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Cities: Skylines

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81 Tiles (Fixed for 1.2+)
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Dec 15, 2015 @ 2:32pm
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81 Tiles (Fixed for 1.2+)


This is a fixed & improved version of @emf's 81 Tiles mod.

If you saved your game after Sunset Harbor was released but before this mod was properly updated for it, and your save became corrupt - use the save recovery mode available in the mod's options.

Short overview:
- This mod icreases area available for unlocking and construction from vanilla 25 tiles to 81 tiles (whole map)
- You can unlock all 81 Tiles one by one or:
- Like original version, this mod provides a cheat to unlock all 81 tiles at any time (accessible through mod's options)
- Fixed compatibility with C:S 1.2+
- Old saves should be compatible
- The saved games might not be loaded without this mod
- In general, it's a good idea to back up your saves from time to when using this mod

Known incompatibilities:
- All Tiles Start. Unsubscribe that mod and use 'Unlock all tiles for free' button in this mod's options instead.
- Older versions of 81 Tiles
- There were reported some incompatibilities with More Vehicles (although both mods work fine for me)

Issues I'm aware of and confirmed:
- At level loading terrain's looking distorted for few seconds.
- Loading freeze after exiting to main menu and loading again / after loading into different environment from pause menu (i.e. not possible to reload after exiting to main menu)
- Dams cause tsunamis if placed outside of 25 tiles area
- Pillars that were changed with No Pillars or Network Skins get reset outside of 25 tiles area
- Disasters and evacuaction don't work outside of 25 tiles area (too much work, won't be fixed)

GitHub repository[]

This mod uses awesome detours C# library[] by cope. Without it, this mod would've been impossible to make.

Feel free to comment

Note: if you have any errors/exceptions, please, don't paste them or output_log.txt into comments. Use pastebin, dropbox or whatever.

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Will there be a fix for the mod lowering the metro stations? I, like many others, doesn't play with unlimited money and can buy all the tiles at once.
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@micbi -- We can't help if you don't provide information. Please post your output log file.

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Stop crying @micbi - you are taking the risk yourself when using mods. If you can't take the risk, don't use them. You don't have to. It is working for some other 600,000 subscribers.
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Thanks for the Array index out of range!!!!!!
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