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Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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US versus Imperial Japan - a guide to STOP WHINING. NOTHING IS OP
By Jolly Jew
for everyone who ever complained that in Rising Storm one faction is Overpowered.

i will compare the weapons and special abilities of each nation side-by-side and provide useful information about how to deal with each. as well as proving that every side has an equal chance of winning of played right

"wtf the flamer is op"
"the americans have semi-autos the game is unfair!"
"holy♥♥♥♥♥♥the japs have noob tubes. this is BS!"


Each side has their own unique advantages and disadvantages. each side has equal chances of winning.

With this guide i hope you will learn the great things of each side and use them to win. (and stop being a whiny newb)

Generally speaking: the Americans have the short-ranged firepower advantage(as well as being white and racially superior) while the Japanese have an abundance of special skills and weapons that make them very unpredictable and cunning.

Both sides have great weapons however. and i will compare them according to the classes that wield them.

i hope you will enjoy this guide and find it insightful. :)

Rifleman - M1 Garand Vs. Arisaka rifles.
M1 Garand
.jpg] Vs.
Arisaka type 99
.jpg]And Arisaka type 38

at first glance it seems the US rifleman is 100% better than the Imperial Japanese counterpart -
He has a semi-automatic rifle.
The semi automatic feature means:

  • no need to lose your sight of the enemy while operating the bolt
  • missing is far less punishing as you can always follow up with more shots
  • you can shoot the enemy while he is operating the bolt
  • you can engage multiple enemies at once
  • high potency in close combat

however. these advantages are true mostly at 60m fire-fights. beyond this distances the M1 garand's advantages are nullified and it's up-par to the arisaka rifles:
this is the result the gun's considerable recoil, and very uncomfortably obstructive sights. (just look at it!)
By the time you will adjust your aim upon your distant foe after your first shot, he will have enough time to operate the bolt and shoot you as well.
the obstructive iron sights make follow-up shots rather difficult and you will most likely stay exposed for far too long while firing repeatedly. give the tojo plenty of time to sell you the farm.

another important disadvantage to know is that the M1 Garand is LESS ACCURACY/u] which is, again mostly noticeable in long-range encounters, this is due to the rifle's shorter barrel, and weight, which causes noticable swaying.

and finally: the infamous[ u] reload ping
. - when you reload the gun it will make a very distinct PIIING sound as it ejects the en-bloc clip. this will notify every nearby Japanese soldier that its a good time to pop out of cover and stab/shoot you. so this weapon is not good for sneaking behind enemy lines.
this is much less of an issue as the sound is only distinguishable at around 20m or less
you can also do the "ping trick" which is to cancel the reload (your reload is canceled if you go prone/stand up or start sprinting) or pressing 6 with a level50 Garand. This makes the enemies think you are reloading. but again. the sound is not audible beyond 20 meters so there isn't much point.

and now the Arisaka's advatages
  • long barrel and lighter - which translates into better accuracy over long ranges, and less damage fall-off, thus higher chance to kill the enemy in one shot
  • far better iron sights -(as obviously seen in the pictures - more open. gives a better view and the extra bumps allow to easily lead the shot to a moving enemy. this true for both type38 and type99 although in my opinion the type99 is better
  • more stealth - the guns have less muzzle flash and less noise when firing. as well as silent reloading and less frequent shots. all which increase potency of sneaking behind enemy lines.
  • better attachments - all Japanese rifles start with a bayonet and their rifles - especially type38 are longer. thus making the Japanese riflemen very effective in melee combat. while Americans need to level their guns to level 50 to get a proper bayonet (not the tiny finger sized one you get at level 25)
    the type 99 also has a mono-pod. which allows to steady the gun while crouching without cover or standing over short cover.

    and remember: REAL MEN USE BOLT ACTION


in general. the Garand's fearsome semi-automatic fire is only effective at 50 meters or less. the longer the range of the firefight. the less effective the Garand will be. and the more likely the arisaka rifles are going to beat it.

it is also worth mentioning that the american's also have a bolt-action rifle - the 1903A1 Springfield rifle. .jpg]
it preforms almost exactly like the arisaka rifles and as such: holds their same advantages and disadvantages. albeit, the springfield as by far the worst sights of the 3 bolties. and cycles the bolt the slowest. (even if its just 0.1 seconds slower...)
so in general the arisaka is slightly better. it still has best power and great accuracy though, so don't be shy to switch it over the Garand. because as stated before [REAL MEN USE BOLT ACITON[/i]

