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Drayt Empire
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 19, 2016 @ 3:14am
Jul 16, 2016 @ 2:58am

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Release date: June 2016
Ronarke and Drayt, best Friends on an adventure to seek out and find the lost forbidden City of Rahland. On their travels they will encounter many challenges which will test their friendship and strength.

Drayt Empire - Features:
  • Classic side view, turn based battle system.
  • At least 8 Hours of Gameplay.
  • Seek out, collect and equip up to 20 Crystals that will boost your power and abilities or give you special items.
  • Enjoy mini games, go digging in the desert for treasure or do a spot of fishing.
  • All new animated Menu System.
  • A stunning soundtrack by Snowflake.

Drayt Empire will include Steam achievements, Steam trading cards and will be priced at $1.

Drayt Empire was developed by RPGVideo and is being published by Back To Basics Gaming.
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Philip McCrevis Aug 22, 2016 @ 12:07am 
Awesomeeee looks like 8-bit legend of zelda HD! lol
RPGStudios Jul 4, 2016 @ 5:05am 
There is also a few defaults within the game like Fire, Water and so on,

The Battle Arena is only 5 Standard levels at the moment and we may increase this to more levels as it will get to a point where you will be able to do it too easy and fans will want more of a challenge :)

Hope some of these points help :) :)

Any further questions please fire away, hopefully you will see the game evolve and get bigger and better as we continue to develop and bring updates out to you
RPGStudios Jul 4, 2016 @ 5:05am 

Thank you again for getting back to me :) the Tekken Style Mini game is not a definite at this stage we are currently looking into the mechanics of the system :) Drayt Empire is a game that is constantly evolving with new updates,

I forgot the custom Magic statuses

- Unholy Bending
- Star Sorcery
- Plague Sorcery
- Musical Magic
- Emotional Bending
@rpgvideo7: already an answer? Thanks Great! So here is mine :) :

Tekken Style mini game? Hum, I can see what you're talking about, but it's perhaps me I just don't have the reference :)

- 20 sides quests is reasonnable (even if they are basics quests, would like more type of side quests, like, getting items, or finish a dungeon, multiple phases side-quests (I know, I dream ^^) !

- Great points if Crystals can be equipped/removed ! (but I remember that Key Item in RPG Maker inventories are not removable, if you wrote a process for it can be disabled/enabled, that's fine to know yeah!

- Mini games seems fun and enjoyable at the trailer, I hope they are in real gameplay :}

- Battle Arena with only 5 levels ? With multiples difficulties levels ? or 5 levels with standard difficulty/progressive difficulty ?
RPGStudios Jul 3, 2016 @ 12:39pm 
The Crystals can be equip able so that you can remove them if needs be so it will be a challenge for you

There is one battle Arena with only 5 Levels so far within the battle arena, we may look to increase this to a lot more as well depending on feedback from our fans,

There is approx. 20 crystals in the game to collect we may increase this again, and we might be able to link to Steam achievements its something we are working on.

And there is approx. 20 Side quests so far in most of the city's in game from anything to picking up Key items for rewards to beating enemies and rescuing people in need,

Hope all this helps and please if you have any further questions please let me know, or any ideas that you can think of that will enhance the game we can always look to add them in :)
RPGStudios Jul 3, 2016 @ 12:39pm 
@Aтαηα¢ιυѕ 2)

On some on the points you have mentioned,

The mini games
Fishing Game
Space Shooter
Battle Areana

Card Game
Teken Style Mini Game

There is also one or two that are in the game but not in the list ;) so will be a surprise for you.
RPGStudios Jul 3, 2016 @ 12:24pm 
@Aтαηα¢ιυѕ 1)

Hello Thank you for getting back to me :)

And its my pleasure, anytime, if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask, if there is something that is missing in the game, and you think it would benefit the game we can always add to that, I know the some people might not like the stock graphics within RPG Maker and that's fine, and for other people its not a problem, we do have some exciting RPG games lined up as well that are not using stock graphics as well as a RPG MMO coming soon too that I am really excited about and can not wait to share with you guys :) .
Karl Pilkington Jul 3, 2016 @ 11:37am 
generic rpg maker.

- I like that the fact the game will have a casino, so, which mini-games will be playable ? (not exhaustive list please, I like some surprise aswell) :)

- Cards games will definitively add a value to the game, this can be cards dropped on mobs as loot (rare one on boss that we can fight again in the Arena)

- Arena and Side quests (how many approximatively?) is implemented? GREAT ! Thanks :))

As I final note, I'm glad that you've found my comments useful for your game evolution :)
I will look forward for you answers !

Have a nice day !

@rpgvideo7 : Hey, thanks for thoses answers, that a thing I really like (having answer from the developper himself ^^), anyway, I was partially answered on some points that are:

- How many and which they are (can I have a list, (not exhaustive by the way) of some of the custom states ?

- Ah, so Crystals are like acting as Key Items, so they can't be disabled at any points of the game or we can disable it when we want, or activate some and not all ? (I ask that because I like challenge, so I hate when a game tend to put me as a Super Invincible Hero since I got all power up/stuff in game, anyway, it's not rare I like fight boss with only tier 2 weapons (especially if I unlocked tiers 6 weapons), this is way more fun than cut mobs in one strike :o