The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga

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Every Decision and Consequence
By Drake Ravenwolf
Every decision and consequence pulled straight out of the game files.
It should go without saying, but this contains MASSIVE SPOILERS
I created this guide from the TBS Decompiler; the specific location of conversations are included so you can explore the files and confirm my findings for yourself if so inclined. It is possible that I may have missed obscure side paths, but this is every possible point where I could make a decision after I went through the game 2x. If you find a node I missed just let me know and I'll add it in.

A few general tips:
  • Try to keep your kill counts even across all characters with certain milestones in mind eg. everyone up to 2, then 5, then 9, then 15, then 19, then 24, and finally 30 - anything more than 30 is wasted
  • There are a few characters you should NOT get kills on for... reasons(because they die, also TBS2 rewards players for saving Alette) and they are: Rook or Alette(pick one), Egil(if Onef joins), Onef(any kills here are wasted unless you need the achievement for 1 kill on him)
  • Always charge into wars and try to take on two waves when able
  • From a kill count and renown viewpoint increasing the danger stat is a good thing, but it does make fights harder by spawning more and higher level enemies - there are a few events that modify this stat, but Charging into Wars and increasing the difficulty setting are the primary ways of affecting it
  • Battles and wars are good things since they give kills and renown, and if you go for a 2nd wave they also give morale and a chance at items; they also help you towards the "Battles fought" achievement
  • Losing a battle is a bad thing; you can lose an achievement and consequences for losing change from event to event, but will not be covered in this guide. If you are about to lose a battle just reload the latest save and try again, and/or reduce the difficulty setting
  • Try NOT to level up anyone in Rook's caravan since everyone who is lvl 1 or 2 will automatically be leveled to 3 for free when you start Banner Saga 2 (and you keep the unused Renown too!)
  • It is up to you whether to spend renown leveling up in chapters 1 & 3 (Hakon's caravan) since it will only be returned to you at the very end of the game (and they face a LOT of hard fights)
  • In general level as follows: MAX Break > at least 1 Exertion > MAX Strength > MAX Armor > Willpower
  • 1 Exertion + 2 Break is enough to trigger Dredge splinter chain reactions, more exertion can be useful but 3 is too much imo
  • The only character you should max out Willpower on is Eyvind, and that is due to how his hero power works (And maybe Eirik)
  • Regardless of what your supply was at the end of Chapter 2, you always start Chapter 4 with 3 days of supply so buying any before then is pointless This has reportedly been fixed
  • In the following guide I will BOLD the options that I felt were the "best" but by all means decide for yourself

There are a basically 2 "forced choice" decisions in each game (this one and it's sequel) however, once you make the first "forced choice" each subsequent one has a... well... "preferred" choice. Sometimes this takes the form of extra rewards, but more often it is simply the path preferred by the characters. I'd recommend choosing one of the two following paths and sticking with it for the best RP experience, this has the added benefit in that if you ever choose to do a 2nd playthrough you can take all the opposite choices.
(TBS1) -> Save Rook -> Recruit Ekkil ->
(TBS2) -> Keep Ludin Alive -> Side with King
(TBS1) -> Save Alette -> Keep Egil Alive ->
(TBS2) -> Send Ludin to his death -> Side with Rugga

Link to new TBS Decompiler created by Gestaltzerfall:
1 - Only the Sun Has Stopped
"Ubin, isn't it?"
All options lead to the same result, option 2 gives a little extra dialogue

"The governor tells me you'll be giving us a hand."
All options lead to the same result, options 1 or 3 give extra dialogue

"I don't talk to... they don't talk to me!"
All options lead to the same result, option 1 gives the most extra dialogue

"Just a little food money, yeah?"
All options lead to the same result, you lose nothing even if you "Pay him"

"No. Just bought 'em while you were walking around. Why?"
All options lead to the same result, options 1 or 3 give a little extra dialogue

"Listen, I know a guy who would love to put a few of these skals in the ground. I'm going to find him. I'll meet you there."
All options lead to the same result

"You arrive in front of what must be Nobleman. A few minutes later Eirik appears, with a weather-beaten man introduced as Valgard. \"I'll point them out,\" Eirik says over his shoulder. 'Ready?'"
DO NOT take option 3, try to get all killing blows on either Eirik or Gunnulf, with at least 5 kills going to Gunnulf

"Can I ask one more favor?"
DO NOT take option 1

"What do you want?"
All options lead to the same result, option 3 gives the most extra dialogue

"The caravan stops for the day. 'A gift,' says Mogr, cracking open mead casks, 'From our gracious friend, the governor of Strand.' Hours pass with raucous laughter as the mead is passed throughout camp."
"Drink a little"/"Go easy on the drink" = morale+5
"Drink a lot"/"Drink merrily" = morale+10
"Toast to Vognir" = return to same options, with the addition of:

"Chat with Vognir" = extra dialogue but no bonus morale

*Level Gunnulf up to rank 3
*In the next battle try to get two killing blows each for Mogr and Hakon
2 - Cut With Keen-Edged Sword
"Don't run. Let me think."
Option 2 = supplies+15

"No, wait. I, I want to help..."
Option 2 = two extra fighters in the coming battle

*Again try to get two kills each for two characters

"A black horde is forming at the tree line. 'Enough of this,' says Iver, glancing over his shoulder. 'We're going back', then adds 'Rook, I'm doing one more check of the houses around here. See if you can find anyone.'"
All options lead to the same result

"As you turn to head back, a colossus appears around the side of a house. It silently looms over Alette, its face an expressionless, stony mask, more terrifying than any roar it may have produced. Time seems to slow as it pulls back its enormous mace..."
Option 2 is the only one that does not get someone killed

"As though second nature, you nock an arrow. Alette is standing directly between you and the dredge, making the shot perilous at best. If you're off by a few inches..."
Option 1 is the only one that does not get someone killed

*Do NOT buy any supplies here, you could buy an item or level up but remember that you will want to try and save Renown with this group

"Not so easily done. Rook?"
All options lead to the same result

"Let me create a distraction, then go. I'll catch up in Frostvellr."
"What if we set the town on fire as we left?" = return to same options
"Are we abandoning the storehouse?" = return to same options

"Let's all just get out here, like the chieftain suggested" = Same options as Storehouse, minus one
"Iver usually knows what he's talking about. I'll join him." = One less battle, but slightly more Renown than any other option - do you want more kills or more renown?
"We can't afford to leave the food behind" = Same options as Chieftain Suggested, plus one

"'I want Gil with us,' says Iver. 'If something happens to us I need him to tell the chieftain.' Iver goes off to find him. Alette finds you. 'I know what you're doing, you have to let me come,' she says. 'Don't leave me. Please. I'll be good!'"
"Ok, Alette. Just promise to listen." = renown+20
"Not this time. It's too dangerous." = renown+30

Nearby, a yox bleats pitifully as dredge wrestle with the wagon tied to it. Another full cart has been toppled beside it, abandoned. You could end up losing more food and supplies than you started out with."
"Help the fighters" = Battle & renown+20
"Try to keep everyone together" = renown+20 & no combat
"Get Iver to help retake the supply carts" = Battle & renown+15 & supplies+20

*Try to get at least two kills for everyone

"'We've got to pull them together,' says Iver, 'It'd be dangerous to stop until at least the godstone. The path should be just ahead.'"
"Call an early stop for the day" = day+1 & morale+5
"Slow the pace so everyone can catch up" = morale-5
"Keep a steady pace" = peasants-2 & morale-10
"Rally the caravan with a speech" = renown+5 & morale+5

"That's you, Rook."
All options lead to the same result, for the most extra dialogue take: "But you're the dredge-killer around here."

"Let her, if that's easier for you."
All options lead to the same result, for the most extra dialogue take: "What am I supposed to do, anyway?"

"Pull it together."
All options lead to the same result, options 1 or 3 give extra dialogue

"The godstone looms overhead, the massive eyes of Hridvaldyr looking the same direction as you."
"Inspect the stone" for Bjarken Rune(lvl 2 item: 15% dodge Strength attacks)

"The caravan halts when a group of men appear on the trail, weapons at their feet. “We’ve seen the dredge in your wake,” says one. “We don't wish to meet them alone. If you’ll let us join you, we'll show you a watering hole with enough animals to fill those supply wagons.” An inherent fear of strangers raises mutters from the caravan."
"Allow the men to join you" = fighters+12 & renown+5 & supplies+18
"What are you doing out here alone?" = return to same options

"Refuse the men and make sure they don't follow"/"Turn the men away" = nothing

"During a rest, one of the men get too drunk and end up splashing mead in a warrior’s face. A brawl erupts. Many thrown fists and a broken bone later, the instigator, Rafnsvartr, is tossed on the ground at your feet, angry clansmen looking for satisfaction. His personal defense is little more than drooling mumbles."
"Coerce a public apology from him" = morale-5
"Tie him up until he dries out" = nothing
"Laugh off the scuffle" = morale+5 & renown+5
"Encourage the others to let the issue drop" = nothing

*Again do NOT buy any supplies here

"You both know what will happen to the rest of us if the fields are abandoned! Nobody leaves!"
Options 1,2,4 all lead to the same result, for the most extra dialogue take: "Let your people decide on their own."
Option 3 results in the same as "Settle this yourselves (don't get involved)" below