AMERICANS need to close distance with the enemy as much as possible before starting a shootout. run from cover to cover and use smoke. and make sure your MG'ers suppress them long enough until you get to an optimal engagement range. once you do get in range, you completely outgun the Japanese riflemen

IMPERIAL JAPANESE need to keep their distance and shoot the enemy with their superior range and accuracy do not allow the enemy to get close to you as it will be your demise.
and don't hesitate to use melee when needing to capture a point and finding an enemy in closed space.
Assault/Automatic Rifleman - BAR vs. Nambu-Type100
The Brownin Automatic Rifle Vs. the Type100 SMG
I'm not going to sugar-coat it. the automatic rifle IS A BEAST. and in fact, the BAR is the most powerful weapon in the game - in BOTH pacific and eastern fronts.
it's a very high value target. and if you hear this gun firing when playing on Team Axis. you should imminently switch priorities to kill the automatic rifleman. AS IT SHOOTS FULL SIZED RIFLE ROUNDS IN FULL AUTO

The dangers of the B.A.R (Bulls**t Assr@pe Rifle)
  • deadly in both close, and long ranges, incredible versatility
  • can easily kill multiple enemies
  • can easily kill moving enemies by sending multiple shots in the enemies running path
  • variable rate of fire - press 6 to switch to semi-automatic fire which reduces recoil but still provide a fast enough RoF to overpower most enemies.
  • attachments that make it EVEN MORE POWERFUL - level-25 handle that reduces recoil. level 50- bi-pod which allows you to set the gun up like a LMG and remove nearly all recoil

this gun is not without its disadvantages however. - all which makes it less useful when assaulting and clearing rooms/trenches: the BAR is heavy. and as such you run rather slow with it and aiming down the sights takes longer than usual.
the recoil is also quite intense and after the 3rd shot your aim will be thrown way off the target. controlling the recoil is nearly impossible too, due to the horizontal AND vertical kicks
so this gun will lose a firefight against a submachinegun - which is what the Imperial Japanese counterpart posses.

The advantages of the Type100 SMG (aka, the asian sten)
  • faster rate of fire - better performance in close quarters
  • much less recoil - far better performance in close quarters
  • larger magazine - 30 rounds vs, BARS 20 rounds
  • very light - excellent running speed and quick to aim down sights


while the BAR is is fearsome, it will lose if fought on the terms of the enemy assaulter. while the same can be said about the Type100.
it still doesn't mean the type-100 is bad in long range, it can manage quite well if handled with precision as this screeshot shows - (click to see a proper zoom of the 120 meter kill notice) shows
just don't bother trying to get 200+ meter kills...

it is also worth mentioning that the Type100's "attachments" of levels 25 and 50 and simply a different gun type-100/41 which was an earlier version of the gun

it has a cumbersome and obstructive sights, it shoots slower, and it has more recoil, albeit, easier to control since it only goes upwards instead of going to every side like the regular version.
it's still inferior to the regular version, and its inadvisable to use it, unless you want the game to be more difficult for you, or REALLY need that extra sustainability.
that bayonet you get for this gun at level 50 is not worth it... its more for novelty than anything else

should stick to long-medium ranges where your gun shines the most. while its powerful in every situation it lacks the CQC performance of the submachine guns. and you cant do melee attacks at all. so you are 100% if your little 20 round clip runs out while you are close to an enemy

this is your close range class. while you can do a decent job even at 100+meters you are outclassed by the BAR. stick to close quarters, where your SMG can shines the most, just don't use any of the attachments unless you want the game to be harder...
The engineer class is an exclusive to the American team as the Imperial Japanese never attack maps with destroy-able objectives unless they are on campaign mode (and these maps are terrible for them to attack anyway.

the engineer's weapons weapons are the Trench-Gun and the M1-carbine. both which ill be covering in the SL/TL section

What is worth noting is the Engineers' explosives: the Satchel Charge and AT mine.

The Americans get access to both. the satchel with spawn, and the AT mine, picked up from ammo dumps throughout the level.

they both have a similar fuse timer, damage and radius.
and both used primarily to destroy objectives
but one important thing must be remembered:


if you see a satchel charge with a lit fuse, you can quickly run up to it, crouch, and when you see the message "diffuse explosive" press the USE key, - typically CTRL. and BOOM! the satchel charge doesn't explode! it just disappears instead.

these explosives have a fuse of about 10 seconds, more than enough to diffuse it, so don't be afraid to go near it if you need to. unless of course, you can be shot dead
Machinegunner - 30cal. browning Vs. Type 99 LMG
The american 30.cal browning 1917A1
Get out the way of my mg, stupid teammate, oh nvm he blew me up with his mortar...

