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Ancient Cities
Jun 2, 2017 @ 8:28am
Mar 21 @ 10:05am
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Ancient Cities website reworked & Paypal crowdfunding launched!
Ancient Cities is now on indiegogo
Release date: 2019
Ancient Cities is a strategy and survival city builder game trough the ages.

Please visit Ancient Cities website[] for further info.

Starting in the Neolithic era you will have to guide your people through generations, discovering and improving technologies, managing resources and population, facing your human or natural enemies, and ultimately, building the most fantastic city of the antiquity in a fully simulated world and ecosystem.


We plan to post regular DEVELOPMENT UPDATES until release on twitter @_AncientCities, as we have been doing for months now. If you want to stay tuned, FOLLOW US THERE.


Our vision

We love tech, strategy games, History, Archeology and cities.
Of course, we dream, as you do, with a gorgeous strategy city simulator that let the player to develop its city along the ages in a credible and immersive way.

We have chosen to start at the origin of cities, in the late Neolithic era. It was logic, and it is also highly suitable for the project; new eras introduce new gameplay and game features over what existed before. Just as real life.

We are developing our own custom render technology for this game because this allows us to render what we envision: Thousands of items on the screen at the same time with nice fps, offering the player breathtaking images of their cities. Both, gameplay and detail are important to us.

We are presenting you our first game. And depending to a great extent on the budget, we intend to include late Neolithic and Bronze age in the final release.

We expect Ancient Cities to become a powerful platform for next developments, moving us more and more into the realms of History, exploring different places and ages around the world: Greece, Rome or Middle Ages...

For this to become a reality we need your support on this first project.

We know you will love this as much as we do.

The game will be available when its ready.

We also have a website: website[]

Main features
All meaningful for gameplay!

  • Build your city through the ages with evolving gameplay.

  • Simulated years, seasons, day cycles and weather.

  • Simulated ecosystem where every plant and animal you see is growing, reproducing and dying.
    Exploit and take care of it.

  • Natural disasters.

  • Build your defenses to protect your city. Ancient times were harsh!

  • Switchable gameplay layers like combat or natural disasters. Play your game!

  • Organic city layouts let you plan and make your city in a realistic way.

  • Wonders, including megaliths!

  • Very innovative technology system.

  • Politics, religion, social classes and family structures.

  • Every citizen's attributes, experience and knowledge are simulated.
    Each citizen has their own aspirations and decides how to live, where they work and if they come or leave the city.

  • Economy, resource management and production chains including clothing, tools, food, wares, etc...

  • Buildings and resources decay. No more bread lasting for years!

  • Simulated world context and migrations.
    Different factions use trading, fighting and influence to dominate the world.

  • Will there be any enemies or combat?
    Yes, in the first release there will be combat in the form of raids, but it will be optional.

  • Can I evolve my city from Neolithic, to Rome, Middle Ages or beyond or can I play with Tenochtitlan?
    Not in the first release.
    First release will include Neolithic, and maybe Bronze Age to some extent. This dependes on development times.
    If the first release does well, we will continue to expand the game step by step.

  • What will be the first expansion?
    None if we don't finish Neolithic first. So we are focusing where we are now.

  • Is multiplayer planned?
    There is not multiplayer planned.
    We are a small team and we want to be sure we can deliver.

  • Will there be mod support for the game?
    Still to be decided but probably not for the first release.
    Again, we want to be sure we can deliver.

  • Will there be Linux or Mac version?
    Only Windows version is planned at this moment.
    Again, we want to be sure we can deliver.

  • There will be a public Alpha, Beta, Early Access?
    There are not plans for early access or public alpha.
    There will be a closed Beta for kickstarter backers with beta reward.

  • What will be the price?
    Still to be decided.
    It will depend on final content.

  • Is this another "NMS"?
    We are a small team with a big project, but we know we can do it, and do it right, if we move step by step.
    This is what we are doing from the beginning of the project, and this is what we plan to do from now.
    No rush ;)
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Sep 9 @ 11:33am
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Aug 12, 2018 @ 12:20pm
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shbouwhuis Sep 15 @ 12:26am 
I'm pretty close to the point of not caring anymore at this point. They clearly announced WAY too early. I'm burned out by the wait.. my enthusiasm level has gone down significantly. :(
Z3R0 Sep 9 @ 1:58pm 
@CoW It's still in development. Check their Twitter.
CoW Sep 9 @ 10:08am 
This game is dead!
BALLLONG Sep 4 @ 8:27pm 
When to game opening
Radical Zeal Aug 13 @ 9:11am 
That is why we need to be patient.
Let them do their work and once it get ready we will get a good game.
TheFirstThunder Aug 13 @ 8:45am 
Please don't be another "No man sky". I'm really looking forward to this game.
Schoppy (Mezzopremo) Jul 31 @ 12:24am 
If you're wondering why updates have been scarce lately, it's because they're working on the game engine at the moment, which is mostly technical, and they wouldn't have much to show visually. I would rather they be sparse with updates and surprise us with a polished game, than spend half the time drumming up hype only to come out with a hot mess. As far as devs for crowdfunded games go they're alright, at least they bother updating at all and don't start drama with impatient backers online. I think they were just too optimistic thinking it could be done in two years considering they have to build up the engine from scratch.
Behemoth94 Jul 19 @ 2:24pm 
True. It's taken quite a bit longer than we expected. But remember this isn't Bioware or any other large scale company with thousands of employees. Also; How many games have failed due to it being rushed instead of making sure its done right? I'd rather wait awhile longer than have another Mass Effect Andromeda on my hands :P
Z3R0 Jul 12 @ 7:38am 
@Batnano Check their Twitter.
Radical Zeal Jul 12 @ 5:15am