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Imhotep, Pyramid Builder
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 20, 2015 @ 3:29pm
May 6, 2016 @ 4:56pm

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Imhotep, Pyramid Builder

This is a pyramid building simulator where you guide thousands of workers to build a pyramid.


Thousands of workers, all with a common goal: to build a pyramid.
It will be up to you to lead them in the construction of this glorious monument honouring the Pharao.
'Imhotep, Pyramid Builder' is an advanced simulator.
It is a unique game: challenging, entertaining and with some deep strategy.


In this game you oversee the construction of a pyramid.
You do this by building supporting infrastructure, farms, bakeries, housing, tax offices and by hiring the workers.
Those workers either work in food production, or in pyramid construction.

It's essential that you provide enough food and shelter for your workforce.
If you do not, your workers will die and if your project claims too many casualties, your work force will revolt and there will be no pyramid to present to the pharaoh.

Construction and hiring is done in real time, and is limited by your silver reserves.
The tax offices will convert food surplus into silver.

The thousands of workers go about their job independently, but the player has some god-like powers of picking up individual workers and drop them anywhere on the map. This can help you speed up your economy if essential resources take too long to transport, or when you need services of your workers in remote areas of the map: just pick them up, and drop them where they will resume work.

User Interface

The user interface of Imhotep, Pyramid Builder is done in Hieroglyps.
Consider the process of figuring out the hieroglyps as a part of the game challenge.


The game features four distinct work forces: Builders, Irrigation Workers, Farmers and Household servants.
The builders are responsible of depositing the sand stone at the designated spot.
The irrigation workers will haul water from the lakes to the farms.
The farmers will harvest the grain and deliver them to the bakeries.
Finaly, the household servants are in charge of food distribution to the huts and to the tax offices.

Each worker will strain under the hard labour and requires rest and food regularly.
This food and rest is available in the huts that you will have placed on the construction site.
If workers can't find food and lodging after a strenuous work shift, they will die from exhaustion and exposure.
So make sure there are plenty of available huts, and that food gets delivered to these huts.
Each hut can shelter up to ten workers.

The bakeries will process the harvested grain into food.
It is where the farmers drop off the grain, and the household servants will pick up the food for delivery to the huts.

The game will be lost when the casualty rate is excessive.
Workers will refuse to continue labour if too many of their friends die.

  • Drag with left mouse button to scroll through the world.
  • Drag with right mouse button to orbit with the camera.
  • Use scroll wheel to zoom in and zoom out.
  • With the left mouse button you can also click on workers to drag them to another location.

  • Click on the building type that you want to build (farm, bakery, hut, tax office) and then click a spot on the terrain for where to build.

  • Click on the labour button and select how much of each worker type you wish to hire. Then press Go.

Press 'Escape' to bring up the settings menu, and press it a second time to quit the game. The game auto saves your progress when you quit.
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There is a linux port of s.w.a.a.g. on but the multiplayer lobby for that is no longer running.
I now use Google Play for matchmaking, and if Google ports their lobby system to PC, I can release a windows binary at some point in time. Currently they only support multi player matches for Android and iOS.