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Don't Kill Her
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 26, 2016 @ 10:24am
Aug 16, 2018 @ 1:16am

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#16 BEHIND THE SCENES: Narrative mechanics
As promised, here is a new chapter in the "Behind the scenes" updates. But before getting to the heart of this matter, some good news! Don't Kill Her is the fortunate recipient of a production grant from Pro Helvetia, a Swiss public-law foundation. This grant will allow me to focus intently on developing the game. So keep an eye out for upcoming news from Her and I.

The script can be seen as a layer cake. The main plot, which comprises all major and mandatory events, is within everyone’s reach. Thus, even the less curious players will complete their adventure with a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

The second layer will reveal itself to the more curious players, who will have gone the extra mile to explore all the optional areas that hold some of the secrets that will shed more light on the In-Between and its characters.
For the more seasoned player, a third layer awaits. It requires much more interpretation and analysis from the player. Even the most insignificant elements of the game can hold a symbolical meaning, and help deliver the intimate and crucial message that She is trying to convey to the player.

Obviously this level leaves the door wide open to individual interpretation. One of the aims here is to foster debates on the subject, allowing the community to enjoy itself while dissecting the game.

Don't Kill Her’s world hasn’t been waiting for you to get on with it’s life. This narrative choice implies that you can only begin to understand the origin and meaning of part of the events that you will experience through your endeavors by bringing the past to light.

It is this important feature that gives meaning to one of the mechanism of the game: T.H.I.S (This Huge In-Between System). A social network created by one of the characters that allows the inhabitants of In-Between to share their memories, a kind of Facebook. This network helps the player become aware of the characters’ pasts through their accounts. Moreover, you will be able to untangle and understand the relationships between the characters by reading their comments and publications. This system has already proven its worth in games such as A Normal Lost Phone.
I’d rather not go into the details for now, as this is part of the surprises She has in store for you.

In my last update, I promised I would offer an example of the kind of reflections that could be prompted by clues and other narrative elements of the game. Exceptionally, She has allowed me to divulge a little more than usual, through the character of Glurg.

Here some clarification is required. First of all, the above example is in not to be considered as the solution to a puzzle that appears « in a playful way » in the In-Between. There are no questions, no tests and even less inherent rewards to merely resolving the game’s mysteries. Her will is certainly to encourage to do so, but She will never force you to do so. You should simply be aware, that as usual, with Her everything holds a significance.

Secondly, the aforementioned example refrains from unveiling what really happened between Her and Glurg. As you may have guessed, She would never forgive me. What you should nevertheless try to keep in mind, is that the clues as well as possible interpretations are numerous. This may include dialogues, an act carried out by a character, text found on T.H.I.S., a location with a story, but not only... As even the lack of clues can give you something to think about! For instance, if a usually talkative character stops posting updates on T.H.I.S., there’s likely to be a reason. As I am sure you have now understood, Don't Kill Her rewards the curious.

I have yet to choose the subject of the next update, maybe a little more information regarding the timeline or T.H.I.S. Lets wait and see what She will be willing to whisper in my ear. Anyhow thank you again for your outstanding support, without you none of this would be possible!

#15 BEHIND THE SCENES: Script and characters
Exciting news! The time has come to unravel some of the mystery surrounding Don’t Kill Her, including major progress recently made on the production of the game.

Let’s take a peek behind the scenes of the game’s creative process and its challenges together: I intend to deploy my explanations gradually, through a series of updates. Each one will focus on a specific fundamental pillar of the game’s development. My goal is to reveal the real thrill behind Don’t Kill Her, with great caution obviously in compliance to Her will.

In the beginning was Her. She hasn’t left my side since and has become my number one priority. I therefore began laying the groundwork of my script with the sole purpose of serving Her intent. God, what a clusterfuck! Whether it was the sketches of the world or the notes flying around, Her instructions seemed a bit all over the place at first, to say the least.
Fortunately, this scattered chaos took a more structured form over time. Actually, the various elements began fitting together quite naturally, as if they were all part of one big puzzle that was meant to be. Firstly thanks to your feedback dear players, but also and above all thanks to Her. I had to keep in mind that everything revolved around Her and had to be designed according to her grand scheme of things. From there on, a tangible balance appeared and thus the first characters were born.

The creative impulse responsible for the character design has many sources. Some characters were a direct product of the game’s environment; others were specifically designed to serve a narrative intent. Some of them actually turned out to be the collateral product of both of these things.
Some characters also appeared out of mere drawings and had no ulterior motive before their story unfolded, whereas for others it was the exact opposite. As with everything else, I was not guided randomly. To ensure the proper execution of Her plan, she required an important panel of original characters, far from the more traditional stereotypes. I therefore had at heart to diversify the process and achieve Her goal.

