Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

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Recettear HexEdit for HACKERS
By dj_moyer
So you have a hex editor program just sitting there, and you have Recettear but you are sick of grinding so much for so little gain? Here is a list of hex addresses for all the things you are most likely to try messing with. With some instructions on what NOT to do to avoid ruining your save files. Happy cheating.
Introduction and Purpose
This is NOT a "baby's first hacking" guide. If you are not familiar with the process of using a hex-editor to alter the game's memory codes WHILE THE GAME IS ACTIVELY RUNNING, then go learn how to do that before you read any of this. The program I use for my hex editing needs is called Cheat Engine, but there are many out there that do basically the same thing.

This guide is FOR CHEATERS ONLY. If you don't want to cheat by hacking the game's active memory, then you are in the wrong place. You have been warned.

So you have decided that you are, in fact, looking for some hack/cheat help for Recettear? Ok then. First piece of advice: keep a clean save from before you apply any new hacks, just in case you do it wrong and break the game. Second piece of advice: read this guide.

I'll show you how to cheat to get more money, get more merchant level XP, get every buy/sell transaction perfect on the first try, and get more XP for your adventurers. There is even an example with pictures for the process of buying and selling for the perfect score, to help you see how to do the math. Ew, math. Yeah but it's kind of necessary for a game where you have to stock inventory, make a profit from daily sales, and pay your taxes.
About hacking item quality (up to +15) and quantity
Just. Don't. Do. It.
No really, I've tried. The game uses some complex coding scheme to ensure that all your attempts to hex-edit your inventory will only persist until you close or open any menu or shop window in-game. It is not worth the effort of trying to pin down a solution, I cheat because I am lazy and that would be too much like work. That means your only ways to gain more iems are either to buy it from the Guild or the Marketplace in town, use your Fusion skills to make it yourself, buy it from a random customer in your shop, or kill a bunch of monsters in the dungeons and hope for good item drops there.

Sorry to disappoint you on this one, folks, but them's the breaks.

However, there are some other things in the game you CAN play with. But first, SAVE YOUR GAME in a different slot now, and keep at least one "clean" save with no edits just in case you do something wrong and the game has a stroke because of it. So, moving on.
Hacks for Adventurers
First off, this is the 2-byte address for your combo attack counter. If you can set this to 250 and lock it at that, when you kill enemies you'll get a HUGE XP bonus about half the time. This is particularly useful for leveling up once you get past level 50.

Adventurer XP
These are all 4 byte addresses.
Use these to set your adventurers' XP. If you set it to 980,000 then they will levelup every time they pick up an XP gem in the dungeon until they reach level 80 or maybe 81. This is still considered a natural levelup progression, so it does not screw up the adventurers' stats like HP and such. You should not change these values for adventurers who you have not yet recruited.

ONLY change these values while you are in the dungeon with that adventurer, and make sure you have at least one full floor left to clear so you can get enough gems to levelup all the way. As you can see from the list, I still have not yet recruited Griff or Arma. In fact, I only just got far enough to open the Obsidian Tower where Griff is waiting for me to defeat him. But all my other adventurer friends are above level 80... because I am a dirty cheater. Heheheh.

Adenturer Vital Stats
I will use Nagi as an example. The rest are setup in a similar way, use their XP address listed in the previous paragraphs and tables as a reference point to setup something like this for the other characters.

04510890 Nagi base attack power 4 bytes
04510894 Nagi base defense 4 bytes
04510898 Nagi base magic power 4 bytes
0451089c Nagi base magic defense 4 bytes
These four are for the base stats only and they go up when Nagi levels up. Bonuses from equipping weapons and armor will be added on top of these so the values shown on the Status menu screen are the combined totals base value + equipped value.

045108A0 Nagi base HP (changes when she levels up) 2 bytes
045108A2 Nagi HP boost (changes when she eats Ferromin medicines) 2 bytes
Nagi's total HP is simply the base plus the boost. So for example, in the image above she has 310 base HP because I have not yet given her any medicines. If I giver her 4 Ferromin and she gains 10 HP from that, her total would be 320.

