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Open Angel Arena
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Sep 6, 2015 @ 4:38pm
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Open Angel Arena

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A really great game mode made by really great people

Open Angel Arens is a community driven re-implementation of Angel Arena. Farm creeps; kill bosses; get big; duel.

This game mode is in alpha, that means it is not feature complete. There's lots of cool stuff we have designed, if you'd like to help create them check out

"Wait, where's Pimp my Peon?"
We recycled it. Unfortunately the process for enabling dedicated servers has apparently become significantly more complex, as even the most popular game mode on the arcade currently doesn't have them. Since PMP had dedicated servers enabled a long time ago, we decided to recycle the workshop entry in order to leverage them for our new hip game.
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Joseph Joestar 23 hours ago 
feels good man
Jimmy the Hillbilly Jul 22 @ 9:56pm 
There is a bug with the maximum level of Assault cuirass where it doesn't provide it's aura to teammates or enemies, making the item completely pointless as most of its positive effects are gone.
=T$E=Derpz Jul 22 @ 1:04pm 
Lone Druid doesn't quite work. Chen and Lich need to be fixed, they are not fun at all to play against. Skadi + Shivas stack infinitely, I went below 0 attack speed while my aspd was 889 without using siege mode.
Lancelot™ Jul 19 @ 8:56pm 
пидарасы але!! там как бы невозможно в соло убить моба хуйланы 0 из 100 бб
SaibaShadow Jul 19 @ 1:38pm 
Lone Druids Spirit Bear does not require the second half of its passive demolition now scrapping the ability is not really an option as it still provides the bear with magic resist however I feel that maybe replacing the second half with armor/dmg reduction or changing the effect to work on bosses instead of buildings would be a good change as I noticed the bear ability in the late game seems to be pointless as you cannot get enough cores to sustain the need to upgrade 12 items and it would make sense as Lone Druid to be effective requires the most gold income and cores especially in a game where farming and killing bosses has a big emphasis.
As a Possible solution to the issue of certain casters being terrible at dealing with bosses:
Make a single target item that gives a debuff so that every consecutive second of non-radiance magic damage deals a % amount more till cap:
Alchemical Venom- Staff Wizardry, Vitality Booster, Orb of venom + cores
CD- ~50seconds at highest down to like ~35. Mana cost is like 100-150
Each additional consecutive instance of magic damage deals 1/1/2/2/3% more damage up to a cap of 20/20/30/30/40% THIS WOULD BE MAGIC AMPLIFICATION, NOT A REDUCTION OF RESISTANCE it's up to you whether the item could target heroes- I'd assume it'd be insane even after perfect balancing.
Gulakov Jul 12 @ 10:23am 
it´s only fun if you are in the dominant Team. Snowballing is to hard and hero bounty is a joke
[OAA]Honeth Jul 12 @ 2:28am 
For those that want to play Pimp My Peon, it's been rehosted
MikeLKR Jul 11 @ 10:49pm 
Baumi make that the final duel with time or that the team with less people alive lose... i have a game with a puck on it, and it lasted almos 1 hour and half just coz the guy doesn't wanna to die xD
Invoker mid - i Go feed Jul 10 @ 4:35pm 
А не мусор где фармить по 120 минут