All characters benefit from a unique personality and storyline. Interacting with them will allow you to get to know them better as well as their environment. But be careful nevertheless, because each of them appears differently in regards to the events, in line with their experiences but also in function of the relationship that they have with Her.
Your task is to observe and deduct wisely according to the affinity and trust you feel for them. As I am sure you have now understood, the only thing in black and white in Don’t Kill Her is its graphics certainly not its script.
 But that's not all. Despite the very surreal and ethereal aspect of the universe, She is devoted to rendering it coherent and alive. These characters have not been waiting around for you to appear to get on with their lives and will not start to do so because you've landed out of nowhere. In concrete terms, let’s say that it’s as if you showed up at a party filled with strangers and that you needed to get acquainted with everyone before you were able to participate in the festivities. Indeed, they already have relationships with each other as well as those that may link them to Her.

Don´t panic, don’t be afraid. I’m well aware that all of this may appear overwhelming and time consuming. But the driving force behind this project, is to make it fluid and accessible to virtually anyone. I’ve made a point of disseminating all these meaningful elements in a pleasant and amusing way, either through pure game play, in terms of game design, but also through environmental storytelling. That’s right, Don' t Kill Her wont waste your time with long and indigestible text sequences, that’s what my updates are for ;)
This is actually why developing this game takes so much time. A tough but also utterly thrilling challenge and as a matter of fact, the subject of my next update. I will detail a few in game situations; concrete examples that will speak for themselves and help develop your deductive reasoning.
I’ll get back to you soon to even better share my enthusiasm for the project and with a couple of crazy ambitions that are moving along quite well, I guarantee.

So stay tuned! The best is yet to come :]

Release date: 2017

Don’t Kill Her is a very peculiar game and I’m dying to share its secrets with you in great detail. Unfortunately I can’t, She won’t allow it.

According to Her, the story is of no importance as you have already heard the tale in some form or fashion. Nevermind! The truth lies elsewhere, which is specifically where she yearns to lead you.

This is where all the fun begins, where She and I reach a common ground. No spoilers! Don't Kill Her is a delicate frail game. In order live its experience to the fullest one must tread lightly.

Ok to be fair I‘ll admit that She’s also secretly looking forward to seeing you frown.

You alone will be able to answer this tricky question… She is the master of this world into which you are invited, this is all you need to know in the beginning.

Whether it be woods carved in the memories of olden days or great steppes shaped by the darkness above, the areas you are about to explore are the fruit of her very own creation.
A world conceived especially for you, it’s sole purpose being for you to find answers to the questions it raises.

That’s ok, don’t worry. The important thing here is that Don’t Kill Her isn’t your typical kind of game. Its deviant aesthetics, storytelling, gameplay and music, all of these peculiar elements fit into a great design … The true challenge lies in unraveling the mystery surrounding the game itself.

Don't Kill Her is a facinating project that I’ve been longing to share with you guys. Its true intention lies in the mystery surrounding the game itself, in the secrets and surprises in store for the player. The few people in the know are unanimous: I’m just about as stark raving mad as the game is awesome.


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Apr 27, 2016 @ 1:15am
How do you like the game?
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Murdaigean Mar 26, 2018 @ 9:26am 
This is an awesome game. I can't wait for it to be finished. :D
DiogoRBG Feb 17, 2017 @ 10:40am 
Franck R Jan 24, 2017 @ 9:03am 
Great job ! And the atmosphere is just disturbing enough.
MartinusDebilusCrocus May 29, 2016 @ 12:48pm 
Great demo ! The artwork... WOW !! I'm looking forward the full game !!!
TheFlyingBeer May 27, 2016 @ 9:39am 
Great game!
IMO, if you love, as I do , "contemplative" movies and "contemplative" music, Tim Burton and The Cat Lady game, you will love Don't Kill Her :)
nura21 May 21, 2016 @ 7:19pm 
the demo is great! i really enjoyed it)) and there are so many amazing little details! loved it :)
MetalPetey May 18, 2016 @ 2:36pm 
I have played the demo for this and I am really excited (though I've recently been taking a look at Fran Bow so maybe it's just put me in a mood for the weird and mysterious) ...

The artwork is excellent and the demo itself is well worth a go - a decent length and it gives you just enough to set the scene and leave you wanting answers! Essentially it's a fairly straightforward platformer but what it does great is pull in puzzles and mystery to keep you hooked.

It looks set to be a really smart little game :D
coldasneptune May 17, 2016 @ 4:00pm 
I really liked the demo! can't wait for the full game :)
DEAD May 16, 2016 @ 12:59pm