Vs. The Imperial Japanese Nambu Type 99 LMG

The only main advantage of the american's machine gun. is the larger magazine - a 150 round belt

the positives of a very large magazine
  • prolonged sustained fire - you can fire for a very long time without stopping. ideal for forever keeping the enemy supressed
  • prolonged presence - with smaller magazines you need to reload after every kill or enemy encounter, with a large magazine its a none-issue and you can continue locking down your area for a long time
  • rare vulnerability periods - the enemy will rarely catch you with an empty magazine. this is especially true because of the this gun's low firing rate.

at first glace, as always. it seems the Americans have the superior variant. prolonged sustained fire is all what LMG's are all about right? not really. as the 30.cal lmg lacks in all other departments besides capacity:
it has a very slow rate of fire, high recoil and absolutely terrible hipfire accuracy. also a painfully long reload time, once you do run your belt dry.
in fact, in terms of performance, its the worst LMG in both pacific AND eastern fronts.

on the other hand:
the Type 99's advantages
  • Much faster rate of fire - easier to kill moving targets, and allows to engage multiple enemies with ease
  • less recoil - allows for greater accuracy for automatic fire and again - easier to hit moving and multiple targets
  • better iron sights - yes the top-mounted magazine may obscure a bit of the field of vision, but the open ring+fork sights allows for greater precision in long ranges, easier targeting on moving enemies and faster aiming on close enemies (just aim with the ring and not the tip)
  • excellent hipfire performance - the weapons light weight, low and controllable recoilm allow it to hold its own when your room is being assaulted or you are forced to return fire without proper set-up. - i once got a 50m kill by hipfiring this gun. don't underestimate it's ability to fight in close range. especially with the bayonet attachment - the imperial japanese machinegunner is ready for every situation. if you thank you cough him off-guard. it probably means he lured you into his trap. and you're about to die for their emperor.
  • bayonet attachment - as i said, even with an empty gun, their MG'er is ready for anything the american demons will try
  • x2.5 scope attachment - BLOODY OVERPOWERED. i stopped using it because how ludicrously easy this level 50 attachment made the game for me.
    ever wanted a fully automatic sniper rifle? WELL HERE YA GO! just sit in your spawn and start sniping poor american sods with your MG.
    oh, enemies are getting too close? NO PROBLEM! press 6 and switch back to your regular sights and fill them with holes!
    thank god this attachment requires the gun to be leveled to 50. otherwise the Americans would never stand a chance


Overall, the Imperial Japanese have hands down, the better weapons. they have more firepower accuracy versatility which is further increased with the unlocked attachments.
the 30 round magazine are less of a disadvantage considering how fast changing them is.

it is worth noting that that Japanese also have the Type 96 LMG, but it's entirely identical, except it fires a bit slower, and smaller rounds and a such less noise, which enables a bit more stealthy approach. but overall the type 99 is better, and unless you want variety, you will mostly stick to the '99 once you unlock it (a few hours of gameplay with the MG class)

Should use their MG's heavily sustained fire to make the most use of it. keep the enemy suppressed as it's the best use, or lock down an area that revives lots of enemy traffic. actually trying to actually hunt enemies is ill-advised. also. pray to your christian gods that the enemy won't have scoped Type99's and if by chance they do. pray some more that you will be able to capture one of them

Imperial Japanese
should utilize their gun's superior firepower to hunt down enemies. quickly set-up to get a kill on an unsuspecting enemy, or sneak into their rear to get a multitude of kills from unexpected spots with controlled bursts.
locking down an area is less desirable because of the frequent reloads. but this gun pins down a window, a narrow path or a building entrance/exist like nobody's buisness
Sniper - Scoped Springfield Vs. Scoped Type 98
The scoped Springfield - VS. the scoped type 98 rifle.

this will be a short section as both guns handle pretty much identically.

the main difference is the scopes.

at first glance, as always the americans seem to have it better with simpler, much easier sights. but once you will understand the Japanese scope will understand its great advantage.

the use of the japanese scope is actually quite simple. you aim NOT with the center of the cross. as this is the 300 METER MARK of the scope. you are supposed to use the top notch of the scope. with the little line that goes sideways. with the little '100' next to it.

every line below that little notch is another 100 meters. and you raise your rifle to the right line according to your distance from your target.