"I think I make a poor farmer."
"Settle this yourselves (don't get involved)" = peasants+84 & fighters+11 & renown+5 & supplies+15
"I won't kill men for defending their homes (side with the villagers)" = hogundied & mogundied & supplies+50 & morale+25 & renown+15
"Iver, let's make this a fair fight (side with the brothers)" = Battle & peasants+165 & fighters+22 & renown+10 & supplies+30 & morale+20

*Try to get Hogun and Mogun both at least 2 kills

"Dad, are you... the chieftain now?"
All options lead to the same result

"I mean... if it's ok to ask..."
All options lead to the same result, for the most extra dialogue take: "They would have killed others" or "I'm more worried about why you disappeared"

"Are you mad at me?"
All options lead to the same result, for the most extra dialogue take: "I'm glad you don't want to"

"Strong woman. What does that even mean?"
All options lead to the same result, options 2 or 3 give a little extra dialogue

"He asked me to give it to you, you know, if something happened."
All options lead to the same result, options 1,2, or 3 give a little extra dialogue

"I get it. They won't follow a woman. Families would leave. Our banner would be divided..."
All options lead to the same result, options 1,2, or 3 give a little extra dialogue

"I think this is what has to happen."
All options lead to the same result = renown+5, option 1 gives a little extra dialogue

"At a small split in the trail, a few fighters stop to speak with you, each carrying a single pack. 'We recognize this place,' one man says. 'Spent several years here with some kin. If they’re still around, we have to warn them of what’s coming. With luck, we’ll find you again in less than a week.'”
"Wish the fighters well" = renown+5 & fighters-8
"See them off with extra supplies" = fighters-8 & supplies-3 & renown+10
"Remind everyone that they're free to do as they please" = morale+5 & renown+5 & fighters-8
"You think you'll survive out there on your own?" = fighters-8
"Tell them they're needed here" = nothing
2 - Cont'd
"Complaints of Rafnsvartr’s excessive drinking have resurfaced. This time the man stumbled over some tent ropes, pulled the snagged canvas through a campfire, nearly setting a supply wagon aflame. Clansmen put out the fire on both the wagon and Rafnsvartr’s leg before leading him to you."
"Punish him physically" = morale+5
"Ban him from camping near others in the future" = peasants-1 & morale-5
"This man drinks nothing but water from now on" = nothing

“'Dredge!' shouts a man from the back of the caravan. It's Rafnsvartr, the unabashed drunk, staggering toward you, looking not entirely sober. He screams again, pointing to trees in the distance. Fear races through the caravan as fighters pull their weapons. Scouts return with no sightings and furious men surround Rafnsvartr."
"Banish the drunkard from your caravan" = peasants-1 & morale-5
"Let your clansmen deliver justice" = morale+5
"Ready yourself against dredge, just in case" = day+1 & peasants-1 & morale-10

"We have to get in there."
"Where else could we go?"= return to same options
All options lead to the same result, for the most extra dialogue take: "I want to know more about what's going on in there" or "I don't know what to do"

*Again do NOT buy any supplies here

"Archers up on the walls make it clear that nobody will be getting in. Men and women below intermittently call for mercy and reason, when they're not flinging stones and curses."
"Shout at the guards on the wall." = return to same options
"Iver, did you really expect to push these gates open?"+"Ok, give it a shot." = Battle
"Find out more from the crowd."+"Check out the water passage."+"Wait for us at the gate, Iver. We'll be quick." = Battle without Iver

"The rest house is overflowing with refugees, the sick and wounded, and noise." = day+1
"Check out the water passage."+"Wait for us at the gate, Iver. We'll be quick." = Battle without Iver
"Tend to the wounded"+"Wait and ambush the next cart" = day+2 & Battle
"Tend to the wounded"+"We'll wait and confront them" = day+1 & New dialogue tree below
"Settle in for the long haul"+"All we can do is be ready." = End Chapter OUTSIDE Frostvellr
"Rest for a day"+"Investigate the commotion"+"Join them in an assault on the gate" = day+1 & Battle (pick anything else in this chain and Hogun & Mogun die)

"If we knew there were more fighters and varl out here Ekkill might have brought you in the city."
"Who's Ekkill?" = leads to "Erm. Better let him explain."
"You can get us in the city?" = leads to "Erm. Better let him explain."
"Why shouldn't we just take this cart back ourselves?" = leads to "Tough words..."

"Tough words..."
"Attack!" = 2x Battles & Onef dies & Ekkill will never join
"Take your cart and get out of here" = End Chapter OUTSIDE Frostvellr
"Can you get us in the city?" = leads to "Erm. Better let him explain."

"Erm. Better let him explain."
"I don't think so. We're done here." = End Chapter OUTSIDE Frostvellr
"I think we'll just take this cart ourselves, instead." = 2x Battles & Onef dies & Ekkill will never join
"Fine. Let's go." = Enter Frostvellr without combat

*If you attack or ambush the cart, the ekkilldied flag is never set so when you have a conversation with Nid later on, she acts like he is traveling in the caravan when he is not, bug?

"Think carefully about what you want."
"We'll join you. For now." = End Chapter in Frostvellr
"We'll fend for ourselves. Inside Frostvellr." = End Chapter in Frostvellr
"We're not staying here. Let us out." = End Chapter OUTSIDE Frostvellr

End Chapter OUTSIDE Frostvellr =
onefdied & ekkilldied & 3-4xBattles & peasants+96 & Calabilla(lvl 5 item: 1 Willpower per Turn, 1 Armor per Turn)
egildied & onefjoins & ekkilljoins & 3x Battles & renown+10 & peasants+84 & fighters+80 & supplies+30 & morale-5 & Calabilla(lvl 5 item: 1 Willpower per Turn, 1 Armor per Turn)

End Chapter in Frostvellr =
egildied & onefjoins & ekkilljoins & 2x Battle & peasants-12 & fighters+80 & supplies+140 & morale-5 & Shepersky Stone(lvl 5 item: 2 Str Deflected, +2 Drawing Aggro)
onefdied & ekkilldied & Battle
3 - Little Did They Sleep
All options lead to the same result

"Or worse."
All options lead to the same result, options 1 or 3 give extra dialogue

"What do I tell the warriors, Hakon?"
All options lead to the same result

"Ludin overhears. 'That's a dozen dredge heading toward Strand,' he says. You ask him when he started to care about Strand. 'I don't,' he replies. 'I thought you did.'"
"It'd be waste of time. Strand can handle that" = nothing
"Mogr, send some warriors to take care of it" = renown+5 & varl-10
"We'll deal with it ourselves" = Battle & morale+5

"It seems clear to me you plan to kill a lot of dredge along the way. Am I right?"
All options lead to the same result

"Don't you take on his responsibilities?"
All options lead to the same result, options 2 or 3 give extra dialogue

"You overhear a conversation while marching alongside the warriors. 'I'm happy to stomp some slags as much as the next varl, but I didn't join up to take orders from Hakon,' says one. Apparently he doesn't realize you're within earshot. 'Not willing to die for him, either.'"
"Make your presence known but walk on" = nothing
"Challenge the varl to a fight" = renown+5
"Threaten them loudly" = morale-5
"Blindside him" = renown+5

"A small gathering of tents come into view; group of merchants, from the look of it. You ask what they're doing here. 'We were camped out at the godstone ahead,' one tells you. 'Leaving an offering to Denglr, as one does.' His expression turns. 'Dredge start appearing out of nowhere. Some of us stayed. Thought the godstone'd be safe, but damned if I know why. We been dodging them since we left.'"
"Assure them the way to Strand is clear and see them off" = nothing
"Ask if they have anything to trade"+"We'll take them. How much?" = supplies+35 & followup events (it is worth taking the supplies even knowing what follows)

"Mogr comes to you sporting a dour expression. 'There are more warriors than usual claiming illness lately. I don't think they're faking it, I've seen them vomiting or stumbling around. Humans seem to be suffering from something, too.'"
All options lead to the same result

"'I can't prove anything... but I think some of the rations may have been poisoned.' Before you can respond he continues, 'Don't spread paranoia, it may be nothing. I found nothing wrong with the food, and most of us aren't ill. What do you think?'"
All options lead to the same result, except DO NOT: "Threaten the group" = morale-15

"You ask what they're doing. 'Tearing the place apart,' he says. 'Maybe a thousand of them, or more, looking for gods know what.' This will be a bigger fight than usual. Ludin is uncharacteristically silent, waiting to see what you say."
"Draw some of them forward and split them" = War
"Get closer before making a move" = nothing
"Wait and see what they do" = day+1 & return to same options

"With the village still a day away, you're eating on the march. A varl approaches. 'We had... words earlier,' says Griss. You recall him claiming that he didn't care for your command. 'You were right in what you did. Let me join your guard and fight at your side.' Pride hangs on his posture and sincerity in his eyes."
"You, protect me?" = nothing (you'll get a 2nd chance to recruit him later with this option, but you do not gain anything for waiting)
"Get out of my face." = morale-10
"You've got one shot." = Griss added to roster

"Take the fight to them!" = Battle & progress
"I don't like this. We'll skirt the village." = day+1 & no combat

"A woman's scream dies in her throat at the sight of varl instead of dredge. Men and women both are huddled together. A baby cries on her mother's shoulder. They are clearly awed to see so many warriors. 'What... do we do now?' they ask."
"Go to Strand. We've cleared the way" = supplies-30
"Go to Strand. We'll send escorts with you" = varl-15
"Stay here if you'd like" = nothing (Ironically the best option is to do nothing, but in the files you can see that the developers had many other options planned for this event, including taking these people with you)

"Eirik watches. 'I almost feel guilty about this,' he says. 'I know Strand. Even if they make it in one piece the locals will tear them apart. Not literally, of course, but... well, maybe literally. I might join them.'"
"Thin excuse to run home, Eirik" = nothing
"We need you here" = nothing

"Go if you wish" = renown+10 & Eirik leaves

*Again do NOT buy any supplies here

"Who the faen is this?"
All options lead to the same result, for the most extra dialogue take: "Nobody"

"What's your plan?"
All options lead to the same result, for the most extra dialogue take: "Forget Ridgehorn. We need to go to Grofheim."

