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Outfit Location Guide
By Kaiser^
This is a guide detailing where to find the different outfits available in Hyper Light Drifter!
Different Outfits
In Hyper Light Drifter, there are many different outfits(cape, sword and sprite) that you can find! Some are hidden behind locked doors, others require certain challenges to be completed. Each cape provides a different effect that changes some attribute of your character. There are currently 10 outfits that can be found that will affect The Drifter.

Red - Starter Cape/No effect
Purple - Energy used for special moves(charged attacks/dashing)
Pink - Energy recharge rate
Orange - Bomb recharge rate
White - Item interaction speed
Blue - Attack delay
Yellow - Movement speed
Green - Health pack regeneration
Purple/Black - Cosmetic: beheading effect on all kills
Fuschia - Ammo recharge rate
Ochre - Health
Pink Outfit
This cape is found after meeting with your Drifter friend in the southern region. After finding him for the fourth time, he appears very sick and cannot move. He gives you the coordinates of four square fragments, tells you his tale, and dies. After he dies, you can acquire his cape off of his body.

This outfit affects your energy recharge rate. It triggers faster and recharges at a much faster rate than normal.

Orange Outfit
This outfit is located in the Eastern region, locked behind a 1 key door.

Start at the East teleport, head east

Take this elevator down

Fight through this room, move right after beating all the monsters

Take this elevator

Fight through this room. Move to the right platform after beating all the monsters

1 key door! Move south throughout the next area

Keep heading south and east until you make it to the module

Dash to the small block next to the module, then dash to the one below it

There are hidden platforms here, take them across to get the Orange outfit

This is where you will find the Orange Outfit!

The Orange Outfit affects your bomb recharge rate. This outfit decreases the time it take for your bombs to recharge, from 110 seconds to 50 seconds.
Blue Outfit
This outfit is found in the Northern region, locked behind a 10 key door.

Start at Town and head North

10 Key door!

This is where you find the Blue Outfit!

The blue outfit affects your attack. This outfit decreases the time it takes to swing your sword consecutively.
Yellow Outfit
This outfit is located in the Western region, locked behind a 12 key door. You will need a long range gun to hit the interruptors in this area.

Start at the Western teleporter, head west

Head southwest from here

Kill the mobs to unlock the south gate

Using your laser rifle, shoot the interruptor across the way. If you cannot completely hit it, hitting the wall causes an explosion that activates the interruptor with splash damage

Dash across and head up, then move west until you make it to the end of the platform

There is a second interruptor. Shoot it to activate the platforms and dash across

There are hidden platforms here. Break the crystals and dash across

12 key door!

This is where you find the Yellow Outfit!

The yellow outfit affects your movement speed. The outfit gives you increased walking speed.
Fuchsia Outfit
This outfit is found in the Southern Region, behind a 16 key door.

Start from the teleport, and head southwest

Take this elevator

Take the right path, and continue through the dungeon for a bit

There is a sliver of a platform to your left, dash across to it

Here is the 16 key door!

This is where you get the Fuschia outfit!

This outfit affects your ammo recharge speed. Attacks you make give you more ammo back.

Purple Outfit
This outfit is found through completing the dash challenge within the dash upgrade shop. It is acquired after making 800 consecutive dashes after purchasing the chain dash upgrade.

After achieving 800 dashes, you will find the outfit here.

The outfit itself affects your energy consumption, which is used for chain dashing and charged attacks. Your energy consumption is halved.

Ochre Outfit
This outfit is acquired in the North, after finding all sixteen stone monoliths. These monoliths are scattered throughout the world, and tell a very interesting history to those who can decipher the language.

To get to the monolith library, follow this path:

Start at the North Teleport, move up and take the western path(do not cross to the bridge or take the teleporter, just move south)

Dash across here

Move South through the woods, follow the steps down

Make your way through the area until your reach the elevator, take it

Keep going until you make it to this elevator, take it

Welcome to the monolith library!

