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Attention Australian/New Zealand indie developers!
A collection of Australian/New Zealand made indie games showcased at PAX Aus.
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GoatPunks Party
Created by AlphaBert
Multiplayer king of the hill with tiny fire throwing goats.


GoatPunks Party is a rip-roaring multiplayer game of goats, mountains, good o...
Created by Dime Studios
Blockpocalypse is the shared screen multiplayer party platformer about surviving with your friends... or at least outliving them.


Set during the apocalyptic destruct...
Created by My64K
As the result of a successful Kickstarter for the marketing on his game at PAX , 14 year old Kew McParlane is presenting 'Rivalry', playable wireframe of his turn based two player sword fighting game of deep strategy and hilarious fun.

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Created by Early Worm
Circus Skedaddle is not a happy place. The amount of “retired” animals seem to climb day after day.
It’s up to you to help Laurie the Loris team up with the remaining circus animals and give Skedaddle a grand finale they’ll never forget.

Created by Craftven
"Werewolf dodgeball in a top-down arena". Yeah that’s a high concept right there.
It sure is, Kotaku. It sure is.

Lupinball stars between 2 and 4 unlucky wolves, all having to outlast each other in a tiny battlefield each round...
Party Golf
Created by giantmargarita
"...A hell of a lot of fun."
Alex Walker

"..It's really the abundant and flexible gameplay options that will make you...
The Incredible Journey of You and I
Created by Shy Kids Club
The Incredible Journey of You and I is an adorable and crazy two player couch co-op.
Both players have control of opposite halves of a ship and will swap roles as they dart in and out of the sky and sea.
Players must figure out how to work together to s...
Created by Paperbox Studios
Shapeway is focused on two components, building a solution and then playing it. You get to build your own solution with an array of different blocks, creating your own path to avoid nasty death traps.

With a mixture of levels which centre more on platfo...
Corsair Kings
Created by vortexelgames

Corsair Kings

Corsair Kings is a roguelike ship combat game set in a world full of cut-throat pirates and mythical monsters.

Customize your own man-of-war and fight your way through countless ene...
Created by Kanibel
[img] [/img]
Kieru - きえる
( kee · eh · roo : v. to vanish, go out, be extinguished . )

Kieru is a unique first person multiplayer stealth game, set in a...
Created by SiegeSlothGames


Evergreen is a zen single player game where you control the growth of a mythical tree with the goal of guiding and nurturing life throughout the history of Earth.

It's a creati...
Created by Powerhoof
Crawl is the competitive multiplayer dungeon crawler where your friends control the monsters!
Created by tinimations
Named “SXSW’s most interesting indie” by Polygon’s Brian Crecente, Klang is an innovative take on traditional rhythm games that pushes the genre beyond pressing buttons to tempo into a world of fast-paced expl...
Assault Android Cactus
Created by SMishra
Assault Android Cactus is a twin stick shoot 'em up with an emphasis on high pressure and stylish action. Expect screens full of enemies, buckets of bullets and high scoring combo chains!

Take on the role of Cactus, an enthusiastic police android, who ...
Ninja Pizza Girl
Created by Disparity Games
Ninja Pizza Girl is the story of Gemma, a sixteen-year-old girl working as a pizza delivery girl in a cyberpunk dystopia. She lives in a world where slums teeter on top of skyscrapers, where powerful mega-corporations exploit the poor and where quality piz...
Poly Bridge
Created by Dry Cactus

Unleash your engineering creativity with an engaging and fresh bridge-building simulator with all the bells and whistles.
Enjoy hours of physics-based puzzle solving with the 60+ levels and then ...
For King and Coinage
Created by Hazard Fax


Mad King Roberr III is living up to his name. Convinced that his subjects love him,...
Created by A Burger
Armed with Wings: Rearmed
Created by Daniel Sun
Darkness continues to plague the world of Black Mist. The Rebel Army is crushed, the war for freedom is lost and the Tyrant King Vandheer continues to rule with his cold, iron fist. However, the cries of the perished have not been ignored by the divine one...
Created by Atomizer Games
Heist is a stealth game set squarely in the age of smooth jazz and organized crime.
Pursue infamy as a lone cat-burglar on the prowl for wealth, and continued freedom.
Each step you take brings you closer to your prize, but also ...
Merchants & Mercenaries
Created by Echidna Studios
Are you a trader or a conqueror? Will you be the first to build a castle and defend it, or just another smouldering pile or ruins? Whatever you do, build your empire fast, the barbarians are coming.

A real-time strategy coming to all mobile devices and ...
Ascent -
Created by Kuloth
Ascent is a PVE Space MMO with 270,000,000,000 star systems.

In a future where civilisation has almost completely collapsed, players must work together to prevent total disaster, and rebuild a new civilisation of their own choosing.

So far, completed...
Grim Balance
Created by littlereapergames
About This Game:

Slash, dash and reap your way through the mystical realm of Grim Balance as Ollie, the Grim Reaper's tiny assistant in this colorful adventure platformer game.

Ollie has been left in charge of Death's mansion while Grim has...
Satellite Reign
Created by 5 Lives Studios
A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.

Satellite Reign is a real-time, class-based isometric strategy game. You control a team of four agents, each with distinc...
Created by Burnt Fuse
Keebles is an addictive physics-based vehicle building puzzle game.

Build weird and wonderful vehicles using whatever you can find. Master rockets, balloons, parachutes and more. Save as many Keebles as you can, and be quick - the Whale at the En...
Garden Wars
Created by Morepork Games

Send in the GOAT to eat your pesky neighbor's plants, or maybe some Rabbits? It's gardener vs gardener and you must do everything in your power to dominate the garden with your plants!

But watch out because your ri...
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