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Visions of Zosimos
Jun 5, 2016 @ 5:57pm
Feb 27, 2017 @ 2:26pm
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Build update and more!
Pricing Refactor
  • Free to play
  • Slate Package
  • Zosimos package

Slate Package
Primary Benefits
  • One-time fee = $29.99
  • Grants access to the first release block (Fire/Earth, Void/Fulcrum & Water/Air)
  • Booster drops will need to be earned through normal gameplay
  • 1 booster pack drop from each block your package offers, if you win a match
  • 1 pack from Fire/Earth, 1 pack from Void/Fulcrum & 1 pack from Water/Air
  • Additional packs purchasable as normal, via in-game currency
  • 5% Currency Gain increase

Zosimos package
Primary Benefits
  • One-time fee = $59.99
  • Grants lifetime access to all card release sets
  • Booster drops will need to be earned through normal gameplay
  • 2 booster pack drop from each block your package offers, if you win a match
  • 1 random alchemist pack drop if you lose a match
  • Additional packs purchasable as normal, via in-game currency
  • 10% Currency Gain increase

Release date: Open Alpha current available
The Game
Combining the best aspects of games like Magic the Gathering and Warhammer Fantasy, we have crafted a hex based strategy CCG that provides a high level of strategic depth and complexity for those who wish it, while retaining a simple, intuitive interface. VoZ is the first ever lore based Historical Fiction/Fantasy MMOCCG/Strategy game.

  • Free to Play!
  • Turn-based tactical tabletop war game/CCG played on a hexagon game board.
  • In-game Deck Builder that allows you to create any combination of cards to build your personalized ultimate deck to fit your unique play style.
  • Fully integrated in-game store will allow you to securely use in-game currency earned through gameplay, as well as real-world money to purchase items in-game.
  • Can be played with up to 6 people simultaneously.
  • PvP game mode, with additional modes (including PvE) in development.
  • Unprecedented strategic options, not seen before within a video game.
  • Multiple maps available with distinct stories, lore, and environments.
  • Social aspects of a MMO.
  • Microtransaction based monetization system: Card packs, cosmetic items and homunculi.
  • Unique lore that ties into real world mythos, legends, and history.

While playing the game you may engage with a variety of enemies, each with their own unique AI, abilities, statistics, lore and/or loot drops.
Some of these enemies include:
  • Bog Parasite
  • Damned Soul
  • Bog Slave
  • Void Spider
  • Grendel
  • Grigori Outcast
  • And many MANY more!!!

You are a student of alchemy and mysticism who uses a Homunculus to fight for you in the Afterlife. The Homunculus is created through combining Materia Cards that represent the element it is a Construct of, the Memory of an alchemist, and the Essence of a great warrior. These three components allow you to take control of your deck and play cards like minions, spells, and ambushes. Each Construct represents a classical element and will allow you to control a deck of the same element.. We will be releasing new card and homunculi sets at regular intervals throughout the life of the game.

Currently both Dark Fire and Light Earth exist in the game. Our next release sets will be the element-less Fulcrum and Void, which will be a support set designed to work in unison with any Element.

Due to the MMO aspect of the game, we currently have a world chat system, but we will also be introducing a social lobby down the road, complete with customizable guilds, player housing, etc… In this space players will control their student as they freely move around a 3d world to interact with other players.

Single player:
Our single player and co-op mode(s) that are present in the current build of the game allow a players to square off against the AI driven enemies that populate the realm they are in. It can be played solo, or co-op with others. The objective is simply to clear the board. Given that we are in late Alpha, moving into Beta, we do not have the full set of single player features we want in the game, but we will introduce and implement them as we proceed through development.

Currently in-engine:
  • Single player PvE
  • Deck Builder
  • Homunculus Lab

Future additions:
  • Questing system
  • Free roam encounter modes
  • Alchemical inspired card crafting system
  • Player housing
  • Cosmetic Customization (avatar skins, dice skins, card sleeves)

This is the bread and butter of VoZ, and the CCG genre as a whole. We will support a full set of multiplayer features upon our gold release.

