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Army Mod - Spiders Gift
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Sep 20, 2015 @ 5:37am
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Army Mod - Spiders Gift

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Welcome to Army Mod.
This has undergone many changes since being a personal unit mod to a variety of unique features that I hope you enjoy as much as I did making it.
Features: This mod leaves most of the vanilla game and units/features intact and aimed to flourish the gameplay and experience. I’m only going to list main features but you will discover new experiences each time, which was the aim!

Is only in English, excel below of multiple languages

Key Features
  • New units for each race, most with unique abilities, they may require a specific building like an observatory or workshop.
  • New general units, each of the 9 races have a unique general type that can be recruit via the palace, they act as powerful commanders much like heroes. They can dismount and remount each giving unique bonuses, like calling the banners!
  • New construction type units, mostly found via the building chain, these constructors can build new gold mines, or in some cases special racial buildings, they can also build very special buildings most unique are:
    Embassy - allowing for dwelling pioneers and…
    Vendor Outposts – Purchase a vendor of 3 classes of magic, and they will research new spells for a fee, become an alchemist and make basic armour, learn others magic, or even more crazy turn your whole race into werewolves or vampires, each with unique features and caste systems
  • Tactical combat defence structures – some unique new units can throw down barricades, build ballista turrets, mantlets, and even a variety of place bombs to detonate!
  • New generated monsters! Sick of bandits? Take on deserters of the commonwealth and elven court, fight vampires and much more!
  • Recruit Arachness (Arachnas Daughter) – a very unique high elven hero.

Theirs much more and I hope you enjoy this mod is pretty much wrapped up, please check the discussion tab for more info and also known bugs! Cheers!

You can also try my other mods
Insectoids Race.

Witch Hunters Mod

Mod compatibility: This mod is designed to work with other mods, if by chance some other mods modify some vanilla settings this mod uses, their may be some minor features missing.
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ShadowDragon_79 Nov 8 @ 1:29pm 
Try debug-mode, it's no black magic. :)
( my Necromancer never heard of it, or so he says ;o) )

Activate the checkbox in the launcher, the game will likely throw a few errors on startup ( best make screenshots of these, in case they have relevant info ), and play.

It will log even more info into your user-folder, and though it isn't guaranteed to solve everything, it might eventually just point somebody into the right direction to find the cause of your problem ( not that it helped me find mine yet... ) .

Hope it helps you a bit. :)
Sleth Nov 2 @ 5:41am 
I still got the error after disabling all other mods. I've never ran the game in debug mode before. As far as anything pecurlier done before hand, nothing I can think of. I get the same error with the mounts as well after I win the battle. Seeing as others don't seem to have these errors, it's something on my end and not the mod. I'll keep playing around with things and let you know what I discover. (Sorry for the late response, I work third-shift construction, so free time is scarce lol.)
Liberty Valance  [author] Nov 1 @ 3:54pm 
Hey Sleth, did you disable these mods and still get the error? Are you running debug mode? And was thier anything done before hand tbat was peculiar? Thanks
Sleth Oct 29 @ 4:39pm 
I get the Bex stackhash_0a9e error.

I use this mod
Witch Hunter
Insectoid Race
PBEM Balance (I removed it and crash still happens)
Extended Settings
Garrison Command
Impending Mountains
Corrupt the Source - Extensions
Cosmic Happenings Expanded
Neutralize Mana Node
Triumphant Heroes

I tried turning DEP off for AoW3, but Windows says it has to be on. I'm on turn 122 on a Titanic sized map and my computer isn't the greatest in the world, but I'm playing on the lowest graphic settings and it runs very smoothly. I may try disabling mods and see if there's a conflict. Just thought I'd bring up this error. :)


I've tried with all other mods disabled and still get the CTD.
highwayhoss Oct 29 @ 1:20pm 
I've been playing an epic game (200 turns on a large map!) I've have Vendors doing research on multiple spells and haven't had a single CTD bug; in fact I've got three Vendors of the Forbibben on my payroll researching random spells ongoing and hadn't had a single problem.
Sleth Oct 29 @ 3:39am 
I found an issue with the Azrac Scout Saddles created by the Vendor of the Wilds. After winning the battle the game gets back to the overworld map and then CTDs.
Liberty Valance  [author] Sep 17 @ 7:01pm 
Sorry.missed that feedback will move elf paladins to tier 3s and check thier damage
Liberty Valance  [author] Sep 15 @ 1:24am 
Some people have started adding descriptions but most might be overwelmed thier are over 100!
Liberty Valance  [author] Sep 15 @ 1:10am 
Ive updated this mod, howling moon should be fixed again, didnt do alot if tweaking to the construction only because it would knock all the races out of wack with thier buildings, but did do some tweaks, also not possible to add casting points and lumber mills are now flr high rollers
conor.r.foley Sep 10 @ 3:12pm 
this is just a an idea but maybe could you add somewhat of description of the creatues and enemies this mod adds? like to help give them some lore? It would be nice I think as itll help add immersion :D

also vampire protectors animation are really bouncy