"Hah, the prince has courage!"
All options lead to the same result, except DO NOT: "Knock him out cold and send him away" = fighters-45 & Ludin+Bersi+Yrsa all leave & Varl-30 & supplies-10

"Is taunting the dredge into genocide a game for your kind?"
Again do NOT: "Lay the prince flat and send him off to Grofheim"

"'We must have got it from the merchants back near Vedrfell,' he says. 'Mixed it in with the good stuff. Could have messed up as much as half our supply. What do you want to do?'"
"Dump only what we know is tainted" = supplies-30 (a net gain of 5)
"Dump everything that could be unsafe" = supplies-65
"Do nothing. Can't afford to throw out good supplies." = morale-15

"Tell them to avoid fighting until they recover" = danger+1 (in the long run you will gain more renown from increased danger)
"Tell them to tough it out" = morale-10
"Send them back to Strand" = varl-30 & fighters-10 & renown+5

"The enormous metal wagon dangles precariously off a cliff. From the end swings a confused yox, still tied to its reins. On top, the dredge hangs on tight. Keeping the whole thing from plummeting over the side is Gunnulf, one hand white-knuckling the cart, the other wrapped around a tree trunk."
"Tell Gunnulf to let go" = return to same options
"Order him to let go, with authority"/"Let go, and order Gunnulf to do the same" = Gunnulf lives
"Try to help Gunnulf haul the cart back up"/"Try to help him haul the cart back up" = return to same options

"Try to knock the dredge off"/"Knock the dredge off"/"Shout for others to help pull it back up" = Gunnulf dies

"Nothing for it. There's no time to stop now." = morale-10
"Try to recover what you can quickly" = day+1
"Your call, Ubin." = morale-5
"Try to cover it up and come back later" = day+0.5
"Leave some varl to gather and return to Strand" = varl-15 (prevents a later event that gains nothing and loses nothing)
"Try to recover Gunnulf's body" = day+1 & morale-10 (only available if Gunulf died)
3 - Cont'd
"Didn't help the bodies underneath it, though. The earth at the base of the godstone is scarred, like a struggle occurred. Merchants. No dredge. Encircling Denglr are a variety of goods; a barrel of mead - who knows how old, loose silver, a statue made of soapstone. Offerings to a dead god."
"Leave the dead and their offerings alone" = nothing
"Leave the offerings but check for the merchant's brother" = progress
"Gather whatever you can" = supplies+30 & progress

"Take the necklace with the intent to return it" = renown+10
"Take the necklace for yourself" = Five Ring Necklace(lvl 5 item: +1 Aggro, +1 Str, +1 Armor, +1 Will, +1 Break)
"Leave it" = nothing

"'Don't know what made them think the godstone'd be safe,' Mogr grunts. 'We're completely exposed up here,' he says. 'If we're going to rest I think we ought to do it a little further away.'
"Examine the godstone" for extra dialoge

"'Yeah, but they wised up to that after a while,' interjects another warrior. 'Or it could be someone trying to get our attention,' claims Fasolt. 'The other group from Schlid were sent this way.' No matter how you look at it, investigating will cost time."
"Not worth the risk. Keep moving." = nothing
"Send some varl to take a look"+"No time to spare. Keep going." = varl-8
"Send some varl to take a look"+"Go yourself, ready for a fight." = day+0.5 & varl+215
"Check it out yourself" = Battle & day+0.5 & varl+280

Mogr comes to you privately. 'I've seen some of the warriors disappearing,' he says. 'At first, thought it was my imagination, now I'm certain several have just gone missing. Mostly men, but some varl too. Can't quite figure it. If it's abandonment you can't let it stand.'"
"Have Mogr question the ones who have returned"+"Keep the news to yourself" = nothing
"Have Mogr question the ones who have returned"+"Speak with Ludin" = progress
"Demand answers personally"+"Punish them and speak with Ludin"/"Dismiss them and speak with Ludin" = progress
"Demand answers personally"+"Keep the news to yourself" = nothing
"Make an example of a few" = morale-5
"Ask Ludin if he knows anything about this" = progress
"Have Mogr watch and follow anyone else" = day+1

"'I ordered it,' says Ludin when you confront him. 'I sent my men to bring back gold from the cart you left behind. If you have a problem with your warriors joining them maybe you should keep them under control.'"
"Threaten him if he doesn't stop" = nothing
"Demand he turn over the loot" = progress
"Insist he explain his actions" = return to same options

"Pummel him in his stupid face" = "hitludin" flag set, unknown effect

"'No,' he says, unflinchingly. Mogr pulls you aside. 'He has no claim to the gold, but he takes no orders from us, either. Like it or not he's an equal. They'll repay us when this is over and you'll look the better for it.' Ludin folds his arms."
"Back down" = nothing
"Pummel him into the ground" = "hitludin" flag set, unknown effect

Mogr leans on a fallen tree, fiddling with a crust of bread. 'Getting colder,' he says, staring into the distance. You can see Ridgehorn just start to peek around the mountains. A flock of ravens float across a clear sky toward the fort. 'We should follow those birds.'"
All options lead to the same result

"'I'm sure you've seen them,' Mogr says, 'But we're being followed. Dredge have been on our asses since we left the godstone. Lots of them. I'm sure there's plenty in front of us, too, but we're just half a day out from thick woods. We might lose them there.'"
"No, stop and get everyone ready for a fight" = War
"We'll lose them" = nothing
"Good, more slags to kill" = War

"You call Mogr around."
"Any ideas, Mogr?" = Progress
"We're going to wait them out" = danger+1 & same as option 1
(no time actually passes if selected first, bug?)
"Get the others ready to fight" = danger-1 & War

"You consider your options."
"Fight your way out as usual" = danger-1 & War
"Wait and see if they disperse" = danger+1 & day+1 & return to same options
"Create a forest fire as a distraction" = danger-4 & War
"Draw them into the woods and set them on fire" = varl-35 & fighters-8 & yrsadied & no combat
"Lure them into the woods without the fire" = varl-20 & yrsadied & no combat
"Lure them into the woods" = danger+1 & varl-10 & War

"Mogr stands over the bodies of the man and woman. 'Think the slag came up here for those two?' asks Mogr, waving his bloodied weapon their direction."
All options lead to the same result

"Maybe they knew something about what's happening. If he's going to tell us anything we need to get out of here alive."
All options lead to the same result

"If varl fall... if =anyone= falls fighting here, they'll be left behind."
"I'll take that risk. Let's make a plan." = Fight your way out
"We wait for now. Let's make this place defensible." = leads to: "I'm leaving! Freeze to death in this tomb if you like."
"Ludin, what would you do?" = Progress

"If you've still got any sense we'll get out now before they bury the rest of us."
"Ok. Let's prepare to fight" = Fight your way out
"I disagree. We need rest if we're going to make it out of this." = Progress
"Shall I have varl carry you on their shoulders as well?" = Progress

"I'm leaving! Freeze to death in this tomb if you like."
"Go, then." = Progress with a little extra dialogue
"Be reasonable for once, Ludin." = Progress
"Knock him out" = This is the only way you will be able to rest AND keep Ludlin alive, but you can still choose to fight right away regardless

"I think he's really going to try it. Do we let him?"
If you do not take: "We're leaving, too. Just wanted to show him who's in charge." Ludlin, Bersi, and Yrsa will die

"'We'll set up a watch,' says Mogr, 'Who knows what the dredge will do in the meantime. Might try to starve us out or wear us down. Might try to hide their numbers. What do you want to do?'"
"Keep as many on watch as possible" = nothing (if you rest too long then varl-3)
"Focus on getting everybody rested and ready" = danger-2 & morale+15 (if you rest too long then BATTLE)
"Try to get a better count on the dredge" = morale+15 (if you rest too long then danger-1)

