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Army Mod - Spiders Gift
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Sep 20, 2015 @ 5:37am
Nov 26, 2018 @ 1:25pm
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Army Mod - Spiders Gift

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Welcome to Army Mod.
This has undergone many changes since being a personal unit mod to a variety of unique features that I hope you enjoy as much as I did making it.
Features: This mod leaves most of the vanilla game and units/features intact and aimed to flourish the gameplay and experience. I’m only going to list main features but you will discover new experiences each time, which was the aim!

Is only in English, excel below of multiple languages

Key Features
  • New units for each race, most with unique abilities, they may require a specific building like an observatory or workshop.
  • New general units, each of the 9 races have a unique general type that can be recruit via the palace, they act as powerful commanders much like heroes. They can dismount and remount each giving unique bonuses, like calling the banners!
  • New construction type units, mostly found via the building chain, these constructors can build new gold mines, or in some cases special racial buildings, they can also build very special buildings most unique are:
    Embassy - allowing for dwelling pioneers and…
    Vendor Outposts – Purchase a vendor of 3 classes of magic, and they will research new spells for a fee, become an alchemist and make basic armour, learn others magic, or even more crazy turn your whole race into werewolves or vampires, each with unique features and caste systems
  • Tactical combat defence structures – some unique new units can throw down barricades, build ballista turrets, mantlets, and even a variety of place bombs to detonate!
  • New generated monsters! Sick of bandits? Take on deserters of the commonwealth and elven court, fight vampires and much more!
  • Recruit Arachness (Arachnas Daughter) – a very unique high elven hero.

Theirs much more and I hope you enjoy this mod is pretty much wrapped up, please check the discussion tab for more info and also known bugs! Cheers!

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Dec 9, 2018 @ 6:14pm
Want your own BG Story for a unit? Put it here.
Liberty Valance
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Liberty Valance  [author] Mar 19 @ 3:07pm 
Yeah doubfully about the source code. They were toying with the idea of licencing the software but didnt go ahead with thw idea of the required ongoing support and its too.much tied up into thier own games.
Liberty Valance  [author] Mar 19 @ 3:04pm 

Hmm sounds like somethings not hooked up right if its just the buildings crashing for high elves. Even if you have looked over it several times, something could still be be missing. Most of the time if a new structures not correctlt setup it will jut be missing when the game starts it might be more complicated with other mods involved.
ShadowDragon_79 Mar 18 @ 4:21pm 

Yeah, I wondered about that one a bit too - if I should get my issues fixed (no promises there), I'll have to look into that, thanks for pointing it out. :)


Yes, it would be nice if this game would get further enhanced - but for that, it'd need to be converted to 64-Bit, which is at the very least a quite tedious and time-consuming task from what I understand. And since it'll likely not generate very much additional customers, it's rather unlikely a company would do this.

Skyrim was an exception because of its popularity, but I don't think Aow3 has that much popularity...
If we're lucky, the company might release the sourcecode in some years (or decades...) for the community to fix that issue. I wouldn't bet on that, though. :/
ShadowDragon_79 Mar 18 @ 4:11pm 
@Liberty Valance:

About the memory limits... yeah, I recently seem to have hit a wall there, too ( that is, if I didn't overlook some typo ) - I suddenly can't open the building-build tab of highelven cities without crashing the game. :/
Also, the rogue-buildings of all non-DLC-species don't seem allow their respective units anymore.

Admittedly that's not really related to the actual state of this mod (mine is a rebalancing on top of this one and some others - in its current state not really publishable anyway, though) , but I'd like to ask if that's familiar to you concerning memorylimits, or if I better should look for different potential reasons?
Thrones of War Mar 13 @ 11:43pm 
@Liberty Valence

Ah, good to kn ow. and it's only been once I've been attacked with Tier 4's right off the bat, so I guess I was just unlucky. Good to know, anyways. Since they've got that crossbow weakness, it's not so bad as any other tier 4 spawning early game
Twiggymc Feb 25 @ 11:25pm 
for reference, Frostling Beserker the warlord tier 2 (infantry as well) has 13 physical 5 frost, demolisher, bleeding wounds tireless and overwhelm,

Oh and the blade dancer also has athletic on top of sprint This is at gold rank by the way for both
Twiggymc Feb 25 @ 11:20pm 
While i love units in this mod, i wanna know how you justify the high elf blade dancer? tier 2 unit with 23 physical attack, martial arts, sprint, slip away, Inflict crippling and bleeding wounds, bloodthirsty, killing spree and to top it all off, Nimble thats basicly halfling lucky, this thing has just about as much physical damage as manticore riders, hell it has more then a few race version like the frostling manticore its pretty insane, and that's just a tier 2 i have not checked out all the race units but if that one is anything to go by, there is 0 reason to use any non mod unit
Fonzosh Feb 5 @ 11:13am 
I totally understand, no worries. I just love to see a good working mod that is quite compatible. I would prefer instead of planetfall that Triumph would do a huge dlc for age of wonders with even more inspiration from Shadow magic (ive must spent hours on this series, I even missed a university exam because of Age of Wonders I).

I think the problem with the eleven builder cleared upp. I erased all my old mods from the downloads folder and reloaded the one I wanted and presto, I have a pixie that can build (before I had the pixie, but it couldnt build).

Well, anyway, if you feel up to it and can squeeze in some more content, I would love to have it. Cheers mate.
Liberty Valance  [author] Feb 5 @ 9:19am 
Don't get me wrong i take pride in this mod, and would of loved to taken it further but the main reason this mod doesn't get updated any longer, the file size can not get any bigger and is at maximum upload capacity before causing problems. I had to strip out all my latest work and optimise the crap out of it. That's why from here on the changes can only be minor.

When Planetfall is released I will take all the feedback from this and other mods,foundations and content will be planned from the ground up rather than going through major overhauls.
Liberty Valance  [author] Feb 5 @ 8:57am 
Is it the standard builder that's missing or the added constructor type unit? It should be the Elf Pixie i think its called.

The mines, embassies, etc are really just for role play its not suppose to give you too much of an edge over the computer. The idea is if you play multiplayer to discourage just sitting in a corner and being stronger than someone who's conquering land. It also becomes pretty complicated if i start messing with site values/xml descriptions. It would require listing all race sites.