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Alicemare Full Guide
By Oshidodo and 1 collaborators
Alicemare Full Guide & Walkthrough. Following it will get you all 13 achievements in 1 run.
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Interact with Teacher, then exit the room and continue going left through the doors until you reach a large hallway with 5 doors with signs beside each. Go into each room and speak with each and every one of the children (the last room is yours).

In Stella's room (first room from right to left) Interact with her Piano (Space / Z) to get an achievement.
Stellar Performance
Play Stella's piano

After interacting with all 4 children go back to the beginning of the game and speak with Teacher. You will end up in the dining room, go speak to all the children again, then speak to Joshua. It should be dark in the entire house.

Exit the dormitory, then go up the stairs and enter the room to the right of the double door Library. Interact with the butterfly and choose "Help" (Choosing "Don't help" does nothing).

Go back to your room (furthest left in dormitory).

Go straight and talk to the White Rabbit and once the choice comes up, select "Okay" if you say "No", it gives you the same result anyway. Feel free to talk again and ask him any of the 3 questions.

Go straight north and enter the door. It will be pitch black, just continue.

You are now in the main hub of the game. Your goal is to recover a world key from each world, it can only be done Chronogically, enter the door furthest on the left to start key hunting.
Letty's World
Speak with Letty and when asked to play, select "Okay" then open and enter the closet.

Interact with the plant pot just below the bed which you were resting upon. Select "Pull the
leaves" which will fail. Go to the table to the left of the bed and take the Small Knife.

Use the knife on the plant leaves. The door will unlock and you can now proceed but WAIT.

In the top left corner are some mushrooms. Make a save, Interact with the mushrooms and select "Have a taste" then confirm again. This will kill Allen and net you an achievement.
Ill Fortune
Eat the poisonous mushrooms

Once in the next room, Interact with the note on the table, then interact with the left-most
dresser in the top right corner.

Interact with the note on the table again, then In the bottom right of the room, there'll be 2 beds side by side. Walk into them to the very right and interact to find a Gold Medal.

Return the Medal to the dresser and place it as the note said.
ANSWER: Top -> Left-side

Go outside and follow the road, along the way you will see a cat-like creature on the side.
Interact with it to play "NuTetris".

It's just like Tetris as you could guess, you just need keep making complete horizontal lines to destroy them and avoid stacking to the top.

For the achievement, you need to reach "Level 7" but there is no indication to what level, or how many points you currently have. You can only find out by what it says once you fail or once you get the achievement. Just keep trying.
Reach level 7 in NuTetris
NOTE: You can find the NuTetris cat 4 seperate times later (once in each world).

Proceed to the next area and speak to Letty (laying against the sign) but first pick up the Shard of XXXX that is shining down below.

IMPORTANT: To achieve one of the endings near end-game, please follow the guide closely and do not miss any Shards of XXXX. There is 9 total. 2 in each world with the exception of the last one in which the 9th Shard is given to you for free.

Now, Letty is thirsty. Go back to where the house is and interact with the well outside the house and select "Draw water".

Letty can't drink from a bucket for some reason... Go back into the house and into the room which you started in and take the empty cup on the table in the middle of the room, then go back to the well and fill the cup.

Return to Letty and give her the cup. Then Interact with the weird creature sitting on the
sign and solve his riddle.

Return to the house (Which is now made of candy) and pick up the Shard of XXXX that is now
beside the well.

Enter the house and pick up the World key in the starting room. Exit the
room and interact with the figure in front of the fireplace. Select "Tackle" to continue and
avoid a game over.

That concludes Letty's world. Once you're back at the hub, simply talk to the White Rabbit
to give him the World key and he will unlock the second World door for you. Then proceed back up to the Hub, you'll find the Cheshire Cat waiting for you. When an option comes up in dialogue, select "Not sure".

