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Eden Star Multiplayer Server Setup Guide
By Clarkeh and 5 collaborators
Want to create your own Eden Star server? yes? Alright! Our handy guide should set you in the right direction from setup to administration

*Important: As we update the multiplayer, old server versions will no longer be visible to new client versions of the game.

Manually updating will be necessary unless you launch your server from within Eden Star. We advise you always make a backup copy of your saved games on your server. To do this please read the backing up saved games section at the bottom of this guide.*
Playing on the Same PC as your Server
If you want to play on your own dedicated server from the same PC then we recommend that you launch the Server directly from within Eden Star via the Host Game option in the Multiplayer Menu, but before you do that you need to make sure that you have 2 ports forwarded.

If you do not set up port forwarding (i.e. add -QueryPort= to the command line and open these ports), the server you launch will use the default query port of "27015" which will conflict with your game, causing your server to not be displayed within the server list...

2 ports must be opened, take these from [https://portforward.com/router.htm].

Firstly, search for your router make and click the link, do the same with the model. When in the guide you can often select a game name from a drop-down list, Eden Star will most likely not be in the list, instead select another Steam game that you recognize and copy the selection of ports it suggests to forward.

Proceed to forward the ports on your router via your router/modem control panel.

Please note that the default ports we have setup within the Multiplayer Host Server Menu are set as follows when looking at the server options, this does not mean that you have to use these ports or that they will be compatible with your router/modem;

Application Name
External Port
Internal Port
To IP Address
<Insert any name here e.g. "Eden Star Query Port">
<Insert "27017">
<Insert "27017">
<Select "UDP AND TCP">
<Insert your PC's IP Address, e.g. "192.168.0.***">
<Insert any name here e.g. "Eden Star Game Client Port">
<Insert "7777">
<Insert "7777">
<Select "UDP AND TCP">
<Insert your PC's IP Address, e.g. "192.168.0.***">

We use the examples of 27017 for QueryPort and 7777 for Port, but your router setup may require these ports to be changed as they cause a conflict. The basic principle for this is as follows;

- Do not use 27015 for the QueryPort as this is the default port used to communicate with Steam by the client.
- As long as 2 ports are opened that do not conflict with anything else...


...when setting your server to launch in Eden Star your;

Port = "The 1st port number you have opened on your router" e.g. 7777
Query Port = "The 2nd port number you have opened on your router" e.g. 27017

Then you should be good to go!

Just remember that it can take a good few minutes for your server to show up in the server list and at first it will be a big jumble of numbers before the server name that comes through is listed! G

Leave it 5 mins and check to see if it's now visible within the server list - if you have any issues drop us a message on the forums.

Stand Alone Server - Prerequisites
Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (can be found in the normal client install of the game inside the Steam Eden Star Pre-Alpha game folder under _CommonRedist/vcredist/folder).

DirectX (DXSETUP, can be found in the normal client install of the game inside the Steam Eden Star Pre-Alpha game folder under _CommonRedist/DirectX/June2010/ folder).

Standard location of the _CommonRedist folder;

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Eden Star Pre-Alpha\_CommonRedist\
Stand Alone Server - Setup Guide
Dedicated external servers

Ensure your network configuration allows incoming connections to these ports and directs them to the host that will be running your dedicated server.

Experienced Users

Query port
Game client port
Steam port

NOTE: the steam port is automatically set to be the Game client port + 1. The game client port is set with the -Port= launch command

You can host multiple dedicated servers on the same host but be aware that this will increase CPU and memory usage so should be monitored carefully.

Example usage;

Eden Star Dedicated Server 1: 7777/27020 Eden Star Dedicated Server 2: 7779/27030 Eden Star Dedicated Server 3: 7781/27040

NOTE: The port immediately after the specified port should be kept free as it is used as the Steam port for communicating with Steam.



Port forwarding isn't too difficult if you have the right info and access. This basic guide is only a simple home set-up guide and may not be applicable to you if your set-up has been altered for advanced use or contains multiple networks/sub-networks/firewalls;

A more well used guide for port forwarding can be found HERE

1. You need to find out the make and model of your router

2. You need to know the IP address of the computer that you are going to use as a server. To do so log onto the server and search for "cmd" in the Windows Search Bar, this should show the "Command Prompt" Desktop Application. Open the Command Prompt to continue.

