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Hyper Light Drifter

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All 186 gear bits with map locations and screenshots
By Cable
Every single gear bit numbered and marked on the map. Screenshots included.
The 186 gear bits are divided into 5 regions: central, north, east, south and west. They are numbered as follows:

Box: C01 – C13

Box: N01 – N30
Enemies: NM01 – NM13
Boss: NB01 – NB03

Box: E01 – E35
Enemies: EM01 – EM06
Boss: EB01 – EB03

Box: S01 – S19
Enemies: SM01 – SM06
Boss: SB01 – SB12

Box: W01 – W36
Enemies: WM01 – WM07
Boss: WB01 – WB03

The following map shows the location of each gear bit, with boxes numbered in white, and enemy drops numbered in red:

Complete HLD Map

This very helpful website will tell you exactly which bits you are missing using your save file:

Hyper Light Drifter Bitfinder [codepen.io]

The map is based on one by Andy6000; I just added the numbers. A few of the gear bit symbols are missing, but none of the numbers are missing. This map should contain all the info you need to locate all the gear bits, including any hidden paths you need to find. There is also a refined version of Andy6000's map by hiryu64, which you may find useful.

If you need more help, I recommend Steeper's 100% Guide, and Tterraj42's video guides. If you get stuck on a particular bit, use the screenshots below to find that bit in Steeper's guide, which will probably have a good explanation of how to reach it.

A note on NG+: despite checking each location four times, I still have only 185 gear bits on my NG+ save file. I'm pretty sure my game is bugged.
How to use this guide
All the gear bits are in a convenient order for you to go through each region, using the provided map, and check whether you have them (except for EM06, which can be checked right after EM01). This assumes you have already beaten the necessary bosses and have the necessary keys to reach certain areas.

I suggest you either use a checklist or take a screenshot of each location when you reach it. You will end up with 6 coins plus 2 bits left over after upgrading everything in a normal game, or 24 coins plus 2 bits in NG+.

Alternatively, you can use the Hyper Light Drifter Bitfinder [codepen.io] to identify exactly which bits you need.

I have added some extra screenshots to help you find some of the harder to reach bits. Note that many (but not all) secret paths are marked with the following symbol on the ground (including off-screen switches, false walls, and invisible platforms):

One common exception to this rule is paths hidden by breakable objects, which typically do not have this symbol.

















[N06] [N07]





































[NB01] [NB02] [NB03]






























[E31] [E32]






[EM03] [EM04]



[EB01] [EB02] [EB03]






This is not a false wall, I just couldn't be bothered walking all the way to the box (you need to hit 2 more pressure switches):







I gave my life to take this screenshot:












[SB01] [SB02] [SB03]

[SB04] [SB05] [SB06]

[SB07] [SB08] [SB09]

[SB10] [SB11] [SB12]



This is the entrance from the previous area, as indicated by a green corridor on the map. It is found after passing through the hidden path used to access W02, as indicated by a yellow corridor on the map.


















This false wall is hidden by a breakable object:

This path is also hidden by a breakable object:















This one is positioned incorrectly on the map. It should have been marked on the bottom right of the area (which is reached after exiting the underground passage).






[WB01] [WB02] [WB03]
20-07-2018: Added links to the very useful Hyper Light Drifter Bitfinder by Greg Smith. Changed host for map to Reddit.

23-03-2017: Added square brackets around the gear bit labels because they would not display correctly without them.

04-08-2016: Added a note regarding the incorrect placement of WM02 on the map.

18-04-2016: Added extra screenshots to help find some of the harder to reach bits. Created a "How to use this guide" sections with some tips for finding all the bits.

17-04-2016: Added gear bit C13, which was added in a patch as a soccer reward. Total changed from 185 to 186.
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Cable  [author] Jul 20 @ 11:31am 
Thanks for mentioning https://codepen.io/smrq/full/GZzMag . I added it to the guide. Also, I moved the map to Reddit.

C10 platforms should appear after stepping on the partially hidden switch right in front of the character in the first screenshot. Let me know if this isn't the case.
GreatAnimeBastardWolf Jun 14 @ 1:14pm 
Link for map looks like broken. Can you update it please?
Dodo1945 Jun 1 @ 11:15am 
https:// codepen.io/smrq/full/GZzMag very helpful website, tells you what your missing
jmilas89 May 22 @ 12:09pm 
How am I supposed to get the platforms for C10? These pictures are great; the map is helpful; but something, ANYTHING in the way of even a minimal description would go a long way.
Shellback27 Feb 1 @ 9:41pm 
Thank you so much for this!

Ended up pairing the screenshots here with the map at → imgur .com/a/2R28m#yaNzu3w

It was highlighted lower down in your comments section here, but it's definitely worth a bump for new people coming to your guide who can't get your .cat link above to work either.
ATAVII Jan 21 @ 6:26am 
a.pomf.cat keeps being blocked by my firewall for using insecure protocols and / or potentially being infected. I just sent the URL to AVG for analysis. Since I can't prove on my end wether there is an issue with the hosting site or not would you mind hosting the map somewhere else?
Cable  [author] Jul 13, 2017 @ 12:33am 
a.pomf.cat seems to be a bit unreliable, but is working for me right now.
Ele Jun 24, 2017 @ 8:37am 
a.pomf.cat keeps timing out for me too
BloodyPsycho Mar 17, 2017 @ 1:01pm 
Thank you very much , helped me get the achievement , and it's well made ^^
MuDDy_BLooDy Mar 8, 2017 @ 5:09am