We Happy Few

We Happy Few

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Guide from Start to End (in Progress)
By DCtrain ChooChoo
New to the game myself, but I will add more to this guide as I play through like my other guides have done so.
The Guide is full of spoilers. I will cover-up the Speed-run Vers.

Please comment below what seems unclear or want to be added in.
This Guide is still in drafting or building process, hence understand the clarity standards in certain areas.
This Guide's purpose is to give a good grasp of "FOR YOUR INFO" advice in making sure you aren't lost like I was when I went in blind.

Please favourite & rate positively to show your appreciation. Thank you & stay Joyful!
Key Binding
w , s, a , d
Left Shift + Direction
Mouse 1(Left Mouse click)
Mouse 2
Go Back or Open last interface
[color=#CD1CF1] Crafting [/color]
[color=#CD1CF1] B [/color]
Status Check
Sabotaging Traps (can skip disarming step)
Hold Mouse 2
Disarming Traps
[color=#CD1CF1] Searching or Interaction [/color]
[color=#CD1CF1] E [/color]
Crouch or toggle
Left Ctrl or C

Starting Off
  1. Create a lock pick (press B) in crafting to open the locker by the ladder.
  2. Use the Jim bar to leave to explore

  3. Drop Mrs stroke puppet thingy outside of hatch. Do not throw near a door as she is very prone to glitch.
  4. Search the houses in beginning island & garden district as these 2 locations are the ONLY places where I have found more BAG slots or weapon slot.
  5. avoid fights & run to the woods on the sides of the maps & crouch to exit the battle song noise
  6. press V behind NPC to loot early on. Easier than looting houses
  7. Collect 5+ more Nexiphile pills (removes food poisoning) - get from knocked out NPCs
  8. Do not worry about water too much as once you collect 3 or more filter cans, you can carry a good load of water with you all the time. Focus more on keeping your hunger & sleep looked after.

The objective is to find these 4 islands and escaping at apple holms in the right bottom corner.
I call these islands:
TOP LEFT: Poor Island (Looting City)
TOP RIGHT: Garden District (Plague City)
BOTTOM LEFT: Joy City (Weapon City)
BOTTOM RIGHT: Apple Holms (Healing Balm land)
Exit: Exit of Wellington Wells
Every time you play, the layout will be different
Item's Importance
This list isn't complete but it will give you an idea in the first 30 minutes of play through to know what items are for or if I should throw away.

My recommendation
All food
Even rotten leave them as they do not respawn. Do not throw away any food.
There are heaps in the game, use them all
Useless Items I think
Feather(darts), ducks(distraction tool), empty power cells,flashlights,light bulbs,empty pill jars, hats(eg police hat or criers hat), many food ingredients, fine linen cloth, Bouquet,screws
useful Items I think
Rotten mushroom(keep 4 for a quest), rotten potato(for antidote), shovel, canteens,
Useful Items Late-game that I thought was useless
Metal tube & charcoal(filtered water), Sugar & nonsuch flower(potion), Polarity Device & Clever trap tool(for Joy City), mechanical parts
[color=#CD1CF1] Should always carry [/color]
[color=#CD1CF1] Healing Balm in quick-slot, Metal bits, filtered water, Neximide pills[/color]

  • Pay attention to your stamina - will be lower if sleepy
  • Space your swings. Do a 1-3 jabs or pokes with your fists or weapon then back off to regenerate stamina
  • You can block with M2
  • If surrounded or you want to escape a narrow path, use R to Push the NPCs back to make a
  • Fighting on stairs where the enemy is in higher grounds is your advantage. You can their legs while they can't hit you.
Originally posted by Ishmael Romero:

Finding Water is easy. Canteen is refillable at any of the water pumps scattered throughout the world
In the same places you find food, you can find beverages other than water. Canned juices and alcohol are there if you need them, but water is your safest bet. Not all places have clean water though, so be sure to craft some filters once you unlock the recipe.

Food, on the other hand, isn’t always so readily available. Vegetables can be found in gardens, but are rotten more often than not. In fact, a lot of the food you’ll come across in the game is moldy, rancid, spoiled, or completely rotten. Thankfully, there are pills in the game called Neximide Pills. These remove any food poisoning effects. If you have no choice, eat the bad food then quickly take one pill once you’re done

Common places to find food are on the bodies (either dead or unconscious) of NPCs, inside stove, campfires, fireplaces, and indoor containers.