Type in "ipconfig"

Scroll up the readout and find the IP address associated with IPv4 Address, which should look something like;

IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : 192.168.0.***

Make a note of the IP address as we will need it in step 6.

3. You ideally want to use this guide in conjunction with a video tutorial or a user manual that depicts screenshots of the router control panel.

Therefore, Google;

Port forwarding for <your router make and model>


Access my router <your router make and model>


IP Address of my router <your router make and model>

NOTE: Click on links at your own risk! We advise that you only click on links that are of official web sources and that it is up to you to verify the source.

4. Use the information that you found to log into your router Admin Panel.

5. You will next need to know your router User Name and Password. If you have not changed this yourself, these details can typically be found in your (online) manual.

The password will definitely vary per model but it can usually be found in the manual or on the back of the router (if it is something generic then we suggest changing it to a stronger password to maintain security).

6. The tab menu that you will be looking for within the router admin panel will often be named "Applications and Gaming" or "Port Forwarding"

- navigate to/click on this tab

You should see something similar to the following, select an empty slot (you may have to click a button to add a new slot) and fill in the details below as best fits your model);

Application Name
External Port
Internal Port
To IP Address
<Insert any name here e.g. "ES QueryPort">
<Insert "27017">
<Insert "27017">
<Select "UDP AND TCP">
<Insert server IP Address, e.g. "">
<Insert any name here e.g. "ES Game Client Port">
<Insert "7777">
<Insert "7777">
<Select "UDP AND TCP">
<Insert server IP Address, e.g. "">
<Insert any name here e.g. "ES SteamPort">
<Insert "7778">
<Insert "7778">
<Select "UDP AND TCP">
<Insert server IP Address, e.g. "">

Click "Save"/"Ok"/"Apply" and exit the router Admin Panel
Stand Alone Server - Download SteamCMD!
SteamCMD is a simple program used to download and update the files used for dedicated game servers on Steam, downloading this will enable you to download, update and run the Eden Star Dedicated Server without requiring a Steam account. The Eden Star Dedicated Server also does not require Steam to be loaded onto the PC that the Server is running on.

1. Firstly, create a folder anywhere on your hard drive that will hold the SteamCMD files

for example;


You will need at least 5GB of free space to host the current Eden Star server and future updates

2. Next, click the following link to download SteamCMD for Windows:


3. Navigate to the downloaded SteamCMD.zip file and extract the contents of the download to the folder that you created in point 1.
Stand Alone Server - Setting up a Server Directory
Before you continue you will need to create a folder to house the Eden Star server files on a hard drive on the host machine with at least 5GB of free disk space. This should cover future updates as well.

Example directory;

Keep note of the directory you created as you will need it when downloading the server files through SteamCMD.
Stand Alone Server - Run SteamCMD
Double click the extracted SteamCMD file. This will automatically then connect to Steam and update. Once updated, you will be presented with a Steam command prompt;


Type "help" into the console if you want to see further info
Stand Alone Server - Login to Steam via SteamCMD
Login without a Steam account (Most users will want to use this option)

To download the Eden Star Dedicated Server, you need to type the following details into the SteamCMD window at the command prompt

Steam> login anonymous

You should see a message stating that you have successfully logged in anonymously
Stand Alone Server - Download and/or Update your Server
1. In the steam command prompt, after logging in, first type the following;

Steam> force_install_dir <install_dir>

Replace <install_dir> with the full path to the folder created for holding your server files e.g. "c:\edenstardedicatedserver\"

2. Next type the following;

Steam> app_update 419790 validate

3. Once all files have finished downloading, type "exit" to properly log off the Steam servers

Steam> exit

OR, you can run from a command line;

./steamcmd.sh +login anonymous +force_install_dir <install_dir> +app_update "419790 validate" +quit
Stand Alone Server - Starting a dedicated Server
1. Browse to the directory you downloaded the server files to and locate the EdenGameServer.exe in;


2. Right click on the executable and create a shortcut

3. Right click on the shortcut, select properties and then in the Target box type in any of the launch options to the end of the path. A list of launch options are listed below under the title "Server command-line properties".