so in practice. instead of having to adjust your sights with the Springfield's scope. which could take time and allow your target to slip away. you just raise your aim to the corresponding line, allowing for quicker aim and removes the need re-adjust your sights.

as an added bonus to the Japanese scoped rifles - they reload fast with a 5 round stripper-clip and not by with individual rounds like the american one. AND they also have an alternate iron sights for close range, while again, the americans are stuck with the scope

so while the scoped springfield is simpler to use. the tyoe 98 rifle is better and more versatile in every other way.

the scoped 99 is also worth a brief mention. which functions pretty much exactly like the type 98, except it makes less noise, fires a larger bullet but is less accurate.
the type 98 is better though as accuracy is the one and only concern for sniper rifles. it is worth picking up if you want to spend time in enemy territory.
Specialist - Flamethrower Vs. Light mortar
The M12 flamethrower - also known as the GATEWAY TO HELL.jpg] vs.

the Type 89 Knee mortar - also known as the "THAT F*KING NOOB TUBE.

The American's flamethrower is truly hell incarnate, its devastating. its scary, its painful.
and at first glance, even seems to be overpowered with its horrific kill potential and area of effect damage.
the most dangerous threat to the Imperial japanese. they must be eliminated first, at all costs. as soon as the flame is visible all guns should be aimed at the source, all grenades must be lobbed at its general direction, until that bloody flame-throwing demon is KILLED TO DEATH.

Flamethower's advantages
  • UNSTOPPABLE CLOSE RANGE DOMINANCE - at close quarters combat. nothing is better. all it takes is just one touch of the flame to set you on fire with a sticky burning liquid.
  • fast and easy to use - you don't need to aim with the flamethrower, just point it in the center of the screen and roast the poor helpless enemy. no need to aim means you can easily fire the flamethrower on the move, and respond very fast to enemies who appear unexpectedly
  • massive area of effect - you can easily kill multiple enemies with the flamer if you find a bunch of them in one room. with a single you can cover the whole room. this also makes it a great gun to blind-fire with. just set yourself next to a wall you know there are enemies behind, and fire away without exposing yourself to danger.
  • BUNKER ANNIHILATION - the most important use of the flamethrower - fire it into bunkers! the flames will bounce and burn horribly anyone who's inside. instead of having to risk to get inside the bunker, all you need is to get close enough from any angle. and then shoot the sticky napalm into the peep-hole. easy as that. it is crucial to help your team advance as some of these bunkers allow to dominate a large territory.

all these advantages seem like the flamethrower is too good and unfairly powerful right? WRONG YOU GREEN SCRUBIAN!

because the flamethrower has one glaring, critical weakness. - ITS USELESS BEYOND 20 METERS

100% useless. even the shotgun get kills at 50-100 meters. not the flamethrower. after 20 meters, it can't hit anything at all. so the tojos have plenty of time to kill you untill you reach their bunker/building.
the big fuel tank makes you a bigger target, and a very prioritized target. and once they see those flames from afar, rest assured they are all aiming their guns at your direction.

another weakness worth addressing is how easy it is to kill your teammates and yourself with this weapon. the fire burns on the ground of a short while, and anyone who stands on it will take damage. take 3 consecutive ticks from that fire. and you will burn to death.
and don't fire next to allies.

the Japanese knee mortar on the other hand. is the complete opposite and while being vastly different, it can be just as destructive and scary. hearing that *thump-weeesh* sound of mortars being launched as an american, will instantly force you to stop whatever you were doing and hunt that tojo down ASAP

