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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Pokemon Evolved 1.66
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Jan 10, 2017 @ 11:51pm
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Pokemon Evolved 1.66


Welcome to the world of Pokemon Evolved! Built on the ARK: Survival Evolved mechanics- Mystic Academy brings you the evergrowing world of Pokemon to give you a fresh view, ever-growing features and, of course, your chance at Catching 'Em All! Featuring a list of 150+ Pokemon, including your starter favorites, a wide range of legendaries and your chance at facing Mewtwo in varied levels.

How far can you make it before your first Mewtwo battle? Mewtwo X? Mewtwo Y?..... stronger?

Have fun and enjoy the world of Pokemon Evolved!

If you would like to donate and support the project to grow -

After some thought I have decided to restart the Pokemon Evolved Discord Been getting a lot of messages from users wanting it back.

This will not be like the old discord any rule breaking and that will be a ban.

Lets all start making the community how it used to be.

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Kirotyn 17 hours ago 
and now apparently i cant ride eithe mega absol or arcanine
Kirotyn 18 hours ago 
what saddle does mega absol require?
Ahlaskan 18 hours ago 
What is the server settings of the main server? I want to start one with my family.
Kirotyn 21 hours ago 
so i was riding an eevee and when i hopped off, my character sunk into the ground to his waist and slowly slid towards the water. how do i fix this?
Eirlys Jul 15 @ 2:04pm 
@makadina yes I have the same problem when I killed a Pokemon or when I craft with the Poke System
Next, I can't see the items that I harvest (but I have them in my bag).
I have some bugs with the summon pokemon (I can't chose the traditionals options that we had on the original Ark, for example).
The craft interface can be improve (there is all the pokemon list and other options of this mod that should be unlocked by default).
However, this mod can be really good

Sorry for this bad english, I'm French
Uraeus Jul 14 @ 2:30am 
Im not using other mods but dinos are still dinos. There is no any pokemon. How can i fix it? Can you help me?
Uraeus Jul 14 @ 2:28am 
Can you please accept my friend request i have problem with your mod?
makadina Jul 13 @ 3:02pm 
Anyone else having problems with giant pictures of things they pick up or when they put a wall up obscuring the bottom portion of your screen?
[RG]SeKtoR Lin Kuei Jul 9 @ 11:58pm 
You can craft them in the Poke Terminal or you can find them throughout the map
DJCoolBoyX100 Jul 9 @ 10:34pm 
Can anyone tell me how to get a starter pokemon?