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Fine Road Tool
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Mar 23, 2016 @ 3:35pm
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Fine Road Tool

Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.10.0-f3 (Park Life)

This mod allow you to set finer road elevation steps and also provides different building modes.

Mod Options
- Reduce rail catenary masts: Reduce the number of catenary mast of rail lines from 3 to 1 per segment.
- Change max turn angle for more realistic tram tracks turns: Change all roads with tram tracks max turn angle by the value set below if current value is higher
- Disable in editor (Recommended for road editor)

- Normal (Nrm): Unmodded road placement behavior.
- Ground (Gnd): Forces the ground to follow the elevation of the road. This also works downwards (sunken roads).
- Elevated (Elv): If the type of road selected has it, it forces the use of the elevated pieces, even at 0m and below.
- Bridge (Bdg): Same as elevated but with bridge pieces.
- Tunnel (Tnl): Create tunnels, underground or not.

Straight slope
- Makes the road go straight from A to B instead of following the terrain.

If you need anarchy with straight slope, use Fine Road Anarchy which integrate nicely within the mod's interface.

Use Ctrl + Up/Down to change the elevation step (it goes from 1m to 12m).
Use Ctrl + Left/Right to change between placement modes.
Use Home to reset the elevation.
Use Shift + S to toggle the Straight slope option.

Known issues
Converting roads to suspended bridge doesn't work properly. Bulldoze and rebuild is required.

Source Code

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Jul 26 @ 11:22am
PINNED: Report a bug
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aka.john.foster Aug 8 @ 1:53am 
If I do not have Park Life DLC, will this still work. I have unsubscribed and resubscribed and I still can't find it on my mod list to turn on. I used to be able to use it, but now it is gone. Thanks.
invrwilliams Aug 2 @ 10:50am 
Excellent Mod!!
kidmodeler123 Jul 31 @ 8:16am 
can it work on cities skylines non parklife
foleyele Jul 30 @ 1:46pm 
I see no height indication on the streets more. can someone help?
Impatient Jul 18 @ 6:56pm 
Super useful! If I had to chose the three mods I want to play with it would be Move it!, Fine Road Anarchy and Fine Road Tool.
Tesseract Jul 15 @ 1:07pm 
@Buwek - Yes, it works fine.
Buwek Jul 14 @ 3:06am 
is this compatible with ParkLife?
Demade Jul 12 @ 2:27am 
unfortunately does not work, cannot build any houses/etc. when this mod is turned on.
lag.rag Jul 8 @ 10:47pm 
This mod does not work.
What is the cause?
Excluding other MODs included in the system does not work
Monarch Jun 16 @ 9:10am 
Great tool, thanks for making this!