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Army Mod - Spiders Gift
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Sep 20, 2015 @ 5:37am
Jun 22 @ 12:03am
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Army Mod - Spiders Gift

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Welcome to Army Mod.
This has undergone many changes since being a personal unit mod to a variety of unique features that I hope you enjoy as much as I did making it.
Features: This mod leaves most of the vanilla game and units/features intact and aimed to flourish the gameplay and experience. I’m only going to list main features but you will discover new experiences each time, which was the aim!

Is only in English, excel below of multiple languages

Key Features
  • New units for each race, most with unique abilities, they may require a specific building like an observatory or workshop.
  • New general units, each of the 9 races have a unique general type that can be recruit via the palace, they act as powerful commanders much like heroes. They can dismount and remount each giving unique bonuses, like calling the banners!
  • New construction type units, mostly found via the building chain, these constructors can build new gold mines, or in some cases special racial buildings, they can also build very special buildings most unique are:
    Embassy - allowing for dwelling pioneers and…
    Vendor Outposts – Purchase a vendor of 3 classes of magic, and they will research new spells for a fee, become an alchemist and make basic armour, learn others magic, or even more crazy turn your whole race into werewolves or vampires, each with unique features and caste systems
  • Tactical combat defence structures – some unique new units can throw down barricades, build ballista turrets, mantlets, and even a variety of place bombs to detonate!
  • New generated monsters! Sick of bandits? Take on deserters of the commonwealth and elven court, fight vampires and much more!
  • Recruit Arachness (Arachnas Daughter) – a very unique high elven hero.

Theirs much more and I hope you enjoy this mod is pretty much wrapped up, please check the discussion tab for more info and also known bugs! Cheers!

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Dec 10, 2017 @ 9:19am
Report Bugs/Balance/general improvements here
Liberty Valance
May 6 @ 6:18am
Bugs and Acknowledgement
Liberty Valance
Mar 31 @ 5:06pm
XML text stuff
Liberty Valance
< >
Liberty Valance  [author] 23 hours ago 
Its more annoying without any text the side scroll bar goes bezerk. Thier has been a few that have wanted to write stories for them all over time, but i dont blame them on giving up, the mod does have over a hundred units.

Thoseerror doesn't seem to be mine, haven't touched the existing units like the knights evolve, the other error a patrol must be another mod ability.
BladeofSharpness Aug 15 @ 1:06am 
I get an assertion error, are these units part of your mod:
BladeofSharpness Aug 15 @ 12:41am 
The mod is very good, but were you forced to put the disclaimer on each unit description? The fact the text is scrolling attract the eyes, and then you are pulled out from immersion because you read a legal text. I don't understand why the disclaimer has not been added in a readme file, plus here on Steam and that's it. No need to send it to people eyes each time they check one of your unit.
Liberty Valance  [author] Aug 1 @ 9:34pm 
Here is the base male, theres also a female variant, i'll go into more detail over the next few days of my general thoughts on it.
Liberty Valance  [author] Aug 1 @ 9:30pm 
All my softwares updated with the latest and greatest, and no longer have access to those old models. Might start putting assets together for planetfall if people are interested
Runemaster Kiro Aug 1 @ 7:22pm 
Why Morg... Aherrr... I mean. the Vampire Marchioness has some abnormally obscene and desproportional beach balls in the chest? They are even bigger than the head!
Patch those beach balls please!
highwayhoss Jul 31 @ 9:51pm 
Thanks for the reply' the Crystal Tree lets cities build Enchanted armories which give +2 defense and +1 Resistance to all Armored units built in the city.
As for the bug, from my experience its usually a rare and random thing.
Liberty Valance  [author] Jul 31 @ 5:04pm 
Had a good hunt through trying to figure out the treasure site bug, how it works like this (the essence) > Its a treasure site > no defenders > destroyed on explore > gives reward. It needs to be a treasure site rather than just a pickup (which is a seperate thing) the the pickups have limited options on what they can give like gold, an item, but no spell rewards. So in theory you could use this for like an item maker (Ive had alot of theories that haven't worked out!)

Unfortunatly this bug will stick around, please do keep reporting it and what you did just before it happened, i think what happens if you enter tactical combat, or load into the save something changes it from being an explored reasure site and resets it to some default dungeon.

In other news the privateer should gain the same bonses as the civic guard, including the net upgrade they get. Cant remember what units the crystal tree effects but should gain the benefits of the mercenary camp!
highwayhoss Jul 25 @ 9:39am 
Update: In my newest game, the Privateer shows the Mercenary trait but not Enchanted Armory (the city has both a Merc Camp and Crystal Tree).
highwayhoss Jul 24 @ 8:07pm 
Gracias Liberty; FYI I suggest taking a look at the other various Vendor spells, I played over two dozen games with the mod and the bug seems to crop up at random among the Vendors.