the Knee Mortar's advantages
  • long range - can be shot accurately for up to 200 meters. for more than enough in all maps.
    this also makes ammo management a none-issue since there will always be ammo dumps next to your spawn area. so just fire away, restock, rinse and repeat. although it gets a bit trickier if you need to attack.
  • death from above - blow enemies apart, that think they are safe behind cover. well not safe from your mortars that can land right on top of them ignoring any cover they might have in front of them.
  • multi kills - you can easily blow up more than one enemy with a single shot if you know where they are concentrating. shoot through their smoke, where there are many red dots on the map after your recon plane made its sweep or into windows - and you can easily kill a few in a row. and without having to risk your life on the front lines
  • extreme suppression - kills are not the only thing that matter in this game. teamwork is far more important. so even if you don't get kills, you can still assist your team by keeping the enemy suppressed by the constant explosions. not only they will have black-white vision and shaky aim because of your handiwork but the you will be getting will be just as delicious.
  • stealth - the explosions of the launcher are loud, but the firing of said mortars is NOT. if you sneak close or behind the enemy lines. you can easily rain fire upon these poor bastards and they will never know what hit them. well, they will know WHAT hits them, but who or where, not by a long shot. keep them guessing, confused and blown to pieces, as they try to pinpoint where those damn mortars are coming from.
  • good equipment - unlike the flamethrower, the mortar man is actually equipped with good weapons for backup - the type38 arisaka rifle, and the nambu pistol, while the which will serve you very well both when you will run out of mortars to launch, and self defense until you find the right launching spot.
    all while the flamethrower's backup weapons (trench gun, M1 carbine, Colt pistol) are only good for close range
    all while the flamethrower's backup weapons are all only good for close range
  • room clearing - the knee mortar makes short work of enemies hiding in a building. a single well placed shot in a window or a doorway can clear the room from enemies. and you could always shoot again to make sure.
    what's even better is that you don't have to worry about killing yourself by shooting close at enemies. because if you blow up while killing an american demon you will be REWARDED with an extra point and the reinforcements ticket back. so have no fear using the knee mortar up-close, the emperor protects thy soul.

unfortunately, just like the flamethrower, this weapon comes with its long list of disadvantages. so you will have to adapt very carefully. - can only shoot the mortar stationary, from prone or crouch position. you CANT fire it while moving or standing up. you will also have to reload after each round. the fact that you only have a total of 6 shots before you will have to restock from an ammo dump doesn't help either.


so as it turns out, the flamethrower is NOT an op blaster, and the knee mortar is not a useless piece of junk. both excel magnificently in their intended roles when used with the appropriate skill

must protect the flamethrower and provide him all the support you can get with smoke and suppressing fire so that he will be able to reach his target in safety. for without being able to reach at least 20 meters from the targeted bunker/trench/building he will just be a useless player that takes up a slot on your team. once the flamer got to its destination, it is extremely important to thoroughly enjoy the horrifying screams of pain as the enemy delightfully burns to death.


must carefully coordinate the mortars to their best effect. use spotting, recon plane and the knee the mouse-wheel when aiming with the launcher. to fire safely from a distance

or use direct fire for more quicker, yet riskier approach. in both cases you mortar men need to find a good vantage point from where they can see the enemy movement and aim accordingly.

all to stop an enemy assault force dead-in their tracks. or suppress the enemy to prevent them from stopping your attack.
Officer - Thompson/M1carbine/trench-gun Vs Type100/Arisaka 99
The final weapon comparison.
The leader classes have both a weapon for close, and long rages, and i will compare them accordingly.

First we have: The Americans' Thompson M1928 submachine-gun
the Imperial Japanese' Nambu Type-100 SMG.

i have already covered the Type-100 when explaining about the assault class so i will mainly focus on how the Tommy gun is different to the type 100.

essentially. they fill the same role and function very identically.

yet there are a few slight differences
  • magazine capacity - level 0 Thompson will have 20 round magazine while the type 100 has 30. however, level 50 Thompson will have a whopping 50 round drum.
    magazine capacity matters little to SMG's considering though their reload is lightening fast and you only need a handful of bullets to win a firefight.
    still, its worth knowing that the type-100 lasts a bit longer sustained fire. until you played enough hours with the Tommy gun to unlock the drum magazine
  • accuracy - both guns are fairly accurate, and will reliably kill anyone at 50 meters however, the Thompson shooting the bigger bullet, also meaning better accuracy, and its shot is less likely to stray off aside. but the type-100 makes up for that with:
  • rate of fire - type-100 wins, it has 800 rpm while the Thompson has 700. its a big enough difference to with close encounters and gives tight enough shot grouping to be effective a longer ranges, just remember to watch out - greater RoF means the faster your clip will deplete

Both guns are great and their differences are more a matter of personal taste than anything else. Officers with SMG's are nearly identical for both sides

Next we have the guns for longer ranges"

