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The Numbers Guide
By Archmage MC
All the numbers behind stat gains, Soft caps, racial stats, and more!
Before you read
This guide is made to show the numbers behind all the attribute points and equipment stats. Some sections are semi incomplete, others are complete. Below are all the numbers.

Note: This guide is made for MAX level characters.

Note that this game stll uses XV1 formulas in some places.
Height and Weight have the most impact on your character other than level when it comes to their stats and are applied after everything else.


Height directly affects your character's Max HP and Speed.

Short characters are faster but have less health
Tall characters are slower but have more health.

Each tick of Height adds 5.266% to your max health. So...

Shortest character - 95% health
Short character - 100% health
Tall character - 105% health
Tallest Character - 110% health

Meanwhile Speed is inversely affected.

Shortest character - 110% speed
Short character - 105% speed
Tall character - 100% speed
Tallest Character - 95% speed


Weight controls how powerful your Ki or Physical attacks are.

Thinner characters have better Ki Blast Supers but weaker physical hits and Strike Supers
Bulkier characters have better physical attacks and Strike Supers but less Ki Blast Supers.

Since there are 3 ticks dictating bulkiness, here is what each tick does.

Leftmost (Thin) - +3% damage to KI moves, -3% damage to Strike moves
Middle (Medium) - No change
Rightmost (Bulky) - -3% damage to Ki moves, +3% damage to Strike moves

As you can see, your character's height and weight have an effect on your damage, but the value isn't as big as XV1 thankfully.
Health is different in this game than the first numberwise, but is the same thing otherwise.

Each health bar is 10k hp.

Each point gives you 30 hp.

Each arrow for a QQ bang gives you about 10 health attribute, or ~300 hp.

Race health values
Health Values. (LVL 80 0 atributes 0 qq band Tallest option (110%Total HP)) 10000 is one bar
1 Male Majin 21457
2 Namekian 21331
3 Humans 20156
4 Male Sayian 19181
5 Female Sayian 18856
6 Female Majin 18856
6 Frieza Race 18856
Fairly Straightforward. All calculations done at lvl 80.

42 points in a ki/stam attribute adds 1 bar. Maxing it at 125 gives you 3 bars total.

5 QQ bangs give you +2 or -2 bars BEFORE attributes are calculated.
Basic Attacks + Strike/Ki Supers
Damage Formula

((RacialBase*Levelbonus) + 0.01*AttributePoints + 0.025*EquipmentArrows + 0.25*WeightClass)*(1+TransformationBonus+SSoulBonus+RacialBonus)*(AttackMultiplier)=Total Damage

So Racial base values (Above) with level bonus are compacted with everything else which are them multiplied by your buffs and transformations, then finally the attack multiplier to give you your total damage.

Weight is either, -1, 0 or 1 depending on how that weight would buff the stat.

Thanks to Tsuyara for the formula

How Attributes Work

Each point adds about 0.01% damage per point, or 10 points per 1% of damage at max level and a bit less at lower levels. This varies a bit by race so some races due to their multiplers may see less damage, others may see a bit more, but thats about what it equals.

QQ bangs

QQ bangs change damage by 6.66% with a 5 QQ bang with no attributes added.

When attributes are added, for basic attacks a +5 QQ bangs lose 0.01% per attribute point to how much they add, so a 125 attribute stat will only get 5.41% extra damage from a +5 QQ bang.

A -5 QQ bang is different and sees a 0.005% reduction to its subtraction number, so 125 attribute makes a -5 QQ bang lose you 5.98% damage instead of the full 6.66%

Soft Caps

A soft cap is when adding more attribute points adds less damage than the previous point did. Soft caps in this game are there so that one race can't have so much more damage than another.

Soft caps are NOT affected by QQ bangs. However QQ bang damage is reduced by its own calculations in the secton above.

Soft caps happen BEFORE QQ bangs and are unaffected by QQ bangs.

Soft Capts are different for each race or skill and depend on their combo string damage numbers. The usual softcap range is from 70-80, but some go as high as 120. Usually the races with lower basic damage can go higher before reaching the soft cap. This means that races with higher basic damage baseline don't have to invest as many points to reach the softcap unlike other races, meaning they can put those points somewhere else.

Sklls have their own kind of soft caps listed here.


Each skill has its own soft cap and plateus.


S Buff = ~5%
M Buff = ~10%
L Buff = ~15%
XL buff = ~20%
Racial Modifiers
Now unlike the first game, Racial modifiers modify the base damage of an ability, but don't grow as you level up. Instead of being the raw damage multiplier, they are the % change that a race does to that ability type. Here is the list.

Damage Modifiers

Here are the racial modifers for each race.

