free there.
MarioGMan25 (MGM) Feb 17 @ 11:12pm 
How do you get the Lute?
EelKat Feb 7 @ 6:01pm 
Do the fish, love potion, and appetite suppressant serve any purpose, other then being things to give away at the end? I never found a place in the game to use them before giving them to the begger.
iwanPlays Mar 9, 2017 @ 7:00am 
Also, I have to agree with JimDeadlock about the inability to return to the village, a bit of a bummer but not that much since it's a small location network and there are no artificial barriers other than the heaven/hell downwards pan.
iwanPlays Mar 9, 2017 @ 6:59am 
Are there alternative Endings?
JimDeadlock Mar 5, 2017 @ 6:08am 
Thanks for the guide. After completing the game there seems no way to go back to pick up these extra achievements, they need to be done before going to the church. I'll have to start a new game I guess.