Another good source of food are mushrooms. These can be picked out in the world wherever you see them and eating about three will completely cure you of hunger. They’re not as common as one would expect, but they’re fresh and that’s definitely a good thing.

  • Hungry: Slows down Stamina Regeneration by 10%
  • Food Poisoning: Causes bouts of dizziness and nausea that will pass in time. To resolve: Take a Neximide Pill to cancel the effects of food poisoning.
  • Serious Food Poisoning: Causes bouts of vomiting until cured or hunger is fully depleted

  • When under the effects of Joy, you'll have a limited time in this state of euphoria whereupon the "Wellies" and police force will assume you're one of the happy people and suspicion will rarely be aroused.
  • Joy can be found in pill form, laced in the water in well-to-do areas, and in food sold by merchants.

  • Joy Withdrawal: Doubles suspicion and constantly drains hunger and thirst
  • Joy Overdose: Blacks you out and returns you to a safe house for the following day, and lowers health, hunger, thirst, and exhaustion
Speed Run Vers.
Spoilers *
  1. Follow the Star Icons in the Map

  2. Go through Lud's Bridge or Honey Toll
  3. Lud's Bridge: Get repair recipe from the spot where 3 people are hitting a pipe.
  4. Honey Toll: Find the Bee Hive that's in the island & you can steal the honey without the suit.

  5. Get The power cell Or Police card OR Simon Said riddle - All in Garden district
  6. Power Cell: From the man getting attacked by a mob. Fight next to Ralph as he is really buggy in this quest. (He either doesn't talk or disappears)
  7. Police Card: Get from the apple tree guarded by 3 cops. The card is in either the 2 crates in front of the gate. (You do not need to get inside)
  8. Meet the 2 lovers at a camp fire & talk to them at day then at night to get the Riddle's answer

  9. Go to gate & use either a power cell with a Joy pill to go through OR use a police card at the door to enter Joy Island.

  10. Find Farade's Lab, James Maxwell who asks for a pipe Valve
  11. Buy the pipe valve for $50 at the Mechanical store in the island.
  12. Give that to Maxwell (Make sure not to BUG this as he can take make the item disappear if you give it to him while he is talking)
  13. Knock out Maxwell for his keys to get inside
  14. Go to the top & pull the alarm at the corner to meet a scientist
  15. Get moltine spill in a bucket from various areas in the map. I got it from the crime scene where there is a cop kneeling down by a joy laser trap before a Moltine spill pump.
  16. Return the bucket of moltine for the next part about getting parts from cars.
  17. 4 parts are easy. The hard one is in the area where you do "Blood in the Streets" icon in the map. You go in with Joy THEN DISARM the first trap for the metal doors to open. Next go inside to polarize/disarm the trap for the spankers. (If done wrong, you will be killed here all the time & need to replay the whole game again).
  18. Get the 5th part then go back for the farade's Code in the lab after getting told to leave then coming back

  19. Take this code 1492 to Apple Holm's with a 2 gas masks or a decent one to head towards the escape of the game by going inside the base at other-side of this island.

  1. [color=orange]
    A lot of quests can be easily bugged; a certain mistake or action can make it not be able to continue the quest E.g. Killing Ralph for power cell & junking the police card OR making main quest items disappear by dying. [/color]

    [color=orange] Disclaimer, most of these quest names will be incorrect as I am writing from memory, let me know if there is a difficult quest you want me to go over [/color]

  2. Part 1 of Loony Doll
    - go to the theatre with dolls near the quest guy in the tree house. on the 2nd floor there is a spot where you Run+jump to get peachy
    Part 2 of Loony The linen house
    -- or mystery house part, is not close! It's in the Garden district which needs to be unlocked first. The house found in a empty part of this island, but it will be often different as it's randomly placed each play through:
    Part 3 of Loony
    Strange house-Go to the house at night with a joy pill, you should see a sign on a rock at the entrance with a moon cresent & a joy pill. Go in with sneakers and equip by pressing F (highlight the sneakers blue to know you are using them), then go in and take the many linen cloth items as you want & you can go all the way for the second quest.
  3. Lud's bridge
    Go to the area where there is 3 people hitting a pump. Do not fight them. Just pick up the recipe note that's close by of them (I had it twice to the left of them). Repair the pump then go to the bridge area to repair that 1 too to unlock the next island.

