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Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English, Japanese, Thai
Players: Single-player
Jan 27, 2016 @ 12:52am
Feb 13, 2016 @ 7:37am
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Release date: first quarter 2017

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Pilot your mech and keep a tactical play by turn based system! DUAL GEAR is a Turn Based Action game giving the player experience of the pilot themselves and at the same time, the player needed to think about the tactic and strategy. Making the reaction, management of resource and awareness of the mission extremely important.

Key features

-Story campaign & 30 hours to play.
-30 Missions for story campaign with replayability. Several other submissions.
-Unit & Squad customization.
-30 original mech ! and over 100 parts!
-60 type of weapons.
-Super Weapons!
-Carrier System
-Armor & Part Break System
-Character development system.
-Action skills & Passive skills.
-Chain combination attack.
-Huge Mech Boss.
-Space Combat system.
-Initial language EN, JP, TH

Combat System

The attack system of DUAL GEAR is a mixed of real-time shooting and quick performance(skill, etc) cut scene.

The game uses a system called Action Skill, which is a combined of two elements. First is the action point(AP), the other is the Generator Output(GP). Every skill will have their own requirement to activate.

for example, the weapon that has huge damage output or ability to hit multiple targets will need 1 or 2 action point and a lot of GP to activate.

Turn by turn and unit by unit

From the third-person perspective gameplay, the important of the system is how to order multiple units in the squad. The game limited the of the movement and attack by GP gauge and action point. While the unit is moving, the enemy within range will attack the player unit. The attacking will stop when player mech stops moving, this opens the player to plan out a strategy. Should we attack another enemy or move to the new position again before changing the unit or ending turn. This system made squad and resource management extremely important.

Hangar& Mech Customization

Hangar mode is the command center of your mech squad. Upgrade & Build your squad, custom your unit, mission briefing, and find the secret story from here. The hangar will evolve (DG part in store, mission quest or etc) depend on your location of the mother base (there are several scatter around the world). Let see the detail below about this game mode.

DUAL GEAR let the player custom their own mech and team. Every DG is composed of five main parts, The Main Camera(Head), Cockpit, Arms, Legs and Back Pack. Each part have unique initial status and role in the game. As an example, the high weight Legs have a higher durability and resistant value. However, it will slow the DG movement down and use a lot of GP when that mech move.

See the how to coloring your DG!


All skill come from the weapon. The player will get the skill from any weapon equipped, which can easily be assign into the skill wheel. As the pilot become more experience, they will unlock new skills. All DG unit have a capacity to attach 4+1 weapon included L arm ,R arm, L shoulder, R shoulder and plus with some backpack have a weapon built in. Try out the Pre-Apha demo if you want to know how any weapon work!

See how to equip skills !

Mission& Carrier System

Carrier system is very necessary for all mission, as it is the way the squad enters the battlefield. Some mission will need a land carrier like a big trailer, air carrier to enter the ocean battlefield or The orbital carrier for the space battlefield. There will be at lease 10 type of the carrier player can choose from. Every carrier will have different stat and ability, DualGear capacity they can carry and even support fire abilities.

The game encouraged the player to discover and unlock mission around the world.
Every mission will be replayable, in order to discover new part, secret intel, and hidden story line. The player can also set a handicap for the mission for higher rewards and EXP.

Pilot Recruit System

As a commander of one of the PMC, it is crucial on recruiting pilot. Through the command center around the world, you can recruit experienced and skillful pilot. The better your pilot is, the stronger your squad become.

Tactical Negotiation System

This is one of the ideas we are planning to add in the future. When the enemy unit surrendered and is in the white flag condition. The play will be able to attempt to recruit them into your pilot. There will also be chances of getting new parts from negotiation too. The negotiation is counted as Action Skill.


DUAL GEAR is set in 2064, The new beginning of space innovation. The new energy source was discovered in space. Most powerful nations of the world and various astronautic organization integration to build the largest structure on the earth orbit call Gaia Belt, the photon&microwave energy receiver station from the moon power plant.

Gaia Belt project affect the astronautic robotic technology greatly, hasten the development of the astronautic development. 2101, the first phase of Gaia Belt is completed and the testing of the microwave receiver begun. Then an unidentified terrorist attack the station. Despite a heroic attempt of the Orbital Gear squad to intercept the attack, the station was heavily damaged. The attack destroys part of the station, causing it an explosion. The explosion causes a chain reaction, destroying several other orbital structures and falling into Earth. The incident leaves behind ruin atmosphere and severe destructive outcome on Earth. The world would need 100 years to recover from this incident.

TEC blame the other organization as being too weak and force them out of the space program. They leave the astronautic development behind and turn to focus on more militaristic development instead.

DUAL GEAR is the result of the Gaia Belt incident. TEC began selling the war machines to military around the world.

Tactical Humanoid Vehicle (THV) "DUAL GEAR"

Mechanic Design

We have an initial goal for 30 type of mech player can use. we'll keep updating the new mech as soon as possible here!

Whats you might need to know about this game

-The game development is Pre-Alpha phase.
-With IndieGoGo campaign. Your support will help us to make the game better!
-We very welcome all feedback to make the game, Try out a Pre-Alpha demo and talk with us!
-We'll update the Demo frequenly as possible!

Also we have more detail on IndieGoGo Campaign ,visit or support us and get the Demo from the campaign page!

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