045108A4 Nagi base MP (changes when she levels up) 2 bytes
045108A6 Nagi MP boost 2 bytes
Nagi's total MP is the base plus the boost, similar to the way HP is calculated.

045108A8 this is Nagi's 4-byte current XP total.
045108AC Nagi's XP base for your most recent levelup. 4 bytes
045108B0 Nagi's XP to hit the NEXT LEVEL. 4 bytes
045108B4 Nagi's number of dungeon visits, "Adventures" on the status screen. 4 bytes
045108B8 Nagi's number of defeats, or dungeon failures. 4 bytes
DO NOT edit the values for recent levelup or next level. Doing so will screw up your ability to ever levelup again, and all that will do is change how much of the XP ring is "full" with red on the game screen. If you want to levelup faster, set your current XP to a huge number like 985000.

The following images and table were created at the same time, they show how the hacked stats will show up in the game. Remember, HP is the sum of your base value and the value stored in memory as a bonus from any Ferromin you ate. MP is done in a similar way, with one memory slot for the base and one for the bonus. Other stats are the sum of the base, plus any bonuses from equipped gear.

And no, I still have not found a way to properly edit your inventory, your current HP, or your current MP.

Useful hacks to use in your shop
This is the 2-byte address for your "Just Combo Bonus" chains. Set it to anything between 7 and 200 and lock it at that value to get that +128XP combo bonus whenever you buy or sell something - even if you are haggling.

These next ones are all "4 byte" values.

Amount of pix money in your accounts:

You can change this value anywhere in the game. Give yourself a nest-egg of roughly 3,000,000 pix to have a real chance at succeeding where otherwise it would be easy to fail, without getting too crazy with the cheating. If your hex editor has a "freeze value" function, you can also use that when you are buying items so you never lose any money. That way, you can stock up with 80 or 90 of every item at the marketplace and merchant's guild so you don't need to return there until your next new game, or until you levelup your merchant level enough to have them stock better stuff. Whatever you do, don't try to set your pix value at more than 999,999,999 because I'm not sure just how high the game will let your bank account go. In a regular game, the biggest weekly debt payment is the final one, 500,000 pix and the total debt is 820,000. So you could set your pix at anything higher than that and safely be able to do NOTHING and still win the game. That way you could spend the entire game cycle (five weeks) running around in the dungeon without ever going back to town or your shop. The maximum number of dungeon runs is 2 per day though, since each uses 1/2 a day and you still need to go home to sleep at night.

Merchant XP (for leveling up the store):

Only alter this number while you are in your store, preferably with a transaction in progress. Otherwise the game might "forget" that you leveled up enough to merit new items at the merchant guild and marketplace. Setting this value to 120,000 should get you up to merchant level 60-ish. The maximum level is 99 but there are no bonuses for going higher than 50.

Transaction-related values:
base market value of the item: 0730b57c
"best" price you can get without haggling: 0730b574
"pin" price for bonus XP: 0730b588

When you are buying or selling in your shop (not in the town's wholesale shops) you are allowed to set your own price. When the price window is open, these values will change to reflect the current transaction. If you want the bonus merchant XP, or if you want to make the customers love you so their wallets get deeper, what you need to do is:
If you are SELLING TO THEM, set your price equal to the pin price PLUS 0.5% of the base market value, rounded DOWN.
If you are BUYING FROM THEM, set your price equal to the pin price MINUS 0.5% of the base market value, rounded UP.
In both cases, make sure you are using the market value in the hex editor, not the one shown on the game screen.
If you set your price just a little bit beyond the "best price" they may let you haggle, or they might just walk away angry. if they let you haggle, then the pin and best values will change when the price selection window is open again.
If you set your price a lot beyond the "best price" they will definitely walk away angry. This is useful for the little girl (who always wants to pay just 104% of base value so you make no profit from her) and for Euria the scam artist who always wants to sell garbage to you at 500% the base value.
If you haggle (even if you succeed at a haggle) or if they walk away angry, you will break your XP combo.

