Holiday ARG 2015 Day 5 Comic Map Locations
Holiday ARG 2015 Day 5 Comic Map Locations

... ARG seems to be over. No more edits here.

Some Clarification: The top left map is Valve's, the map below seems to be the image the artist used for reference. I added the pins from Valve's to the similar layout on the normal map (that had land reference) then transferred that the best I could to the map with facilities listed (using the land as reference, shorelines, bays, peninsulas and fjords). Compare the pins on Valve's to the one below it, then use landmarks to compare to the other map.

Reddit Thread:

- "Northwest ring is the mesa-raid" points to the facilities in Alaska (MasterHavok)
- Napkin's "X" marks the facility under it, which is Wrangel Island (JFRANKSTA)

Every spot pinned on this map is a RESEARCH FACILITY in real life. :D

Half Life and Portal Spoilers Below:
- In Half-Life 2: Episode Two, the player learns that the Borealis, an Aperture Science research vessel, and a portion of the drydock it was moored to, was somehow teleported to the Arctic, and is a point of interest that the player is told to investigate. Episode Two concludes as the player prepares to visit this location. Portal 2 includes a location deep in the Aperture Science facility where the Borealis was originally docked before its disappearance.

- The Borealis is expected to appear in Episode Three. The first revealed concept art features a ship, with the word "B--EALIS" on it, the O and R being covered by Combine technology. It is stuck in ice, and Advisors float through the canyon, suggesting that the Combine will have already discovered the ship when and if Gordon reaches it.

*cough, Black Mesa*
*cough, Aperture Science*

Research Facilities That Matched Valve's Pins:
- Toolik/ Barrow
- Resolute Bay/Axel Heiberg Island
- Whapmagoostui-Kuujjuarapik
- Sermilik/Zackenberg
- Myvatn
- Ny(New)-Alesund/Hornsund
- Willem Barentz
- Samoylov

Tampering Done:
Facility Map (rotated to match orientation, circled bases)
Arctic Ocean Map (zoomed to better scale to Valve's map, placed red pins)
Valve's Map (unedited other than red pins added)

Credits and Reference:"
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...isn't the "may everything exceed your expectations" in Japanese? That's what I had read anyways. This is the first time I've ever heard of it being in Chinese.
Lokrath Jan 4, 2016 @ 4:22am 
I'm not on reddit but, just to let you all know: I kept the initials of every research facilities' places listed above (i.e.: TBRBAHIWKSMNAHWBS) and I used an anagrams' web page; four possible results with "sense" (yeah...let's pretend they had sense):

Swabs Hawk Bib Nth Mr
Swab Hawks Bib Nth Mr
Swab Hawk Bib Nth Mrs
Swab Hawk Bibs Nth Mr
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Nice, very nice!
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The map on the right was made by someone (obviously), so their placement may be slightly off. It still paints the correct picture. I didn't place the little red hangars in the map on the right.