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Pokemon Evolved 1.64
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Pokemon Evolved 1.64


Welcome to the world of Pokemon Evolved! Built on the ARK: Survival Evolved mechanics- Mystic Academy brings you the evergrowing world of Pokemon to give you a fresh view, ever-growing features and, of course, your chance at Catching 'Em All! Featuring a list of 150+ Pokemon, including your starter favorites, a wide range of legendaries and your chance at facing Mewtwo in varied levels.

How far can you make it before your first Mewtwo battle? Mewtwo X? Mewtwo Y?..... stronger?

Have fun and enjoy the world of Pokemon Evolved!

If you would like to donate and support the project to grow -

After some thought I have decided to restart the Pokemon Evolved Discord Been getting a lot of messages from users wanting it back.

This will not be like the old discord any rule breaking and that will be a ban.

Lets all start making the community how it used to be.

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rccola102 4 hours ago 
how do i download the mod?
pinkgun2012 10 hours ago 
there not unfinshed at all. wehn ark release new update its bugs some of the poke up so mystic then has to find time to fix them
Semirotta Jun 23 @ 11:56am 
"•Glyphs are not in use right now, DO NOT spend your credits on these yet. (They will be implemented later in a cool way.)"
Semirotta Jun 23 @ 11:50am 
It is very unfortunate how unfinished the pokemons are and how few of them really is implemented so far.
Littymaster Jun 23 @ 1:18am 
please, make the entire first gen... than a lot of ppl will play... we want a complete gen, not a bumch of random pokemons. The mod is awsome btw!
dreammaster654 Jun 22 @ 7:49am 
what are glyphs for?
Beznick Jun 20 @ 5:14am 
I love the mod and would like to play it with friends on a server, but when I activate it on the server all players on the server gets weird lag spikes like when I harvest a bush or a tree the fps drops from 60 to 6 and this only hapen when I have the mod activated on the server if I turn the mod off the lag disappear. Would be happy for some help with this
BoneHead Jun 18 @ 7:21pm 
Hello, first: your mod is incredible, congratulations for such a good job, second: play the mod once, but now that I try to play does not appear in the mod list in ark, why does that happen?
Mr.HumMent [TH NaJa] Jun 18 @ 6:40am 
Mystic Academy  [author] Jun 17 @ 5:04pm 
you kill pokemon for credits minotaur and buy the pokemon in the terminal its the masterball icon in engrams you will need to unlock the engram for the pokemon you would like to summon as well