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Ways To Kill The Witch
4,600 Viewers! This Guide will Present you with Videos,Tactics,and Tons of Information to Assist you in Dealing with Witches!!!
In This Guide..
Eight Sections will make up this Guide. I Will be Showcasing these Tactics to provide you with an Advantage in Combat with the Dreaded Witch! Almost each section includes One or Two Videos to Assist you!
Crowning Witches (2 Vids)
Crowning requirments.
  • Campaign and Realism
  • Sitting and Wandering Witches
  • Shotguns

    Because Witches have 1000 health, a single, quick shotgun shot can instantly kill the Witch. You must be close for all of the shotgun pellets to hit her. If this is done incorrectly or to far away, you will make the witch angry and or die (Acording to the difficulty). I recommend that you shoot her quickly in the back, as it is the biggest part of her body meaning it will absorb more damage with every shot.

    Crowning is 100% the easiest way to kill the Witch if done correctly. I recommend using the Auto-Shotguns as it they shoot more efficiently than standard shotguns.

    Recomended Shotgun

    If the Witch is already attacking someone, the Auto-Shotgun can still do heavy damage to Witches.
    You cannot Crown Witches in realism as the shotgun doesn't do 1000 damage up close.

    A very useful tip for realism would be to apporach the witch with mutliple teammates and click M+1 as fast as possbile, she will die quickly.
Throwables (1 Vid)
Works with:
  • All Gamemodes
  • Every Witch Position
  • Already startled Witches

    Molotovs are the King of the Throwables, because of their guaranteed effectiveness. A burning Witch will run slower toward you when hit with a molotov. WARNING! The Witch will run faster than the survivors when lit in the day!. The Witch also stumbles around when on fire, making it even easier to kill. But of course she can die on her own, keep your distance.
    The Molotov is also great for already startled Witches, this is nice for your teammates as well because the Witch will now run towards you.

    Using a Molotov on a Witch and running away is the most effective away of using the Molotov. As you will save ammo and relax. Ain't relaxing nice??

    As always watch for the rest of the infected as they can slow you down and give the witch time to catch up on you.

    Bile Bombs
    Bile Bombs are the worst way to kill a Witch. They attract hordes and fail to kill the Witch in time before you or a team mate is dead or down.
    I suggest saving the bile for another time, trying Crowning.

    Pipe Bombs
    Even more useless, they are not used for any specially infected. You can stun the witch with it for brief moment but try something else.

    Gas cans and Propane Tanks
    Gas can are Molotovs of course, a very good way of killing the Witch. The propane tanks can do damage and stun the witch. In Solo games with bots, I suggest using them both. Throw them at the witch when she is still have shoot the gas cans, it can be an instant kill.

Stunning Witches (1 Vid)
Works with:
  • Campaign and Realism
  • Unaware Witches
  • Sitting Witches
  • Both Sniper Rifles,The Automatics(Ak and so on),M60,Magnum(You can also use explosive ammo on any weapon).
  • At least 40 health or a adrenaline
    This isn't the easiest way to kill a Witch but sure easy if you are low on supplies(Don't have a molotov). Hitting the Witch with a Headshot stuns the Witch, giving you and your team time to shoot her. She will remain stunned if you keep shoving her.

    Be Careful because this can easily fail. If she is already startled, you cannot stun her. Quickly find another way to kill her.

    This tactic can be easier done if the team works on it together. Having you or a teammate stunning the witch while the other shoots is an easier way of doing this. You could even have two people doing each job if you wanted to but, it's unessacary.

    The order you should use weapons to stun:
    1. The two versions of the Sniper rifle as they will hit the shot in her head.
    2.The AK-47s afre also fairley accurate.
    3. Magnums sometimes will hit the shot
    4.Explosive ammo on any gun can stun the Witch (Headshot)
    5. If you do not have any of these weapons try another tactic, maybe Crown if she is still idle.

    What you should kill her with when stunned:
    As you can contuine you shove her so she is longer stunnted, here is order of weapons that should
    be used to kill her.

    1.Melee weapons with their great damage. Simple shoves and hit. Repeat untill dead. You will probably only need to hit her 4-6 times.

    2.Auto-Shotguns-These can kill the Witch very, very fast.

    3.Shotgun-A bit slower than the Autos but you can continue to shove to stun.

    4. Automatic rifles(Ak and so on) These are pretty good but you could use something different(M60 is good as well)

    5. Grenade Launcher. I recomend not using this as it can damage you and you want to be shoving her to stun. This will slow you down and will get you killed. Altho it can stun a Witch, so talk to your teamates about an attack on the Witch.

    6.Pistols and magnum. These should not be used at all, they do hardly anything and can be unaccurate.

    Remember, this will only work with Sitting and calm Witches.

The Team Attacks! (1 Vid)
This is an easy way of killing the witch as you can get your entire team to just click M1 cand she will be dead soon.

Works With:
  • All Gamemodes
  • All types of Witches
  • Bots!
  • Startled Witches
    This is effective if the Witch is far away from the team as she will then run giving time for your team to shoot her. This tactic is the most used to kill a Witch, as you and your team just shoot her. She can die very fast if every teammate is working on it.

    Bots shoot whatever is coming at them, so using bots is no problem! It can also be better than real people as their aim will lock on to the Witch.

    You can even combine stunning her and having the team shoot her. (Instead of doing it Solo)

    All Weapons are good really, Shotgun and Auto Rifles being the best.
Works With:
  • 1 Real Teammate
  • All Witches
  • All Gamemodes
  • Already startled Witches

    To murder the witch fast, I suggest that if there is a ladder near by, use to to quickly escape. The witch cannot climb but will still be after you. Use the time to shoot her down.