Add -log to create a log window to see when the server is running. Currently this functionality is limited to showing you that the server is active.

4. Click 'Apply'

5. Double click the shortcut to run your server!
Stand Alone Server - Configuring Your Server (Server Commands)
You can place the following Server Setup Commands in the command line[docs.unrealengine.com], but best to create a .bat file as sometimes you can exceed the limit of characters permitted within the server .exe shortcut.

NOTE :: Remove ALL <> and replace with text (string)
NOTE :: Remove ALL # and replace with numbers - please note, that there is no exact limit to the number of #'s, these are only listed for the sake of the guide

Server Settings
-ServerName="<Your Server Name Here>"
The name of the game server that will appear in the search listings.
Sets the max players for the server, default is 8, max is 32
The servers game port that the clients will connect to. The Steam Port is set to this port + 1
The servers query port that will manage steams server browser duties and info.
-ServerSaveKey="<Your Server Key Here>"
A key that is appended to the save game file, necessary if you are running more than one instance of a server on one box.
The interval in seconds of when the server will save, default is 3600 seconds (1 hour). Minimum save interval is 300 seconds (5 mins)
The number of slots the server will save, e.g. 48. The server will iterate through this range per save.
The slot the server will attempt to restore from
Tells the server to restore from the last save slot.
Password needed for users to log in
Password needed to connect an RCON client too.
Port number that RCON will listen from a connection.

Gameplay Options
-DayCycleLength=## (300 - 3600)
Set overall day cycle length in seconds
-DaytimeRatio=## (10 - 90)
Set percentage ratio of daytime, default 80
-MiningSpeed=## (25 - 300)
percentage multiplication of default (100) mining speed
-HarvestYield=## (1-10)
Amount gathered with each item harvested(mining)
Makes crafting, upgrades and any buildable items free

-HungerRate=## (0 - 10)
Speed at which your hunger depletes. Default = 1. 0 being the lowest depletion speed
-ThirstRate=## (0 - 10)
Speed at which your thirst level depletes. Default = 1. 0 being the lowest depletion speed

-DamageTakenByPlayerFromAIUnderTheShield=## (0 - 10)
Amount of damage players take from A.I. under and Eden Kit Shield
-DamageTakenByPlayerFromAIInWorld=## (0 - 10)
Amount of damage players take from A.I. outside of an Eden Kit Shield. Default = 1.
-DamageTakenByPlayersFromPlayersUnderTheShield=## (0 - 10)
Amount of damage players take from other players inside an Eden Kit Shield. Default = 1.
-OfflineDamageTakenByPlayersFromPlayersUnderTheShield=## (0 - 10)
Amount of damage offline players take from other players inside an Eden Kit Shield. Default = 1.
-DamageTakenByPlayersFromPlayersInWorld=## (0 - 10)
Amount of damage players take from other players outside of an Eden Kit Shield. Default = 1.
-OfflineDamageTakenByPlayersFromPlayersInWorld=## (0 - 10)
Amount of damage offline players take from other players outside of an Eden Kit Shield. Default = 1.
If friendly players in the same colony can do damage to each other.

-StructureDecayUnderTheShield=# (0 - 1)
Enable or Disable Decay damage that structures take under and Eden Kit Shield. Default = 0
-StructureDecayInWorld=## (0 - 1)
Enable or Disable Decay damage that structures take outside of an Eden Kit Shield
-DamageTakenByStructuresFromPlayersUnderTheShield=## (0 - 10)
Multiplier for player damage to structures under the Eden Kit Shield. Default = 0.7
-DamageTakenByStructuresFromPlayersInWorld=## (0 - 10)
Multiplier for player damage to structures outside the Eden Kit Shield. Default = 1
-DamageTakenByStructuresFromAIUnderTheShield=## (0 - 10)
Multiplier for AI damage to structures under the Eden Kit Shield. Default = 0.7
-DamageTakenByStructuresFromAIInWorld=## (0 - 10)
Multiplier for player damage to structures outside the Eden Kit Shield = 0.7
-StructureDurabilityFactor=## (0 - 10000)
Durability modifier for structure HP. Default = 200

