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CodeHatch Remote Console (Client)
By Tagette
Shows how to use the remote console client provided with the game build.
CodeHatch Remote Console (RCon)
This remote console allows for server administrators to connect to your CodeHatch Server remotely.
In order for this to work, you must be running the server through Server.exe and have RCon enabled in the ConsoleSettings.cfg.
Downloading the Exe
The remote console is available in the install folder for the game inside of the file.
It can also be downloaded here:

Please download our remote console only from Our software does not contain any adware, viruses or any malicous software. When you use third party (not CodeHatch) remote consoles, you use them at your own risk.
Running the Remote Console
  1. Start RemoteConsole.exe
  2. Enter the host name. EX: 456.123.78.90 or
  3. Enter the port. EX: 9350
  4. Enter the password or hit enter to enter an empty password. (An empty password is not recommended.)
  5. When you have connected it will say Press Ctrl + C to exit.
  6. You can either close the window or use Ctrl + C to disconnect.

Shortcuts Using Command Line Args
These are shortcuts that will remember what the host, port and password are so you can connect immediately.
  1. Right-click RemoteConsole.exe and choose Create Shortcut.
  2. A new file is made called RemoteConsole.exe - Shortcut. You can rename this file.
    EX: NewYorkServer
  3. Right-Click the shortcut file you just made and choose Properties.
  4. At the end of the Target field you want to enter the following so it looks like this:
    C:\PathToYourFolder\RemoteConsole.exe -host YOUR_HOST_HERE -port YOUR_PORT_HERE -pass YOUR_PASS_HERE
    • Replace YOUR_HOST_HERE with your server's host name.
      EX: 456.123.78.90 or
    • Replace YOUR_PORT_HERE with your server's RCon port.
      EX: 9350
    • Replace YOUR_PASS_HERE with the password to your server. (An empty password is not recommended.)
    • EX: "C:\PathToYourFolder\RemoteConsole.exe" -host 456.123.78.90 -port 9350 -pass J*dk39d7
  5. When done, click apply to save the settings.
  6. Now when you click this shortcut, the remote console will open and automatically attempt to connect to your RCon server.

TIP: You can leave the password out of the shortcut properties to force the user to enter the password.
EX: "C:\PathToYourFolder\RemoteConsole.exe" -host 456.123.78.90 -port 9350

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MasterOperator1 Feb 19 @ 2:41am 
We have a rent server running on host unlimited. How can I administrate the HEAT server? I installed the server.exe on my local pc. after this was done, I started the server.exe and entered the steam app ID . if I start remoteconsole.exe and connect me to hosted server IP and LOCAL port of server.exe (because the port of hosted server doesn't work) what I controle then? Do I have no an additional Heat server running on my local PC?
Tagette  [author] Feb 2 @ 10:58am 
This console simply acts as a remote console to a running Reign Of Kings or Heat server. This means that you can control a server without having access to the hardware or using remote desktop. The commands are the same as in the game. Type /help for a list of commands.
Tor-Peder Jan 31 @ 4:32am 
What commands can be used in rcon, and how do i set myself as the owner/admin of the server?