"We're ready. What's our approach?"
"Bait the dredge into attacking and wear them down" = danger+1 then "Charge!" for Battle or "Pull back!" to return to same options
"Break through the front lines and don't stop" = danger+2 & Battle
"Send the shieldbangers forward and fight defensively" = Battle
"Go all out, strike hard and drive them off" = danger+3 & Battle
"Send a diversion to draw their attention and escape"+"Find others, Mogr, but not you" = morale-10 & danger-2
"Send a diversion to draw their attention and escape"+"I know you will." = mogrdied & no combat

*Remember to equip all items on characters before going into this last fight of Chapter 3; Gunnulf and Fasolt are the best characters to equip items on since they will make the items available to Rook's caravan the soonest

"You're almost free of this nightmare. What to do?"
"Rush to his aid and jump back into battle" = Battle
"Take his advice and escape while you can" = mogrdied & no combat
"Get out of here" = no combat
"Leave no dredge alive" = danger-2 & Battle
4 - Lest They Not Come Home
"Saw it myself. Ekkill wasn't a captain, look at him."
All options lead to the same result, option 1 gives a little extra dialogue

"If you take me with you."
All options lead to the same result, option 3 gives extra dialogue

"That might solve a few problems."
"It's worth the risk." = onefjoins & progress
"If we're lucky I'll get a chance to put a dagger in Ekkill." = onefjoins & progress (same as above)
"No deal. Shut him up and let's get out of here." = onefdied & ekkilldied

"Onef leads you to an inconspicuous building. 'This is them,' he says to the handful of guards inside, who lower their weapons. In a concealed basement you find an enormous store of food and sundries. 'Grab what you can,' he mutters."
"Make multiple trips to take everything" = Battle & supplies+140 & fighters+35 & Shepersky Stone (this item is ridiculously good on a tank like Egil, unfortunately getting to this point means Egil WILL die in your playthrough)
"Take what you can and get out" = supplies+80 & fighters+32
"Take what you can and destroy the rest" = supplies+80 & fighters+32

"We're already here!"
"This is the last time" = Battle & peasants+22
"Cut our losses. It's time to go." = nothing
"What choice do we have?" = return to same options

"The building has been wrecked, but the people inside are ok. They shower you with thanks and head to the rest house to join your caravan. A mother asks you desperately if you would come with her, where she remembers seeing her son when they were separated. Iver huffs and stares you down."
"Show us where." = Battle & peasants+35
"I'm sorry, we can't..." = nothing

"In the distance you think you hear shouts. From further up on the hill a group of people saw you fighting the dredge and are calling to you. Nobody else seems to have noticed."
"Head in their direction" = Progress
"Pretend you didn't hear anything" = nothing

"'Sorry, Iver,' you say, heading toward the shouts. His irritation is palpable. You find a group of people around a pile of rubble and a dead dredge. 'There's a man under there,' they tell you, but they haven't been able to move the massive stones. All eyes turn toward the varl."
"You can do this, Iver." = Battle without Iver & peasants+39 & Calabilla(This item works well on Eyvind when he joins you, but it gets replaced quickly by an even better item for him)
"Nobody could be alive under there..." = nothing (text says villagers come back with you, but none are added, bug?)

*Again do NOT buy any supplies here

"Whatever is happening inside the city, it's clear these men are desperate to get out. You're not sure you trust them but a host of experienced fighters might be worth the risk."
"Let them join" = fighters+35 & renown+10 & supplies+30 & onefjoins
"What's happening in the city?" = return to same options
"Doesn't feel right. Send them away."/"Refuse them" = progress

"Alette gets your attention, quietly saying 'Come on, dad. We don't need to do this... they don't want to fight.'"
"We can't trust them. Attack!" = Battle & onefdied & ekkilldied
"Ok, come along. Betray us and regret it." = fighters+35 & renown+10 & supplies+30 & onefjoins (same as above)

RANDOM EVENT (you really NEED the Farmstead to proc here unless you took Onef with you)

"The news spreads throughout the clansmen like wildfire. 'Ekkill? Why would he...' starts Oddleif. 'Unless he's after you, Onef.' 'He's insane,' interjects Onef. 'And unpredictable. That's a good number of fighters with him.' Your mind races considering what to do."
"Outpace him" = morale-5 & return to same options
Otherwise, all options lead to the same result

"What kind of man are you?"
All options lead to the same result, options 1 or 4 give a little extra dialogue

"I'm not above begging."
"Take Ekkill and his men as prisoners" = ekkillprisoners
"Abandon them in the wastes"
-"I'll only take them as prisoners" = ekkillprisoners
-"They can join us on our own terms" = ekkilljoins & fighters+45 & morale-5
-"This is how it has to be" = morale-10 & ekkilldied
"Ask Onef his opinion"
-"Take Ekkill and his men as prisoners" = ekkillprisoners
-"Leave them in the wastes" = "Abandon them in the wastes"
-"Let Ekkill join you, on strict terms" = ekkilljoins & fighters+45 & morale-5
"Kill Ekkill on the spot"
-"I'll only take them as prisoners" = ekkillprisoners
-"They can join us on our own terms" = ekkilljoins & fighters+45 & morale-5
-"This is how it has to be" = morale-15 & ekkilldied
"Let them join you, on strict terms" = ekkilljoins & fighters+45 & morale-5
*If taken prisoners, Ekkill's men are never added to the caravan, bug?

"They welcome the caravan, mingling and swapping stories with the others while you rest. They have almost nothing of value to trade, but their leader approaches and offers to let you join in their tribute."
"Accept their offer"/"Try it yourself" = Gullinfyri(lvl 3 item: +15% chance 2x Strength damage)(This item is great on characters that can hit more than once each turn, like Hogun or Mogun)
"Ask what this tribute involves" = return to same options
"Politely decline and move on"/"Decline and move on" = nothing
"See if anyone in the caravan is interested" = nothing
"Decline and inspect the godstone before leaving" = nothing, but with additional dialogue

"The next time you look back, Oddleif is firing arrows into the air, which nearly tag the birds once or twice. 'Get lost, no dead down here!' she shouts to nobody in particular."
"What are you doing?" = nothing
"Let her get out some aggression" = nothing
"Ask her to stop wasting arrows" = nothing
"Join her in shooting at the vultures" = morale+5

"'You know,' says Oddleif, scanning the caravan, 'A lot of these women, they could do this.' You can tell from the look in her eyes she's excited about the idea. 'I think I'm going to start training them how to fight,' she says."
"Encourage Oddleif to train the women" = enables a good event later on
"Try to keep her expectations in check" = enables a good event later on (same as above)

"Tell her you think it's a bad idea" = niddied



"Rook, what brings you around?"
Option 3 ends the conversation so pick 1 or 2

"I'm glad for all of this."
All options lead to the same result, but option 3 give better flavor text

*BUY ALL the supplies here, you will need 19 Renown to do so


4 - Cont'd
"You haven't seen Alette for much of the day. When you do find her, she's returning to camp alone from a fair distance away, looking rather sullen. She keeps her eyes on the ground as you approach."
"Ask her what's going on" = progress
"Sit quietly beside her" = progress

"Give her some space" = nothing

"'I feel like things are changing so quickly,' she eventually confides. 'It's not just that. Everything is going so =wrong=. I've been talking to Ekkill a lot...' This gets your attention."
For the greatest amount of dialogue take: "Stay away from him. He's dangerous."

"'He told me how he and Onef are kin. Ekkill had a sister who married Onef, but she died a long time ago. They've been bound since, but then Onef left without him. Just left him behind without a word. That's why he came after us.'"
"Don't trust that man." = nothing
"I don't care what he says, stay away." = morale-5
-"Drop the issue" = nothing
-"Confront Ekkill" = confrontekkill
"Confirm Ekkill's story" = progress
"Threaten Ekkill immediately" = confrontekkill

"'So, I left him in Frostvellr,' he continues. 'He'd be fine one day, ready to kill his own men the next. Sometimes he would. I'd make the same decision tomorrow.'"
"Tell Onef to keep him away from Alette" = nothing
"Let the issue drop" = nothing
"Confront Ekkill" = confrontekkill

"But they follow because of Alette."
"Just stay away from her" = nothing
"I know what you're doing. Keep out of my business." = nothing
"I know my daughter" = nothing

"Never should have brought you along. (kill Ekkill)" = ekkilldied

"'Perhaps they'll bring us luck,' you overhear, and before long the caravan has become obsessed with gathering the shining scales."
"Let the caravan take their time" = day+2 & progress
"Cut them off after a reasonable amount of time" = morale-10
"Leave now, before this gets out of hand" = nothing

"By the end of the second day, the scavenger hunt still continues unabated, and even you are starting to feel something in the back of your mind, like you need to have one of the scales. You shake it off, uncertain whether to let this continue."
"Get the caravan out of here" = nothing
"Let them continue the task" = day+1 & Godscale(lvl 5 item: +3 Armor, +1 drawing Aggro)

"A group of men from the caravan approach. 'Listen here,' says one, 'Practice all your want, my wife isn't fighting dredge!' The other men agree in chorus. 'We don't want to see a battlefield full of dead wives and daughters!'
"Encourage Oddleif to train even more archers" = morale+10 & peasants-25 & fighters+25
"Stand by the women becoming fighters" = morale+10 & peasants-35(bug?) & fighters+25
"I'm having second thoughts, Oddleif" = morale-5 & niddied