-DamageTakenByAI=# (0 - 10)
AI Damage Multiplier. Default = 1
-EnemyNumbers=# (0 - 1)
Enemies in world Multiplier. Default = 1
Enable or disable spawning of enemies. Default = false
-HiveSpawning=## (0 - 10)
Hives to Spawn Multiplier. Default = 1
-HiveSpawnInterval=## (0 - 10)
Time Interval Multiplier for Hive Spawning. Default = 1
-EnemyAttackMultiplier=## (0 - 10)
World Multiplier for Numbers of Enemies that are allowed to attack Players. Default = 1
-EnemyAttackPerWaveMultiplier=## (0 - 10)
Frequency of Attacks per Wave Multiplier. Default = 1
-EnemyAttackWaveDelay=##### (0 - 1200)
Delay between waves in seconds. Default = 1
Enable or disable spawning of aggressive fauna. Default = false

Example shortcut targets :
<install_dir>\EdenGameServer.exe -log -Port=7777 -QueryPort=27017 -ServerName="MyServer" -ServerPassword="1234"

Example of saving every 5 minutes :
<install_dir>\EdenGameServer.exe -ServerAutoSaveInterval=300

Example of use loading from slot :
<install_dir>\EdenGameServer.exe -ServerLoadSlot=4
Server Troubleshooting
Port Forwarding

Alternative ports required for steam can be found through the link below:

When you forward the ports make sure to forward the QueryPort and the Port on both TCP and UDP.

Windows Firewall

Another thing to try is to check if you have a firewall blocking the ports. If your using the Windows Firewall you can try doing the following:

1. Click Start Menu and type "Windows Firewall".
2. Click to open Windows Firewall.
3. On the left panel click "Advanced Settings".
4. In the new window that comes up click "Inbound Rules" on the left panel.
5. Now on the right panel click "New Rule...".
6. A Wizard will open and you want to select the option "Port" and click "Next" to continue.
7. On the next screen select "TCP" and then in the box next to "Specific local ports" enter the Port you plan to forward (the number you are using after -Port= in the eden star server command line). Click "Next" to continue.
8. On the next screen select "Allow the connection" and click "Next" to continue.
9. On the next screen make sure all the boxes are connected where you want the rule to be applied and then click "Next".
10. Now give the rule a name and click "Finish".
11. Repeat steps 7 to 10 but select "UDP" where you previously selected "TCP".
12. You have now set up the firewall to allow your chosen Port (-Port=) through.
13. Repeat steps 7 to 11 but for the QueryPort (the number you are using after -QueryPort= in the eden star server command line).
14. You should now have both TCP and UDP rules for both your Port and QueryPort.
15. Go back to the "Windows Firewall" window and select "Allow an program or feature through Windows Firewall". Scroll to EdenGame or EdenGameServer and make sure all programs named EdenGame or EdenGameServer have Private and Public boxes checked.
16. If the ports you have previously forwarded didn't work then you can try some new ports and simply edit the Inbound rules you have already created with the new ports.

That should work for windows firewall. If you are using a different firewall, for example one on your router, you will have to look for a guide on how to add new rules to it etc.

Dual Router/Modem Boxes

A common problem with some routers which are dual router/modem boxes is conflicts in communication between the two. Some of them can be switched to "Modem Mode" or otherwise you could tr disabling the hardware firewall between the 2.

Note also this may apply to multiple Modem/Router setups, we've experienced issues caused by having your computer connected to a modem, which connects to a different router which goes to the net, ports would need forwarding on both, firewalls disabling on both and all the other troubleshooting steps would need to be followed.

Check if the server is registering with Steam

If you're trying to connect to your server from the same network and you cannot see it on the server list, see if this NAT test works

Paste this into your browsers address bar, replacing the <SERVER_IP_HERE> part with the external ip of the machine you are running the game on.

Remember to make sure the ports are forwarded for it. You also have to wait for about 5 minutes after you have started the server so it has time to load etc.


If that works (says status=success), the server is registering with steam but you can't see it which means your router is blocking/filtering out you seeing that ip.

Some routers have an option for NAT loopback or NAT reflection or Hairpinning or similar. Try having this turned ON and see if it fixes the issue.


