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Codename Cure: Begineers Guide + Console Commands
By Flynnster
This guide will explain everything you need to know, to get into codename cure and start being a pro. Information I am providing includes gameplay basics, classes, your aim, and the console command cheats. It is a great game, and luckily quite easy to learn. However, as with all great games, it is very hard to master.
What is it?
Codename Cure is a multiplayer, zombie survival, FPS (First Person Shooter) game. Each game consists of a squad of real players (AI is available in solo) of up to 5 people, who each choose one of 5 classes to play as. You have to work as a team to fight past massive hordes of zombies to plant a bomb in somewhere near the centre of the map. You then must escape before the bomb explodes, which will quite obviously kill you and your friends.

Sorry if some of this information is outdated or invalid, I will try my best to keep it as factual and up-to-date as I can. Please enjoy, and I hope this helps some people!
The Controls
The play style is very similar to a lot of other FPS games, especially games such as Half Life and G-Mod. Most of the controls are the regular things, but I'm going to tell you them anyway (I won't be explaining communication controls, just gameplay controls). If you need more hep with the basic controls, there is a training option in the game's main menu, which will go through all you need to know.

The Button
What it does
Extra Information
Mouse 1 (left click)
Fires your primary weapon
Not much else to say, it fires your main killing machine.
Mouse 2 (right click)
Toggles ironsights/scopes
This gives you a much better aim, making you more efficient at destroying the undead.
Mouse 3 (middle click)
Either throws a grenade of some type, or deploys a turret/supply crate
Whether you deploy a turret, deploy a supply crate or throw a grenade depends on your class. Knowing how to work the middle mouse button is vital, as it makes use of some of your most powerful/useful items.
Scroll wheel
Change your weapon
Allows you to change from your main gun, to your pistols (or vice versa).
Reload your currently equipped weapon
It does what it says on the tin. Puts more ammo in your gun, helping you fight those zombies to the end.
Turns your flashlight on or off
Very useful for helping you see into those dark corners, where zombies often like to hide and jump out at you.
Interacts with useful things
This allows you to do very important and difficult tasks, such as open a door or request an elevator.
Uses your melee attackf
For when all your ammo is gone, so you can still go down fighting. It is a one hit kill for most zombies (not the super-tough soldier ones though) but is quite slow.
Move around
As with almost every FPS game, you move forwards, right, back and left with the WASD keys.
Makes you jump
Useful for when you need to get ontop of a table to avoid the zombie horde.
Duck down low
Allows you to crawl under doors that are refusing to open properly.
Opens up the player menu
This is where you can choose what class you will change into (you will turn into at either after you die and respawn, or when the next round starts).
There aren't many varieties of enemy in the game yet. First of all, you have your basic Walker Zombies. They are quite slow, do basic damage to you, and are quite easy to kill. Then you move up to the Runner Zombies. They have similar damage and health to the walker zombies, except as the name suggests, they run. They are much faster than the walker zombies, and they are faster than you. This means you can't just storm past them, because they'll just keep following until you kill them. You won't see many of them stood about, but every so often an ominous zombie moan will sound. This indicates the start of a large wave, often turning walker zombies into runner zombies. Surviving these waves is the hardest part of the game. Finally, you have your Soldier Zombies. These are the un-dead versions of the playable classes in the game, but luckily they don't have guns anymore. They are extremely slow, but they can dish out massive amounts of damage, while taking forever to take down their high health. If you get trapped in a corner with 3 or 4 of these around you, then you probably won't last much longer.
There are five playable classes in the game. When the round begins, you can select your class, and you change it during a game in the player menu (although you won't change into them until you die or a new round begins). There are 5 different classes, and each one can have a maximum of 2 people playing as it in the same round. These classes are the Pointman, Assault, Sniper, Support and Technician...

The Pointman:
The pointman is like the team scout. It is equipped with weapons that will help it quickly run past zombies, to report back on what lies ahead. The pointman's primary weapon is a semi-automatic shotgun type thing, with high damage, and fast fire, although it does have a much smaller ammo capacity than other weapons. The secondary weapon is 2 pistols (one in each hand), while the special weapon is a nice grenade to get a lot of kills in one go.

