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Chaos - Legendary Edition
By Bloodlust
General Guide on how to beat Chaos on Legendary difficulty! Simple and easy!
Welcome to the easiest way to beat Chaos on Legendary!

To start off lets go through the Lords

Archaon - Eh, casting spells is nice and all but it is always very hit or miss and are generally not effective if you don't risk the well being of your own units and also a waste if you aren't willing to take the risk!

Prince Sigvald - Don't touch him. EVER. The Bulbasaur of the three.

Kholek - Our bread and butter. Can become literally unkillable and very powerful! PICK HIM!

Here is what your skill build will be

Route Marcher - Tribes of Chaos 3 (VERY IMPORTANT) - Ruination 1 - Unholy Resilience - Lightning Strike 1

Lightning Strike is VERY important. It allows you to take out 2+ stacks of enemies by singling them out and taking advantage of your much stronger Chaos units.

Lord of the Storm - Eye of the Gods - Thick Skinned 3 - Storm Rage (literally unkillable) - Hard to Hit 1 -Foe Seeker - Scarred Veteran 3 - Wound maker 1 - Deadly Onslaught - Wound maker 3 - Hard to Hit 3

After that Max out your defensive skills first and then what ever you like after.

This build makes Kholek a beast and with proper items gets his Warding up to 65%+ and makes him very powerful.

Literally rush him in first every fight to take away a good 1/4 of the enemies overall melee/ranged units and allow for your giants or shaggoths to swoop in and clean up
Starting Turns & After
Follow this to the tee and you will have no problem except for if you get unlucky and get rushed. Which will usually happen.

Turn 1


Towards Baerlingsons, ensure you leave enough to encamp


Upgrade City


2 Mauraders

Turn 2


Attack and Sack the camp

Turn 3


Attack and Awaken the Tribe, move towards Frozen Landing ensuring you encamp


Upgrade City


2 Mauraders

Turn 4


Attack and sack Frozen Landing

Turn 5 - 9001

Repeat turn 4 until you are no longer able to. Doing this levels up Kholek and gives you plenty of time to get to Chaos Giants.

Once you have Chaos Giants up, start to move along the northern coast. You will then awaken and then SUBJUGATE all of the tribes (Declare war and attack again to allow for this after awakening) If you are ever given the option to only subjugate take it as that means it is the last of that tribes cities and you may not be able to awaken them without warring with one of your already bigger tribes. DO NOT subjugate Baerlingson as it makes the AI go super aggressive on you early.

You will prioritize building Chaos Giants FIRST. So max out your city then get Chaos Giants, and then Dragon Ogre Shaggoths, then Hellcannons.

Once you get Chaos Giants build 4-5 and start destroying everything. Then get 4-5 Dragon Ogre Shaggoths, 1 Hellcannon and 2 Gorebeast Chariots. Here is what my overall composition was at the end of the game.

Making use of lightning battles is very important in your path to victory. Eventually after 2 or 3 battles in a row your Giants will be very low HP. If you are not near any friendly territory to get the bonus healing just disband them and build new ones as taking 6+ turns to heal is way too long and the veterancy bonus is really, really not a big deal.

I can not emphasize how important it is to not care about veterancy at all. Having a 3 Gold Veterancy Giant that is 30% hp when you could of have a 100% hp for a fight is game changing and not worth the risk of keeping them.

The following cities will allow you awaken a tribe

Winter Pyre - Aesling

Sarl Encampment - Sarl

Graeling Moot - Graeling

Bjornlings Gathering - Skaeling

Varg Camp - Varg

You should end up around Longship Graveyard as the last city, cross the river and start your warpath!
Final Thoughts
If you ever see 4+ stacks on your screen, they are usually coming for you. Run to the nearest body of water and enter it or run north to your tribes. They will destroy you, even if you have lightning battle there is a chance you will be ambushed by a hidden stack.

I completed the entire campaign with only 1 stack so play smart and you will win!

You can build another stack if you get 100k+ and feel the need to. Just make sure you send them different ways, never try to fight them together as you will eventually incur the infighting penalty after some fights when you really needed to heal but cant!

I'll add anything I can think of I missed later, ask any questions you would like!

Good Luck!
GG Feb 15 @ 2:30pm 
Yeah, this strat can't be abused anymore. But chaos is easy anyway thanks to Kholek and the build provided in this guide. Just raze the minor settlements of the humans and dwarfs to get gold and spread chaos, unite the northmen by making them your vassals and build your army and level up while doing all this.
Galadion Aug 14, 2017 @ 12:05pm 
What are people doing for money now? really struggling!
DemonicLink Aug 12, 2017 @ 6:55am 
Yeah, sadly you can't just sack anymore, you are forced to raze, I'm glad I did this just a couple of days before the update, phew, but now it's easier imo so a little reworking and it should be fine, the army is still pretty OP, now that you can have 2 armies close to each other, this has become even OPier.
Brian Von Bondrøven Aug 10, 2017 @ 8:13am 
This guide is outdated, from the new update as of today. :(
But before the update is was 10/10 :D
Naughtius_Maximus Dec 16, 2016 @ 6:35am 
Should i just attack and sack northern settlements that i cannot awaken or subjugate or also raze?
Feremir Dec 13, 2016 @ 6:50am 
When I started a new game as Chaos on hard,I was clueless,din't know where to go,what units to train,what tech to research.
After reading this guide and following through I totally rekted the AI on Legendary !
I'd like to thank Bloodlust for this guide.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Oct 21, 2016 @ 12:52pm 
Mr Chivo, you can raise another army and send them south. bring plenty of heroes to scout so you know when to flee the enemy's stack of doom.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Oct 21, 2016 @ 12:49pm 
vyndicu, i like to use heroes as scouts and assassins on the campaign map mostly. If the enemy has a lot of heroes in their army i'll embed a death wizard to kill them with magic on the battlefield. Having an embedded champion doesn't do much imo, unless he has a manticore mount, and even then i'd rather have a shaggoth.

Whenever a tribe has been wiped out to can re-awaken them.
Vyndicu Aug 13, 2016 @ 9:22pm 
Ok I have a few questions. If you get a free hero champion (caster, melee) from event. Do you train them up as well?

If one of your faction's awaken's target city become razed. Can you bring them back ever?
Vyndicu Aug 10, 2016 @ 2:26pm 
I follow this strategy for a bit and had a heart attack when I saw two varg stack head straight for me and Frozen Landing. So I pack up the camp and move to open water. Wander around a bit then come back 4 turns later Frozen landing was under Varg control.

Then dwarf went to war vs Varg so they took care of that.

Otherwise all good.