IMPORTANT: Note that the Chesire Cat will be waiting in the center of the hub room everytime after returning the World key to the White Rabbit. Interact with him and when the choice comes up, ALWAYS select "Not sure" (this will save you another run of the game and ensures you have the option of getting the Chesire Cat ending + achievement near end-game).
Chelsy's World
Speak with Chelsy and select "Invite to play" then open and enter the closet.

Exit the room you start in and enter the room on the right. Speak with Chelsy, once she's following you, exit the room and go to the bottom and attempt to leave the house. It will be locked, go into the room you started in and interact with the creature beside the bed. It needs medicine.

Go into the room on the right again that Chelsy was in and mix the 3 medicines on the table correctly to avoid an explosion.
ANSWER: Green -> Yellow -> Red

Return to the creature and give it the medicine, afterwards exit the house.

Once outside look to the left carefully, hiding behind some wood is a Shard of XXXX, pick it up then proceed south into the forest (The NuTetris cat is along the way if you didn't nab the achievement earlier).

You must pick some flowers before Chelsy lets you continue. Keep going down until you reach the river.

Interact with the river then solve the riddle to get across. But don't solve it just yet! You're allowed to get it wrong 3 times and in order to get an achievement, you will have to get it wrong atleast once with a specific guess. Perhaps make a save here.

For the achievement, Answer with 3
Chow Down
Think of another answer to the river puzzle

Go down and attempt to enter the house. It will be locked.

A small creature with big ears has now appeared in the top right corner on a log. Talk with it and give it the correct flower. (note that you do not have to collect any of the flowers laying around in the area)
ANSWER: Carnation

Go axe your way into the locked house. You cannot do anything in the first room, go down into the last room. In here you will find the World key in the bottom right corner as well as another Shard of XXXX right next to it hiding behind a vine.

Exit the room. Just like as in Little Red Riding Hood, a wolf is after grandma, interact with the wolf and select "Use the axe" to avoid a game over.

This concludes Chelsy's world, you will be back at the hub, go and give the World key to Mr. White Rabbit which unlocks the next world. The Chesire Cat will be waiting in the center of the hub again, interact with him and select "Not sure" again.

Now you can enter the far-most right door for the next world.
Joshua's World
Speak with Joshua and select "Nod" then open and enter the closet (for some reason you'll have to select "Open" twice).

Exit the room you start in and enter the first door you see. Read the note in front of the mini red-chest then head right and enter the second last door. In here you'll find another Shard of XXXX in between some pillars on the left, then interact with the strange person(?) in the room and tell him the numbers (the note from earlier is the clue).
ANSWER: 6315

Exit the room and enter the last door on the very right and speak with Joshua who will now follow you.

Now you can go upstairs, there will be 4 doors, layout is the same as previous floor. Enter the very left door to find the Teacher, interact with him then exit, and enter the door on the very right.

In this room you will find the NuTetris cat again in case you didn't get the NuSkill achievement yet. Try and exit the room, you are locked in. Interact with the weird purple creature around the top and prepare to solve a riddle with another language.

Now interact with the small cabinet in the top right beside the bed to get a grabby arm then use it on the bed on the left to get a blue book which you then place on the book shelf in the top-middle of the room, this allows you to remove the painting off the wall that's just to the right which conveniently has 2 forks. Use them to eat the cakes in the middle, but make sure you grab the achievement before doing this as you get teleported out after.

Interact with the bed on the right side of the room to get an achievement.
Man's Needs
Look under the Joshua's bed

You'll now be in another area with the same layout of 4 doors. Enter each room and look inside the holes in the wall. Make sure to grab the Shard of XXXX hiding in the second last room on the right, you can see 1 pixel of it behind a bookshelf.

Afterwards return to the center of the hallway in front of the curtain and answer all the questions.
ANSWER: Left -> Me -> Up -> Right

Proceed into the darkness and grab the World key then go straight up and enter the door.

That will conclide Joshua's world and return you to the hub. You know the drill. Return the World key to the White Rabbit, 4th door will unlock, respond "Not sure" to the Chesire cat again and enter the left door from Joshua's.
Stella's World
Speak with Stella and select "Anything's fine", then open and enter the closet.

