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The Wild Eight
Apr 5, 2016 @ 11:10am
Sep 20, 2016 @ 7:26am

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Release date: Fall 2016

The Wild Eight is a co-op survival game with a mysterious storyline featuring a procedurally-generated world.

The game tells the story of eight people whose everyday lives are forever changed after a horrific plane crash. They now find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere, deep in the forests of Alaska. Welcome to a world without civilization, where you and the other survivors are at the mercy of nature — and wild animals starved by the cold!

While the survivors await rescue, their lives are threatened by a number of mysterious entities, unseen creatures and objects that definitely don’t belong in this world. And the deeper you go, the harder it gets to survive. Through the storyline you’ll desperately try to reach help on the radio, but no one’ll answer you. Something is wrong here. In here is no room for mistakes: if you went hunting but forgot to cut some wood for the fire before nightfall, you’re dead. If you didn’t have time to cook your meat, you might have to eat it raw — and if you don’t have medicine, you’ll surely die from food poisoning. To stay alive, you’ll need to scavenge and craft like a pro.

You can play The Wild Eight on your own, but the game fully opens up in co-op mode. Other players are your only backup — either by sharing resources or covering your back! Even if you were mauled by wolves and "you died" appears onscreen, your teammate can still resuscitate you with a defibrillator (which are very rare to find, by the way).

A Mysterious World Outside Time and Space

The game world is a little like a chessboard. It’s made out of tiles, and each of them is unique. At the start of the game, every tile is used to randomly generate a new world and distinct locations for each quest.

Time here moves fast: Temperature drops as it gets darker (you’ll need a bonfire!), and you’ll also need to secure some food if you intend to survive until morning. Weather varies from sunny to severe storms, with duration and intensity randomly decided by the game engine.

Are They All Friends?

Survive and explore the forest side by side with other players or go solo. Cooperation is the right way to face this harsh world — that is, until a psycho is revealed to be part of the group! Will he or she go for the prize... or taste human flesh?

Survival is Not a Given

Death is at every corner — especially hunger and cold. Make sure to secure a constant supply of food by hunting or gathering, and spend time to cook it so that you stay healthy and warm.

New Skills = Better Chances

Leveling up is represented by linear categories, which are divided by related quests. Just as in real life, if someone suddenly turns away from civilization, he or she has to start by learning the basics: how to make a fire, how to navigate the woods, and how to craft armor, spears, bows — along with more sophisticated tools and weapons.

Crafting is the Only Way to Stay Alive

There are two types of crafting: on-the-go, and at the workshop. You can build base equipment like flares or basic weapons on-the-go. At the workshop, you have more resources: it is now possible to create and upgrade complicated objects such as custom backpacks, traps, bandages, and lots of other useful trinkets :)


The game’s plot is divided into a main campaign and additional quests. You can finish the game without completing a single side quest; however, side quests are essential if you want to have a shot at a happy ending.

We’ll split the story into three; each one will be associated with the current location. When the location of the main story is initially generated, the location of all side quests will be randomly defined — placing key events in locations equally distant from one another.

Your Choice: Killing Vs. Running

The game features two types of creatures: passive and aggressive. Passive are animals that don’t want to harm you. These are the easiest to hunt for: rabbits, deer, wild boars, etc. Passive behavior can also differ; for example, rabbits run away when you approach, while boars always try to fight back.

Aggressive animals can and will kill you in a head-to-head scramble. You’ll need to run or kill them with a good weapon. Keep in mind that even one bite might ruin everything; you’ll start to bleed immediately and there is only one chance to stay alive: bandaging yourself.

The soundtrack plays a key role in conveying the emotional undertones of the game to players. We are currently working on the main theme, which you'll hear during gameplay at different times.

Here are a couple of tracks hosted on Soundcloud. []


We are constantly working on the game and would love to share some interesting news through our social networks. Looking forward to seeing you take part in The Wild Eight communities on Facebook[] and Twitter!

We also highly appreciate your questions, comments and support throughout The Wild Eight's development.

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Сейчас попробую в DEMO-версию сыграть, по скриншотам очень душевная игра, жду выхода в Steam.
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does anybody know where i have to put the generator need an answer
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