When you have acquired all sixteen monoliths, the Ochre Outfit will be unsealed on this slab! The teleporter to the right will take you back to town.

This outfit affects your health. When you have any piece of this outfit equipped, you will have +1 health on your health bar.

Purple/Black Outfit
This outfit is found in the main town, but in a locked area. To get this outfit, you will need to acquire twelve keys. After that, you'll be able to open the door and find the Arena.

The Arena is found in the Southeast part of town, and is locked behind a 12 key door.

Unlocking the door reveals an elevator. Take it!

Welcome to the Arena. Here you fight a gauntlet of different enemies from each area. If you make it 10 rounds, you beat that part of the arena!

After beating the first four parts, you are brough to the fifth and final arena. This one is a little harder, so be prepared!

Beating all five arenas unlocks the purple/black outfit. Come up here after you're done to claim the outfit!

This outfit has no attribute effect. Instead, every kill you get beheads the monster you're fighting.

White Outfit
This outfit is located in the Eastern region, and is locked behind an 8 key door.

Start at the East teleport, head south for just a bit

Enter this door

Take this elevator

Make it to this room, kill the mobs to drop the walls

Dash acorss here, head north

This button here summons a moving platform to take you across the way. Use it and head left

Make it through here, keep heading left

You can see a little gray area to your left, dash across to it from there

8 key door!

This is where you will find the White Outfit!

The White Outfit affects your item interaction speed. This outfit decreases the time it takes to interact with items like health kits and doors.
Green Outfit
This item is found in the Western region, and is found behind the 8-module door. To acquire this outfit you must have the chain dash upgrade. I also recommend bringing health packs and the Ochre outfit, as this puzzle can be a bit unforgiving.

Start at the Western teleport, then move south

There is an 8-module door blocking the way. Collect all modules in the area to unlock it

Past the door, you end up here, move east

The crystal dash challenge is in here

Here is your challenge: You must chain dash throughout this room and make it to the end. The path to the upper left is unlocked once you make it to the end.

This end room is filled with Crystal Spiders and Goblins. Kill them all to unlock the door blocking the way.

This is where you find the Outfit!

This outfit affects your health regeneration from health packs. You will regain health faster from health packs.
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Enjambre del Vacío. Jan 24 @ 10:03am 
Nah man 800 dashes... Can't even do 3
Allaze-Eroler Oct 19, 2022 @ 6:21am 
there is a new outsuit that were added since the last update, this outsuit will help gamer finding what are missing gearbits or modules. however, i have no idea where is that new outsuit...
ImRavioliMan Sep 29, 2022 @ 6:32pm 
how on earth do you complete 800 dashes????:steamsalty:
Hyper Gamer May 28, 2022 @ 4:18am 
thank u!!!
Volatile Jan 4, 2021 @ 9:26am 
Green outfit’s effect is false. It doesn’t change the dash timings, it changes how quickly your health fills when you use a health pack.
JetstreamAleFix Jul 6, 2020 @ 3:47am 
My way to go is:
Sword: Fuchsia or Pink.
Cloak: Purple.
Sprite Companion: Yellow or Ochre.
Oleev | Paul Aug 6, 2018 @ 5:58pm 
curiosity i found out: you don't need the whole outfit (robe+cape+droid) to have the effect, thus you can mix by getting one of each outfit and accumulating 3 bonuses at once
BehMbm Feb 13, 2018 @ 8:35pm 
Howw do you get through the arrow blocks blocking the way from the zone? :steamsad:
Kamikasenn Dec 10, 2017 @ 3:05pm 
thank you!
Shiverskill Mar 30, 2017 @ 5:08pm 
@yabi Every set you find comes with a Sprite, cloak, and sword. Every Orange item has the same effect, every Ochre item has the same effect, etc. You cant stack two items from the same color to get twice the effect, but you can equip one item from three different colors to have three different effects.