The American's M1Carbine .jpg]Vs.
The Imperial Japanese' Type-99 Arisaka

i also covered the arisaka in the rifleman section. But this time the differences are big and i will thoroughly explain
It’s a very odd and out-of place gun, that is technically a rifle, yet functions nothing like it.
  • rate of fire - fastest semi-automatic weapon in the game, mainly because of the low recoil.
    • low recoil - can group multiple shots in the same place in quick succession
    • large magazine - 15 bullets, that's a lot of sustained fire.
    but with all these advantages come glaring, very serious draw backs - this "rifle fires" PISTOL ROUNDS (bit bigger gunpowder cartridge, but the bullet is roughly the same size. and thus, all of the following massive disadvantages:
    • low effective the bullet will lose power after merely 60 meters. real life accounts that with enough distance, a carbine bullet can be deflected by a mere jacket! you will easily require around five hits to kill an enemy in long distances
    • low power - even in the carbine effective range you need at the minimum 2-3 bullets to drop someone, just like a pistol
    • bad iron sight - its obstructive and has little space to look at your target
    • low accuracy - beyond 100 meters the shots will start straying aside

    so in conclusion this is can hardly be considered as a rifle and more as a long pistol. you may ask, "why not use an SMG instead?" and you would be right to wonder that.

    the M1 carbine was not designed to be a front-line weapon, it was made for rear-echelon troops for its light, weight, compact size and ease of use. Factors that matter not in the game.

    it only excels in that particular niche distance where it's not too long, and not too short.

    conclusion -- the arisaka is a far better rifle for proper long-range engagements and it will only lose to the carbine if the American would get close enough, ranges that rifles would already be trumped by SMG's...

    Now the last gun available for the Squad/Team leader class is the American M12 trench gun.

    it's a unique weapon that doesn't fit into any of category - it's not a rifle, its not an SMG, it's not for long range, but its not exactly for close range either - its a *gasp*

    a SHOTGUN. it's pellet spread has great benefits:
    • close range superiority - in close quarters, most of the pellets can hit an enemy and easily kill him in one shot. the one true advantage of the shotgun over the SMG
    • ease and speed of aim - because of the spread you don't have to make sure you aim right at the target, just aim at his general direction and all it takes is 2-3 pellets to bring him down.
    • easy fatal hits - with the spread of the buckshot, you can easily score a lucky hit to the head and heart which will yield instant kills
    • slam-fire - with manual bolting enabled, you can shoot with this gun as fast as you can click the fire button, although it produces a lot of recoil so its usefulness is limited.
    • great burst damage - due to the shotgun's massive buckshot. you can abuse your cover and be exposed as little as possible, as you just take a peak to shoot once and then go hide again. it works especially well with this weapon since you don't have to carefully aim. just point at the enemie's general direction
    but with great power, comes great responsibility, and the Trench Gun requires much of the latter.
    this gun has a HUGE recoil, and its very difficult to quickly shoot more than one buckshot. the second one will point at the moon. so you will have to adjust your aim after each shot.

    the other obvious weakness to watch out for is the buckshot itself. Beyond 50 meters they scatter so widely that possible to completely miss the target and, the smaller it is, the more likely you will miss it, regardless of how good your aim is.

    in long range the shotgun will also lose power and you will require more pellets and shots to hit to score a kill. so its highly recommended to stay away from long ranges when wielding this gun.


    While great at what it does, the Trench Gun is a niche weapon. It delivers painful burst damage like a bolt-action rifle, but lacks its range and accuracy.
    it excels at short range with quick, no-need-to-aim shots, but it lacks the sustainability or reliability of the SMG.

    it is a worthy weapon for house-to-house or trench warfare. But don't try to be a marksman with this thing. overall, its a nice alternative to the Thompson if you like the burst-damage play style.

    class conclusion

    While both side's weapons are equally great for close quarters. it is now obvious to all. That the American officers have TERRIBLE LONG RANGE WEAPONS. (Except for the map Guadalcanal, in which M1carbine is replaced with the Springfield)
    Which drastically changes the dynamic of each faction's approach to their role.

    having no weapons for long range, you must either risk your life in order to get close enough where your weapons can provide support to your squad.
    or sit farther away to let your squad safley spawn. but it renders you ineffective for combat. unless you pick up a rifle from a dead comrade along your way.

    having much greater flexibility, the Squad leader can choose to either set up in a good overwatch position and support your squad with long-ranged rifle fire. or take it up close and personal with your type-100 to get to their weak spots like bunkers and houses.

    the Japanese' greater flexibility, as always makes them unpredictable and hard to anticipate.

    Another noteworthy feature the Imperial Japanese have is the Katana. but its mostly useful for banzai charges.

Special abilities - Imperial Japan.
eeeeyup. you think this guide is over with weapon comparison? nah ah! in Rising Storm each side also have special abilities that make combat even more dynamic!

The factions with the dominant abilities is Imperial Japan. who make up for for their lack of Garands and BARs with sneaky and suprise-based skills.

