Hero Academy

Hero Academy

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Achievements guide
By Jafedi
****************UNDER CONSTRUCTION*****************

Guide for some achievements that I have trouble with them because the description does not exactly explain them.
General & Council achievements
Real ultimate and That Stings
Description: Do 2500 damage or more with a single Ninja attack. / Do 2000 or more damage with a single attack.

How to do: The best idea is to do this 2 achievements at the same time. Just use a ninja, equip it with the sword and overcharge. Then move the ninja to a Sword marked square (it has to have a crystal beside it, map random requierement) and attack the crystal.

Shaolin achievements
[Bad disease]
Description: Lower an enemy's maximum health by 250 with a Monk.

How to do: Attack with the monk any enemy with at least 1000 points of health (Heavys, Knights with buff...).