"Not them."
All options lead to the same result

"You spend the rest of the day recovering. Varl come and go in packs and most of the chatter is about the quake that just sank mountains into the earth, or the dredge that are still on their way. You hear rumors that a massive chasm opened where the earth split."
"Inspect the godstone" = Farthingjörd(lvl 4 item: +3 Armor Break)
"Suggest leaving immediately" = nothing
"See what other news you can pick up" = nothing

*There are invisible hardcoded events here that boost your morale by +50 and then several +15's so that you will always end up with at least a high "normal" morale even if you bottomed out your morale getting here


*Buy ALL the supplies here, you will need 40 Renown to do so

*From here on 3:1 supplies are a judgment call, I didn't need them but you might; it is also a good idea to rest until you have great morale here - probably 3 extra days

"The mender walks past great companies of varl on the way to the bridge. A tall, thin creature stands there, two black spears over its shoulders, ringed by dredge. The varl have backed away in fear. Eyvind stops before the stilt-legged figure. Suddenly Iver is beside you."
  • "We should help him." = leads to: "You expect Iver to refuse, but instead he locks eyes with you. "Listen to me, Rook," he says. "You will probably die here, and so will everyone else who steps on that bridge. Look at your daughter. Are you prepared for that?"
  • "What is that thing?" = leads to: "'A Stonesinger,' mutters Iver. 'As close as the dredge come to menders of their own. I've only seen one before. It didn't go well."
  • "Say nothing" = leads to: "Tension crackles between the two on the bridge, almost more than figuratively. You look to Iver, who is intently focused on the scene unfolding. Iver does nothing... at first. Then he says "I'm going down there."

"'A Stonesinger,' mutters Iver. 'As close as the dredge come to menders of their own. I've only seen one before. It didn't go well."
  • "We should do something." = leads to: "You expect Iver to refuse, but instead he locks eyes with you. "Listen to me, Rook," he says. "You will probably die here, and so will everyone else who steps on that bridge. Look at your daughter. Are you prepared for that?"
  • "Can Eyvind win this?" = leads to: "I don't know. Think we'll find out."
  • "Continue to watch" = leads to: "Tension crackles between the two on the bridge, almost more than figuratively. You look to Iver, who is intently focused on the scene unfolding. Iver does nothing... at first. Then he says "I'm going down there."

"I don't know. Think we'll find out."
  • "We should help him" = leads to: "You expect Iver to refuse, but instead he locks eyes with you. "Listen to me, Rook," he says. "You will probably die here, and so will everyone else who steps on that bridge. Look at your daughter. Are you prepared for that?"
  • "We'd only get ourselves killed trying to help" = leads to: "Probably," is Iver's response. He is intently focused on the scene unfolding. Then he says "I'm going down there."
  • "Say nothing" = leads to: "Tension crackles between the two on the bridge, almost more than figuratively. You look to Iver, who is intently focused on the scene unfolding. Iver does nothing... at first. Then he says "I'm going down there."

"Probably," is Iver's response. He is intently focused on the scene unfolding. Then he says "I'm going down there."
  • "Join him" = leads to: "You expect Iver to refuse, but instead he locks eyes with you. "Listen to me, Rook," he says. "You will probably die here, and so will everyone else who steps on that bridge. Look at your daughter. Are you prepared for that?"
  • "Stop him" = return to same options
  • "Do nothing" = Hakon fights with Iver

"Tension crackles between the two on the bridge, almost more than figuratively. You look to Iver, who is intently focused on the scene unfolding. Iver does nothing... at first. Then he says "I'm going down there."
Same options and results as the previous "Probably," one

"You expect Iver to refuse, but instead he locks eyes with you. "Listen to me, Rook," he says. "You will probably die here, and so will everyone else who steps on that bridge. Look at your daughter. Are you prepared for that?"
"You're not doing this alone." = Rook fights with Iver
"No... I'm not." = Hakon fights with Iver
5 - Weary the Weight of the Sun
"Who are you?"
All options lead to the same result

What are you? What is your purpose?"
All options lead to the same result, "I cannot remember" is the longest option

Do you truly not know?"
All options lead to the same result, "The gods are dead" gives extra dialogue

"If I remember Yngvar well enough, he hasn't told you why he faced down Bellower, did he?"
All options lead to the same result, option 2 gives the most extra dialogue

"But why are you here, Rook? Be brief."
All options lead to the same result, option 1 gives the most extra dialogue

"If you have nothing else to say get out of my damned hall!"
All options lead to the same result, option 2 gives the most extra dialogue

"'Are you ready?' he asks."
"We're ready." = Battle
"Not yet. I need to prepare." = nothing

"'What are you doing?!' shouts Fasolt. Several more varl join him. Eyvind is locked on his task, another lightning strike sending rubble into the air. 'Stop!' shouts Fasolt, drawing his weapon. The others follow suit, ready to attack."
"Defend Eyvind" = Battle & blewitup
"Surrender to the varl" = nothing (fasoltdied is never set here, but he comes back in BS2 even if the flag is set in BS1, bug?)

"'Fair enough,' Fasolt admits. 'I'm not going to argue against putting you on the bridge,' he says, 'But we've got plenty of wounded here as well if you can work a needle.'"
"We'll fight on the bridge" = Battle & day+1
"We can treat the wounded" = day+1
"Make an excuse to get out of this" = nothing

"'What's the plan here?' you ask with concern. 'I just do what Jorundr tells me,' replies Fasolt, 'And right now we're killing every dredge on that bridge, so throw in or piss off. If you don't want to fight, help me clear bodies off the bridge. Our warriors are getting choked up around them.'"
"Fight again on the bridge"/"Fight on the bridge" = Battle & day+1
"Help remove the bodies" = day+1 & egildied
"Excuse yourself and leave" = nothing

"As you approach on the third day the warriors are in more disarray than usual. 'Where's Fasolt?' you ask one of the passing varl. 'Didn't make it,' he replies. Dredge are nearly at the mouth of the bridge, barely held back. Your mind starts to wander into dark places."
As soon as you use the bridge the 3rd time, the flag "fasoltdied" is set, but you have to fight on the bridge a 3rd time if you want the Diplomacy achievement - In TBS2 Fasolt comes back regardless

"'I know... they haven't been very cooperative.' He looks you in the eyes. 'But we can't take this lightly. Do we really abandon them to history?'"
"They made their choice." = varl+38 & morale-30 & krumrdied & fasoltdied
"We'll extend the offer, but we have to go." = krumrdied & fasoltdied
"I'll reconsider." = nothing
6 - Of Our Bones the Hills


*When Ubin joins you he brings 40 supplies, 15 fighters, & 5 varl with him

"'Dredge that way, too?' grimaces Eyvind. The Summer Path leads straight to Sigrholm, while taking the main road will add several days. 'They're every way by now,' replies Ubin. 'I suggest we go around, past Haukstorp.'"
"Send scouts to see how dangerous the Summer Path looks" = fighters-1 & return to same options
"Start cutting a path through the dredge" = War (you ought to fight once since it is free renown)
"Go around, past Haukstorp" = renown+5

"No matter how many have fallen there seem to be more around the next bend. 'This is folly,' says Iver, flicking dark blood from his axe. 'I'm not one to retreat, but we should turn back.'"
"Again! We're already this far." = War & morale-10 & hogundied
"We tried... back to the main road." = nothing

"'Rook!' shouts Iver. 'It's time to go!' More dredge have emerged in the distance from the deep crag that cuts across the Summer Path."
"No, we can do this! One more time!" = morale-5
"Dammit! Hurry, get out of here!" = nothing


"You enter a village of miners, who want to know what has been happening recently between the rumblings of the quake and sightings of dredge in the distance. As you look around you see a lot of elderly and children, and know that these people will only be more mouths to feed."
"Encourage them to join you" = peasants+112
"Let them make their own decision" = peasants+68
"Don't expand the caravan further" = morale-10

*Buy up all the supplies here at a great price, will need 5 renown to do so

saga1\convo\part6\cnv_pop_bowmaster.json.z Nid becomes available regardless of choices
"Nid, the archery student of Oddleif's, who you recall deftly shooting a snow rabbit, is firing arrows down the hill. Another dredge topples. 'That's incredible,' says Oddleif, squinting. 'But we should get out of here.'"
"Odd's right. Let's go." = nothing
"Return to the village looking for survivors" = Battle & day+1 & morale+20 & peasants+21
"Hold on, let her do a few more." = morale+10


"'I almost wonder if we should rest here for the night,' says Iver, who seems to have noticed the same thing. With all the snow around it, dredge might not even be able to find us.'"
"Stay here overnight" = morale+20 & day+1 & progress
"Inspect the godstone but move on afterward" = nothing
"Get back to the road without stopping" = morale+5

"As the camp settles in you notice a group of boys huddled around something. They show you an offering box, carved into the godstone itself. The box is an elaborate construction of interlocking pieces which slide around when touched. 'We can't get it open,' they tell you. 'It's like a puzzle.'"
"Try to open it" = progress
"Leave it and get some rest" = morale+10 & day+1