First and most useful ability is of course -

Booby Traps
NO silly filly, not traps that involve female lactation mammaries. that won't be a very deadly trap.
what is deadly however, is having your legs blown off violantly after stepping on a grenade that half-burried in the dirt.

a Japanese team with experienced players will make an American advance a living pain or an American defence reinforcements afraid of entering their own point.

very simple - 1) draw your your grenade out from your inventory, typically by pressing 3.
2)crouch and look at the ground beneath you - it has to be ground/dirt/sand.
3) hold the right mouse button until the planting animation finishes
bonus) enjoy getting an easy kill with a land mine
bonus2) run to the nearest ammo dump are restock your grenades.

as mentioned earlier, booby traps can placed only in warm in cozy places like in dirt and sand and not on any hard surface like concrete, metal or wood floors.

another extremely useful feature is that ALLIES ARE IMMUNE. if your fellow soldier steps on one, nothing happens! so don't be afraid to plant your mines inside your own point where plenty of of your soldiers are running about. for their feet are enchanted, and only unholy american legs can set off the holy-hole-grenade.
although note, that while they won't set off the trap. their explosion will still kill them. like when they get shot or an enemy steps on them.

  • The trap only explodes if the enemy STEPS on it. its not a proximity mine. make sure you plant them where you know they might walk, like doorways, pieces of cover and trenches
  • The trap is not invisible, if you place them in places too obvious the enemy can see them, and destroy them. so make sure you plant them where he isn't likley to look
  • You have a limit! while traps stay permanently even after you die (unlike battlefield or CoD) each player can only have TWO active at any given time. if you plant a trap, when you already have two somewhere else (you have an indicator when you press T) the oldest trap you planted will DISAPPEAR

enjoy your booby planting! next ability -

suicide bombing
yes! the japs were the original muslims all along! they were in fact the ones who came up with the ALLAH ACKBAR battlecry!

on a serious note though, sucide bombing is a legitimate tactic for the Imperial Japanese. it works very simple -

If you kill yourself, while also killing an enemy. you will:
A. get an extra point for a suicide kill
B.your reinforcements ticket will be refunded.
C. you spawn quicker next life.

- There are two ways to achieve this -
FIRST method. is to draw your grenade, release the pin, and then cook it. (you know, press 3, fire button, then melee button -typically MMB- you played the bloody tutourial, right? RIIIGHT????)
and then while the grenade is being cooked, run up to the enemy. time it so that the grenade will explode in your hand by the time you will be in range, because if you are killed and then the grenade detonates, it won't be considered a suicide kill.
although on a further note, if you threw the grenade and it ended up killing both you and the burger scum, then you will still be credited with a suicide kill.

SECOND METHOD. is to use the knee mortar. if you shoot it at point blank range, it will kill both you, and any other unlucky sap that might be next to you. so it is a fully legitimate tactic to quickly run up to a room full of enemies, and fire the mortar at the floor or nearest wall.
or just panic-shoot at the floor if the enemy got too close to you somehow.

both methods are fun, and can lead to a lot of kills if done properly so don't be afraid to die and go blow em up!

the third, and most outrageous ability of them all - drumroll please- .... ... ...


this signature suicide charge that was mainly used when all hope of winning was lost - has turned into some of the most unrealistic, ludicrously overpowered ability in the game

when done right, you can win a whole match by using this ability.
<--- that here is an example of a perfect ground to start a banzai charge. notice the sword. SL's are the ones usually initiate the charges.

as always, the method of application is simple: press the melee button, and run forward. you soldier will scream like a bloody psycho but will get the buffs of the banzai charge.

The two main buffs of the banzai charge is A. first and foremost - DAMAGE REDUCTION: bullets deal less damage to you as you are banzai charging,.
And B. area-of-effect suppression of the enemy

while charging alone to survive a rifle round to the chest great in its own right - as it allows you to get easy melee kills and run across open fields with ease.
the most important thing to know about the Banzai charge is that the buff STACKS FOR EVERY SOLDIER THAT CHARGES WITH YOU!

so that means if five or more rapists soldiers of Imperial Japan charge together - the damage reduction stacks to the point that you can SURVIVE HEADSHOTS and suppress enemies who are up to 20 meters away from you!
now you are playing with Power!

Banzai charges are best when issued by the Squad/Team leader, as they posses the Katana.
while as a weapon its not very useful - just a melee-only weapon that has slightly more reach and hit detection then a common bayonet,

the TRUE purpose of the Katana is primarily to INSPIRE AND ORDER BANZAI CHARGES.
while telling your team via chat and voice to charge is nice. the strong visual cue of your sergeant first drawing, and then charging forward with a big sword will instantly prompt the rest of the onlookers to charge as well.
it's like carrying a big shiny flag that says "FOLLOW ME TO GLORY" in Japanese.