Currently in-engine:
  • Up to 3v3 PvP (Deathmatch)
  • World Chat and Game Chat

Future additions:
  • Additional game modes including: Raid, Conquest, and others
  • Guilds
  • Guild housing
  • Card Trading

The Setting
VoZ is a historical fiction game and draws inspiration from Hemetic Alchemy and Gnostic Mysticism, bringing the ancient precursor to chemistry and archaic texts from our world together in a synergy of the magical and mundane. A player will learn to transmute the elements and spiritual forces to fight battles in the Afterlife, where the digital terrain becomes more and more alive with the placement of every card.

When a player signs up for the game and logs in, they become a student of the Visions of Zosimos, written by Zosimos the Moravian, a mystic from the 16th century who recorded his visions and alchemical insights in a series of manuscripts. Entering the virtual academy, player avatars can explore the materials available for study and create homunculi that will represent them in battles. The player becomes empowered with the addition of cards which are earned through exploration, victory, or purchase. These tools for mastering the maps and adversaries in the great struggle are manifestations of power generated by the arcane mathematical coding of the Visions Program. They allow the initiated to travel the path towards triumph, desolation, or even immortality.

Steam integration IF greenlit
(items with “??” are ideal additions, but need to be tested for viability)
  • Steam achievements
  • Steam trading cards
  • Steam multiplayer??
  • Steam Leaderboards??
  • Steam controller support??
  • Steam big picture??

Status/about development
The game is currently playable in its late alpha stage and you can follow the instructions at the bottom of this campaign to see how to become a student of the afterlife now!

We regularly update our social media and adhere to persistent customer engagement. Drop us a line at one (or all) of our sites!

About Forever Interactive
Forever Interactive (FI) is a Wisconsin based independent videogame developer that runs a virtual, cloud-based studio.

FI was originally created to assist students coming out of game development programs in getting the real the world experience that is required to actually work in the professional game industry. Over the past 4 years we have placed almost 50 people into AAA studios, including EA, Bioware, and Zenimax Online.

For alpha keys, interviews, feedback, criticism, information, etc... Please contact us at

Thank you for reading and please vote if you like!
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Mr Conflicts Aug 15, 2016 @ 11:07am 
Congratulations on getting greenlight!
Natofdeath Aug 14, 2016 @ 9:14pm 
Daliharii I have to agree, and glad we got this greenlit!
Daliharii Aug 3, 2016 @ 9:43pm 
I wish there was a Heart or Like for posts :) Congratulations again!! I cannot wait to see what is coming down the road for the next few months!
stevechepp  [author] Jul 31, 2016 @ 6:37pm 
Hey everyone! Thank you soooo much from the bottom of our hearts for helping us get Greenlit! This has been such a huge step forward for us and we have ALL of you to thank for it! Thank you, thank you, thank you, SOOO MUCH!!! We have started the process for setting up everything for a Steam Early Access release and will a full announcement coming soon! :woo:
BrewCityGamer  [author] Jul 28, 2016 @ 12:02pm 
WHO HOOOOOOOOOOO! :steamhappy::steamhappy::steamhappy:
Congragulations to all my fellow friends and developer at Forever Interactive! YOU DID IT!
A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who supported VoZ getting Greenlit! You all ROCK!
stevechepp  [author] Jul 19, 2016 @ 5:47pm 
Hey Silent Legends, thanks for the kind words and support! Hope to see you soon during our weekly Twitch: play with the devs nights!
Silent Legends Jul 19, 2016 @ 2:25pm 
Fun game. Voted yes.
stevechepp  [author] Jul 18, 2016 @ 7:36pm 
Thanks for checking out our campagin and the support KEN1METAL! We are currently running an open alpha, so if you are interested in getting into the game now, feel free to drop us a line at or from
KEN1METAL Jul 18, 2016 @ 5:44pm 
looks fun. upvoted!
stevechepp  [author] Jul 2, 2016 @ 4:18pm 
Hey VEGASANDS, thanks for the feedback! We are currently working on getting new and better videos (both promo and tutorials) and making them public as soon as possible.