Continue through the mostly linear gravestone maze, you'll find poisonous mushrooms you can eat along the way for the achievement if you haven't gotten it already, but remember to save.

Eventually you'll find Stella and Teacher who will join you. Continue once again through the maze and you'll first go past a set of holes but ignore that for now and continue to the next area until you find a legless-spider. Interact with it. In the same room as the spider, don't miss the Shard of XXXX in the top left corner.

Go back to the area with holes and navigate your way to the hole which is towards the upper left corner. Which in your case will be the first hole you see to your left just below you. Interact with the hole and retrieve the spiders legs. Return to the spider and reattach his legs, but make sure to give him the correct amount
ANSWER: (Does mommy really have to hold your hand to this extent?...) 8

Go left, you'll now find yourself in a 4-way with a fountain in the middle, go down only for the NuTetris cat if you still don't have the NuSkill achievement otherwise go straight up north and talk to the person at the very top.

Go back the way you came to the 4-way fountain room and go left this time, you'll have to catch some body parts, just corner them or trap them on a gravestone and walk into them, there's 4 in total to catch. After you got them all, return the body parts to the man earlier and you can proceed past him.

Head left and interact with the piano. Search for the piano notes in the gravestones, there's 4 in total and only a minimum of 1 per row. Just search every tomb and you will find them. 1 tomb will crack and 1 will smash randomly as you search.
Piano Note Locations.

Return the notes to the piano once you find them. You can listen to Stella play the piano as long as you want after if you interact with it again, but only once, if you try interacting with it after that AGAIN, then it will unlock the Stellar Performance achievement if you did not already have it.

Leave the area and go all the way right, you should see a Shard of XXXX in the bottom right corner, pick it up, you should be at 8 now.

Go straight up and to the tree amongst the waterfall and interact with it. Select "I won't" as eating the poison apple results in a game over and does not grant an achievement.

And that concludes Stella's world, turn in the final World key to the White Rabbit, he will give you a key to your world. Go back to the hub, talk to the Chesire Cat and select "Not Sure" for the final time. You're all set for the Cheshire Cat ending now. However do not enter the final door just yet...
4 Endings & Achievements
Now, be sure to make a save, the final and 5th middle door is now unlocked but that can wait.

Enter one of the rooms you've previously been to and stab one of the children with the key to your world, This will return you home, when you wake up in bed, you'll have your achievement by now, so you can load your save and be done with it, however if you want to actually conclude it and reach the ending screen, go to whoever's room you stabbed the key into (they should be in bed) and their diary should be in the top right corner of their room.

The password for it is their name, once you enter it, you will trigger their respective ending and see credits rolling and meet the ending name screen eventually and a little bit more dialogue and finally the main menu.

Repeat this process for all 4 children until you have seen and gotten all their endings & achievements: Two Of Us, The Color Red, Crying Wolf and Poison Apple.

It can be a bit tedious as you cannot skip the credits, but if you pay attention, the background sketches are related to whatever character's ending it was.

Two Of Us
Choose Letty
The Color Red
Choose Chelsy
Crying Wolf
Choose Joshua
Poison Apple
Choose Stella
Enter the 5th and final door in the middle of the hub, then open the closet.

You'll wake up in your room. Go to the library and speak to Teacher who is sleeping on the sofa, then go to the end of the library and open the closet.

You'll appear in a series of beds, leave the room and go to the next closest room. Speak to the girl on the right, then speak to the girl on the left and select "Sure" and play her little game.
ANSWER: Meow -> Woof -> Ribbit
ANSWER: Moo -> Meow -> Ribbit -> Meow -> Oink

You will now have leg-warmers. Leave the room and go to the next closest one (in the middle). Talk to the girl sitting in at the desk, then go to the furthest right room. Go to the top left corner of the room and take the green vegetables and take them to the pot at the top right corner of the room. Boil the vegetables properly but not too much.
ANSWER: Boil the Vegetables -> Keep Boiling -> Never Mind

Return to the room in the middle and give the girl the successful soup who then gives you a pen. Go to the room to the right of the middle room and speak with the girl at her desk and give her the pen, then answer the question she's stuck on. (It's a trick question).

