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May 24, 2016 @ 12:04pm
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This addon adds WW2 weapons, units and dedicated equipment of US, UK, German, Italian, Japanese and Soviet Infantry.
It's pretty basic and has no other requirement, just to have some fun.


This addon adds units, weapons and dedicated custom headgear, uniforms, vest and backpacks in order to represent US, UK, German, Italian , Japanese and Soviet WW2 units :

- US Army 101st Airborne Div.
- US Army Rangers.
- US Marine Corp Division (Pacific).
- British Commandos.
- British Special Air Service.
- British Commandos (Africa).
- British Special Air Service (Africa).
- Soviet Infantry.
- Wermacht Heer.
- Wermacht Heer (Afrika Korps).
- SS Waffen Grenadier.
- Fallschirmjager.
- Italian Infantry.
- Italian Infantry (Africa).
- Japanese Infantry (Pacific).

Weapons included: MP40, StG44, Kar98, Luger, MG42, Pzf60, Thompson, M1 Garand, M1 carabine, BAR, Lee Einfield, M1911, Browning HP, Sten, Bazooka, PPSH, Mosin Nagat, TT33, Beretta M34, Beretta MAB38, Carcano M91, Nambu, Arisaka, Type100.

I used web sources for them.


- Units are equipped with WW2 rifles and other weapons included in this pack.
- Units are equipped with custom helmets, uniforms, vests, backpacks and headgear.
- Mortar units for all factions.
- High dispersion version for all units and groups, equipped with HD weapons for prolonged firefights.
- Dedicated weapons/gear boxes.
- Wide variety of groups in the editor to cover all tactical aspects.
- Classlist included in install folder.
- RHS/ZEUS/ACE3/ALIVE/CBA compatible.


Put the addon in "mod folder" of your preference and load it trough steam app properties.

FACTION NAME (TO USE IN ALIVE) : mas_ww2_army_US , mas_ww2_army_UK , mas_ww2_army_GER , mas_ww2_army_RUS , mas_ww2_army_ITA , mas_ww2_army_JAP , mas_wwm_army_US (USMC) , mas_wwa_army_UK (Africa), mas_wwa_army_GER (Africa),
mas_wwa_army_ITA (Africa)

FACTION NAME HIGH DISPERSION (TO USE IN ALIVE) : mas_ww2_army_US_hd , mas_ww2_army_UK_hd , mas_ww2_army_GER_hd , mas_ww2_army_RUS_hd , mas_ww2_army_ITA_hd , mas_ww2_army_JAP_hd , mas_wwm_army_US_hd (USMC) , mas_wwa_army_UK_hd (Africa), mas_wwa_army_GER_hd (Africa), mas_wwa_army_ITA_hd (Africa)


ALL CREDITS are included in the readme inside install folder.

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Nov 17, 2019 @ 6:02pm
weapons need a bit of polishing in overall
Sep 9, 2020 @ 8:45am
Please add vehicles
Aug 3, 2018 @ 5:55am
on the right side to work with iron front
Red Wolf
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=_X_=™© Feb 20 @ 1:43pm 
Hey this mod was awesome what happend to all the guns ??
fabyfaganella Jan 26 @ 10:03am 
Please can you create also the alpini for italian army 2 world war? Thank you
OliDJBrody Dec 27, 2020 @ 12:35am 
please add MAS_Tanks dude
nukeconnon Dec 1, 2020 @ 3:35pm 
Hello Everyone. I have a problem where the only weapons I have in the arsenal with this mod are the mg42, bar, Mosin, panzerfaust, and bazooka. I have none of the other primary weapons and no pistols. All the uniforms, vests, headgear, and backpacks exist for me. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the mod but it didn't fix the problem. Does anyone know what I can do about this? This is a nice mod and I like it, it's just missing most of its listed weapons for me. Thanks for helping me out and thank you author for creating this mod :)
NeroVulpes Aug 22, 2020 @ 1:48am 
Pity that the uniforms are far from accurate.
Nobutora Aug 5, 2020 @ 9:34am 
what the hell is doing a wehrmacht officer with a black waffen ss visor pre war cap only used in parades and guarding positions??
Nobutora Aug 5, 2020 @ 9:33am 
wtf the germans are very bad quality and incorrect!
donluca95 Jul 1, 2020 @ 5:38pm 
i agree with Dr.Rebus
Dr.Rebus Jun 13, 2020 @ 6:08am 
Gonzo as Italian units it's very bad quality, it need a big update. I could help author.
Ģ◊иŽФ⚡∀mηЯΛ¥ Jun 5, 2020 @ 7:55pm 
most people get this for the italian infantry if you have faces of war and ifa 3 you have more than enough uniforms anyway.