Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Reborn
By Qualcom and 2 collaborators
Here we are over 10 years later, and Rockstar still hasn't given Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas the update it deserves. In this guide we have fixed many bugs from the PC game, and also added some mods to restore things from console versions of the game, without any sacrifices.
GTA San Andreas, much like GTA III and Vice City, has a fairly dated PC port. Rockstar Games seems to not care much for their older games on the Steam and the PC platform, sadly. These GTA Reborn mods aim to correct many issues and modernize these ports smoothly.

By installing this patch you are breaking the Rockstar end user license agreement and when contacting their support, they may refuse due to the EULA violation. In accordance with the GNU GPL license(s), as the author of this guide, I have a right to non-commercial distribution and change, provided any changes to the original source are provided. I, in good faith believe that GTA Reborn follows these terms. I am not the author of the following modifications, and therefore any error/crash/bugs should be directed to the developers themselves.

Published here is a complete list of the included software and their authors.

Name of mod
Release date
13 Feb 2015
Language Loader[]
13 Jul 2011
Vehicle Lights Fix[]
26 July 2015
Steam Downgrader[]
16 Jan 2017
13 Dec 2013
21 Mar 2015
Map textures fix[]
13 Dec 2012
Black roads fix[]
24 Jan 2015
13 Apr 2015
27 Jul 2016
The Hero
24 Sep 2016
Widescreen Fix[]
6 Jul 2014
  • San Andreas Patch
    Description: Fixes many bugs, adds a significant amount of PS2 extras and much more:
    1. Black roads fix — fixes bug "black road" at a certain distance.
    2. Downgrader for Steam — this downgrader will take the certain Steam versions of GTA: San Andreas and downgrade them to their original version 1.0 counterparts.
    3. GUI Fix — an updated graphical user interface (menus, loadscreens, radio icons, weapons, radar icons, map, fonts, etc.).
    4. Map Fixes — fixes most errors caused by poor quality ports on the PC.
    5. Language Loader — this plugin adjusts number of possible languages to configure.
    6. Project 2DFX (+ Limit Adjuster) — it's a set of plugins for GTA: San Andreas which adds LOD corona effect to a game map, making LOD-world look a lot better.
    7. SilentPatch — adds an abundance of effects from PS2 version, and fixes many bugs in the game.
    8. SkyGfx — returns most of the features of the PS2 version, and also fixes some graphical bugs.
    9. SkyGrad — adds smoothing to the gradient of the sky, correcting the effect of the gradation in the sky.
    10. Vehicle Lights Fix — fixes a significant portion of the bugs associated with the vehicle lighting.
    11. Widescreen Fix — scales the HUD and FOV at a widescreen resolution, for example, 1920x1080.
    12. Many other minor modifications and adjustments to their parameters.
    Installation: just unzip all the contents of the archive San Andreas Patch.7z (0.99 GB) in the game folder, agreeing with the replacement.

  • GInput
    Description: for those who use an XInput gamepad.
    Installation: just unzip all the contents of the archive GInput SA.7z (128 KB) in the game folder, agreeing with the replacement.
  • SA RU Patch
    Description: If you speak Russian, you'll probably want to install this.
    Installation: just unzip all the contents of the archive SA RU.7z (545 KB) in the game folder, agreeing with the replacement.
Additional Information
  • The graphics settings in the game should look like this:
  • The patch is optimized for modern hardware and OS (like Windows 10 x64).
  • Recommended to play with the frame limiter in the game settings (30 FPS).
  • Save files from the Steam version is doesn't work.
  • Recommended to play with a widescreen monitor.
  • In the process of playing your Steam Overlay may not work.
  • Game logos at the beginning of the game may not work.
  • You can set the anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering to improve the graphics in the game into video card's driver.
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Gtx 1050 Ti Aug 11 @ 11:13am 
The rar file of this mode is corrupted, plz fix it
Cringemaster 9000 Jul 22 @ 5:52pm 
Um it was working fine until I extracted the patch and now it just closes upon loading. I have used your other Reborn patches but this is rather quite infuriating and just downright disappointing if you ask me. Hopefully this will get fixed soon or I can extract a previous version of this. Just absurd.
Mr Bond Jul 7 @ 2:56pm 
Installed this and now the game doesn't load in, can use the main menu fine but can't actually play the game it just says SA stopped working, anyone know what the problem is?
starmario36 Jun 26 @ 8:12am 
umm ok this patch worked fine for me but then suddenly it stopped working, when i quit the game and tried to start it again, it wont start and no error messages are popping up. i looked through the patch files and it seems that I noticed the patched vorbisFile.dll is causing the issue. when i try to run all of the things in the patch apart from the patched vorbisFile.dll and instead use the normal one it runs fine but just without the HD reseloution and xbox360 controller support on the game. this is really strange as it worked fine and now suddenly its not working for me now. anybody else had this issue..?
entr3x_madbro Jun 25 @ 11:33pm 
Hammer Mod, aber seit ich den installiert habe, kann ich nicht mehr ins Fitnessstudio ^^ Genug trainiert für heute, komm morgen wieder :)
Slipped Walnut Jun 24 @ 11:52am 
does San Andreas Patch Include Everything?
adleen Jun 22 @ 12:50am 
Thank you for compiling this.
Qualcom  [author] Jun 16 @ 5:01am 
[16.06.2018] Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Reborn <Update 4>
• Patch has been updated. The following changes were made:
1) SilentPatch has been updated.
2) Widescreen Fix has been updated.
3) SkyGfx has been updated.
alek.sajin2017 May 30 @ 11:01am 
патч хорош но silentpatch старый ну и воше в стим версии вылетает не работает!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Classic May 23 @ 9:28am 
@Qualcom, 20.05.2018 SilentPatch обновили. Обнови ссылки. Также проверь другие моды и исправления на наличия обновлений.