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The Settlers of Catan + Expansions (Scripted)
Number of Players: 3, 4, 4+
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May 30, 2016 @ 8:20am
Jun 21, 2018 @ 12:17pm
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The Settlers of Catan + Expansions (Scripted)

The Settlers of Catan including the Seafarers, Cities & Knights and Traders & Barbarians expansions playable with 3 - 6 players. This mod is fully scripted with many convenient functions. No map building is required, all you have to do is press a button for the scenario you want to play.

  • Contains the basic game, the Seafarers expansion, Cities & Knights, Traders & Barbarians and many mini-expansions
  • Ready to play: Press 1 button and go
  • Beginner friendly: Includes handy rule books for the basic game and for all expansions
  • Rolled number chips are highlighted
  • Auto deal: Resource cards can be dealt automatically for even more convenience
  • Automatic score keeping (also for special rules in all Seafarers scenarios)
  • Random number distribution will avoid red numbers next to each other
  • Automated clean-up: At the end of a turn or the push of a button spent resource cards are put back into their decks
  • Included mini expansions:
    • Catan Event Cards
    • Harbormaster
    • Welfare Variant
    • The Fishermen of Catan
    • Frenemies
    • The Helpers of Catan
    • Treasures, Dragons & Discoverers
  • Almost all expansions can be combined
  • Easy placement: Snapping points will align your Settlements/Cities/Roads/Ships

Basic Catan
Select the base game layout without Cities & Knights enabled to play a classic Settlers of Catan game.

Seafarers Expansion
To play with the Seafarers Expansion, simply select one of the Seafarers scenarios. For most scenarios there are different layouts for 3, 4 and 5-6 players. The option you choose only affects the layout/size - you can play any layout with 2 - 6 players.

Cities & Knights
You can enable the Cities & Knights expansion on the first page of the control panel. You can also combine it with Seafarers scenarios.
Cities & Knights changes and adds a lot of game mechanics. I suggest to play your first few Cities & Knights games only on the base game layout (i.e. without Seafarers). The official beginners map for C&K is loaded when you start an unrandomized base game with Cities & Knights enabled - use this for your first C&K game(s).

Traders & Barbarians
This expansion includes a collection of mini expansions (see below) and 4 campaigns that work with the basic game and other scenarios. They add some new functions and objectives to the classic Settlers rules. The campaigns have been moved to a separate mod:

Explorers & Pirates
The latest expansion contains 5 scenarios and focuses very much on discovery and special missions. The scenarios slowly add content to the game making it very easily accessible if you already know the rules of the base game. It is a available as a separate mod in the Steam workshop:

Mini Expansions
Catan Event Cards
This expansion replaces the dice with cards to determine the production in the turn. This makes the productions "rolls" less random and adds some additional events to many turns.

Adds more incentive to establish settlements at harbors by giving players a victory point bonus for having settlements on harbors.

Welfare Variant
Unofficial variant to help balance the game. Whenever a player does not receive a resource during a turn, they will instead get a welfare coin. They can exchange these coins for resources with the exchange rate being linked to their current victory points.

The Fishermen of Catan
Adds fishing grounds around Catan that will produce fish for you. Fish can be redeemed for various advantages.

Earn guild favors by helping players who are lagging behind in victory points or by being friendly.

The Helpers of Catan
This expansion adds some of the progress card / city upgrade functions from Cities & Knights to the basic game and Seafarers without adding all the additional complexity of Cities & Knights.

Adds oil as a very useful resource. It is important to use it responsibly however since an excessive use will lead to the ruin of Catan.
More information:

Treasures, Dragons & Discoverers
This expansion adds 6 new scenarios for Seafarers and Cities & Knights. The scenario rules are described in the Seafarers rule book (the blue one).
If you like these scenarios you should also take a look at the Catan Universe for more scenarios and likeminded players:

Additional tools
A collection of additional (hopefully) helpful tools that can be spawned in by the host and used with this mod can be found here:

Credits & Thanks
He did much of the graphic design for this mod - including the table background, control panel, building cost cards and the phenomenal Cities & Knights city upgrade cards.

Zero3ffect -
Many of the textures for the base game are based on Zeroeffects wonderful scans.
Also the models for Cities, Settlements, Roads and number tokens were created by him.

Buugug -
We based the layout of the table background layout on Buugug's version.

I do not own any of the assets of Settlers of Catan nor am I associated with KOSMOS or Catan Studio Inc. The assets are owned by KOSMOS and Catan Studio Inc.
If you like the game, please support the company by purchasing it. It is absolutely worth it - if you like the TTS version you'll love the physical one! It is even more fun to trade lumber for bricks with your friends and family ;-)

If you like the mod and want to brighten my day, you can give the mod a thumbs up. If you have any questions or suggestions or found a bug, you can let me know in the comments. I'm happy to improve and fix things on the mod :-)
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ggumjo Dec 10 @ 1:36am 
good game
^3The ^0Wash^3ing ^0Up Dec 3 @ 6:35am 
Does this have the Historical/Scenario packs?
Thrakdain Jul 1 @ 10:46am 
Cards in my own hand just have a greyed out version of the back on the front, have I missed something?
alvinoconvino Apr 24 @ 3:32am 
Very complete and easy to use. Great work here. :2017catheart:
PapaJon Jan 31 @ 7:01pm 
By any chance is there a way to get the barbarian ship scripted as well? One of my friends has a version of it where its scripted but I cant seem to find it any info would be appreciated :)
AgusTIN Jan 23 @ 5:02am 
Hey Huffel, I love all the Catan stuff you did. It's amazing, thanks a lot! Though something I tell you, the Trade Response doesn't work so you might want to check it out. Instead of typing the text it should type, it just says "Type Here"
Fletty Jan 6 @ 2:29pm 
It is possible to not show the value of harbours when they are faced down? When you place the harbours you see the value before you place it.
=AJSA= Giver of Will Dec 29, 2018 @ 6:23pm 
any chance ofyou uplaoding the Mayan verison of it?
Mario Ad Noman Dec 20, 2018 @ 11:47am 
I believe somebody flipped the table by mistake and the host put it back in, after that and when someone "won" we noticed the points weren't working
I will try to play again and see if it happens again!