Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods

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Mae Borowski's Guide to the Sky
By eli
Listen up dummies. We're going to school. Space school!
Dusk Stars
For a few weeks in the fall, you can see these stars from Mr. Chazokov's roof in Possum Springs. I've also been seeing them in some of my recent dreams…

Dohr the Murderer
Dohr passed Behrn the King's procession on the street. Dohr was quiet and said nothing, and the King took offense to this. Behrn insulted Dohr, Dohr's family, Dohr's village, and so on, until he was down to insulting Dohr's chickens. Dohr first murdered Behrn's chickens, then his ancestral village, then his family, and when he came to Behrn, the king was silent.

The star tells the story of woman who built a tower to heaven, and for this the gods sunk her deep into the sea. But even in the depths, she refused to die.

Sterling the Seer
Sterling is a tale of the world changing, and leaving one behind. One day, his king met a new sage – an astronomer. She showed the king how the planets and stars orbit in regular patterns, and why. And so the king kicked Sterling out of his quarters, for the Seer had long told the king a different story about the stars.

Simone the Fighter
Simone lived in a good land, but under every good land are the roots of oppression. In this land, those roots took hold and choked out all else. When the borders closed and the curfew began, Simone and her comrades began to plot. They infiltrated, the sabotaged, they freed prisoners. Simone was one of the first to be identified, but she evaded capture even as the wanted posters went up. As whispers of her grew throughout the land, more and more of her neighbors prayed in the night that Simone would be their salvation. We do not know where Simone is buried. We do know that when things boiled over, she lead a charge against the palace gates, and behind those gates were cannons. Many years later when the mass graves were exhumed, her bones were mixed with so many others, it was said she now lives on in the bones of all in her country.

Big Snake
Big Snake emerged from the earth and made war upon the villages, and as he wrapped himself around them, the villagers saw that they were encircled by the same big snake, and they came together, and together slew the big snake …the highway by Possum Springs sort of looks like a big snake, huh.

Tehrn the Medium
In life he spoke with the dead, purportedly. But when he died, his own spirit returned and spoke through him. His own spirit possessed his body – dead, but possessed.

Adina Astra
It's a common story how Adina journeyed to the Frozen Lake and how she traversed unknown, faraway lands. In her quest, however, she turned her back on the sky and journeyed down into the earth where her stars were no longer over her head. She disappeared and was never seen again.

Ferdinand the Mountaineer
Ferdinand was from a flat land – "the Midwest" of wherever he was from. He dreamed of mountains and devoted his life to climbing them; he sought that which was unlike where he grew up. Eventually, he returned home and complained that the sky felt heavy – he had been up into the clouds, and now they rested hard upon him.

The Firemaker
A wanderer in the cold and dark, making a fire and huddling up to it for light and warmth. A constellation of survival.

Dream Constellations
Gregg's boyfriend Angus used to know all about these. I had thought he told us about them during a Longest Night bonfire when I was younger – but I guess i just dreamed that all. Piecing together my dreams and his recollections, we form a pretty rad stargazer-storyteller combo.

Ibon, the First Singer
There's an opera based on this one that's like 21 hours long. Like, 100 years ago when it was playing in Bright Harbor, the stage exploded during the part where Ibon crashes his balloon into the Wyrld Wyrm. I should probably tell Gregg about that before he and Angus move there. Also known as the black goat. A painting in the Historical Society depicts him crossing from the sky into our world.

The Mice Writers
Inventors of written language. There's supposed to be thousands of them but, hey – there's only so much sky. This one is Gregg's sign.

Corvin, The Thief
Corvin the cat. He stole the diamond from the crown of Rubello, the fire-breathing pope, and got arrowed to death like 200 feet from the palace. Some say he jumped out of his body and became immortal. He liked shiny things and was good at getting through the forest. I called him Asscat when I was little. He's mentioned in the story of Adina and the Frozen Lake.

Pope sometime in the 1400s. There were two rival popes, and Rubello won by opening his mouth and consuming them with fire. And then he ate them. Totally rad! There's a statue of him outside the Church of the First Coalescence in Possum Springs.

The Broken Snake
The first thing that talked.

The head of the Singing Orders of Angels. A winged alligator. Sort of looks like Bea.

The world fish. A whale – named as such back when people were wicked stupid and thought whales were fish. Mundy is my sign.

A bell with an eye in the middle. It rings at the end of the world. Then Mundy shakes everything off her back and I think it all catches fire, too.

A Fish
Just a fish. Pretty self-explanatory. Angus' sign.

The inventor of music. A bird. Sort of reminds me of Germ.

An alligator. She was executed by some king somewhere. They put her head in a trunk and threw it in a river somewhere, where it continued to speak against her murderers for years. Supposedly if you put your head underwater in some river in Italy she'll tell you about her murder. They renamed it the River of Guilt… but not, like, the guilt of her murderers – more like she's giving you a guilt trip or something stupid. This constellation is garbage.

A fox with a spear through him. Lucio was the scourge of the French countryside. They had to spear him to the ground to keep him down. Like, just in general.

The little king. A bear.

And that's all 13 of them!
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Metabloxer Jul 12 @ 8:26pm 
Thank you very much for this. I couldn't remember all the dusk star stories.
Alaril Jul 6 @ 8:45am 
How can i learn of mine?
💀 SimAngel7 💀 Mar 13 @ 3:37pm 
Mine's Tollmetron ...
Finally I know my mission.
Kiwi Birb Feb 19 @ 3:17pm 
Huh, i kinda wonder what Autumn's sign would be if she had one... im not sure.
_Cuddles_ Dec 23, 2017 @ 9:14pm 
hey, the little king, Nice :fhappy:
digitalAlchemist Dec 15, 2017 @ 7:58pm 
Hell yeah! Mine's Ghost Star!
Waloogi686869 Nov 6, 2017 @ 2:29pm 
I'm just a few days off to be a fish, darn. My only ever dream.
Waloogi686869 Nov 6, 2017 @ 2:28pm 
If only my school teached me about this, this will deffenetly help me get better grades in school....... if I lived in the universe of NITW.
katto Aug 28, 2017 @ 11:35pm 
I have mundy ,isnt that Mae's aswell?
Trashboat Jul 21, 2017 @ 5:39am 
gregg rulz ok