There are still things you must be concerned for however:

1) remember that even with charging with your whole team, you are still not immortal! and enough bullets will take you down - take every defensive measure like smoke candles, artillery and MG support to maximize the potency of the banzai charge
2) the effect of the Holy emperor only lasts while you are holding the melee button, never forget it! as soon as you release it for any reason, you return for being a weak human bean.
3) WATCH OUT FOR FLAMETHROWERS! - they completely ignore the damage reduction as it uses powerful demonic energies, a single flamethrower can and WILL shut down a whole charge if not dealt with beforehand.

Special abilities - US
The US have very few, and barely noticeable special abilities as most of their advantage come from the abundance of Garands and BARs.

they still should be listed in this small and last section:

1) most important of them all - Mine disarming
while anyone can just blow up the Tojos' booby traps, its often a bad idea, you can easily kill yourself or an ally if you shoot while you/them are too close. it also requires taking quite a few steps back, which consumes time and might expose you to the enemy.

So to counter all this there's a simple solution - DISARM IT:
Upon spotting the elusive landmine, go prone and start crawling next to it - don't worry, you won't trigger it unless you are right on top of it (-as i sad, the booby-traps and are only triggered when someones steps on top of them, DID YOU EVEN LISTEN???-)
and when you will get close enough you will receive a small text message "disarm trap" upon then you will press the USE key -typically the CTRL button-
and poof! the trap disappears as you probably just pick it up and mess up its priming mechanism. and you and friends can now walk freely till you get blown up by a different trap! (why weren't you paying attention like i told you???)

2) it's mostly a weapon-based ability than a faction-based but its only available for American weapons - Change firing mode

Available to the BAR and thompson sub-machine gun, upon pressing 6 you can change the firing mode of these weapons from fully automatic to semi-automatic, although you can still shoot with the BAR by pressing the fire button for a long time, but the fire rate will be much slower.

it's a lot useful than you think, since the tommy gun can easily shoot too many bullets per a single click and the BAR has immense recoil. changing fire rate, makes them much easier to handle and allows to effectively conserve ammo.

3) Break Banzai charge -
This ability is very simple and can barely be considered an ability but its worth knowing that American troops can completely ignore the massive damage reduction of the banzai charge by STABBING THEM WITH BAYONETS!

Yes, that's right. beat them at their own game and terms. they think they can stab you? nope you stab them! or even better, cut them up with their own katana that you picked up. talk about bringing a sword to a sword fight!
Guide conclussion
So this is it.

These were all the differences, weapons and abilities of both sides.

now that you understand them all better. its quite clear that both sides are great and fun to use in their own special ways.

nothing is OP in this game (except for mass banzai charges) and everything has a counter and weakness.

hope you enjoy my guide and that it will help you killing filthy tojos/fat burgers. and not be frustrated with some of this great game's weapons/mechanics


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OnboardBasil Feb 11 @ 7:03am 
Thanks man.
Jolly Jew  [author] Feb 11 @ 4:34am 
eeyup, the japanese had scopes for their LMG's it was pretty damn rare (which explains why you need a level 50 gun to get one). but it happened.
OnboardBasil Feb 8 @ 3:47pm 
Hol up. There's a scope for a lmg!?! Wat! Is it historrikaly acurat!?
MamaRussellRR$scrub Aug 12, 2017 @ 1:57am 
~/KAMAKAZI/~ (Just play the damn game) And shoot people trying to shoot you /THEN YOU DON'T DIE/
Jolly Jew  [author] Nov 20, 2016 @ 8:05am 
its better to give crtitism of what i did wrong than whining like an edgy child
fuck Nov 20, 2016 @ 5:51am 
This pathetic parody of a guide gave me a cancer.
Jolly Jew  [author] Nov 9, 2016 @ 12:41pm 
the jappansese SOLDIERS and SOULS are OP. not their weapons or tactics

except for the scoped type99. that shit is the most op thing in both theatres
Lemme Hit Dat Juul Nov 8, 2016 @ 9:21pm 
lol op? i always thought japanese was inferior lol
Brendan Fraser Nov 3, 2016 @ 3:04pm 
glorious nippon always win
Jolly Jew  [author] Nov 3, 2016 @ 10:18am 
im still upset they are not allowing you to attack a bayonet to your katana...