The Assault:
The assault is what people often imagine as a basic soldier. The primary weapon is a low damage, very fast fire, high ammo capacity assault rifle which is very good at clearing out rooms quite quicky. Like the pointman, the assault is also equipped with a pistol (although just one pistol for the assault) and some grenades. The assault is probably the least specialized of all the soldiers, but still plays a vital role in a good team.

The Sniper:
The sniper is a very nice class to play as, but feels a bit out of place in a fast-paced zombie survival game. The primary weapon is, quite obviously, a sniper rifle, which does very high damage (often one hit kills) and has a large ammo capacity and a reasonable rate of fire. The secondary is a boring pistol again, while the special weapon is a napalm grenade that spreads fire over a selected area.

The Support:
The support class is here to support the team. The primary weapon is a smaller version of an assault rifle, with low damage, reasonably fast fire and quite a lot of ammo. The secondary is a pistol again, but the special of the support is one of the most important things in the whole game. It is a deployable supply crate that team-members can stand by, which will slowly regenerate their health, ammo and armour.

The Technician:
The primary is a very slow, very high damage, large ammo capacity shotgun, useful for getting out of tight spaces or clearing a small area. The secondary is a pistol as normal, but the special is (like the support) a very useful thing. It deploys a turret that will shoot at all zombies, doing moderate damage and with what seems to be unlimited ammo. And when it can no longer hold zombies off, affter all its health has been depleted, it will explode killing all zombies around it.
Dying, Respawning and Winning
You start with a full bar of health and armour, and lots of ammo for all your weapons. The health bar is displayed in the bottom left corner (its the orange bar) while the armour bar is just above it (the blue bar). Your ammo is displayed in the bottom right corner. As zombies attack you, your ammo, and eventually your health, will begin to go down. The lower your health gets, the slower you will move, making you an easier target. When your health reaches zero you will die and will have to wait for a 'safe respawn locationn' which can take a few minutes. Friendly fire is active in most games, so be careful when throwing grenades around everywhere, as you could end up with a very angry team-mate.

To win the game you must plant the bomb and run. The bomb deploy location is normally near the centre of the map, and is signifed by a red 'X' painted on the floor. Don't worry if you think you'll never find this 'X'. There is red arrows on walls all over the map, directing you towards it. The bomb is planted by holding 'E' over the site. Once planted a countdown will begin, normally around 2 minutes, a large wave of zombies will attack you, and you will have to make it to an extraction point (which you will again, be guided towards) before the countdown ends and the bomb goes off. Once at the extraction zone, you just have to survive and wait for the way out, which is either an armoured truck, a helicopter or a safe bunker, which you need to get into. You only need one person to make it to the end to win, but if everyone dies then it is game over.
Ammo, health and armour
As I stated earlier, your ammo, health and amour will deplete and do need to be refilled if you want to survive. Pickups containing more ammo, grenades, armour and health can be found at set points (normally on a table) in the map, or dropped by some zombies at random. You can also recover your supplies by standing near the support's supply crate.
Console Commands (Work in progress)
The console can be enabled in the game options. Once it's enabled, you open it in game with the default ',' key (the comma). Once open, you can type in a variety of commands to give you 'cheats'. However, this can only be done in single player, or if you are the admin of a server. Also, don't use cheats if you are trying to get achievements as they disable all achievements. So, here are the cheats I know...

Turn on cheats:
sv_cheats 1
Enables all cheats to be used

Stops you from taking damage
You take damage, but your health can never go below 1

Flying mode:
Enables you to fly around
Do noclip again to disable it
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How to barricade?
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OK thanks, I really need to update the console commands but I've been busy lately. I'll try and add it soon
meeturself Jan 5, 2016 @ 5:58am 
A console command you missed is ent delete npc_remove_all npc_zombine, which removes all zombies on the map.
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Thats the only thing I know about diffciulty and what it changes however I am interested in figuring out what else difficulty changes. I think it changes zombie healthdamage, but I have no idea.
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Thanks for the feedback. Just to let you know, I have added Console Commands but they are no where near finished yet. I will try to do it this weekend.