Basic Attacks:
1.) Male Sayian - 8.000
2.) Frieza Race - 7.875
3.) Namekian - 7.500
3.) Female Majin - 7.500
4.) Male Majin - 7.125
4.) Male Human - 7.125
4.) Female Human - 7.125
5.) Female Saiyan - 7.000

Basic blasts:
1.) Female Saiyan - 8.000
2.) Frieza Race - 7.875
3.) Namekian - 7.500
3.) Female Majin - 7.500
4.) Male Majin - 7.125
4.) Male Human - 7.125
4.) Female Human - 7.125
5.) Male Saiyan - 7.000

Strike Supers
1.) Majin Female - 8.000
2.) Human Male - 7.875
3.) Saiyan Female - 7.500
4.) Saiyan Male - 7.125
4.) Majin Male - 7.125
4.) Namekian - 7.125
4.) Frieza Race - 7.125
5.) Human Female - 7.000

KI Supers
1.) Female Saiyan - 8.000
2.) Female Human - 7.875
3.) Frieza Race - 7.5
4.) Male Saiyan - 7.125
4.) Namekian 7.125
4.) Male Majin - 7.125
5.) Female Majin - 7.000
5.) Male Human - 7.000

Movement Speed

Using Height option 3 (100% speed, see above how Height affects speed) here are the speed values of each race. Weight option DOES NOT affect speed.

For Humans, Namekians and male Saiyans, the ground movement speed is identical to their respective air movement speed, while the other races have differing speeds for air and ground movement.

When Dragon Dashing towards your opponent while locked on, speed is increased by 30%.

Also, the Frieza race gets a 50% speed boost at low health, but that's not part of the calculations.

Ground speed (Running Speed)
Majin Female (1.02)
Saiyan Male (0.86)
Saiyan Female/Human Female (0.82)
Human Male (0.78)
Namekian (0.741)
Frieza (0.737)
Majin Male (0.66)

Air speed (Non Dragon Dashing flying speed)
Frieza (1.02)
Saiyan Male / Saiyan Female (0.86)
Human Female (0.82)
Human Male (0.78)
Namekian / Majin Male (0.741)
Majin Female (0.737)

Boost Dash speed (Dragon Dash Speed)
Frieza (0.98)
Majin Female (0.9)
Human Female / Saiyan Female (0.82)
Human Male / Saiyan Male (0.78)
Namekian (0.741)
Majin Male (0.66)

Step Dash (distance)
Majin Female (1.06)
Frieza (0.9)
Saiyan Female / Human Female (0.82)
Human Male / Saiyan Male (0.78)
Namekian / Majin Male (0.66)
Racial bonuses
Each race in this game has its own racial bonuses besides the different stats.

Male Majin
25% damage reduction when above 2 stamina bars
Takes DOUBLE damage if under 2 stamina bars
Access to unique and powerful racial supers

Female Majin
Stamina refills 100% faster when stamina broken.
Access to unique and powerful racial supers

Male/Female Human
+5% damage to basic attacks at full Ki
Extra ki generation

Male Sayan/Female Sayan
+7.5% damage when under 25% health
+7.5% damage after being revived.
These do stack and stay after they've activated

20% stamina recovery
Items are 50% more effective
Mild health regeneration when under 70% health and over 2 stamina bars

Frieza Clansman
50% more speed when under 50%
Gains stamina on each basic strike.
Combo modifiers
Combos in this game take the attack's base damage (Strong, Light, or basic Ki) and modify it by a percentage (usually by a factor of 50%, though some combos do a factor of 25%) and thats the damage of the move in the combo.

So a combo would do something like 1 / .5 / .5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2 of the base damage per hit.

(Not 100% on these numbers)

Ki basic attack base damage is ~20.

Light Strike basic attack damage is ~100

Heavy strike basic attack damage is ~500
Transformation Modifiers
Unleash Potential
+15% damage, +15% speed, +5% damage reduction, +30% ki generation on hit

Super Sayan
X and Y charged moves have teleport properties.
Signature blasts have teleport properties.

SS1 = +10% physical / +5% Ki damage
+5% physical damage reduction
+5% speed
33% reduction on ki generation per hit

SS2 = +15% physical / +7.5% Ki damge
+10% physical / + 5% ki damage reduction
+10% speed
65% reduction on ki generation per hit

SS3 = +20% physical / +10% Ki damge
+15% physical / + 10% ki damage reduction
+25% stamina regeneration
+15% speed
95% reduction on ki generation per hit.
reduction on standing stamina regeneration.

