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This project has the agreement of all involved parties:

# What is Iron Front

It is a tactical shooter video game set in World War II Eastern Front built by AWAR - a group of former OFP and Arma modders. It was released mid 2012 as a standalone game using the Real Virtuality 3 engine also powering Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead.

The highlights:
  • Five outstanding terrains of various sizes
  • A large variety of very high quality and historically accurate units, weapons and vehicles
  • A German and Russian singleplayer campaign across eight missions in an authentic setting
  • Advanced gameplay features like the high level tank simulation, gun towing and artillery system or the realistic mine system
  • Great gameplay with its low tech world war 2 setting

# What is Iron Front in Arma

Our development team has ported the assets to Arma 3 to be used in the latest RV engine. This most recent version supports many of the new technologies and features of Arma 3 and is continued to be made more complete.

# What is the LITE version
  • Exactly the same selection of assets and features as in the FULL version.
  • Free version with lower quality textures and sounds.
  • SP missions and campaigns are not available.

Do note that it is NO LONGER fully MP compatible to the converted FULL version.
So you can play together with your friends or other players that have the FULL version and see how it goes.
We don't not endorse mixed play any longer and DO NOT ENCOURAGE to buy the Iron Front game at this point!

Read the full statement on discontinued support for the IFA conversion (IFA3 FULL).

# What is different to previous releases
  • Reduced to a single modfolder for simple install and use.
  • Available on Steam workshop for simple install and automated updating.
  • Bumped textures from 128x128 to decent looking 512x512 resolution (2048x2048 in FULL version).
  • Native TFAR support for radios available.

# Why is it called Preview version

This version contains still some issues we are aware of or some we are not aware of. However we want to provide people finally with an easy-to-use, hassle free, up-to-date and decent quality LITE version to be able to enjoy WW2 in Arma 3.

In addition we mainly more feedback on the scripted features - especially in MP environment.

# How to participate
  • Try it, play it, enjoy it
  • Tell your friends or reddit, if you like it
  • Share your screenshots and videos
  • Tell popular streamers to try it or steam playing it yourself
  • Give feedback/report issues[]
  • Join our discord server[] for assistance, discussions or just to have a chat
  • Create new missions or new content (reskins/weapons/vehicles/new terrains), or make it more realistic by tweaking
  • Or join the team to improve the mod itself:

# Joining the team

Mainly we are looking for:
  • Modellers to help polish p3d, model.cfg and related config parameters
  • Modellers to help port the vehicles to Old's RAM system
  • Texture artists to help create winter/desert versions
  • PhysX gurus to help tweak the vehicles
  • Web designer to help realize a decent web presence
  • IT/server admin to help with configuration and maintaining our backend (web server, build pipeline, CI, distribution, etc)

Join our discord server[] and we will have a chat.


Visit the discussion section for changelog, servers, FAQ and more.

Full details in the BI forum release thread:
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yeah, youre right kisten. sorry to waste yalls time, thanks for the time you helped me, i deleted all of my old spamming comments and i wont post in here again, im clearly a pest. thanks for making the mod.
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BTW, Grandpa G-A-L,

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[z2H]Kisten-Krieger Apr 21 @ 1:54am 
And if you want something added, wait till the developers are adding it and don’t post like 300 post about i want that, i want this. Or try to learn and then add it yourself, the IFA3 devs are hard working developers, you should be thankful that they created this mod
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