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Realistic Graphics Mod - by Frkn64
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Jun 8, 2016 @ 6:07am
Oct 21 @ 2:20pm
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Realistic Graphics Mod - by Frkn64

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This mod improves ETS 2 graphics for better realism.
- First and top rated graphics mod in ETS 2 Workshop.
- 72 Realistic skybox textures in 4K quality
- Realistic shadows of the clouds
- Realistic in-game coloring
- Realistic light flares & reflection effects
- Realistic road textures in 2K quality
- Realistic terrain textures
- Realistic rain & thunder sounds
- Realistic raindrop effects
- Realistic water textures
- Improved climates
*This mod increases frame rate.(Confirmed by many users.)
*Some skybox textures was made by SGate.

Tips for users
Tip 1: For more vibrant in-game colours, turn on the "Color Correction" option in the graphic settings.
Tip 2: To disable in-game bloom effect, turn off the "High Dynamic Range" option in the graphic settings.
Tip 3: For high quality skybox and road textures, set "Texture quality: High" in the graphic settings.

Required Game Version

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-=NC=- Prophet [CgC] 3 hours ago 
Nice work from one of the best in the ETS/ATS mod community. Keep up the good work!
André Santos 5 hours ago 
Frkn64  [author] 7 hours ago 
v2.2.0 released. Changes;
- Now compatible with update 1.32!
- Improved skybox textures.
- Fixed pixelated sky textures appearing in some places.
- Fixed problems that cause low frame rate.
- Increased sun brightness and yellow sun color shifted to white.
[Known bugs] - I'm looking for a way to fix these issues. I'll fix them as soon as possible.
- Sometimes the sky becomes black during sunrise.
- Sometimes vehicle shadows start flickering.
Deer Trap 17 hours ago 
Frkn64 [author] Oct 3 @ 12:55pm
A copy of the announcement from third comment page;
Unfortunately, I can not update the mod because of the problem in the SCS Workshop Uploader. ( )
But, I shared the updated version on my website. Everyone can download the new version from my website until the SCS Software fixes the error. When they do, I will release the new version of the mod in Steam Workshop.
To download from my website:
Ne yazık ki SCS Workshop Uploader'deki sorundan dolayı modu Steam'dan güncelleyemiyorum. ( )
Dolayısıyla modun yeni sürümünü websitem üzerinde paylaştım. SCS bu sorunu çözene kadar modu siteden indirip geçici olarak yükleyebilirsiniz. Sorun düzeldiğinde mod Steam üzerinden de güncellenecek.
Siteden indirmek için:
mads1153 17 hours ago 
I have same problem as ToYo, pixelated skybox in Italy with Promods 2.31 and 1.32. I think this mod needs to be updated to fix this problem.
Radio Oct 19 @ 1:44pm 
✠ Prince of Jerusalem ✠ Oct 16 @ 2:07am 
Loving your mod, it makes my game run so much better. Kudos dear Sir!

Does anyone know if this mod works with the latest version of promods?
Kaminson Oct 15 @ 6:12pm 
Is it just me, or is this problem with 1.32 version? During day I don't any clouds at all, just clear blue. But during rain the skybox is broken, I can clearly see round parts of clouds above me. When I turn off the mod nothing change, except that sky during the night is bright, almost like day. Anyone got that problem? It always happens after scs update even without any mods at all.
prados Oct 15 @ 9:34am 
Same stuff here, sometimes sky's getting very low-res'd.
ToYo ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) Oct 15 @ 7:20am 
Hi, I have been using RGM for about a week now, and haven't had any problems, but yesterday I saw a very low quality skybox while driving in France around 5-6 in the morning:
Running mod version 2.1.3 on game version 1.31.1. Only other graphics mods being project next-gen for road textures and vegetation with correct load order.
Oh, and sun was rising on the completely different angle to the sunrise colors seen in skybox above.