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Star Explorers
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 8, 2016 @ 4:24pm
May 8 @ 9:18am

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Early Access Release
  • Have some kind of in-game tutorial. The controls are difficult and not obvious to new players. I agree. Streamlining the gameplay and UI are my top priority at this point. For now, please refer to the "How to Play" guide on the main store page, and check the "Options > Controls" panel in-game for reference.
  • Full Screen doesn't work, or stops working. I did test it, and I did not have errors, but that's why having more people involved helps. For now, you will only be able to change screen resolution or switch to full screen from the main start menu. Once you begin playing, you won't have access to video options. I will definitely be adding a feature that saves your configuration as default.
  • Crash or Error on Scanning Planets. I knew about this one, but could not always reproduce it, so it was hard to test. Thankfully, a user has identified where and when it happens, so I should be able to get rid of it quickly.
  • Option to invert mouse y axis. I never play games like this, but I'm happy to oblige.
  • Mouse Sensitivity. Some people are having issues with mouse sensitivity. I will add a slider in the Options menu ASAP.
  • So far, no one has reported the missing inventory error. This is good ,I may have fixed it. However, I did encounter a problem when switching out my space suit. It was resolved, and no data went missing, but there was a moment when the new space suit disappeared, and seemed lost. I have included a small script that displays a warning if and when you remove your space suit or main weapon. If this alert pops up at any point, where you did not actually unequip these items, please let me know.

In a few days I will be back at programming, I will do my best to implement these and more fixes as soon as I can. I estimate the first update in about two weeks. After that I hope to update more regularly. If my calculations are correct, updates should not effect saved games, and you will be able to resume your ongoing games after updates are installed.

Of course I have a long list of minor fixes and another long list of features I want to add to the game before the full release. As mentioned in the Early Access description, I think I can accomplish all these things in one year's time.

  • Revamped all the menus - they should now work with the different screen sizes
  • Added a variety of loading screens, with quotes about outer space from famous people
  • Added a variety of sounds, including computer voice (mine) which announces when certain actions have been taken. Also the main character's voice (mine) who grunts and complains when taking damage. These actually provide certain queues that help gameplay.
  • I fixed several bugs, including a big one that screws up the player's inventory completely. There is still an issue in which an item slot or two get disabled somehow. Working on it...
  • Big bug where the game no longer recognized which star you are orbiting after returning to your ship. This made the game really unplayable, but now seems to work and is stable. There is still a smaller issue of data being incorrect in the Star Chart. Also a pointer issue that causes data to display incorrectly, but these do not crash the game or make it unwinnable.
  • Lots and lots of other little bugs have been fixed.
  • Revamped player damage function which takes into account all environmental factors including physical damage (from enemies), temperature damage (too hot or too cold), Corrosive damage (sulphuric acid and ammonia) toxic damage (mercury) as well as suffocation. All these are incorporated with the character's voice so that he complains about the specific kinds of problems he's experiencing ... poor guy.
  • One big issue that remains, along with those previously mentioned, is inability to get the spaceship to turn the correct direction when warping to certain stars and planets. It does not actually cause any problems in the game, but it is annoying and looks bad. I think this is the next issue I will focus on.

After having played through the game without any major issues or crashes, I think it is basically ready for Early Access. I will quickly look into that database issue, then upload to Steam.

Excited to have been Greenlit! Thanks for all the votes of confidence! I am working hard on getting a pre-alpha early access version of Star Explorers up and running, I plan to have it ready by December. Until then, you can check out the free pre-pre-alpha version for free, if you're interested in providing some feedback. Check out the Demo on the announcements page:

Earth is gone ... Humanity is faced with extinction ... Our only hope is to find another world

Star Explorers is a game that randomly generates a galaxy. Your quest: to find an earth-like planets. Each star and and celestial object can be scanned and added to an ever expanding database, every planet can be landed on and explored both above ground, and in underground cave systems that some planets will generate. A growing 3D map keeps everything organized. Each planet is unique, and has a different atmosphere, temperature along with other important factors. When conditions are right, various randomly generated life forms can thrive, creating opportunities and dangers for the player.