If you are running a Hamachi, Virtual Box or other VPN-style network, your machine will be on several networks at once. Only one of those networks will actually be visible to the outside world.

*Please note - to test this you must be using the SteamCMD or a batch file to launch your server, this option isn't available from the in-game Host Game menu

You will have to determine which local IP address routes to the public internet (typically a 192.168.* one), and enter that in the command line when you start your server. This will be a local ip address.

Once you have this information, add this command line to your server


Known Issue with SteamCMD - Server exe not locating steam client dlls

If you are still having problems then it might be something to do with the server exe not being able to locate the steam client dlls on the server machine. A way to remedy this until we get a fix in place is to copy the .dll\ files from




and placed them next to the main server executable EdenGameServer.exe.

Bad routers

Some Users have encountered problems with routers that appear to be configured correctly, yet have a fault which prevents server advertising from working correctly. There is not a list of routers which are known to have issues at the moment, so it is recommended that (when all else fails and everything appears to be configured correctly) you search for known problems with your particular router.

Further Debugging (Warning - Very technical)

Further information can be found here, specifically under the Rare Issues and Common Problems sections



If this still does not work then you can try installing the steam client on the dedicated server and launching it before launching the game server. This is not an ideal solution and it is an ongoing issue we are investigating where the steam service launches and then crashes.
Administrating your server
The Eden Star Dedicated Servers is currently shipped with an RCON-Feature. This allows an administrator to execute commands without having to join the game as a player.

Initializing server with RCON

<install_dir>\EdenGameServer.exe -RCONPort=8890 -RCONPassword="<MyRCONPassword>"

Connecting with RCON

We've been using something we've knocked together in Java to connect to our server, we've not tested it with any other RCON console out there yet so please let us know if you have any issues connecting.

/** * Copyright 2012-2015 Flix Interactive Ltd. All Rights Reserved. */ package rcon; import static java.nio.ByteOrder.LITTLE_ENDIAN; import java.io.IOException; import java.io.InputStream; import java.io.OutputStream; import java.net.ConnectException; import java.net.Socket; import java.net.SocketException; import java.nio.ByteBuffer; import java.util.Scanner; import java.util.logging.Level; import java.util.logging.Logger; /** * * @author ywheeler */ public class RCON { static final String IPAddress = ""; static final int Port = 8890; static final int ID = 1000; static final String rconPassword = "TestRCON"; private InputStream inputStream; private OutputStream outputStream; private int loginAttempt; private Socket socket; public static void main(String[] args) { (new RCON()).run(); } boolean Login() { try { Thread.sleep(1000); } catch (InterruptedException ex) { Logger.getLogger(RCON.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex); } try { socket = new Socket(IPAddress, Port); //new Socket(); } catch (ConnectException cex) { System.err.println("Failed to connect"); return false; } catch (IOException ex) { Logger.getLogger(RCON.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex); return false; } try { inputStream = socket.getInputStream(); outputStream = socket.getOutputStream(); } catch (IOException ex) { Logger.getLogger(RCON.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex); return false; } loginAttempt = 0; do { try { if (sendAuthorizationPacket()) { return true; } Thread.sleep(1000); } catch (Exception ex) { Logger.getLogger(RCON.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex); } } while (++loginAttempt < 3); return false; } boolean sendCommand(String command) throws IOException { byte[] bytes = RCONPacket.CreatePacket(1000, RCONPacket.SERVERDATA_EXECCOMMAND, command).createBytes(); outputStream.write(bytes); ByteBuffer response = readBytes(); RCONPacket packet = RCONPacket.Parse(response); System.out.println("> " + packet.command); return packet.id == ID; } boolean sendAuthorizationPacket() throws IOException { byte[] bytes = RCONPacket.CreatePacket(ID, RCONPacket.SERVERDATA_AUTH, rconPassword).createBytes(); outputStream.write(bytes); readBytes(); ByteBuffer response = readBytes(); RCONPacket packet = RCONPacket.Parse(response); return (packet.type == RCONPacket.SERVERDATA_AUTH_RESPONSE) && (packet.id == ID); } ByteBuffer readBytes() throws IOException { byte[] length = new byte[4]; inputStream.read(length); ByteBuffer packet = ByteBuffer.allocate(4120); packet.order(LITTLE_ENDIAN); packet.put(length); for (int i = 0; i < packet.getInt(0); i++) { byte b = (byte) inputStream.read(); packet.put(b); } return packet; } private void run() { Scanner in = new Scanner(System.in); while (Login()) { boolean stillLoggedIn; System.out.println("Authorised"); do { stillLoggedIn = false; try { stillLoggedIn = sendCommand(in.nextLine()); } catch (SocketException sx) { System.err.println("Failed to send RCON command! Attempting to log back in."); } catch (IOException ex) { Logger.getLogger(RCON.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex); break; } } while (stillLoggedIn); try { socket.close(); } catch (Exception ex) { Logger.getLogger(RCON.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex); } finally { socket = null; } } } }