"The boys take turns working out the puzzle and give you tips when it's your turn, though you don't seem to make much progress. Eventually they leave to sleep until it's just you and a couple of other determined youngsters."
"Give up and go to sleep" = day+1 & morale+5 & Puzzle box of the Twin Rivers(lvl 4 item: 1 Willpower per Turn, +3 Willpower) (This item is excellent on Eyvind)
"Keep working on the puzzle box" = day+1


"In the distance Haukstorp smolders like an old campfire. Even from here you can see black figures shambling through it.'That looks like a dead town,' remarks Iver, confirming your impressions. 'There's usually survivors,' Oddleif reminds you."
"Check it out, just in case" = day+1 & Battle & peasants+1
"There's no time. Keep moving." = nothing


"'Should we be worried about that?' you ask Iver, pointing to the dredge body. 'I don't think so,' he replies. 'Still, couldn't hurt to have a few guards look around.' Hours pass without warning."
"Inspect the godstone" = morale+10 & progress
"Pack up and move on" = progress

"Iver, you knew! Why? Why didn't you say something?"
All options lead to the same result

"For a long time nobody says a thing until a child breaks the silence. 'What do we do with the baby?' she asks. A lump forms in your throat, looking at the small obsidian creature squirming before you."
"Put it to a vote" = nothing
"Insist on taking it with the caravan" = morale-10 & Vadrun Silver Brooch(lvl 3 item: 1 Strength Deflected) & dredgebaby
"Insist on leaving it behind" = nothing
"Stay out of this one" = morale-15 & dredgebaby

"=Both varl halt their debate when they suddenly notice you watching.="
All options lead to the same result

"Besides, I'm not convinced you're really older than me."
All options lead to the same result


*Rest once and...
"A scuffle has broken out in front of the houses. 'Thief!' shouts one of your people as a group of strangers flee from your camp. Oddleif is already running their direction. 'They took our supplies!' you hear from nearby."
"Chase the thieves" = supplies-17 & Battle (The battles give at least 10 renown which more than makes up for the lost supplies)
"Try to talk it out with the locals" = supplies-17 & Battle

"Tell the caravan to get ready to leave immediately" = supplies-5 & leave
"Ignore the theft and protect the caravan" = supplies-5

"A random assortment of people from the caravan confront you. "Listen," says one. "We don't feel safe here. I don't know anything about menders or whatever, but... we're going to leave and I hope you'll join us." Looks like a couple dozen people, farmers and fighters alike, feel the same way."
"Wish them well." = TODO
"Encourage them to stay." = TODO
"Refuse to let them leave." = TODO
"Join them and get ready to depart." = TODO

*It will take ~5 days so stock for at least 6 plus the lost supplies detailed below

"'Rook... wait, please,' Eyvind begs. 'She said she'd be here. We need her.' You can tell he's terrified of leaving, as though he'd be giving up on Juno."
All options lead to the same result

"'We've got problems,' says Iver. 'The whole place is flooded. We could try to walk the muddy parts, but it'll be slow going. We could try to float the caravan over the lake, but we might tip or get stuck. Or we could just go around the whole thing, but... no idea how long that'll take. What do you think?'"
"Attempt to ford the river" = day+2 & morale-15 & renown+5
"Caulk the wagons and float across" = supplies-20 & day-2(bug?)
"Pay some locals to help" = day+1 & morale+5 & suppies-25 & renown+10
"Detour around the flooding" = day+4 & morale-20 & renown+5


"How many strangers are in the caravan now?"
All options lead to the same result, option 2 gives a little extra dialogue

"After everything that happened at Einartoft?"
All options lead to the same result

"Let's be honest, they could take this caravan by force at any time, if they wanted to."
All options lead to the same result

"How does that make any damn sense?"
All options lead to the same result
6 - Cont'd
*Despite what the text says, I do not believe you lose any fighters, bug?
Why did Onef do this, Rook? He was talking to you right before it happened."
All options lead to the same result

"We have to be more careful. We can't just let anyone join the caravan anymore..."
All options lead to the same result, options 1 or 2 gives a little extra dialogue


*Buy up all the supplies here at a great price, will need 19 renown to do so



"In fact, in honor of Bjorulf, some of the caravan crack kegs of mead and wine before anyone can stop them. 'To the only god that matters!' they shout. Everyone drinks and you're glad for the merriment that has swept over the caravan."
"Inspect the godstone" = return to same options
"Join the merrymakers" = morale+40
"Join Hogun in collecting berries" = Tistelberry(lvl 2 item: +2 Willpower on Rest) & morale+15
"Get everybody ready to travel again" = morale+15


"The dredge heading your direction turn back, roaring, and begin to pound on the longhouse door. They seem to be holding a grudge against this particular person. You doubt the door will hold long."
"Leave quickly, while your luck holds" = sigbjorndied
"Rush to help" = Battle & progress
"Lead the dredge away" = Battle & sigbjorndied & morale+10 & renown+10

"What do we do with this guy?"
"We're not getting involved" = morale+10
"Anyone here is welcome to join us" = supplies+20 & renown+10 & Sigbjorn joins roster
"How much mead is left?" = supplies+20 & renown+10 & Sigbjorn joins (same as above)

*Un-equip Sigbjorn's Scarlet Feather(lvl 4 item: +2 Movement,-1 drawing Aggro) ASAP to keep it when he leaves

"'Ugh... what did I do?' Sigbjorn wakes in a pool of his own sick. 'Why am I surrounded by small people?' The other clansmen let him sleep off his drunken stupor on the ground and this morning he's paying the price."
"Help him recover" = supplies-1 & Bjorulf's Blessing(lvl 5 item: Knockback on Strength attacks of 3+, +1 Strength)
"Post some guards nearby, just in case" = nothing
"Leave and make sure he doesn't follow" = sigbjorndied


7 - The Slayer and the Slain
"If we're going to be standing a month from now we're going to have to be prepared."
All options lead to the same result, options 2 or 3 give extra dialogue

"You consider what you want to do now, knowing that any of these tasks will likely take a full day."
"Find a safe place for the caravan to stay" = day+1 (do this in the first two days or else)
-"Gather in the public rest house"

--"Leave some fighters to protect the house" = fighters-20 & renown+10
--"Elect to stay together in camps outside" = peasants-25 & supplies-33 & boerscaravanlost
--"Look for abandoned houses instead" = same as "Look for abandoned houses"
--"Stay here despite the risks" = peasants-25 & supplies-33 & boerscaravanlost
-"Make camp in an open space, keeping everyone together" = peasants-25 & supplies-33 & boerscaravanlost
-"Look for abandoned houses"
--"Leave some fighters to guard the houses" = morale+5 & fighters-20 & renown+10
--"Assign leaders in charge of each house" = renown+10 & morale+10
--"Help make the houses more defensible" = supplies-18
-"Put some people in charge and let them deal with it" = renown+10 & morale+10

"Join Iver in defending the walls" = day+1 & Battle & prevents losses for the day (can be repeated up to 4x)

"Find a source for supplies" = day+1
-"Track down the Ravens and see what they know"

--"Threaten him for holding out" = morale-5
--"Remind him innocent people will starve to death" = morale-5
--"Offer the mead you picked up in Reynivik" = morale+10 & supplies+70 & no flags are set so Sigbjorn will be fine
--"Scour the streets for anyone selling, instead" = same as "Scour the city for anyone willing to sell supplies" below
--"Shake down places that seem to be holding out" = same as "Shake down the places that seem to be holding out" below
-"Scour the city for anyone willing to sell supplies" = morale-5 & an offer unlocks
-"Shake down the places that seem to be holding out"
--"Resolve yourself to a fight" = morale-5 & an offer unlocks (same as above)
--"Appeal to their sense of decency" = morale-5 & an offer unlocks (same as above)
--"Leave before something goes wrong" = morale-5 & an offer unlocks (same as above)

-"Tell the caravan to start rationing tighter" = morale-15 & supplies+30

"Help down at the docks" = day+1 (only available on days 1 or 2)
-"Get volunteers involved in building the ships" = nothing, just changes flavor text in other events
-"Force everybody to work, taking shifts" = same as previous option but morale-5
-"Don't get the others involved for safety reasons" = nothing
-"Help by keeping the onlookers away" = morale-5

"Help look for the missing caravan people" = day+1 & morale-10 (requires boerscaravanlost)

"Investigate the riots down by the docks" = day+1 (available on days 3 or 4)
-"Fight alongside the Ravens" = morale-5
-"Get up on a roof and fire arrows into the crowds" = morale-10
-"Try to calm people down" = morale-15
-"Get all your clansmen out of there safely" = morale+5
-"Leave the fighting to the Ravens" = nothing

"Put Krumr in charge of leading the warriors" = day+1 & daily losses of fighters is reduced from then on

"Try to get some rest" = morale+5 & day+1 (can be repeated)

"Go with Oddleif to the location on the note"
-"Walk away" = day+1
-"What do you want?" = same as "Say nothing" below
-"Say nothing"

--"No deal. Sounds too easy." = day+1
--"Ok, we'll do it." = day+1 & Progress
--"Will we need weapons?" = day+1 & Progress

"You consider your next move."
"Try the door" = return to same options
"Announce yourselves" = return to same options

"Look for another entrance" = same as "Help Oddleif up onto the roof" below, but with more dialogue
"Break down the door, ready for a fight" = Battle & horn
"Help Oddleif up onto the roof"
-"Shake your head no" = return to same options
-"Give her the go ahead"
--"Keep the horn" = Ash Mead(lvl 5 item: 1 Willpower per Turn, +2 Strength)
--"Trade the horn back for food" = renown+20 & better price at the market
"Leave without the horn" = nothing

As long as it does not push her over 30, I recommend getting all kills on Oddleif (for this one event) since Rook might not be around for TBS2

*The best combination of options in Boersgard seems to be:
Day 1: Krumr
Day 2: Caravan
Day 3: Supplies -> Unlock Offer
Day 4: Oddleif & Horn
If you are really hurting for supplies:
Day 1: Supplies -> Raven Trade
Day 2: Caravan
Day 3: Fight with Iver
Day 4: Fight with Iver
On day 5 you will get 315 supplies automatically

*If you lose too many fighters then this happens...

