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Chronotopia - A Dark Fairytale Visual Novel
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, French
Players: Single-player
Sep 29, 2016 @ 4:53am
Mar 17, 2017 @ 10:51am
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100% funded!
We've been greenlit!
Release date: 2017
Think you know everything there is to know about fairytales? Chronotopia will prove you wrong!

The young Donkeyskin lives a peaceful existence in her castle, enjoying her days with her best friend and confidant, Nahima. That is until her father, gone mad since the death of his beloved, decides he should wed the princess instead. Donkeyskin has to find a way to escape from this fate, but how? She doesn't know it yet, but it's the beginning of a long nightmare that will take her to the edge of madness...

Chronotopia is a dark rewriting of the fairytale Donkeyskin inspired by a wide range of influences including anime like Haibane Renmei and Madoka Magica and games like Steins;Gate and Child of Light. The story is a unique and more mature take on a forgotten fairytale that includes many twists and choices that affect the ending: Donkeyskin can either escape with her servant, become a fairy, or die a horrible death. Multiple times. It's up to you to save...or doom her.

  • A unique take on a forgotten fairytale with many twists.
  • Branching story with around 10 endings and 30 hours of playtime!
  • Beautiful artwork, with animated backgrounds and special stained-glass illustrations.
  • Extensive use of RenPy 3D camera for a more dynamic presentation.
  • Several segments allowing you to freely explore the castle to discover its secrets.
  • A full original soundtrack with celtic influences.
  • Two GxG (Nahima and the Fairy) and one GxB (the "Prince") romances possible!

Try the demo in English and French on itchio (PC/Mac/Linux):

[…] there is something special about Chronotopia that sets it apart from the rest! With a dynamic and diverse cast, and a wickedly captivating plot, this game is sure to be a commercial success for Träumendes Mädchen - review from
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Träumendes Mädchen  [author] Oct 30, 2017 @ 2:46pm 
@GCMTX Chronotopia isn't out yet because it's not ready but it will definitely come to Steam! We're still working on the game right now so, if you'd like to know more, follow us on social networks or check our Kickstarter page once in a while. We regularly post our progress there =).
GCMTX Oct 29, 2017 @ 2:23pm 
will the game still launch even with the death of greenlight?
Träumendes Mädchen  [author] Nov 30, 2016 @ 10:00am 
@anhourofsleep Thanks for the notification, I’ve already watched the videos and I can’t wait to see the rest! I hope you’re enjoying Chronotopia so far =).
anhourofsleep Nov 23, 2016 @ 1:58am 
Check out the first episode of our let's play:
Träumendes Mädchen  [author] Oct 13, 2016 @ 11:25am 
Thank you Zodiac Eclipse :)
Zodiac Eclipse Oct 11, 2016 @ 7:52pm 
Träumendes Mädchen  [author] Oct 4, 2016 @ 9:52am 
@ac728 Thank you for changing the profile!

Regarding your point, I’m very well aware that it’s ideally better to hire a bilingual person who's native language is English to handle a French > English translation. The thing is, finding a native English speaker who’s also fluent in French is actually quite difficult!

That’s why we don’t follow the standard procedure. I know it’s not perfect but we’re doing our best to make up for that fact and I can’t see myself not offering an English version at all!
ac728 Oct 3, 2016 @ 10:02am 
@Träumendes Mädchen
"Concerning the translation, it’s true our main translator is not an English speaker but the proofreaders who help us are."

Of course, you are free to proceed with this as best as it would be for your accommodations, but you can ask the professional localization companies and they will tell you that this is not up to standard, as ideally the standard procedure in these type of cases is for the translator to be a native speaker in the language that he/she is translating to and NOT from, so say if you want to translate a game from french, polish, german, japanese... to -> English, in such a case the translator should in standard procedures as a requirement be a native english speaker to achieve an optimal result.

A Bilingual English/French person, who's native language is French, is more suited to handle English -> French translations.

A Bilingual English/French person, who's native language is English, is more suited to handle French -> English translations.
ac728 Oct 3, 2016 @ 9:50am 
@Träumendes Mädchen
"But now that you mention it, I only have a minor complain: would it possible to remove my personal Twitter from my profile? It’s supposed to be a semi-private account so I’m not very comfortable with sharing it like this. I think it would make more sense to add my main account (@TM_VN) which is also the one I use for the team."

Okay, I have changed it as instructed.
Träumendes Mädchen  [author] Oct 3, 2016 @ 8:56am 
Thank you! Cinders is one of my inspirations so this explains that ;). I hope you’ll enjoy Chronotopia!