You will now have a Ribbon, Go 2 rooms left, Return to the room where the girl who asked you to make those animal sounds is and give the ribbon to the girl on the right and she will give you a key.

Exit and head right through the hallway, you'll see a younger version of Teacher who will follow you after you talk to him and the NuTetris cat makes it's last appearance in case you still didn't get the achievement.

Continue going right in the hallway, you'll see 3 doors, enter the middle one and speak to the director and solve his riddle.

Head to the top right corner of the room and interact with the bookshelf, then return to the director for riddle #2.

Return to the hallway you found Teacher and now you can enter the double door area with the director's key.

Interact with all the people in the room and lastly, go to the person in the top right corner and speak with him (attempt to, haha see what I did there?)

Return to the area where you did various tasks for people. Go to the room to the right of the door in the center and retrieve a pen from the girl who was stuck on the cat question, then go to the room in the center and retrieve some paper (the girl who needed leg warmers and soup).

Finally return to the deaf person at the murder scene area and figure out the culprits.

Now that you figured out the culprits instead of going through the door like you're supposed to, for a pretty hidden achievement, return to where you started with all the beds. There will now be a shovel(?) in the middle of the room. Interact with it and select "Touch".

You'll be in a square room, go through the only door. Read the bookcase (optional) then go through the path that has blood in front of it, repeat this 3 more times. You should be in a library, go to the top left corner and interact with the second last bookshelf to find the White notebook, afterwards continue and enter the door then proceed up to what looks like a pool of water at first and interact with it.

This will take you out of the area. Having completed this entire extra hidden scene will give you an achievement
Crumpled Paper
Find the extra scene

Now go back to where the deaf person was at the murder scene and proceed through the only new door in there and select "I am". Go straight and interact with the door, this will automatically give you the 9th and final Shard of XXXX. You're all set for the true ending now.

IMPORTANT: To achieve the Cheshire Cat ending below, you need to make sure you responded with "Not Sure" at every single time the Cheshire Cat gives you an option to in dialogue, which will be after clearing each world. 4 Times total.

The next room should have some bookcases, but also a door and a hole beside the door. Make a save here then interact with the hole and select "Go down" for the Cheshire Cat ending. Make sure to select "Okay" in the dialogue otherwise you get a game over.

Once you reach the main menu, you will get the achievement for the Cheshire Cat Ending. Poor Allen.
Chesire Cat
Find the Cheshire Cat ending

Load your save and this time interact with the closest bookcase in the bottom left and read the diary. After that, enter the door rather than the hole and confront Teacher, again here, it doesn't matter which choice you make, it still gives the same result.

Now go to Teacher's room (where the entire game began). From left to right, interact with the third thing on his desk to gain contract info, then exit his room and go left to the main hall, there should be a phone sitting on a desk, interact with it and select "Make a call".

After the call, you will get this achievement, note that Cliff will never arrive no matter how long you wait.
Trusted Friend
Speak to Cliff on the phone

Return to Teacher's room and make a save here. This time interact with Teacher who is in bed and select "Look at his face" which will eventually roll credits and get the ending "Good Night". (No achievement this time though).

IMPORTANT: You need all 9 Shards of XXXX to achieve the true end below, If you've been following this guide, you should have them all, additionally, other people have made guides on all 9 of their locations

Now load your save and interact with the closest thing on his desk. There is an extremely difficult riddle here on the note, it's the key to unlocking his diary which is just next to it. Good luck.
HINT: It's sounding out his name.

Successfully entering in his name will give you the true end and an achievement
Recipient of Love
Look the true end
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