"You hear a loud crack from below. 'They're coming...' says Eyvind. He brings lightning down on the crowd of dredge but they regroup, relentlessly. The gates shudder and crack. 'What do we do?!' shouts Alette."
"Try to stop them at the gate" = krumrdied & danger+2 & Battle & peasants-112
"Protect your clansmen above all else" = krumrdied & danger-2 & Battle & peasants-5 & morale+10
"Alert the Ravens" = krumrdied & danger-1 & Battle & peasants-41 & morale+5
"Ambush them as they enter" = krumrdied & Battle & peasants-68 & morale+15

"She turns to you. 'Rook? Come with me. We'll return in two days, maybe less if you're as quick as you look. Tell anyone who needs to know.'"
All options lead to the same result

"Try to quickly wrench out the nearest chunk" = bad ending
"Climb higher where it may be easier to remove" = progress
"Go back and tell Juno you can't do it" = bad ending

"As you climb you can't help but notice the stony masks of dredge lined up before the godstone, like worshipers before an idol. Just a glimpse nearly immobilizes you. Your hand rests on a piece of silver that comes away easily. The dredge do not react."
"Look for another piece" = Stravhs' Whetstone(lvl 5 item: +20% chance 2x Strength damage)(This item is great on characters that can hit more than once each turn, like Hogun or Mogun)
"Don't press your luck, head back down" = nothing

"Is she really as powerful as he said?"
All options lead to the same result

"Let me do it."
All options lead to the same result, options 1 or 3 give a little extra dialogue

"I can do this. For once, let me decide... what happens to me."
"I know you can do it. Take the arrow." =
Alette is doomed to die & in TBS2: extra battle and achievement & renown+7 & fighters-3 & morale-15
"I'm sorry, Alette. No." =
Rook is doomed to die & in TBS2: day+1 & +1 Range -OR- the Mend Armor ability for Alette & renown+20 & supplies+9 & peasants+23 & morale+35 & Jokullhallr(lvl 6 item: +2 all talent ranks) & Ormhildr's Bangle(lvl 8 item: 20% Divert ARM Attacks, 10% Dodge STR Attacks, 1 STR Resist, 1 Armor)

*Geez, I wonder which choice the developers felt was the "right" one?
Random Events
21 of the following 27 events will proc in a given playthrough; 7 in Ch4 and 14 in Ch6

“Up ahead!” a scout shouts. “Some giant hall, but it’s empty.” You approach the structure but recognize none of the markings. The walls seem unsteady at best. “Finally, sleeping beneath a roof,” you overhear. Several families begin unpacking."
"We sleep in comfort tonight!" = peasants-11 & morale-10 (a typo prevents any loss of clansmen though, bug?)
"Keep everyone back until you're certain it's safe" = nothing
"It was abandoned for a reason. Leave it." = morale-10
"Look for any clues about why it was abandoned"
-"Sleep in the old hall" = peasant-11 & morale-10
-"It was abandoned for a reason. Leave it." = morale-10

"A woman’s stifled screams fail to overly concern anyone; it was only a matter of time before the expectant mother gave birth. The caravan is simply excited by this first sign of new life since the trip began."
"Call for a day of rest and celebration" = morale+20 & supplies-10 & renown+15 & day+1
"Congratulate the new parents privately" = morale+10 & renown+5
"Offer the family extra rations as gifts" = supplies-5 & morale+15 & renown+10
"Do nothing special, allowing the mother and child some peace" = morale+5 & renown+5

"It quickly becomes apparent that not everybody is where you last saw them, and a quick search of the area is not enough to recover all the missing clansmen."
"Make a thorough search for lost clansmen" = day+1 & peasants-21 & morale-5
"Ask volunteers to scout the immediate area" = day+0.5
-"Create a bonfire and wait for people to find you" = day+1 & peasants-32 & morale-15
-"Move on, saying a blessing for the lost" = peasants-42 & morale-15
-"Commit to an hour more searching before departing" = day+1 & peasants-32 & morale-15
"Make a bonfire and wait for missing members to return" = day+1 & peasants-32 & morale-15
"Move on, saying a blessing for the lost" = peasants-42 & morale-15
"Commit to an hour more searching before departing" = day+1 & peasants-32 & morale-15

"Ahead, you find what appears to be a good number of peasants surrounded by brigands. One of the armed men looks over his shoulder and says, 'Gods be damned, this is all I need. Listen! Don’t interfere and one of these supply wagons is yours.' While remaining silent, the peasants plead to you with their eyes."
"Accept the offer"/"Take the supplies and leave" = morale-10 & supplies+20
"Back away from these people or die"/"Draw your weapon" = Battle & supplies+22 & peasants+37
"What's going on here?" = return to same options

"Don't get involved at all" = nothing

"The sounds of a skirmish alert you to a varl surrounded by half a dozen armed fighters. One man spots you and shouts, “Leave us to our business! This varl killed my father without reason!” The varl is about to respond when a man attacks. The giant swats the blade aside and silently watches for the next assault."
"Defend the varl" = varl+1 & morale+5 & renown+5
"Let us hear what the varl has to say." = return to same options

"Return to the caravan without interfering"/"Let them settle their own dispute" = morale+5 & renown+5

"Harsh words from one mother to another draw the attention of the entire caravan. “My daughter marries Ragni, or no one! That reed-thin tramp you call a daughter won’t provide sons!” The insulted mother bares her teeth, ready to attack."
"Let the argument play out on its own" = morale-5
"Worry on marriage another time!" = morale-5
"Explain yourselves." = nothing
"Keep the women separated" = morale+5

“Murder, over a marriage? In these times? Something must be done!” The accused woman remains silent." = peasants-1
"Leave it to a vote" = peasants-3 & morale-5
"Try to discourage further violence" = peasants-2 & morale-10
"Investigate the death" = nothing
"Banish the accused and her daughter" = peasants-3 & morale-5

"A well-tended farm with plenty of livestock draws the caravan’s attention. Upon your arrival, the farmer and his workers stand defensively within plain sight, crude weapons at the ready. Their crossed arms make their thoughts clear without a word."
"Offer some kind of trade for the livestock" = return to same options
"Intimidate the farmer into giving you livestock"/"Threaten the farmer"/"Take the food by force" = supplies+36 & morale-10
"Come with us, it's not safe here." = return to same options

"Leave the farmers and their animals alone"/"Leave the farmer and his livestock alone" = morale-5

"As you're nodding off to sleep, shouts of “Fire!” pull you back to attention. Flames quickly consume a supply wagon and a few tents. A woman cries out, “My boy!” and points to a burning tent closest to the outlying varl. Two of the giants are motionless, staring at the spreading fire with terror in their eyes."
"Command the varl to help" = peasants-1 & morale-10 & supplies-28
"Organize the peasants to put out the fires" = morale-5 & supplies-16
"Go in after the boy yourself" = supplies-41
"Make an effort to save the rest of the supplies" = peasants-1 & morale-5

“Stop!” a resolute voice calls from somewhere in front of you. The surrounding terrain comes alive with armed fighters surrounding the caravan. “No need for bloodshed,” the leader says. “Leave a couple wagons and pretend you never even stopped here.”
"Attack immediately" = Battle
"How about you leave what you've got, instead." = morale+5 w/ Krumr -OR- Battle w/o Krumr
"Inform them about the coming dredge" = Battle
"Do what they ask" = supplies-20

"A scout returns with a nearly-frozen child. “I almost stepped on her in the snow. Looks like she must’ve been running from something,” he says. Patches of blue mottle her pale skin, but her chest rises and falls ever so slightly. 'Even just carrying her along could kill her in a state like this,' says a woman. 'We could be in danger here,' points out another."
"Keep moving, but let the healers tend to her" = morale-5
"Stop the caravan for a rest and tend to the girl" = morale+5 & day+1 & unlocks further events
"Stop and look for other survivors" = day+1 & unlocks further events

"Several women are talking expressively at the young girl found nearly frozen to death, now called Aukfrosta. The quiet child's face expresses quiet terror, aggressively jabbing at the dirt with a stick with which she clearly used to draw on the ground."
"Study Aukfrosta's drawings" = return to same options
"We don't need a panic, keep her from making a scene." = nothing
"Try to talk to Aukfrosta" = morale+5
"Leave the child alone" = morale-5