/** * Copyright 2012-2015 Flix Interactive Ltd. All Rights Reserved. */ package rcon; import java.nio.ByteBuffer; import static java.nio.ByteOrder.LITTLE_ENDIAN; /** * * @author ywheeler */ public class RCONPacket { static final int SERVERDATA_EXECCOMMAND = 2; static final int SERVERDATA_AUTH = 3; static final int SERVERDATA_AUTH_RESPONSE = 2; public int id; public int type; public String command; public static RCONPacket Parse(ByteBuffer buffer) { int commandLength = buffer.getInt(0) - 12; RCONPacket packet = new RCONPacket(); packet.id = buffer.getInt(4); packet.type = buffer.getInt(8); if (commandLength > 0) { buffer.position(12); byte[] commandBytes = new byte[buffer.remaining()]; buffer.get(commandBytes); packet.command = new String(commandBytes); } return packet; } public byte[] createBytes() { ByteBuffer packet = ByteBuffer.allocate(command.length() + 16); packet.order(LITTLE_ENDIAN); packet.putInt(command.length() + 12).putInt(id).putInt(type).put(command.getBytes()).putInt(0); return packet.array(); } static RCONPacket CreatePacket(int id, int type, String command) { RCONPacket packet = new RCONPacket(); packet.id = id; packet.type = type; packet.command = command; return packet; } }

If you want to use this yourself the easiest way (which we do in the office here) is to use the Netbeans Java IDE. However others seem to prefer to do so from their windows command line, to do this you will need to download the Java SDK. Place both files inside a folder named rcon and outside of that folder execute these two commands:

javac rcon\RCON.java rcon\RCONPacket.java java rcon.RCON

Known issues with RCON

The dedicated server now appears to accept an RCON connection from a remote computer, if this doesn't work for then you will need to run your RCON client on the host machine.
RCON Commands
exec <your exec command>
Allows you to execute exec commands on the server
message <player name or UIDStr> <message>
Allows you to admin message and individual player
messageall <message>
Allows you to admin message all players on the server
Lists all players
Triggers a server save
kick <player name or UIDStr> <reason> <ban>
Kicks player, bans them if you supply 'ban'
triggershutdown <save>
Triggers shut down, saves if 'save' is supplied
Lists all clans on server
listplayersofclan <clanid>
Lists players in clan
Lists server stats
Backing up Server Saved Game Files
To backup your saved games on your Server go to the directory

<Where you told steamcmd to install the Eden Star Server>\EdenGame\Saved\SaveGames

Copy the contents of your folder to any backup folder on your desktop.

After updating your server version you can copy your backups back into this directory and continue your game.

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Boggy Jul 25, 2018 @ 8:43pm 
It's over 6 months since my last post and after another thorough googling and checking their news - nothing has changed, still not able to host and play. I've followed this article to a T along with several others on port forwarding etc but it has been a complete waste of time Port forwarding is a nuisance but it's worked 100% in the past. This is obviously a serious design flaw within the game's framework....otherwise this game could host without a drama.

For a game that is built around the core concept of co-op gameplay, it's startling to see the developers haven't focused on something that should be priority number one. I MEAN FOR GOD'S SAKE! THIS GUIDE WAS POSTED IN 2015. 2 YEARS AND STILL NO MULTIPLAYER!

p.s yes theres like 8 worldwide servers (which are constantly empty), but in australia they're around 300 ping which is unplayable.
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I am just trying to play this game with some friends of mine. Please help.
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