    Tall ladders work best because the Witch is slower on them giving your team time to shoot her when on the ladder.

    This is effective but it is very situational, I recomend that at least one real human is on your team so he or she shoots the Witch as fast as possible. Bots also work with this but they are not guarenteed to shoot it fast enough.
Losing The Witch (1 Vid)
In this tactic, you do not shoot the Witch at all! It's a tactic used to confuse the Witch so she runs away.

Works With:
  • Startled Witches
  • Sitting or Walking Witches
  • All Gamemodes

    There are a few ways to lose the Witch:

    Running into Safe rooms will confuse the Witch can cause her to run away. Only the person who startled her has to do this.
    Glicthed Spots. If you know any glitched spots that infected are unable to touch you, go there too.

    Hanging off a ledge can also make the Witch confused and she will run away. Watch out though because she can still kill whoever is in her way.

Using Doors
Works in:
  • Realism Only
  • All Witch positions
  • No nearby bots
  • Startled Witches

    Because of the Witches inability to be Crowned in realism, she cannnot break doors.

    You can use this to your advantage:

    Lets say that you startled the Witch on Dead Center. You can run behind a door and she will keep walking into the door doing nothing. While she is doing this your team can begin shotting her. This is a massive advantage.
    This is an effective way of killing the Witch and I recommend you using it.

    Suggested Weapons:
    1. Melee Weapons because of their critical damage. 1 teammate by themselfs can take the Witch down with 4-6 hits
    2. Shotguns because of their high damage output
    3. Sniper rifles because of their high damage
    4. Auto rifles as they do quick damage
    5.Pistols and magnums because they can be unaccurate and hardley do damage do a 1000 health infected

    The only problem with using this is that if your teammates are shooting the door, it will break opening alowing the Witch to kill your teammates.

    100% required for this tactic: Shoot from The side DO NOT shoot the door.
Melee KO (1 Vid)
Works with:
  • Sitting or wandering witches. Sitting being best.
  • Melee only, or else this would be crowning
  • Teammates if anything goes wrong

    I do not have much experence with this tactic but I did try it out. It is a tricky and challenging way of getting rid of the Witch. I recommend not using this is Realism or Expert campaign because the Witch instantly kills. Although, it only takes 4 melee hits to kill the Witch.
    I recommend practicing this in the game using sv_cheats 1 in single player maps. Master it before doing it.
Guide helpers and Contributor INFO
First of all, thank you to the people that have corrected mistakes or said things that change the very tactic. Your name is included in this section with your Steam ID/Profile. Thank you again.

If you have recommended or told me about another section/tactic to add, you are added as a contributor because you have made the guide bigger and better. Example: The Melee KO section/tactic was recommended to be added by someone in the comments section.

Keep in mind you are only a contributor if you have shown/recommended/ sugested adding and section to the guide.

In the end I Thank everyone that has recommended adding something or just fixed a sentence or added more inportant information to the sentence.

List of Great People!!!

Underlined text sentence in ''Throwables'' contributed by Master Cereal http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042071793/
The Melee KO tactic was recommended by Caspa :http://steamcommunity.com/id/kasius1995/ (But written by me)
Some grammar fixes recommended by Panda
1.4 - Thank you to everyone who read, rated, and checked on the guide every once and a while for ways to kill the witch. Thank you so much for 4,000 views. Continue to use the guide, it will be edited frequently!

1.3-This guide is beginning to see more views again like back in 2016. It has been updated and fixed so that it is even easier to understand. If needed any assistance please contact me. Have a great day.

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1.1- Added New Inofrmation and edits.
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Dragonashu Feb 21 @ 11:24am 
nice guide
NWOLL  [author] Feb 17 @ 5:35pm 
+ion thank you for commenting! The guide is intended for basic ways to kill the witch but yes, these work too. Thank you!
ion Feb 17 @ 5:27pm 
There are even more creative ways to kill the witch. ;) For example, using 2 gas cans, where you light the first one which ignites the second one, which finally ignites the witch. She dies without being startled (environmental kill).

Another example is stumbling a sitting witch being near the water (sometimes on the 2nd level of The Sacrifice). Just stumble shoot her towards the water and she'll die miserably.

Also an interesting way to kill the witch is using tank's rocks. It's not easy though, because having a witch and a tank near each other is rare, plus you'll have to position yourself properly behind the witch. If done correctly, tank's flying rock will instantly kill her.

My last "unusual" way of killing a witch is throwing a bile at her and going idle before it hits her. She'll not get startled, horde will attack her and rape her to death. :D Cheers!
pippity Feb 12 @ 6:13pm 
Good guide
Palumtra Sep 28, 2016 @ 7:52am 
Here's a quick 3 step guide:
1.Throw a molotov at a not startled witch
2.Go idle before the molotov lands(using binds is the easiest way)
3.Laugh you a55 off as the witch burns to death without being startled.(FYI she can still be startled by shooting/getting too close to her, so you have to wait 15 secs, but you have to wait due to the fire anyways)
Venezia Yu Sep 17, 2016 @ 12:06am 
[DoD] Zen Sep 16, 2016 @ 1:05pm 
+Grudge Alright thanks man. Take your time with it though no rush needed. Have a good evening/day/night/morning and take care.
NWOLL  [author] Sep 16, 2016 @ 12:57pm 
+Panda I'll add it later tonight
NWOLL  [author] Sep 16, 2016 @ 12:57pm 
+Panda the headshot stuff will be added to Crowning. Your name and steam ID will be in Contributors and helpers info
[DoD] Zen Sep 16, 2016 @ 12:54pm 
+Grudge If you want to you can go for it. Just wanted to give you a heads up just incase you did(n't) have it and if i missed it. But again if you want go for it man :D