SV1 = 5% physical / 10% ki damage
+5% ki damage reduction
+5% speed
33% reduction on ki generation per hit

SV2 = +7.5% physical / +17.5% ki damage
+5% physical / +12.5% ki damage redution
+10% speed
55% reduction on ki generation per hit

FSS = +10% physical / +5% ki damage
+15% STAMINA regeneration
+5% speed
33% reduction on ki generation per hit

+2.5%/ +7.5%/ +15% damage dealt
+7.5%/+15%/+25% speed
0/ +10%/ +30% damage taken
3.5/ 7/ 27 stamina drain/sec
Kaioken x3 makes Z vanish cost only 1 bar
Kaioken x20 makes Z vanish free and all stamina spending skills that aren't evasive skills (IE Neo Tri Beam)

Golden Form
+20% speed, +30% ki blast damage. Turns charged ki blast into a beam which has the damage of some ki supers.

Become Kid Buu with 15% more damage.

Giant Namekian
Become Giant and take Stamina damage isntead of health damage.
+ 10% more damage

Flying Nimbus
Gain Super Armor
Hope this guide was helpful. Most numbers gotten from Reddit or personal testing.

Also special thanks to

for getting a good chunk of these numbers as well as a few formulas and stuff.
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jackoftrades222 Jun 24 @ 9:59am 
I have been testing things out with Salza’s super soul. It does give a complete 50%. Then I realized for some reason it was only giving me a 34% instead. Turns out Saiyan CACs get a defense boost with their Zenkai. Here is the data I gathered. I always thought they only gained an attack buff, but apparently they get a bit more.

Salza Super Soul Test Xbox
Bending Kamehameha
(S) 1-4882 5%
(M) 2-5115 10%
(L) 3-5347 15%
(XL) 4-5580 20%
(XXL) 5-5812 25%
(SL) 6-6045 30%
(SXL) 7-6277 35%
(SXXL) 8-6510 40%
(MSL) 9-6742 45%
(MSXL) 10-6975 50%
Limit Burst-9765 110%
(MSXL) 10 Blue-8137 75%

Bending Kamehameha
(S) 1-4394 -.5%
(M) 2-4603 -1.0%
(L) 3-4812 3%
(XL) 4-5021 8%
(XXL) 5-5231 12%
(SL) 6-5440 16%
(SXL) 7-5649 21%
(SXXL) 8-5859 26%
(MSL) 9-6068 30%
(MSXL) 10-6277 34%
Limit Burst-8788 88%
(MSXL) 10 Blue-7323 57%
Limit Burst Blue 10-9834 111%
sbq92 Feb 27 @ 3:18pm 
@ Sunshine I just checked and found that female Super Saiyans still deal 1x/2x/8x.
♫ Sunshine ♫ Feb 26 @ 4:50am 
@Sbq_92 Has this been fixed? Are female saiyans doing 4x in saiyan now?
VIET Feb 16 @ 12:04pm 
they made the new update i upload all that new trailer then it shuts down on its own. please if anyone answers me
iamcorn Aug 26, 2019 @ 9:26am 
I said this already but it was never updated with it; Male majin actually take double damage when at or under 30% of their TOTAL stamina, not just 2 bars. So at 10 bars of stam it'd be 3.
sbq92 Jul 12, 2019 @ 8:07pm 
So female Saiyans got a basic attack damage update, but...

With the exception of Saiyans, all races deal 4x their light damage with heavy attacks and 8x damage with charged heavy attacks ("heavy+", for simplicity). Male Saiyans, however, deal 8x damage for both heavy and heavy+, while female Saiyans used to only deal 2x damage with both heavy and heavy+. In Super Saiyan form (all versions), female Saiyans still only dealt 2x damage with a heavy attack, but 8x damage with heavy+ (male Super Saiyans still deal 1x/8x/8x).

This update brought female Saiyans in line with the other races so now they deal 1x/4x/8x. However, Super Saiyan wasn't changed, meaning female Super Saiyans still deal 1x/2x/8x, with the result being that female Super Saiyans actually deal less damage with heavy attacks than they do in base form.

This is technically a straight buff, though, since overall they deal more damage than before, but it still doesn't make sense for them to deal less damage as Super Saiyans.
Lunaedge Jul 10, 2019 @ 9:55am 
Needs update for Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolved
AecusRegen May 6, 2019 @ 9:01pm 
Some of these stats don't appear to be correct; Unleashed Potential gives a greater speed boost than Kaiokenx20. I don't know if it's because they updated it, but my friend and I tested the speed boost with these transformations and he beat me by a wide margin with UP. Both of our characters were human, he had nothing equipped that would alter his speed stat and my character was shorter so should have a slight advantage in speed at base.
Frostymm Feb 9, 2019 @ 12:13pm 
Is there a guide with more detailed information on soft caps? Everywhere I look just points to this one. I'm looking for those numbers!
BlazingBarrager Oct 1, 2018 @ 1:43pm 
@Lunatic Rhey I think the speed buff is the same as SSJ3.