"Aukfrosta, the young girl who joined your caravan after being found nearly frozen, suddenly stands still, refusing to move. She points off to the side of the trail and stares, her eyes full of fear. 'This again?' remarks one of the clansmen nearby."
"Ignore her and move on" = danger+1 & peasants-66 & varl-16 & day+1 & fighters-21
"Show me."+"Lead a full party to ambush what you suspect might be dredge" = morale+20 & danger-1
"Stop the caravan and find an alternate route" = morale-5 & day+1
"Send scouts ahead to check, just in case" = morale-5 & fighters-19 & varl-8
Random Events Cont'd
No encouragement or tales of glory will lift the spirits of the caravan. “In the North, we have times like this,” says one of the varl. The other giants grin, raising tankards and horns of mead. “Skal!” they shout and make short work of their drinks, explaining that each person takes a drink when someone tells a story that is more miserable than the last. Others join them for the second round and mead is passed your way."
"Leave the others to their drinking game" = supplies-10 & morale+20
"This will only make things worse." = morale-5
"Join the giants in drinking" = supplies-10 & morale+30

“Someone’s been nicking extra goods from the supplies,” a concerned woman tells you. “Counted these myself yesterday, no mistake. This keeps up, we’ll all be starving before long.” = supplies-5
"Post a few extra guards to watch the supplies" = nothing
"Ask clansmen if they've seen anything suspicious" = morale-5
"Announce that any more missing supplies results in rationing" = morale-5
"Tell me if you see it again." = nothing

“More supplies missing!” the woman by a wagon says to you. “And look, tracks. Right here they look like children's footprints, but my husband and I followed them into the wilderness a ways. They meet up with some adult tracks. No telling how many.” = supplies-15
"Round up and question the children" = morale-5
"Question parents about their children" = nothing
"Send scouts to look for anyone following you" = nothing

"Have the children watched carefully" = locks out any possibility of recovering your supplies

"A boy has gone missing from the caravan, along with a good number of supplies. The boy’s younger brother begins to sob, “Some men in the woods made us. Said we had to give them food or they’d kill us, and don't tell nobody. My brother went over there,” he points." = supplies-20
"Lead a search party" = population-1
"Lead a war party" = supplies+20 (text says the boy was lost but no population change with this one, bug?)
"Try to make a trade for the boy" = morale-10 & population-1
"Send the younger brother and ambush them on the next trade" = morale+10 & supplies+30

"A gaunt man and woman approach the caravan, hands held high. “A word, friends,” the man says. “We are poor farmers, down on our luck...“ The woman hits him and says, “We’re outlaws, plain and simple. Ten of us and we’ll help you in a fight for some food up front.”
"Join us, but you'll be watched." = fighters+10 & supplies-3 & unlocks future BAD event, but whether that happens or not is also random
"What are your crimes?" = return to same options
"Send the outlaws away" = supplies-5

fighters-10 & supplies-15

"The caravan consists of more clansmen than you ever expected. Accusations of stolen chickens, missing heirlooms, and concerns over daughters’ virtues are the sorts of things you hear relentlessly. Even fighters complain of spreading too thin to protect everyone."
"Carry on and put up with it" = peasants-110 & fighters-22 & morale-10
"Try to address the major issues" = morale-5
"Try to keep people useful and too busy for petty squabbles" = supplies+15 & morale+10
"Form a council to handle these problems" = nothing
"Split the caravan" = morale+15 & supplies-10 & peasants-130 & fighters-20

"While walking, the words of a mother’s song reach you. It’s soothing, nuanced, and about your current journey. When she finishes, a man begins a tale of his own in verse. The woman quickly responds with another poem and the entire caravan slows to listen to the entertaining competition."
"Join the crowd and cheer on the competitors" = morale+20
"We need to stay vigilant." = nothing
"Ignore the poetry contest and keep an ear out for danger" = morale+10
"Join in with a verse of your own" = morale+25

“Well, I’ve seen better,” the old man says, peering into the supply wagons, “but I’ll join you.” He stands next to a fighter, throws his beard over his shoulder and puffs up his chest. The fighter grins and the stranger exhales, asking, “What are we waiting for? Lead the way!”
"We've already got enough mouths to feed" = nothing
"You're welcome to join if you can keep pace" = morale+5 & unlocks future GOOD event
"Who are you and what are you doing out here?" = return to same options

"Unnarr, the quirky old man with the leather headband says, “If there’s one thing I know better than women and mead, it’s…well…” He smiles. “Well, nothing. But I know when a group could use some help. Just nod and let old Unnarr make everything better. No questions now.”
"We'd appreciate any help." = supplies+20
"I'd rather not have any surprises" = nothing
"What are you talking about?" = nothing

"You consider how you want to approach this."
"Offer no food, but inform them of the dredge" = return to same options
"Ask them how they came to be here" = return to same options

"Fight with us and earn your food." = supplies-22
"Decline to help the strangers" = peasants-3 & supplies-6
"Offer them a few days worth of supplies" = supplies-10 & morale+10

"You notice most of the varl pacing while others sleep. Their brief conversations with each other and other clansmen grow shorter and sharper. “Go away!” roars one varl at a young girl asking him too many questions. All the clansmen stop and stare."
"Break the tension by making a joke" = morale+10
"I'm impressed you've kept it together this long" = morale-5
"Send the varl ahead in the caravan to put some space between you" = morale+10
"What is wrong with you?" = morale+10

"Some clansmen have discovered a large patch of wild fruit. When you approach, you see some people have begun to sample them. A mother frets about whether they’re safe after overhearing one of the children say that it tastes funny. Others start gathering by the basketful."
"Take a bite yourself" = supplies+12 & morale+5
"Discourage them from eating the fruit" = supplies+5
"Observe someone who already ate some" = return with same options
"Offer a piece to one of the animals in the caravan"= return with same options, but after taking this option "Gather as much as you can" changes to only supplies+5(bug?)
"Gather as much as you can" = supplies+16

"A trail of blood leads to a clearing where you find a large, wounded varl. He is gnawing on his shield, swearing at no one in particular, and occasionally slamming his cudgel on the ground. If not for the heavy bleeding, you’d leave this one alone without a second thought."
"Leave food and medicine and walk away" = varl+1 & renown+10 (no supplies are actually used, bug?)
"We can help if you want it." = nothing
"Try to have healers tend to his wounds" = peasants-2 & morale-10
"Abandon the varl and move on" = morale+5


Here is a link to a "perfect game" savefile. It is just before you pick Rook or Alette to carry the Silver Arrow at the end of the game, but it has a kill count balance that puts Rook at 0 and almost everyone else at 24 kills each. I edited the file to refund all renown spent on leveling (and the levels too) so you can level everyone however you like in TBS2. I also edited the file to have every possible item except the one you can only get inside Frostvellr. I justify this change since you could have gotten most of them for free if only each and every 2nd wave war fight would guarantee an item drop instead of it being just a random rare chance. This file does NOT include Ekkill in it, but it does have Egil - I felt that making that edit was a bridge too far, but feel free to add him in yourself if you want.

I include this link for anyone that already finished TBS1, but lost their savefile and want one to import into TBS2. I've added in my to that folder so you can either import it straight into TBS2 with Alette as your main character or use the in TBS1 to pick Rook instead.
All of the bugs mentioned above are fixed in Yak's Unofficial Patch, which you can download here:

You can also find my cheat mod here:

If you liked this guide, also check out my guide for TBS2 here:

GhoX has also started a guide for TBS3 which can be found here:

If you have any constructive critismism or helpful comments - I welcome such feedback.
Or if you have any questions I'll do my best to help out.
Otherwise thank you for taking a look at my guide. :)
And remember to rate and favorite this guide if you found it helpful :D
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Drake Ravenwolf  [author] Apr 7 @ 10:53am 
those are the consequences, yes
Magic A. I. Apr 7 @ 10:45am 
With the same exact choice?
Drake Ravenwolf  [author] Apr 7 @ 8:43am 
it leads to the results detailed below that as "End Chapter in Frostvellr"
Magic A. I. Apr 7 @ 8:27am 
"We'll fend for ourselves. Inside Frostvellr." = End Chapter in Frostvellr

What exactly does that option lead to?
ShonaNingyo Apr 6 @ 12:56pm 
It really sucks that you get next to nothing for saving Rook for BS2. I care about him far more than Alette, and his Melee/Range + his special ability is so much better than Alette's for my playstyle.
Drake Ravenwolf  [author] Jan 30 @ 5:15pm 
The results are bad, end game or characters dying
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Anyone else curious about the results for the "do not take" options? What happens if I decline the favor :D
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I'm not seeing anything here for the chat in camp with Egil in Chapter 2.
Oh well, I guess I can't follow a guide for everything.
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I noticed you can farm kills in training so I think I am just going to do that instead of trying to get even kills throughout the game I will just get everyone to 30 near the end. Going to level up everyone in Hakon's campaign as much as possible and not level anyone in Rook's campaign and see how it works out.
Drake Ravenwolf  [author] Sep 17, 2021 @ 12:07pm 
Because they carry over