Current Features:
  • Randomly generated galaxy which the player can fully explore (Ok it's a small galaxy, but it will get bigger)
  • Randomly generated planets, with features based on factors such as atmosphere, distance from star etc...
  • Randomly generated cave systems on some planets
  • Day/Night cycles on each planet
  • Resource management and survival in hostile conditions
  • Randomly generated alien life, for a unique experience with each play-through
  • Random Quests, in addition to the main quest of finding earth-like planets
  • Intelligent alien life, either hostile or friendly towards the player
  • Inventory system
  • Trade System with friendly aliens
  • Melee and projectile combat with hostile aliens
  • Random weapons (similar to Borderlands)
  • Suit upgrade system, which allows player to explore previously uninhabitable planets
Star Explorers is unique in its focus on single player gameplay. There are other space exploration games out there, and there is certainly an interest in multiplayer adventures in space. However, Star Explorers attempts to capture the vastness, loneliness and desolation of space exploration, along with easy to learn, old-school shooter mechanics.

Planets are formed randomly, but their conditions are based on more or less scientific factors. The size and temperature of the star they orbit, their distance from that star, the type of surface, atmosphere, and liquids present (or not) determine how a planet will look once landed on. Players will be able to land, depart and return to planets, exploring their surfaces as well as underground cave systems repeatedly, while keeping the same features intact on each visit.

Exploration requires resources, which players must seek out on their quest. Fuel, food, ammunition and oxygen will all have to be carefully managed if the player wants to survive the long search for an earth-like planet. However, in the Star Explorers universe, there are other kinds of life, based not on water, but other various liquids that may be present on different planets. While many planets will be too hot or cold, or without an atmosphere, there are also worlds of liquid methane, ammonia, sulfuric acid and more, that have developed their own unique evolutionary cycles. Each kind of alien plant, tree or animal is pieced together randomly, making for a unique experience for each player.

The Star Explorers universe is not a friendly one though, it can be cruel and indifferent to the struggles of its inhabitants. If you're not careful, you might land on a planet that's just too hot, or too cold, or enveloped in a cloud of corrosive acid, and not live to tell about it. Upgrading your space suit will unlock these otherwise impossible worlds to further exploration.

Star Explorers began, and continues, as an individual effort. All the programming, artwork, and sounds in the game were produced by one artist. In my ongoing effort to bring my love for art and video games together, Star Explorers is my most ambitious project to date. Whether having one person in control of all these aspects of the game is a selling point or not, I can't say. However, it is an important part of the process for me as an artist.
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Dec 21, 2016 @ 2:12pm
Best Ways to Promote a Game?
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Agafson Dec 13, 2016 @ 10:53am 
Seems really nice!
Doctor Mlem Dec 10, 2016 @ 2:14am 
no mans sky but this time its not a lie
T.w² | Puncaek Dec 2, 2016 @ 1:46pm 
Can't wait for this game, it's like a talented version of No Mans Sky.

Good luck on the development of this game.
MKSchmidt  [author] Aug 25, 2016 @ 2:12pm 
Ok, I will message you about the details. The planets are darker, or brighter, based on how far they are from their star. I will be tweaking all of that in upcoming versions, so thanks for the feedback!
You'dNeverGrazz Aug 25, 2016 @ 10:19am 
You seem to be offline whenever I am online and vice versa but I have a proposition. I'd love to help you translate the game into Russian (for free, of course). Other than that, I enjoyed the demo, except for the fact that it's so dark. I get headaches from dark games, my brightness is always at maximum. So, I suppose until there's an option to tweak that, it's a little hard to play for me. \o/
MKSchmidt  [author] Aug 24, 2016 @ 11:41pm 
Yes! I am surprised by all the negative reviews, but I haven't played it yet. When No Man's Sky was announced, I almost stopped working on Star Explorers, because i thought it would do everything my game did, but better. However, I decided to keep going, and I thought I might find a way to make my game unique. There are quite a few Galaxy generators out there already, so I am figuring out a way to make it fun and playable ... thanks for all the nice comments!
Sabertooth Aug 24, 2016 @ 6:19am 
what NMS should've been
MKSchmidt  [author] Aug 11, 2016 @ 2:50pm 
The Steam Page has been approved. I'm estimating the game will be ready for early access by December. The pre-early-access version is available for anyone interested in testing it out - see the recent announcements.
You'dNeverGrazz Aug 11, 2016 @ 11:16am 
Looks great! Looking forward to this game. :D
Guri Tricolor Jun 27, 2016 @ 6:31am 
good luck!