You should be careful, since ALL of these values can sometimes exceed the customer's wallet size. If you have only successfully traded with them a couple of times (or not at all yet) then they have tiny wallets and so if you set your Pin Price to 3,000,000 they're going home angry because they only have a few hundred pix to spend. But if you have successfully shopped with them a lot already, then maybe they can handle a bigger budget. There are other guides available that show the customers' estimated wallet sizes so I won't go into detail about that. Suffice to say that the Little Girl, Louie, Elan, and Tielle are alawys in poverty, while the other customers eventually win the lottery or something.
Example how to use hacks to set perfect prices
Take a look at this image, where I am selling to a customer. She wants two books, which I have selected. Now the price window is open and the price is currently set at 100% of the base value. I have not changed the price at all yet, just started the transaction. So at this point the shopping values in the hex editor will have only just updated themselves from the previous transaction to the current one.

Notice that for orders of multiple items the game does not show you the base market value, but it does in the hex editor. So that makes it easy to set a perfect price. Get your calculator if you need to. The "perfect XP price" will be the pin price, 8926, plus 0.5% of the base price.
0.005 * 8300 = 41.5
We round that down to 40, just to be safe.
40 + 8926 = 8966 Or if you are buying, subtract 8966 - 40 = 8926 instead.

So we make our selling price 8966, and the customer is VERY HAPPY so their wallet gets bigger faster, and we get that nice XP combo bonus PLUS the perfect pin bonus. So instead of the regular 10 XP for a basic sale, this one is worth 30XP plus whatever combo bonus you already have going... up to 30 + 128 = 158 max.

Since this was my first transaction of the day, I only got the minimum combo bonus (+2) so as you can see by comparing the Merchant XP values from the before and after tables, this sale was worth 32 XP and now Nagi is starting to love my little shop.

Now if you don't care about Merchant XP Levels, and you already have your customer at maximum wallet size but you still want to keep them happy so you don't lose that wallet size, you can try for the best PROFIT price instead of best XP price. The process is similar, but there is no math involved. You would simply set the price to the "best price" value from the hex editor, which in this case would be 11371 for a nice profit.

One other thing of note here: if your customers are still at low levels, they may have small wallets. So even though the hex editor lists the base price as 8926, maybe my customer only brought 6000 pix with them today. In this case, setting your price to 8926 would make them go home angry. So PAY ATTENTION to that even if you are trying for the pin price for the extra XP. If the pin price is higher than the customer's budget and you still set it to the pin price, the customer will get angry and leave.
Requesting help from other hackers
So as you may have noticed if you actually read my guide, I am no good with the more advanced hex hacking features like pointers and such. So if you can figure out a reliable and easy-to-apply method to change your item quantity and +X quality in your inventory, that would be helpful.

If you think you have these other hacks figured out and would like me to add them to my guide so we have them all in one place, please tell me your method in the comments. I will then test your method to make sure it actually works, and if it does then I will add it to the guide and give you proper credit as a reference source.

Thanks. And happy hacking.
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dj_moyer  [author] Jun 15, 2017 @ 10:46pm 
Paul: that's cool. I've already beat the game and put it away, so I'm not interested myself, but perhaps some other readers will take you up on that. If you want to post it somewhere either online or here on the Steam guides section, send me a link and I'll mention it down at the bottom section of my guide. :steamhappy:
Paul Jun 11, 2017 @ 9:54am 
I wrote a trainer that can add inventory items with a custom quality. Send me your email and I'll send you a compiled version and the source code if you're still interested. I don't want any money for it so don't worry about that.
Fish And Chippy Mar 26, 2017 @ 1:22am 
Good shit