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Vestige of the Past
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, Czech, Russian
Players: Single-player
Dec 29, 2016 @ 5:31pm
Mar 16, 2017 @ 7:09am
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How does the alcohol work?
Pre-Alpha content
  • Test the game with real non-biased players (both gameplay viability and QA testing)
  • Gather feedback from those players
  • Gather gameplay data (what people are actually doing in the game)
  • Allow those excited about the game to support us both in development process and financially

In the background, there will be countless objects, among which there are 100+ usable items like food, drinks, clothes or kitchen equipment.

You will be able to test all the stats that affect your character - hunger, thirst, temperature, poison, alcohol and what we temporarily call awesomeness - the thing that mirrors your status in the society. In sandbox, it will be basically your level. The higher the level you will be, the more things you will be able to do.

We are working on 6 short and basic quests for the Pre-Alpha, just to test out functionality and to give you a sort of a tutorial. Don’t expect anything elaborate at this stage.

Additionally to all these features, we’ll have day&night cycle, sleeping, trading and simple clothing system. Basic sound effects and background music will be included.

Once again, this version will be for enthusiasts only! Look forward to it only if you expect crude, buggy and basic game in its infancy. Or if you want to support us and you don’t really wish to try the game at such an early stage.

Release date: Early Access: Spring 2017

Vestige of the Past is a an open world game in which you are exploring an immersive world of alternative presence and trying to survive in an almost familiar but oddly different place. What is behind that contrast between what your eyes are telling you and your gut feeling? Well you will have more pressing matters to worry about at the beginning.

First you will need to learn how to survive and make decisions that you might not be proud of. Or perhaps you will take such decisions you won’t need to be secretive about. It’s all up to you. Either way, you will be the one who will have to deal with the consequences.


The entire world is a sandbox in which you start with nothing. In order to survive and progress in the game, you need to work your way up, using the wide variety of detailed, fun game mechanics and mini-games at your disposal.

You can also immerse yourself in captivating Story mode in which you will uncover the true nature of the world you live in.

For Vestige of the Past we have created a unique city using hand modelled buildings based on their real counterparts in Brno (Czech republic) and its surroundings. We are building the game predominantly on our own assets. Combined with well-planned city layout, this not only creates astonishing atmosphere, but also makes navigating through it a piece of cake. That will come in handy as you will be able to explore many interiors with functioning useful businesses like supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, auto repair shops and so forth.

Of course all of that is only a background for a vibrant society, much like the real one, and you will need to earn your place in that community. Every character you meet has his own individual set of characteristics which will make each of them unique. You will need to discover and take advantage of who they are in order to build the best possible reputation for yourself. If you do it right, you will get better deals, find more lucrative jobs and be entrusted with complex and interesting quests.

There will be dozens of different career paths for you to chose from. Just for example, you can work:
  • In a fast food
  • On a farm
  • As an auto mechanic
  • As a hunter
  • As a fisherman
  • As a delivery boy
And much much more...

Survival is not the only important aspect of the game: having fun and expressing yourself are key, too. Therefore we are working hard to create a customization system so you can express yourself in the game. You will be able to equip your home and office, customize your car and, of course, your own character.

What to expect from the full game?

Our current focus is a singleplayer sandbox for Early Access and Story mode for the release version. We would love to prepare a multiplayer gameplay and if the reception of the game is good, we will definitely explore this option.

This is a preliminary list of features we are working on or are planning for the full game at this moment. The list is not final, the lineup of features will be broadened based on the Community’s feedback. Some of the points were described in the Gameplay paragraph. We will make an update later on in which we will describe these points in more detail.
  • Captivating story mode
  • Addictive Sandbox playground with engaging quests
  • Customization of your character and the environment
  • Vibrant city and lovely countryside with endless possibilities
  • Realistic driving physics along with detailed and refined car model and its destruction
  • Trading system
  • Dozens of different jobs
  • Leveling system
  • Unique characters with their distinct set of characteristics
  • Reputation system
  • Dynamic and logical object spawning
  • Unique inventory system
  • Intricate food and drink system
  • Visually evident objects’ condition
  • Hand modelled high detailed buildings
  • Large number of accessible and functional interiors like supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants and so on
  • Dynamic weather and seasons
  • Elaborate temperature system
  • Smart traffic system including an easy to use public transport


Vestige of the Past is built on the Unreal 4 engine. This allows us to deliver high quality gameplay, graphics and detailed features.

Take pride in being part of the game’s development

We want you to be part of the game’s development! That is why we will be holding polls in which you will decide the direction of the game’s evolution. We already have a sizable chunk of the world prepared and it will be you who will tell us what parts of the map we will be working on next.

And that won’t be the only aspect of the game you can influence. We want the game to be the best possible and we know we can only do this with your help. Therefore, you, our players, will heavily influence Vestige of the Past. How? Simply. We will read all the feedback you send us and implement everything we possibly can.

Take your part in creating something great!

A few words about developers of Vestige of the Past

We are a team of few dedicated indie game developers from Central Europe. Like many other Czech game developers, we are based in the city of Brno. Our first released Indie game was Frankenstein: Master of Death.

In addition to developing games, we are also supporting the growth of Game Development in Brno by organizing a number of different events including Game Access, a successful international developer’s conference in Brno.

As Fineway Studios we are a proud member of GameDev Area[].

What is going to be in the Early Access?

We plan to release the Early Access in Spring 2017.

It will be the Sandbox playground which will offer you a sizable chunk of the map including the poor district, countryside with a dam and a “national park” which is a beautiful enclosed forest full of animals.

Now what can you do there? First of all you can explore every single corner of it - both on foot and in a car. If you do so, you will find a lot of stashes full of interesting loot. That loot will help you survive and find an interesting job in never before seen fast food simulator or as a farmer.

The game will already contain vehicles including traffic, basic leveling system, dynamic items spawning, unique food and drink system, visually evident condition of items including the possibility to check items in your inventory from any angle, full day and night cycle and our intricate temperature system.

Visit our website on and don't forget to follow us on Facebook[] and Twitter!
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Nsan Nov 7 @ 11:13pm 
No news since February ... it's a long time !
Jiri said a release before 2020, he still has a year though ^^
let's hope thy still work on Vestige.
ReReNeighbor Nov 7 @ 8:01am 
any update on the game?
still waiting for the release or a pre-release.
i am currently in school for game art design (with game testing this semester)
let me know if any help is needed
djroxyfox Oct 7 @ 3:45pm 
so uh. game dev. whatup on the development? are we still making headway, or nah?
I❤️Soju Oct 1 @ 1:17pm 
Matrioshka Sep 13 @ 2:30am 
Game is dead for sure.
Tywyn_Llywn Jul 6 @ 5:42am 
This is getting ridiculous.I thnk most people would be alright with waiting if there was at least some foprm of communication. Like is this now a lost cause?
w000t Jul 6 @ 5:26am 
Is it still developed. I like idea of game, and graphics looks very good.
caveman95 Jul 3 @ 3:14pm 
damn i saw the game advertised a while ago saying its beta was soon to be released and looked forward to playing hopefully something from the developers soon
I❤️Soju Jul 3 @ 3:12pm 
I'ts been dead quiet...
caveman95 Jul 3 @ 3:04pm 
has there been any new developments or news on release date etc?