  4. The running guy quest.
    You can simply hit him to death at the start of the race OR throw a brick or bottle at him to stun then smack him with your best weapon so he doesn't run away.
  5. Guy whos vomiting (pig a pancake)
    if you knock him out the quest will bug out & will not let you give him the neximile pill
  6. Big chest in the middle of the street
    Make a simply lock pick
  7. Sugar sweet Quest
    - Rewarded with [color=pink] weapon slot 2! [/color], its a house in garden district. The quest is simply go to the top and steal the 3 sugar bags on the table, but careful of the bomb wire trap at the top.
  8. Hullicination Mushroom quest
    Go to the top of the building & steal the recipe where there are people bubbling in blue over their heads.
  9. Loving Couples
    The tree where there is 5 mushrooms (I couldn't pick these, where I think it should of been). Hide near them and listen to their conversation for about 5 nights. I recommend finding a house nearby to sleep & coming back to this area until the quest is done. I found that you do not need to pick up the mushrooms to complete this quest.
  10. Lilly Bulbs
    In Joy city there will be a crier lady crying by a garden & she asks for lilly bulbs that you get from the starting island. Back at Poor City, find a dig site of 3 red blossomed plants to dig out 10 Lilly bulbs. Bring 1 back to her.
  11. Strange house of Rubber
    At Joy city from 11pm-7am there is a house full of NPCs shocking each other. At the top, in the office there will be a part to steal a golden knocker by stealing a key from Mrs. Merland? Anyways, do not kill her like I did (but you will get the key). I'm not sure you do this correctly.

Cures Plague
1. When you encounter your first 2 NPCs with plague & you get touched. The cure is simply on the other side. Kill the 2 then, just like you came down, on the inner-right side will be a pipe you can climb to exit to the other side.
2. There is a Phenocycline Syringe item on the table with the formula in the room you directly come across.

The only way to cure the plague comes from a chemical formula you must find and craft - the Phenocycline Syringe.

You can find this recipe in the second area of the game, in the Safe House of Lud's Holm. The formula is located on top of the chemistry station that the cure must be crafted at, and needs the following ingredients:

1 Empty Syringe
1 Antiseptic
2 Filtered Water

If you do not know how to craft Antiseptic, pick up a Rotten Potato, and you will learn the forumla (which requires two rotten potatoes).

Using the syringe, you can immediately cure yourself of the plague. Early in the game, this can easily kill you if left unchecked, so try to get the formula and have one on hand at all times!
Community Contributions
Originally posted by IDED:
The guy whos vomiting (If you give a pig a pancake) has a shovel next to the box he is vomiting in which you need for other quests also if you give him a nex (purple) pill he will give you a mushroom, bit of a crap trade but thats what happens
  • passive bonuses are stackable
  • unknown currently if there is a limit to how many books you can obtain before the effect stops increasing
  • Books themselves can be found in houses, whether they're inside of bookcases of abandoned homes, on the bodies of anyone unfortunate enough to die or be unconscious, or on tables in the joyful homes in Wellington Wells

Things to Improve:
  1. Remove time moving while reading lore or Journals.
  2. Sleep, especially, need massive tuning down. Have to find a bed every minute.
  3. Inventory issues. Needs to be easier to navigate or sort.
  4. When picking items up. To be able to choose
  5. After pressing collect all, to have a pop up list that fades in & out of what you just picked up.
  6. have a Number like 100% by your status. It's currently too inconsistent & ambiguous.

Things that I assume bugged:
  1. Where's the power Quest: Ralph, doesn't talk to you despite killing mob.
  2. Mrs. Stroke goes un-carriable if tossed near a collision wall
  3. Getting trapped in the bridge at Raven's Holm, where you need a joy pill to leave or enter. If you enter from the other side without a pill, you have to starve to death or reset game as you get trapped inside the room.
  4. Main Quest lines can be bugged. E.g. getting forever zapped at the 5th mechanical part at blood in the street area of Joy City.
  5. Pipe Valve that you give to Maxwell can disappear from the game if bugged.
  6. Blood in the street Spankers, go haywire if set-off once even if you use Joy pills afterwards. They shoot through walls & force a restart of the game as it doesn't let you finish the main quest line.
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